Customer Reviews: Jet Boy
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on June 27, 2009
This was an awesome movie! A positive uplifting story about a abandoned adolescent boy looking for a father who meets a man trying to forget the pain of his relationship with his own father. Nathan is a sexually confused boy desperately looking for security of a father figure. He runs into Boone, a hardened loner whom Nathan latches onto. We learn that Boone has some emotional father issues of his own, and Nathan shows up to provide him a way to work them out. In other words, Boone finds that he can resolve his own sadness at his father's lack of love by giving Nathan the love and security he needs. This is a low budget made-for-tv movie, but the unusual story line---and the heart rendering performance by Branden Nadon as Nathan---make this a must-see movie for anyone who has familiar with the sort of emotional wounds that too often occur between father and son. It brought tears to my eyes...and a good feeling at the happy ending. I agree--must see.

BTW, this is NOT a movie about boylove or child prostitution, this is really about the painful relationships between fathers and sons. The need for men to mentor their sons, and the need of an adolecent boy for a strong male role model. Nathan's involvement in sexual abuse is only important in the development of his character as a lost boy. It adds to the drama that Boone's interest in him was entirely non-sexual. Unfortunately, inclusion of these issues might have doomed this astounding movie to oblivion. That is really sad.

Struck by Brandon Nadon's performance, I immediately looked for more pictures by thim only to learn that Branden Nadon subsequent career was making some sleazy horror movies. So I guess he got typecast a little. Sad, he was a tremendous actor that deserved some better roles. See more of Nadon in a bit part in Living with the Dead, Taken and Masters of Horror. Hopefully we will see in some more challenging adult roles in the future.
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on July 7, 2009
I am from outside the US but bought this movie here - could not find it elsewhere. I don't understand why this film is hardly known. Of course, it is a low-budget production (but that does not affect its quality), of course, its theme might be critical and not mainstream. But neither is it about a gay, nor is it a movie just for pedophiles (though Nathan is a very likeable boy...).

It is about a poor boy (Nathan) who lost his parents and has to take care for himself. Nobody does really love him, so he is searching for true love (that is why he sells his body) - but they that "buy" him just do use him; it is not to love. On the road Nathan finds a man called Boone (great-acting Dylan Walsh) who takes him along, but isn't willing to care for that child in the long run. So one day he sends the boy away - who is then starting his old business again...

The story is so honest, so near to the poor life of those children who live on the streets - very emotional. The movie belongs to the best ones I've ever seen, and is worth the price (though there are no additional features on the DVD). 5***** for the producers and actors - esp. young Branden Nadon is great!
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on April 29, 2009
Jet Boy turned out to be a great movie. A beleveable story executed with some terrific acting. This is not a "gay" interest movie. The story would appeal to almost everybody. The main character is a ten year old prostitute but this just adds seasoning to the story line and is not the main entree. There were some surprises, twists and turns, near the end of the movie that will make it a keeper for your collection. Very much recommended.
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on April 6, 2009
Jet Boy deals with some very sensitive subjects. It does so with skillful honesty and without falling into stereotypes and melodramatic depictions. It is a real-life drama that convinces with its sincere authenticity and the profound quality of the interaction between the two leading characters.

The movie is set in Canada and shot in Vancouver, B.C., Calgary and Linden, Alberta, and the road between. The drama focuses on characters influenced by their cultural milieu and by each other. The movie has a simple story and is still complex in its plot development as well as in the pace of plot revelations. The audience never stops learning about the two main characters, their individual stories and their background, which provides the movie with tremendous quality and causes curiosity that makes the audience dive into the story and stay alert.

The main protagonist is Nathan, played by newcomer Branden Nadon. We are introduced to him as he sells his body on his 14th birthday. These very subtle scenes at the beginning make us aware of how desperate this young boy is. He is a hustler, but still a child. We get a very good impression of his life - a bleak, exploited life without much room for dreams and no way out. Then we are introduced to his family. He has no father and his mother is a drug addict. She dies right at the beginning due to an overdose, which leaves Nathan orphaned and totally isolated.

