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Well, I'm incredibly late to the Jerry Maguire party, but I'm glad I finally made it. I thought this was just a comedy, but I should have known better because laughs alone usually don't generate the kind of success this movie enjoyed. This is a wonderful, feel-good movie with a surprisingly effective emotional payoff. Tom Cruise is great, Cuba Gooding, Jr., steals every scene he's in, and that Renee Zellweger is nothing short of perfect. They even threw in a clip of McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O and sent me away with Bob Dylan singing over the credits - in my book, that's going above and beyond the call of duty. And I never tire of seeing someone break away from the cynicism of big business and actually put some heart back into an increasingly heartless way of life.

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is, of course, a bigshot sports agent who has it all - then loses it all. For some inexplicable reason, he develops a conscience late one night, puts together this huge "mission statement" all about reducing the number of clients and giving those remaining the genuine personal touch, and sends it to everyone in the company. With a schlep of a boss like Bob Sugar (the always annoying Jay Mohr), his days with the company are, not surprisingly, numbered. He vows to start his own company, desperately trying to hold on to the clients he has been representing - but all he ends up taking with him are outrageous Cardinals wide receiver Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger), an accountant who was truly inspired by what he had written. It doesn't seem like much, but he really has all he will ever need - he just doesn't realize it until the end of the movie.

Life on his own is quite a struggle, especially after he breaks up with his vicious fiancée (Kelly Preston), and I know it must be truly demoralizing to be defeated time and time again by Jay Mohr. Rod Tidwell, a great player who doesn't get the notice (or money) he thinks he deserves, stays loyal to him, though, for rather inexplicable reasons - even after Maguire fails to get him the kind of big money he is looking for in a new contract. Dorothy also stays with him, and Maguire grows increasingly close to her and her little boy Ray (Jonathan Lipnicki). There's love in the air, and Maguire's famous problem with emotional intimacy makes what should be the simplest thing in the world immensely complicated. We see a lot of Maguire at his worst - double-crossed, drunk, beaten up, wallowing in self-pity. He never gives up, though, and that's what's important. I find it a little problematic that he did not apply the principles of his "mission statement" to the way he lived his life, but - in his defense - guys tend to be pretty dense about this kind of thing (and would that we all had a Dorothy to help us see the light).

There's a wonderful cast on display here, with uncommonly meaningful secondary characters: there's little Ray, of course, but Dorothy's bitter yet loving sister Laurel (Bonnie Hunt) and Rod Tidwell's wife Marcee (Regina King) really do lay claim to a commanding presence in the story. You can also make a little game of spotting all of the sports personalities that make cameos (usually silent ones, thankfully) in the film.

