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5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it! .....A Great group of three short stories!, March 5, 2007
Misuzmama (New York, USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Jinxed! (Mass Market Paperback)
3 short stories loosely intertwined based on a fortune tellers romance predictions at a social gathering where at least one character in each of the stories has had their fortune told. The first one is a hate-turns-to-love story. The second is a rekindling of love of two former college sweethearts 10yrs later. And the last is what was supposed to be a superficial sex-only short term relationship, ends up being anything but.

This is one is definitely going on my keeper list. D'Alessandro is one of my fav authors and her story of hate/love was the best one of all. Both characters deny the fortune tellers predictions as a bunch of hooey and fight their 'karma' and end up miserable. What happens when they let go and decide to go for it? *FIREWORKS* is an understatement! Really hot love scenes in this one! The other two stories were almost as scorching with some good suspense/danger in Shalvis's FBI story and great sexual tension in Green's short.

A great Blaze! Good stories, interesting characters and smoking hot love scenes!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely liked the 1st & 2nd stories. Didn't like the 3rd story., May 24, 2007
Jane (Chicago, IL, United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Jinxed! (Mass Market Paperback)
This book has three stories about one fortune teller telling three women who the right man for each of them is and that their lives will be jinxed if they don't go with it. I definitely liked the first two stories. They were fun and different.

5 stars to the first one by Jacquie D'Alessandro about Lacey, the owner of a coffee shop and Erin, the landlord's manager for the property Lacey rents.

4 stars for the second story by Jill Shalvis about Chloe, an accountant, and Ian, an FBI agent. He is undercover on a case, but she recognizes him, although he pretends to be someone else.

2 stars for the third story by Chris Marie/Crystal Green about Erin, who recently broke up with her fiance of 6 years and wants a temporary relationship with Wes. However, Wes wants to change his playboy ways and settle down with her. I did not like that Erin kept refusing to be honest with Wes and give him a chance. There was too much back and forth in her head about not following her feelings and not being honest with herself as well as Wes.

Sexual content was mild, moderate and strong, in that order for these three stories.

For a list of my reviews of other Jacquie D'Alessandro books, see my 4 star review of "Sleepless at Midnight" posted 6/19/08.

I've read one other book by Jill Shalvis. My 2 star review of "Instant Attraction" copyright 2009 was posted 1/27/09.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great anthology by D'Alessandro, Shalvis, and Green, March 31, 2009
Susie (Alabama, USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Jinxed! (Mass Market Paperback)
Jinxed! is an anthology by Harlequin Blaze that includes stories by Jacquie D'Alessandro, Jill Shalvis, and Crystal Green. The first story by D'Alessandro seemed to be somewhat longer than the other two. It involved Lacey, a cookie store owner, and her property manager, Ethan. They don't get along with each other. He think her store is too risque. Lacey visits a fortune teller who tells her that Ethan is the one for her. The fortune tellers tell Ethan the same thing. Both don't believe in what the fortune teller says so they both get jinxed. Bad things start happening to them because they fight their attraction. They do finally get together, but are faced with a bump in the road when Ethan's boss refuses to renew Lacey's lease. This was an okay story. It took a little bit for me to get into the story. 4 stars!
The story by Jill Shalvis was short and sweet. It involves Chloe and Ian. Chloe sees the fortune teller too. She tells Chloe that she will meet the love of her life that day, and that bad things will happen to her if she doesn't acknowledge that love. Not too soon later, Chloe spots her first true love, Ian, at a dance. When she finds him, he tells her that she is mistaken, that he is not Ian. He is an undercover FBI agent. Chloe leaves the dance and decides to go back to her office. While there, she hears a noise in her boss's office. When she goes to check it out, she runs into Ian. He is investigating the company that she works for. He handcuffs her to himself so that she will not run away, plus, he doesn't know if she is involved in the company's corruption. He finally admits who he really is and things heat up quickly. But bad things though are still happening to Chloe. Their romantic interlude gets interrupted when Ian's house gets broken into and Chloe gets taken to the police station. Ian knows though that she is innocent. Finally, Chloe gets to go home, and Ian goes with her. They finally get their romantic interlude. After Ian leaves, Chloe's boss takes her hostage which leads her to believe that she really is jinxed. Ian comes to her rescue though and she finally realizes that she has loved Ian for years. 4 1/2 stars!
The story by Crystal Green is about Erin and Wes. They meet at a party just a few months after Erin has broken off a six year engagement to another man. Wes is taken with her immediately, although, reportedly he is a Lothario. Erin decides to have a fling with Wes, but doesn't want more because she just came off of a long-term relationship. She visits the fortune teller too. The fortune teller tells her that the man that she is currently dating is "the one". This freaks Erin out because that would mean that it is Wes. Wes is not known for being a commitment type of guy. They go off on a weekend cruise, and Erin tells herself that it will be nothing but a brief affair. Bad things start to happen because she is denying that he is the one. Wes thinks that Erin doesn't want to have anything long-term with him because of his reputation. It takes a little more getting to know each other, without sex involved, before Erin finally admits to Wes what the fortune teller told her. This is a really cute story! I liked it the most even though it is very short. There is not a whole lot of build-up of the characters and plot, it just jumps right in. 5 stars!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good Karma!, October 21, 2012
This book has three entertaining stories woven together with the  help of Madam  Karma. Each is wonderful in it's own right.   An excellent read!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty Great for What It Was, June 7, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am a fan of Jill Shalvis and that was mainly why I purchased this, also sometimes you just need a book of novellas that get straight to the good stuff. With that in mind, I liked how all three stories by different authors were connected by the fortune teller. Some of the stories were stronger than others but overall decent character development in the allotted time, although some dragged a bit, and things were kept steamy which is never a bad thing. Overall a 4.5 entertaining piece of fluff.
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