The second main character is a rough and mysterious man named Boon Palmer (played by Dylan Walsh of Nip Tuck), a man we do not know anything about. Apparently he has a questionable past as some kind of criminal. All we know is that he is up to something and violent if challenged.

Nathan is on the road, running away from the social services that would take him in, heading towards Vancouver, when he encounters Boon in a road pub. He associates with him and manages to make the taciturn man give him a ride to the city. On their way they stop in a motel in a small town, where Boon grew up and where he has to settle something. It becomes clear from the very beginning of their traveling companionship that Nathan sees much more than a temporary ride in Boon, but pins all his hopes on him. He does everything to please the man, makes their breakfast and - as some subtle hints reveal - would not mind sleeping in the same bed with him.

Once in the small town, we find out some interesting bits and pieces about Boon's past, about his imperious father, about his old flame and his life twenty years ago. We still do not know who Boon is today, but we get a clearer idea of his roots and find out that he is indeed a rather likable person, which we could not expect right from the beginning. The growing relationship between Boon and Nathan is characterized by frictions, but still slowly growing in depth. Boon renews a sexual affair with his old flame while Nathan associates with some local lads.

The movie's climax is emotionally stirring and intriguingly played by the two leading characters. Nathan breaks away as Boon neglects his love and his yearning for paternal appreciation. Boon has to finish his job in Vancouver, and there he sees how Nathan offers himself to a client. He follows them and rushes into the hotel room as Nathan is about to be sexually harassed. Boon finally opens up his heart to Nathan and takes the boy into his arms and hugs him and the emotional turmoil makes the boy break down and cry. As they leave the hotel, we find out that Boon is in fact an undercover cop - something we did not know throughout the entire movie. They drive back to the small town, as it seems happily united with Nathan finally having the father and security he was search for.

The movie is profoundly authentic and smashing in its sincere character portrayal of a strange man and a young hustler who help each other out of their bleak lives. These two characters carry complex problems and their interaction makes up the emotional thrill of the whole production. The soundtrack is flawless and the camera work lives up to the decisive moments. The other characters are fairly flat, but this is okay here, as the two protagonists carry the burden and define the pace and the quality of the plot development.

I give Jet Boy a 10 because it handles a very sensitive issue - child prostitution - frankly and without corny stereotypes. It furthermore delivers a fine character portrayal and focuses on a very strong father-son aspect, set in a cultural stratum in which hope and trust are hard to find and even harder to maintain. The two leading actors are just brilliant, and thus Jet Boy is an authentic Canadian movie, a wonderful portrayal of genuine human struggles. A Must See movie.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2009
I got this movie on a lark not really knowing what it was really about because I am an avid movie collector and thought this would make an interesting addition to the collection. I really wasn't expecting the gut wrenching, very frank, subject matter about child prostitution and the devastating effects that it and a terrible home life with an uncaring druggie parent has on a child as portrayed in this film. I am very glad I got this movie! I truly believe that you should see it if you have a chance but be forewarned that some parts may be hard to watch. Nothing graphic or obscene is in this movie and if your interests are not so pure then this movie is definitely not for you.

I don't want to be a spoiler so I won't go over more of the subject matter of this film, especially since there is a synopsis and other reviews that contain spoilers, but will say that the delicate subject matter this film covers is handled in a thoughtful and thought provoking manner. The story is not solely about child prostitution but, rather, deals with the emotional subject of a boy's real need for a male role model and the importance of father / son relations.

Even though this is a low budget production that, appears, was originally made for Canadian television, Brandon Nadon, the child actor in this movie gives an outstanding performance along with Dylan Walsh, the rough character that "Nathan" bonds with. It also does have good production value and does not really seem low budget. I have never seen a movie dealing with subject matter like this handled with so much grace, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness. At times some situations may seem a bit hard to believe but this really is a great underrated movie that truly deserves much more attention.

