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on June 18, 2000
This excellent 1997 documentary attempts to review and update evidential findings in recent Shroud research. The Shroud of Turin is described as "the most studied artifact in human history". The film focuses on three types of physical markings on the Shroud, which is now permanently sealed in argon gas to prevent further fading deterioration of the image. The three types are: the blood stains, the front and back image of a man, and the scorching. The editors show the blood stains consistent with 1st C. Roman flagrum(sp), the spear wound, and numerous puncture points consistent with Bible descriptions of Christ's passion. The filmakers use the 1978 STURP findings to show how the bloodstains soaked through while the image did not. Experts conclude that the image could not be a painting. Ultra violet (UV) tests showed that scorching is found on the entire cloth but the image does not show concluding that scorching could not have caused the image. Chemical analysis shows 'allover' iron oxide while VP8 image analysis demonstrates 3D characteristics inconsistent with forgery theories. Images of flowers blooming only during March and April (Passover), which are found on the Shroud, are identified by renowned Israeli Botanist, Avinonn Danin. Uri Baruch, Israeli pollen expert, confirms that 28 of the 58 pollens on the Shroud are found only in the Middle East. Artistic comparison of the Shroud image indicates that the Shroud was the prototype for all subsequent Christian representations of Christ. This is reinforced by comparison of coins known to be struck in 65AD, which reflect the same congruent points. 1st C. Jewish burial expert, Mika Halpern confirms the Shroud as being consistent with ancient Jewish burial practices. The Shroud's historic existence is then traced to Edessa and to Constantinople, where in 1204, during the sack of Constantinople by European crusaders, it disappeared. Comparative dating cites John 20: 6-7, which speaks of two cloths. The second known as the Sudarium is traced from Jerusalem in 614 to Alexandria, Toledo, and eventually Oviedo, Spain. While there is no image on the Sudarium, AB type bloodstains match exactly with the blood on the Shroud at points on the head, hair and nose. Manuscripts record and date the Sudarium to the 1st C. 1988 Carbon 14 testing of the Shroud fixed its age as no more than 600 years old implying a forgery. Then, in 1996, Spanish doctor, Garza Valdez, discovered and proved that bacterial coatings, later found on the Shroud, significantly distort carbon test dating. In an interview with Harry Gove, father of modern carbon 14 testing, Gove acknowledges that bacterial contamination, which was unknown during the 1988 testing, would render the tests inaccurate. As the evolution of Shroud research continues, this film bears out a major Christian theological doctrine that human knowledge of God is propelled by ever-broadening revelation.
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on April 23, 2005
For those interested in the latest facts regarding what may have produced the image on the shroud, you've got to get this DVD. It includes a number of scientists who actually inspected it back in 1978 & today, with technology not available 27 years ago, have updated their findings & opinions. Among other findings, they have determined there is human blood on the shroud & the image was not produced by any pigment, chemical reaction or scorching. It was most likely produced by some form of radiation. It is a fascinating film which keeps you riveted & wanting to study the subject more.
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on April 4, 2002
This video is an excellent documentary of the Shroud's history and scientific investigation. It is easy to understand and quite entertaining as it was filmed in many international settings. It far surpassed all my expectations. The Shroud is not a "dead" issue. Do yourself a favor and purchase this video. I am buying an extra tape since I expect mine to be frequently barrowed.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 14, 2007
I used this program in an adult Sunday School class, and the response from the group was tremendous. We all sat in rapt attention, as the Shroud of Turin Research Group (STURP) investigated the shroud and brought forth its detailed findings. The evidence is strong (although not certain), that the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of a man who was crucified in the area around Jerusalem (all this is ascertainable through pollen studies, image studies, and fiber analysis of the shroud). Whether it is THE burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth can not be proven, although there is strong evidence that it just may be.

There is a great debate as to whether the Shroud is real or a clever forgery. This is a pro-shroud program, presenting strong evidence that it could be the burial cloth of Christ.

