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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on December 19, 2012
This album started off on the wrong foot. In late October, it generated lots of criticism for its cover (which features Jesus Christ portrayed as a member of the notorious street gang the Bloods, in full gang style with a tattoo, red bandana and even a Jesus Piece of his own, while the stained glass behind him is adorned with marijuana leaves and palm trees). Game explained that the cover represented his love for Christ yet sadness at the loss of many friends and family in gang violence. This didn't appease the harsh critics and Game decided to make the image only the deluxe version album cover, and instead put an old photo of his late brother Jevon (killed in 1995) on the standard version cover.

The album then received backlash in early November when Game was lambasted for comparing it to Dr. Dre's 1999 album "2001". He cleared this up by explaining he simply was trying to convey that the album had many guest appearances, not that it was on par with the "2001" album. Here is where I disagree. I truly think it is on par with the "2001" album. In fact, it may have astoundingly surpassed it in terms of content.

This is the best album of the year.

I listened to Kendrick Lamar's "Good Kid, Madd City" and was blown away by it, but I truly do not think it can compete with this album. I've always been perplexed by the amount of hate Game gets. His lyricism is absolutely amazing and he is quite humble (admitting often that many of his features outshine him, though he outshines each and every one of them on this album). I feel that the majority of the hate he receives is attributed to his seemingly unrestrained mouth--he has no qualms about speaking his mind and blatantly expressing his feelings.

Though the album is laden with guest appearances, it is explicitly evident that this is Game's album. Rapping over prolific beats and delivering tantalizing wordplay, Game swiftly breaches many different topics effortlessly and with perhaps his best flow since his 2005 debut "The Documentary". He touches on nearly every aspect of his career, ranging from his perception by others, his struggles (admitting that he was ready to make diss tracks for Dr. Dre because he felt that Dre was focusing more on the then-growing Kendrick) and his issues with other artists. The most interesting aspect of this album is the spiritual theme. Game humbly admits on numerous tracks that he definitely loves God and strives everyday to get closer to Him (a major change in attitude, since on "The Documentary" he labeled himself "far from religious"), yet acknowledges his shortcomings and frequent failings to temptations.

Game's hoarse delivery is accentuated with some really amazing hooks, providing an interesting dichotomy between the harsh rapping on the verses and the uplifting, even prayerful choruses. Essentially, this album was meant to be an introspective view of the most prevalent dichotomy in contemporary rap/hip-hop: the struggle to balance love for God with the callings of the world: lavish foods, easy access to beautiful women, and fashionable outfits and jewelry.

The production on this album is absolutely wonderful, better than that on all of his other albums. There isn't a single track on this album with which I was disappointed, and that is extremely rare for me to say. It is very apparent that Game brought his best to this album. Game doesn't fail to deliver deep lyrics with profound meanings. The website "Rap Genius" surely becomes a necessity for this album since there is a heavy presence of underlying themes.

The only thing left to say is: Get this album. You will not be disappointed at all.
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on December 26, 2012
I've been a huge Game fan since day 1. The Documentary and Doctor's Advocate are both great West Coast albums and have an unmistakable West Coast sound. LAX is his masterpiece - good from start to finish (just like E-40's "In a Major Way", Snoop's "Doggystyle" or Dre's "Chronic" - all classic albums from the moment they were released). I wasn't too much impressed with the RED album - it was okay and the beats were okay "enough" to make it worth listening to.

This brings me to Jesus Piece - contrary to what everyone else is saying, giving this album 4-5 stars, I'm definitely not hearing what they're hearing. This album is super lazy and as others have pointed out, his rapping style jackin' is ridiculous. One moment he's rapping like Big Sean, then Kanye and so on and so on - it gets super irritating and at some point(s) just down right disappointing. I was really looking forward to this album and bought it without sampling it first because it's 1.) Game and 2.) he is the West Coast right now (or "was" after this album).

To me it seems as if Game has simply run out of things to talk about aside from mentioning Pac and Biggie's murders, which he's been talking about since his first album (redundantly). Aside from that, there's just not a lot of substance here, the production is pretty weak across the board and the album is pretty dark in a weird churchly way.

"Celebration" is the only true upbeat song, which is a great homage to Bone but would have been better to actually bring in someone from Bone to set it off. All of the other songs are so forgettable that I can hardly remember any of the track names even after listening to the cd a dozen times already, hoping it might grow on me.

The only thing I can conclude from this album is that Game did it as an exit strategy from Interscope. He basically tried to sound like every popular rapper out right now and feature every "hot right now" rapper just to get Interscope to rubber stamp it's release as quickly as possible so he can bounce out of there.