This isn't a comedy; it's a serious story that just happens to feature a lot of laughs. It's a commentary on the depersonalization of business, a complicated yet wonderfully sweet love story, and a movie with a surprisingly big heart. And I love Renee Zellweger. As far as I'm concerned, she - not Tom Cruise - was the star of this film.
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on June 20, 2000
This film is definitely what I would call a feel good movie. I came away from it feeling that there are decent people in this world and that we are not all disappearing into the obscurity of just a name on a piece of paper.
The story follows Jerry Maguire, played by Tom Cruise, falling from grace working for a sports star agency when he has a flash of inspiration and takes the moral high ground on the way people should be treat within the company. His eventual rise to becoming a better person is aided from the love of woman and her son and the realization that everyone who he represents should be treated with the same respect.
The person that stole the show for me was Cuba Gooding Jr. Every scene he was in made me laugh. This was the first movie I had seen him in and thought he was a terrific actor, deserved of the Oscar he won for Best Supporting Actor. The "Show Me The Money" scene will have you in stitches.
This is not a DVD that is to be bought for it's technical qualities or abundance of extras. All you get is a static menu with no trailer, character biographies or other extras. In this day and age of DVD's like "Contact" and "The Matrix" I would have expected a bit more from a quality movie like this. The picture quality is good, as is the sound but it certainly won't tax your Dolby Digital amplifier, but then again it is not expected to.
Jerry Maguire is a film to cuddle up to your partner with and watch on a cold rainy night. It is funny, poignant and thought provoking. Worth watching at least once.
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on January 29, 2000
I saw Jerry maguire for the first time in 1997 and I was amazed. I had believed that this was again another typical sports movie with prettyboy Cruise in it, but I was wrong. Cameron Crowe has done really a wonderful piece of modern cinema. The characters are so real, and u can almost smell and touch the films atmosphere when watching it. Tom Cruise is acting with such a wild passion, that you just have to love him for that. He is acting a sport agent full of heart and soul. And Renee Zellweger, could there be any other so sweet, so tender and beautiful person like you in the world? Her role as Dorothy Boyd made me forget that she is even acting, and the part was truly made just for her.(The date scene makes me cry everytime, so pure happiness and feelings) Cuba Gooding jr. earned his first oscar. His character changes the life of Jerry Maguire in the film and does it with such of enthustiasm that you can just admire Rod Tidwells life, where every piece is in the right order. The little boy (Jonathan Lipnicki) is also awesome. All the actors/actresses are doing a good job. The biggest credit goes to the script by Crowe. It is very original and fresh indeed. Crowe has decided to concentrate mostly on characters and that is why I like this movie so much. This is the fist sports movie I have ever loved. Jerry Maguire is about people, who are just like we all. It is about the truth, love, respect and relationships...okay and about sports. Jerry Maguire works really well. The beautiful cinematography, editing and music makes the strong story and characters to look good. Yes I agree that it's very emotional, touchy and sweet, but why should we deny that we need that sometimes. I can honestly say that this world seems to be so much better place to live in after seeing Jerry Maguire. The mix of tiers and smile on your face tells the rest. After I have seen Jerry about 10 times, i can agree that it might be little too long but what the hell, it is still worth every minute of it!
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on July 21, 2004
this movie is about love. The hard thing in life is to simply love, not to mete out your love in a miserly fashion, but to love hard. To love with a visceral intensity that keeps getting stronger. "I refuse to not love" is the moral of this film.
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VINE VOICEon April 3, 2008
This is probably one of the best performances I have seen by Tom Cruise. He portrays Jerry McGuire, a sought after sports agent, that gets a wake up call causing him to reevaluates his priorities in life. Renee Zellweger is cast as his partner and wife. She is delightful and always a joy to watch. Cuba Gooding Jr. commands attention in every scene he is in. He was very impressive in this film. Who couldn't be in love with little Jonathan Lipnicki!
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon February 6, 2001
After 1992's relatively disappointing Singles, Cameron Crowe comes back strong with Jerry Maguire. The film is a romantic comedy with the underpinning of how ethics and values are treated in today's society. Tom Cruise stars as the title character who is a highly successful sports agent. After a night of heavy drinking, he types up a mission statement that is a little too much for his firm. He becomes a pariah in the company and eventually his one time protegee (Jay Mohr) tells him he's been fired. Jerry loses all of his clients except one Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, Rod (Cuba Gooding, Jr.). Renee Zellewiger is a worker at Jerry's firm and she is the only one who takes up his offer to leave with him for the agency he's starting up. She is in love with Jerry and will do anything for him. Eventually they fall in love and Jerry makes a big score for Rod. Mr. Cruise gain exudes all the boyish charm that has made him a superstar. Ms. Zellewiger has wholesome, girl next door looks and is sweet in her role. Mr. Gooding is a whirling dervish in his role. He is a ball of energy and the scene where he gets Jerry to shout "show me the money" became a major catch-phrase and part of the lexicon. Mr. Gooding won a well deserved Best Supporting Actor Oscar and the film cemented Mr. Crowe as the best double threat (directing & writing) in movies this side of Woody Allen.
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on May 7, 2000
This film spoke to me in so many ways. It was almost as if "Jerry Maguire" had been written with me in mind. From Jerry's epiphany at the start of the story through his struggle and eventual triumph over his fear of intimacy, it all seemed to be drawn from my experiences. These are the things that concern me every day.

Tom Cruise was beautiful. He showed perfect acting the whole time. It is perhaps, the finest work so far in his career. You could see every flicker of doubt and insincerity cross his face. I was laughing out loud, then crying and then so tightly happy that I forgot to breath. All of the other cast members seemed perfect as well. I particularly liked the doubting, divorced but totally caring sister Laurel. And let's not forget Dorothy's son Ray, what a little charmer.

The basic story is a simple one and yet it is fresh all the same. One of the slogans that the promoters used was, "A legend that became a man". For me, that is not a bad summary of the plot. Jerry is a highly successful sports agent who has an attack of conscience which gets him fired. He manages this rather early on in the film by writing a new mission statement entitled, "The things we think and do not say", which harks back in time to simpler days where a man's word was his bond. As one of his work mates says, "I give him a week". Sure enough, Jerry was doing a Lone Ranger in seven days. And as happens to so many of us, this disaster turns out to be the best thing that could have happened to him.

In the hectic moments as he tries tries to keep all his clients he is tied up by one rather loud and demanding footballer. In the end it is this one man who fills Jerry's client roster. Not to be daunted, Jerry strides out into the land of cubicles and coffee machines and firmly asks who would like to join him in exile.