The image on the Shroud cannot be fully explained today, even with advanced technologies. The one damaging piece of evidence against the shroud being the burial cloth of Christ is the carbon dating, which dates the cloth to around 1250 AD - 1300 AD. If this data is true, then this cannot be the shroud of Christ. Most scientists hold to this view. However, this program presents evidence that puts the carbon dating method in question.

There are many other resources available on the shroud, both books and films, and many take pro or con positions. Although this is obviously a pro-shroud program, I thought it answered the common objections and criticisms of the Shroud of Turin quite well.

The film is well-done and a quality presentation. It is certainly thought-provoking and it will generate much discussion. It may change your faith as well. I highly recommend this program as a starting point for your study on the Shroud of Turin.

The program is also available in VHS, but I prefer the ease of use of the DVD over VHS.

Jim "Konedog" Koenig
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on July 2, 2004
Blows out of the water the skeptics claim that the Shroud is a fake. It covers the most up to date test, including the micro biologist plant test.
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on August 9, 2009
Let me say this is a great DVD and presents for its time the most up to date information on the shroud. Since then Dr. Petras Soons has made some amazing and incredible Holographic discoveries of the Shroud that are cutting edge science. Also, this video came out before researchers proved the C-14 tests invalid due to the area they took it from was a 16th Century reweave so I must say THE BEST Shroud DVD is THE FABRIC OF TIME. Get that one first and you will have the most cutting edge information and scientific research on the Shroud.
This DVD is very good and does an excellent job of showing the History of the Shroud, the probability the Shroud was the image copied by artists to depict Jesus, art dating back to the 6th Century! The Shroud is so complex in History and Science that not one DVD can encompass it all. That is why I am also recommending this one with the above mentioned DVD being No. 1. I hope this helps GOD bless and rejoice For HE IS RISEN...JB
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on June 24, 2009
This DVD brings the Viewer up to date on the latest scientific findings . It is very well done and chock-block full of interesting analysis . This DVD would make a great witnessing tool for the open minded Person who doesnt come to the table with an apriori philosophical bias. I highly recommend this DVD .
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on March 4, 2014
This is a very thorough video of the Shroud of Turin. It explains why in the past the "experts" have said that it
is a fake and where these experts made their errors. The evidence here proves that this is the real thing.
Another video to watch AFTER this one is called "The real face of Jesus". Super videos. Even though this
is the real deal, we are to worship God-Jesus Christ, not the cloth that they buried Him in.

Another couple of videos you need to watch are: "The Search for Real Mt. Sinai" and "The Exodus Revealed". These
videos show the REAL Mt. Sinai and its NOT the one in the Egyptian peninsula. If you follow the Bible you will see
exactly how the one in Egypt does not match with descriptions in the Bible, whereas the Real one shown in these
two videos matches exactly. It is astounding. Also look up Ron Wyatt on the internet for more information. He is
supposedly the first one to recognize that this was the REAL Mt. Sinai and made a map the was used by the people
on "The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai" to find it again. The evidence doesn't lie.
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on April 14, 2013
I love this film and the type of videos where they bring science and/or archaeology to confirm biblical stories. If you love these types of videos, check out these other amazing films.

1) Revealing God's Treasure, Collectors Edition, Featuring the Discoveries of Ron Wyatt
2) The Exodus Revealed
3) The Search for the Real Mount Sinai
4) The Star of Bethlehem
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on December 27, 2002
Rob Lightner's review mentions the supposed dubiousness of the credentials of the experts. I would like to know how he came to that conclusion. Did he research their backgrounds personally? The video touted many "top in their field" scientists and many self-professed skeptics. The video seemed to present an impressive range of experts. Were the producers lying when they presented people as experts in their field? A top Israeli botanist is dubious? I would like the editorial reviewer to tell us he did outside research on these people's background or not to make such prejudicial judgements.
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