I hope Game brings it for real wherever he ends up and does it right for the West Coast on the next one. It would be great to see him team up with some West Coast all-stars and have guest artist like Warran G, Daz & Kurrupt, Snoop, E-40, Too Short, The Dove Shack, B-Legit and get producers like Dre, DJ Battle Cat, DJ Quik...etc. If Game is the legacy to the West, he should be bringing back the O.G.'s and not out-of-state rappers that are nothing more than forgettable tomorrow.
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on December 11, 2012
It took five albums but Game finally dropped an album worth listening all the way through. Doctors Advocate and The Documentary were both good, but being very hit and miss. LAX and The R.E.D Album were both okay, but only having a few decent songs on both. Jesus Piece is without a doubt Game's best album, being the most focused, and polished release to date.
1. Scared Now: 4/5 Games flow gets fairly lazy over the banger beat. But he sounds confident. All of his albums have at least one Banger, and a few bragging tracks, and this falls under both categories. It doesn't compare to some of the other hits he's released but it's still not bad.
2. Ali Bomaye: 5/5 Wow, didn't think I'd see the day where 2 Chainz actually puts down a verse that was worth mentioning. Game throws down a great hook, while the beat compliments both rappers flows very well, while Rick Ross does a good job with his part as well.
3. Jesus Piece: 5/5 A classic sounding track, with a fantastic piano piece. Kanye is as good as ever while Common does a great job. One of the more memorable tracks on the album.
4. Pray: 4/5 It's nice to see Game throw down deep lyrics instead of the generic "sex and drugs are awesome" lyrics all rappers are known for. The beat isn't fantastic, but the lyrics more than make up for it.
5. Church: 4/5 This song won't wow you, the beat works very well for Game and King Chip while Trey Songz puts down a commendable hook.
6. All That (Lady): 4/5 It's good, but too many guests is too much of a good thing. Lil Wang throws down an awful verse like always, Fabolous, Big Sean are good, while Jeremiah does good with the hook. We'd be looking at a five if it weren't for the lousy Lol Wayne verse.
7. Heaven's Arms: 5/5 One of the best beats on the album compliments Game's flow very well. After a bunch of guest features, it's nice to hear Game go solo on one.
8. Name Me King: 5/5 I can't think of a better feature than Pusha T on this track. Both do an excellent job with their parts. One of the highlights of the album.
9. See No Evil: 5/5 Another deep track fits the album very well. Kendrick Lamar does incredible with his verse, being one of his most memorable to date. Another fantastic song.
10. Can't Get Right: 5/5 Production values steal the show here, as they go well with the lyricism of The Game.
11. Hallelujah: 5/5 A promotional single for the album, it sounds like Jamie Foxx and Game are performing with a church choir in the background, and it works out well. It sticks out as one of the funnest songs on the album.
12. Freedom: 2/5 Just because Game has done songs like this in the past, it doesn't mean he should keep doing them. The beat is annoying and sounds like a reject track from Kanye's "The College Dropout"
13. Celebration: 1/5 A disaster from the beginning. Easily Game's worst single to date. With Wiz Khalifa, Lol Wang, Tyga and Chris Brown all on the track at the same time, it's just painful to sit through. The beat isn't anything to get excited about while, all the rappers put down bad verses that don't fit with the rest of the album whatsoever. It's the worst way they could of ended the standard version of the album, it really puts a damper on things. It's a shame he put this track on this album, it might of been bearable on The R.E.D. Album, but this is just awful.
14. I Remember: 4/5 Future is as bad as ever, not being able to pronounce anything correctly, but Young Jeezy does fine with his verse. The beat and game are the only two things worth listening to here. That being said, Game does a great job with his part, and Jeezy doesn't add or detract from the track.
15. Blood Diamonds: 5/5 Without one of the best tracks here, Game's flow shine's the brightest here with the pounding beat simplifying itself through moments really show how great Game really is on this track.

Jesus Piece is without a doubt Game's best album to date. He's a lot more focused, and tries to keep things going one way, he sways off topic here and there, but every track here is worth listening to, the only two exceptions being Freedom and Celebration. It's not like anything Game has ever put out, but we like him better for it.


Best Tracks:
*Blood Diamonds
*Jesus Piece
*Name Me King
*Ali Bomaye
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 22, 2014
Ever since The Documentary, Game has been one of my favorite rappers. Jesus Piece, however, is a hit and miss. Since it is Game, this album will still garner four stars in my opinion, but in comparison to his previous works, it is a borderline disappointment. It is safe to say that Ali Bomaye, Name Me King, See No Evil, and Church saved this album.

Game does not necessarily rap about "deep" topics as on previous works, however, his flow and delivery remain on point. The production remains top-notch and we can thank Kanye for his ear and some of the samples used throughout. In my opinion, Game does not need other rappers on his main albums. When he does, it is as if he is trying to hard to conform to that artist's style and it borderline ruins his lyrics (i.e: All That (Lady) and Celebration).