Of course he is less than overwhelmed by the response. Just as it looks like his only colleague will be a gold fish, a young accounting clerk named Dorothy, who was inspired by Jerry's mission statement, pipes up and falteringly joins the crusade. Unfortunately she has a very young son named Ray and no other means of support. This puts Jerry under a little more pressure than he needed which is well illustrated when, before they even get out of the building's elevator, Dorothy starts enquiring about her health plan.

But in the end Jerry finds a strength he didn't know he had, an empathy he has never needed before, an integrity that used to be a handicap and finally he finds the love of his life. If you dream about finding any of these things in your own life I suggest you could do a lot worse than following Jerry's example.
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on October 14, 2002
I first watched "Jerry Maguire" when I was about eight, so you can imagine how confused I was. I had absolutely no idea what was happening. Well, I had never watched it since then until I visited my friend and she owned it. We watched it, and I left her house, wanting to buy the movie right away. Not only is Jerry Maguire an incredibly mature and intelligent romantic comedy but the director/writer isn't afraid to have a nice ending. It seems like more and more, movies have to be sad or depressing to be considered good. Jerry Maguire proves that theory wrong. I love this movie. It's a movie I can watch when I'm sad, stressed, or just want to relax with some friends. I really don't think I could say one thing that I thought was bad about it. Tom Cruise is absolutely amazing and made me a fan of his. Renee Zellwegger, Cuba, the entire cast is great and perfectly cast. Maybe not all will love this movie as much as I did, but reguardless, it's worth a viewing. Great people, great music, great story, great movie. Jerry Maguire will have you laughing, crying, and smiling the whole way through.
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on August 2, 2005
This is probably my favorite Tom Cruise film. I love that even though Cruise is undoubtedly the star of the movie (the title of the movie?!?), the greatness of the film didn't depend on his star power. The movie got a great supporting cast from Renee Zellweger to Cuba Gooding Jr., the movie's got a great screenplay ("Show me the money!!!" "You complete me"... "You had me at hello") that is amusing and funny and perceptive and intelligent without being pushy. I love that the characters are eloquent but knows its boundaries and know that a simple glance or close up or smirk says it all. In short the screenplay knows when to talk and when to shut up!

I also love the music used in the movie, I swear every time I hear "Free Falling" I can just picture Tom Cruise singing his lungs out or the Secret Garden by Springsteen, which is another song that I associate with the movie And of course there are the great performances by the entire cast. Cruise did a great job playing the character, it's fun seeing him play a loser for a change. This is one of his best performances. Renee Zellweger in her breakthrough role was radiant. Even though there's no doubt she's grown as an actress (from Chicago to Cold Mountain), I miss the understated, quiet effervescence and just vulnerability she showed in this movie (also in One True Thing). Cuba Gooding Jr the scene stealer himself, was just great. I especially like the scenes where he's making fun of Jerry. All of those things were used by Cameron Crowe to create this wonderful film.

In the DVD, there's a great extra, a video commentary. It's the normal commentary that we know except that there's another screen where we can see the speakers (Cruise, Zellweger, Gooding, Crowe). There's a small box at the bottom of the screen where we see the movie the way they see them. That was just innovative and very fun to watch, I wonder why others don't adopt this kind of commentary. This would especially work with "fun" films (Clueless, Friends!!).

Grade: A
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on February 17, 2001
The first time I saw this movie, I had heard all the hype. I heard how great it supposedly was, and I actually believed some of that hype. I watched it intently but never quite figured out what made it so bloody great. Yeah, it was good, the story was nice, and the performances were mint. However this movie was one of the sort that I just had to see twice to fully appreciate. And appreciate it I did. I suddenly saw how close to real life the characters' interactions were. I saw a beautiful relationship between single mother and little son, and indeed between single mother and her older and protective sister. I saw a shallow, hollow guy (Cruise) become a whole person (not without a lot of ups and downs and bumps in the road). I saw a lovely relationship between Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character and his wife. I saw greed at its worst and of course, in the happy ending, I saw personal connections and commitments overcome some of the effects of greed. Described this way, the film sounds almost too sappy, but it isn't. The story is quite subtle and very realistic. Tom Cruise turns in a splendid performance as the title character; Renée Zellweger was the perfect actress for the part of Dorothy Boyd because she is beautiful but not too beautiful and possesses a charming and unspoiled quality that was perfect for the character and for the tone of the picture. Gooding, Jr. was excellent and his work in a supporting role was honored with an Academy Award. I think this film will satisfy any longing for a real but not depressing film about the nature of love, commitment, relationships, and simple human interaction.
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