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Jimmy Oddly Forgets Palestinian Terrorism!

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Initial post: Jan 19, 2007 7:39:40 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 20, 2007 10:07:21 PM PST
Ben S says:
It seems rather odd that Jimmy doesn't realize Israel is building the Security Fence because Palestinians are so soaked in an Islamic Cult of TErrorism they have an array of terrorist groups, Hamas, AL Aqsa, PFLP, ISlamic Jihad that purposely target civilian men, women and children and randomly fire mortars into ISraeli towns daily and gladly suicide themselves as long as they can kill many "infidels" with them (men, women and children) Israel is building a security fence and has checkpoints to STOP THEM. The Palestinians even overwhelmingly voted in HAmas. They are lucky Israel didn't do to them what the US did to Afghanistan. Israel has withdrawn fully from the entire GAza Strip and kicked out 10,000 of it's people for Peace and withdrew from much of the West Bank. In return PAlestinians have increased their support for terrorism. Perhaps Jimmy suffers from the anit-semitism his brother was known to have when he was president. To see more on potential causes of Christian anti-semtism

search Amazon books for>>>

V'da Mah , for the book V'da Mah SheTashiv, which is the Jewish response to missionaries.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 8:04:15 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Jul 16, 2007 9:38:22 PM PDT
A. Tanaka says:
Actually Jimmy did not forget Palestinian Terrorism. He recognizes that it is a desperate response against Israel whose government continues to confiscate Palestinian lands for Israeli settlements.

Since Israel uses the suicide bombings as the bogeyman to justify the demolition of Palestinian homes and confiscation of their land, it is instructive to find out why and when the suicide bombing began inside Israel.

The first Palestinian suicide bombing, inside Israel, took place in the Israeli city of Afula on April 6, 1994.

It was to avenge the Dr. Baruch Goldstein's massacre of 29 Moslem worshippers at the Cave of Patriarch on February 25, 1994.

The reason Dr. Baruch Goldstein carried out this massacre was to derail the Oslo Peace Accord that called for IDF to start disengaging from the Occupied Territories in the spring of 1994, which would have resulted in the eventual dismantling of the Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories.

The subsequent suicide bombings have been in response to Israeli attacks that cause major Palestinian civilian casualties or Israeli assassinations of important militant leaders as evinced by the fact that each suicide bomber makes a video stating the Israeli attack that the suicide bomber is avenging.

However, `terrorism' of suicide bombing is no match to the Israel's `state terrorism' with their F16's, Apache helicopters, and Merkava tanks, which is why far more Palestinians fall victim to Israeli violence than the Israelis to Palestinian violence.

President Carter cites that between September 2000 and March 2006,
1,084 Israelis were killed of which 123 were children, and
3,982 Palestinians were killed of which 708 were children.

The relative number of victims becomes even more striking when one considers that the Palestinian population is half the Israeli population.

Following is an account by Sara Roy, who is a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, of what the Palestinians endure under the Israeli occupation.

"Israel's occupation of the Palestinians is not the moral equivalent of the Nazi genocide of the Jews. But it does not have to be. No, this is not genocide but it is repression and it is brutal. And it has become frighteningly natural. Occupation is about the domination and dispossession of one people by another. It is about the destruction of their property and the destruction of their soul. Occupation aims, at its core, to deny Palestinians their humanity by denying them the right to determine their existence, to live normal lives in their own homes. Occupation is humiliation. It is despair and desperation. And just as there is no moral equivalence or symmetry between the Holocaust and the occupation, so there is no moral equivalence or symmetry between the occupier and the occupied, no matter how much we as Jews regard ourselves as victims."

And after 40 years of military occupation, Israel has 500,000 settlers in the West Bank and the 2.5 million Palestinians herded into isolated Bantustans.

Israel wants to be viewed as an enlightened western democracy, but they have established an Apartheid state in their backyard.