Game is like the kid in high school who attempted to fit in with everybody - and there's nothing wrong with that. It's refreshing to see Game collaborate with less-serious artists from time to time; however, sometimes, it becomes too much. Tracks like Bigger Than Me are why people love the Game, not because of the mainstream Young Money collaborations we have been seeing a lot of lately.

Game is soon releasing The Documentary II after the Year of the Wolf compilation later this year and early into 2015. Hopefully we see another classic.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 20, 2012
Pretty good album. Wish he didn't rely on so many features and namedropping but album bangs. Lyrics are pretty good and he has an excellent ear for production. He may be bi polar but last two albums didn't disappoint .
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 4, 2013
This album has a lot of good messages of salvation, hypocrites , and about being a thug still in touch with god and counting blessings. Obviously this album is different from Game's past albums and everyone isn't going to be happy with the way this album was put together, but if you listen to every lyric, you can see Game's maturity throughout all his albums. Don't get me wrong, Game is still a gangster/west coast rapper and this album brings something different compared to the all his past albums. He also has a lot of good features on the album such as, Meek, Ross, Kanye, Sean, Songz, Wayne, Fabolous, Pusha, Kendrick, Foxx, Brown, Tyga, Wiz, Jeezy , and Future. These are all heavy hitters in the game and to have them all featured on one album is something special. All the tracks on the album are pretty solid and I don't regret making this purchase. Again not everyone will be happy about this album, but there will always be haters and bottom line, Game's doing his thing. I'm sure he can care less about what his haters think. Game is still making $$$. I'm just being realistic.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 24, 2013
Excellent concept album by a great artist. The album features several tracks that are already classics. Controversial subject but the album maintains a balance of unique lyricism/instrumentals/features to absorb all sorts of listeners. It's clear Dre is still a genius and this partnership with Taylor should have happened a few years ago. I know it's early but this is arguably one of the best albums in the last few years. Song after song, there's nothing that disappoints.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 22, 2013
The Game never dissapoints me. This album has some very good features. The beats were not really my style but Game went crazy on them so it made up for it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on December 14, 2012
People say Game became a sellout after R.E.D. I can't say much about that album but this is a pretty good one. Sure it's not the same Game but everyone changes throughout life, and the people that keep on making the same kind of music, it just gets old to people I mean just look at Taylor Swift, she has always been making a song about breaking up or something about love and her fans are getting tired of it. What I'm trying to say is that overall, this is a good album.
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on August 4, 2015
Why was I under a rock for the Last 3 Years.....

This album was never on my to hear list, Not once have I thought Game would deliver after Doctors Advocate. I didn't care until I heard Ali Bombaye(GTAV) I decided to consider this cd......I was slippin

1.Scared Now-Literally scared me into thinking I was gonna regret this cd and turn it off as fast as I turned it on. Game Flow was decent(kinda Lazy) Didn't really care for Meek Mill on the song although he compliments it.
2.Ali Bomaye-Str8 Classic Hidden Gem....definitely a song you would bang for years in.
3.Jesus Piece- Gr8 song, kinda hoped Kanye Laid a verse though... Common did his thing though.
4.Pray-Heard the Cole verse from a previous Mixtape, Happy the full song came out. beat and Bass knocks but the sample could be better.
5.Church-Why wasn't this a single???? Not the best Lyrically but definitely single worthy. Kevin Hart at the end made me laugh to.
6.All That Lady- Beat was nice, Fabolous and Big Sean Killed it, Wayne did "MEH"
7.Heavens Arms-Game did his thing....No feature pretty strong song
8.Name Me King-Never heard a Pusha Ton Verse I didn't like......Game did great on the hook
9. See No Evil-Not my favorite, but the song is Okay…..Honestly Kendrick saved the song. Tank could’ve been left off.
10.Can’t get right-Game Murdered this song….Thought the guy on the hook was Frank Ocean..Still a damn good song. Paying homage to the new school rappers can’t be mad @ that.
11.Hallelujah-He literally Bit Kanye’s old style, but I’ll give him and the beat some credit. It’s niice. Jamie Foxx did his thing as well.
12.Freedom-Solid Track nice feature, nothing standout ish….
13.Celebration-I don’t hate the song, but definitely not a great song on the album
14.I remember- Literally fast forward to Jeezy verse… seriously Game tryna sound like Jeezy was a ear sore. Future was ok but this song is definitely not special.
15.Blood Diamonds- The Grand Finale, Definitely saved the best for Last

Standout tracks
Ali Bomaye
Can’t get right
Blood Diamonds
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