You won't be disappointed with this selection. I cannot recommend it highly enough. (My actual rating would be 4 1/2 stars)
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on August 11, 2014
This is a story of bonding between a boy called Nathan (Branden Nadon) who has nothing and no one and a stranger Boone (Dylan Walsh) who happens to be an undercover cop. Nathan has had a rough life. In the opening scene you find him in the bed of someone who likes to beat his sex partners with a belt and you see the welts on Nathan's back and this is on his birthday. When he goes home he finds a strange girl in his bed. His mother asks him for the drugs and that his birthday cake is in the fridge. What he finds is the remains of a cake. This is how he celebrates his birthday. He makes a wish and thinks it comes true when his mother overdoses on the drugs and dies On the TV he sees the "perfect" family but he knows better. At the police station he is asked how he feels and he asks what would his mother feel if it were him instead. When one of the detectives says that he has two boys of his own and if that happened to one of them he would feel devastated, Nathan says - and this is the reality of his life - "Did you ever sell them? Didn't think so." Nathan runs when they want to turn him over to child services. On the road he runs into Boone who is headed in the same direction and their bonding begins. The road is a long one and when Boone says he won't leave him, Nathan again with a telling statement that "promises from a grown-up doesn't mean very much" Things happen along the drive and the detour they take that causes Nathan to leave Boone and go on his own. They both arrive at Vancouver separately and Boone realizes that they need each other and by chance sees him get into a car of a john and finds and saves him. Now Nathan has some one. The acting if great. Hopefully Brandon Nadon will have a great career in film. I would give it a six if it were available.
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on June 22, 2011
I just happened to find this small Canadian film accidentally and I'm glad I did. I really love it. It is a great story of a recently orphaned desperate young street hustler named Nathan, whose mother just died from a drug overdose, who runs away from the authorities. He meets a loner named Boon Palmer that Nathan immediately looks up to as a father figure. But Boon is a reluctant father figure as he never had a good relationship with his own father, and struggles with the turmoil of his feelings of caring about this child, but at the same time not being really sure he can help him and the fear of becoming too involved with someone other than himself.

The story is solid and the pacing of the movie is good. It's not the perfectly put together picture that you would come to expect from an American production. It does suffer a little from the small budget production values and the inexperience of the director/writer and production crew. The film often has more of a TV Movie feel than a feature film. Some of the dialogue and situations are slightly cliché and in some spots the dialogue is rather sparse and occasionally I found myself wishing for more interaction between the characters. I also think the film could have explored the gritty dark side of the life of a hustler with a bad childhood a bit more. For as much as the Nathan character has been through and seen, he is a little too innocent and resilient for someone who could come from that environment.

However many key scenes really work excellent and are very well written and executed. There are a few plot turns, especially at the end of the movie, which seem to stretch believability and rely on extreme coincidence. However, not so much so where the movie comes off as very contrived and they were probably done as a plot convention to move the story to a close in a suspenseful and expedient way. And there is a surprise ending that I really liked and thought was a nice touch. But despite the movie's flaws, the actors bring these characters to life and I was emotionally invested in this story from the opening scene until the end credits rolled down the screen.

Where this movie shines is in the relationship between the two main characters of Nathan, played by Branden Nadon, and Boon, played by Dylan Walsh. There is a real chemistry between these two that makes the whole movie believable. Without brilliant casting, this movie could have been mediocre at best, and completely forgettable. I especially think that Nadon did an excellent job, considering this was his first role. He plays the character of a 14 year old street hustler perfectly. He acts the role subtly, not overacting as many child actors would do, being both tough at times and vulnerable. It is a very naturalistic performance, as he delivers his lines realistically as a young man would. He expresses a lot of his emotion in his face and body language. It's a shame he really hasn't done much after this movie. Of course Walsh is great as well, as are the supporting players, including Kelly Rowan as Boon's former flame and Jordan Weller as Rowan's son.