Israel is building the separation wall to consolidate the confiscated land and to wall off the Palestinians. Palestinians who are not reconciled to the theft of their home and land are regarded as terrorists.

Only reason President Carter is free to speak the truth is because he is no longer is running for a political office.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 8:10:33 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 19, 2007 8:12:40 AM PST
Ben S says:
It is RACIST to insist people can not live on vast areas of land just because they are Jewish. Arabs can live all over Israel but for a Jewish family to live on land their anscestors lived on is wrong? Maybe in your racist book. If Jimmy believes in the Bible, he should double checkj the land borders G-d promised to the childeren of Abraham , Isaac and JAcob. ISrael miraculously won this land in 1967 when Egypt, Syria and Jordan attacked it. And PAlestinian terrorists have been doing their thing since even before the miraculous re-birth of Israel. In the 1920's and 1930's there were Palestinian riots against Jews in British Palestine. ISrael seems to have a stronger argument than the USA for holding Indian and Spanish land. PAlestinian terrorists have shown they can not be trusted and that even when Israel retreats fro peace they respond with embracing terrorists even more. This makes one wonder about Jimmy ole boy.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 8:28:00 AM PST
I love the way you falsely victimized jerk offs use other people's suffering against them-remember Deir Yassin,douchebag?Its RACISM-
So what's with the quote from an Israeli rabbi that the fingernail of a jew is more valuable than the life of a goyim?
What do you call a belief system whereby by virtue of your birth you are chosen or superior just by being born-some call it religion,others racism

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 8:37:48 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 19, 2007 8:56:26 AM PST
Ben S says:
I am overwhelmed by the volume of hate in your post. Calm down. take a pill. I can assure you the great majority (over 95%) of rabbis do not think a jews fingernail is more valuable than non-jews lives (except of anti-semites and terrorists). By the way - did you or I make up the Bible? Can you explain Deir Yassin in detail for me, as you are an obvious expert. Was it during a war and was it on a vital road to besieged Jerusalem and what was the total number of non-combatant victems? And how long a go was it? Now tell me the Palestinian terrorist statistics? (ANd KKK and neo-nazi - now that your here) (and please explain to me the quote in John by Jesus about Jews being the sons of the devil?)

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 9:39:18 AM PST
Ben S,
You make good points. I'm a Christian and it pains me that people like Carter misuse the Bible to justify unbiblical foreign policy. I'd rather them just leave the Bible out than add to it, twist it and wear it as a pious cloak of moral/spiritual authority. Carter in his books, including this one, and interviews implies that since Israel has not kept the law perfectly they are not entitled to the land--i.e., that the land promise is conditional. Of course, this is not true biblically, because in the Bible they are already partly, though not totally, returned to the land before the Messiah arrives.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 10:03:02 AM PST
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In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 12:43:22 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 19, 2007 12:49:47 PM PST
Ben S says:
Matthew, Are you a member of the Skiheads or a neo-nazi group? WHat is the name of the group your in? I know CArter's book "oddly" attarcted members of these groups.
You seem to utilize an awful lot of space to quote from far left books claiming the ISraelis have had a conspiracy to rule all of Israel and to kick out all non-Jews. Right now it's 2007 and the State of ISrael is around for 58 years and has about 6 million citizens. It's citizens includes Jews and MOslems and Christians who have the right to vote and worship. The Palestinians overwhelmingly elected the HAmas Terrorist group in the Palestinian areas and hold rallies idolizing those that massacre civilian men, women and children purposely targeted. Israel has left all of GAza and much of the West Bank for peace, including forcing out 10,000 of its own people. PAlestinians continue to fire mortars into Israeli cities. It is CLEAR who are Right and who are ISlamic TErrorists. YOUR own prejudice is Clear as well.
In your volumes of writing you ignore purposely it is the Jews that accepted partition in 1948 and Egypt, Syria, Jordan , Lebanon, Iraq and the PAlestinian Arabs that responded by open war on the miraculously re-born Jewish state after a massive destruction of much of world Jewry.
I recommend deep long penance for your sins. Regarding people like you Psalms 83 is all I need to see.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 1:00:08 PM PST
A. Farra says:
Stop talking about Palestinian terrorism. Just look at the numbers... since September 2000, the number of Palestinian CIVILIANS killed by the Israeli "Defence" Force (or FARCE) FAR exceeds that of Israelis killed by Palestinians. Must be AT LEAST 7 Palestinians for every Israeli killed.