I'm not really sure why this film is not better known, as it is superior to many big Hollywood productions. I know that many Canadian films struggle with getting distribution outside of the domestic Canadian market, especially in the US. Maybe it's because it is a movie focused mainly on the characters and their slow development as they reveal more about themselves. It does deal with child prostitution which is a controversial topic; however that is a small part of the story that is only to show the desperation of Nathan's situation. It is not exploitative at all as some films of this genre are. But it does bring light to an issue which does exist. It's not like many independent films that have a deep convoluted message, or try to push the envelope of film making. It is a simple film and tells a straight forward story. But those are the very things I like about Jet Boy the most. This film has a lot of heart with a message of hope.

I can't recommend this movie enough. I don't usually buy films since I have Netflix. But this film is only available at Amazon. I also don't usually write reviews, but I've gone on and on here. Considering it is a hidden gem it is well worth the money. It is the type of movie you can watch multiple times. The director's edition is worth it if you have seen the movie before and want to get a perspective on filmmaking in Canada and some interesting information on the making of the film. It also has some deleted scenes and screen shots.
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on May 3, 2011
This Directors Edition was worth the extra dollars. Getting the feedback directly from the directors own mouth made the film even more entertaining to watch. As for the film itself, the dark grey beginnings turn to hope and then to that feel good feeling and a not so disappointing ending. Some parts I did wish there was more interaction but given the directors comments of the way the film was made, the budget limits, the method of film making and the experience of most of the cast and even crew made me appreciate the film much more than the first time I watched it. I was able to give it much more credit than before and had a new appreciation for the film. I do recommend this version but keep in mind I never saw any other version of the film, except for what the director states the differences were from the original cut.
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on December 23, 2009
once again a great delivery of there product.. well packed, a plesure to receive.. thank you Amazon.
I found Jet boy a very down to earth movie.. well acted, i was very sad for that young boy at first, but as the story went on i was pleased to see that it would have a very happy ending,it shows how vile some men are who pick up young boys, and hurt them,i feel like i wanted to jump in and save that poor boy, thank goodness he was saved and i had a good cry..its a must be read story, very enjoyable..
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on July 5, 2012
The gay theme is only secondary in this film. A rather young boy, probably ten or eleven, the son of a drug addicted mother who dies one day on him with an overdose she gets from the heroin he has brought her and he had bought with the money he had made with an older man he had serviced intimately.

He escapes social services and manages to find himself in the hands, some sort of two way blackmailing or dependence, of a man he decides is going to be his father. He manages to get in his car and the man starts taking him to Vancouver.

On the way to there the man goes back to his hometown where he visits his invalid and unconscious father but that leads him to a girl friend from a long time ago and the boy he is transporting, Nathan, falls for the son of the woman. The man, Boon, falls again or anew for the woman, but he is on a big case, though we do not know exactly what, criminal probably.

Nathan comes to a desperate proposal to keep Boon, a desperate intimate proposal that Boon refuses and that refusal sets Nathan on the run again.

The action ends up in Vancouver for sure where Nathan is more or less in the room of an older man and needs to be reprieved from perdition while Boon is following and arriving and breaking a door, and at the same time he is getting tailed by an important criminal of some kind he is dealing with.

The end is sentimental in a way but everything gets clear though most of the important scenes happen in the night with little light and kind of all blurred up in and by darkness.

The question of the film is simple. Does a boy need a father? What kind of substitute activities can a boy without a father do to feel close to an older man? The answer is as simple as the question. Yes a boy needs a father or a father substitute and a boy without such a father model next to him will do all kinds of risky and dumb things to feel older than he is and to fill the emptiness he experiences in his heart somewhere between his brain and his diaphragm.

Maybe it could be better not to show that film to children under the tender age of ten or something like that. And be ready to answer a few questions if your son is too young and direct enough to ask embarrassing queries.

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