The Israeli occupation is a RACIST occupation. It is a disgrace to the 21st century that we still have occupiers.

In August, 2001, the WHOLE WORLD equated zionism with racism in Durban, Africa.

Wake up and smell the coffee

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 1:02:58 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 19, 2007 1:13:07 PM PST
A. Farra says:
Arabs can live all over Israel?? looks like someone's been smoking!

Give me a break!

Arabs are rarely given licenses to build homes in their ancestral lands while any Jew from, say Manhattan or Argentina, with no historical claim to the land can come, claim Israeli citizenship and build straight away.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 1:04:29 PM PST
Ben S says:
Civilians does NOT include mobs involved in rioting and hurling rocks and molotov bombs in the hundreds at a handful of teen age soldiers nor suicide bombers nor the people that send the terrorists on their missions. So that cuts down your number to - maybe 2 or 3?
The "whole world" in the UN voted a while ago to cancel that moslem-communist-third world resolution.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 1:06:26 PM PST
Ben S says:
What is the route of the word "Jew"? Where does it come from?
Oh yeah, from Judea.
I know Arabs live in North, central and southern Israel but in the Palestinian controlled areas any Jewish man, women or child would be mutilated to death.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 1:07:32 PM PST
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In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 1:20:31 PM PST
A. Farra says:
Ben, did you also know that modern day Israeli Jews escaped persecution from Hitler by coming to Palestine, where hundreds of thousands of Arabs were already living there? Why weren't they mulitated to death then and there?

Modern day "Israel" did not even exist 60 years ago. It was built on historical PALESTINE. It is the Frankenstein that has turned against the world, that has ravaged and plundered. And, just like Frankenstein, it will cease to exist one day.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 1:36:24 PM PST
A. Farra says:
Thank you, Matt, for the data.
Who's the terrorist now I wonder?
Let me add that most of the Palestinian deaths are imposed by the Israeli "Defence" Force.
Looks like Palestinians need their own defence force from the IDF.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 7:19:48 PM PST
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In reply to an earlier post on Jan 19, 2007 8:10:34 PM PST
Jill Malter says:

Are you kidding?

Modern day Israel came into existence following a rebellion against the British colonialists, who imposed a perfidious White Paper in 1939 that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. That country was built on the historical British Mandate. And everyone who likes freedom from tyranny ought to applaud that!

The British Mandate was not a sacred state. It was not an Arab state. The British ruled. And before that Mandate, the Turks ruled.

Maybe tomorrow, some thugs will destroy Israel. Any small state can be obliterated. Hey, we can destroy evil states like the Czech Republic next! Why is the Czech Republic evil? Well, it doesn't have to be evil to be called evil by its attackers (which as recently as 1938 happened to be the Germans). We can also get rid of Estonia! Hmm, what next after that?

Well, maybe there's a big Empire that could be in trouble if it keeps trying to get rid of its neighbors. Yes, it sure is fun for Arabs to say "Our land is ours, and ours alone, everything else is negotiable." But one day, others may decide that if Arabs have no problem stealing Jewish land, no one will mind if they steal Arab land. And those who take on the Arabs may be nowhere near as nice and sweet as the Israelis have been. You see, Israel knows that it needs peace to survive. That's a big reason why they have shown so much restraint. But big powers do not always show such restraint.

Why not try to get along with others rather than just fight them all the time? All these wars just hurt and kill more and more people.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 20, 2007 10:23:43 AM PST
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