Customer Reviews: Jobar International - P Ez Travel Urinal For Women, Spill Proof & Reusable
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on February 1, 2012
If it's too cold to drop your pants or hike up your skirt, you need this.

If you don't know what kind of critters are around or what plants you are brushing against, you need this.

If an area is a bit too crowded and there are no facilities, and you don't want to expose yourself, you need this.

Easy to clean: spray cleaner, rinse it off, pat it dry with paper towel, stow it for next time. Threaten to clean with husband's tooth brush if he laughs when you use it.

I just can't imagine anyone wanting to leave a video review for this product.
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on January 19, 2012
the only downside I see with this product is that it does not allow you to direct the flow away from your body. There are other female urinals where the tube portion at the bottom is flexible in order to allow you to point the flow away from your legs and feet.
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I bought this so that my wife and daughters could use the "Little John portable urinal" (a wide-necked plastic container) that I keep aboard our sailboat in case "nature calls" when there is no bathroom nearby. Until now, I've been the only one who could use the Little John because it's not designed for the female anatomy. But the Lady Elegance P EZ device makes it very simple for women to capture and direct the flow of urine into the bottle.

My wife looked at me like I was crazy when I showed her the P EZ for the first time, but by sheer coincidence, she had been asked by her doctor to collect a large urine sample, so with a little goading, she gave it a try. As soon as she emerged from the bathroom after the first use, she said, "They should give these out to every woman when they collect urine samples. It's so much easier!" Now that she has used it three or four times, she's already looking forward to not having to "hold it" for long periods while we're out sailing. Given how reluctant she was, the P EZ MUST be very convenient and effective to win her over so quickly. I'm thrilled because it means fewer interruptions to sailing in order to find a bathroom. Highly recommended!

[UPDATE: I noticed most of the negative reviews appear to be confused about how the product operates. This is NOT a container to pee into, but an anatomically shaped funnel that will guide your urine into a container. Based on the instructions and my wife's comments, here is how to use it: Unzip your pants and press the upper end of the funnel between your legs. The larger edge of the funnel (with a small round logo) goes in front, while the smaller edge extends back between your legs to capture the urine. Use light pressure to seal the silicone rim against your skin. Excessive pressure will deform the funnel or pinch the tube, causing leaks or obstructing the flow. With light pressure, the urine will funnel down the tube, which is long enough to direct the flow into a receptacle (a container, toilet, or shrub). For a good travel container, I recommend the "Little John Portable Urinal" which is sized well, made of stiff durable plastic, and has a secure screw-on lid.]
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on April 8, 2013
I've started hiking, and I wanted to find a device that would let me pee without having to squat and pull my pants all the way down. The reviews of this product sounded promising, so I ordered it. I like its shape and thought it would do a better job of controlling a big stream of urine.

I practiced with it first, as recommended, but practicing in your own bathroom is a different matter from using it in the woods. First of all, if you are wearing jeans or nonstretch pants with a zipper, you might as well forget it. To keep it from leaking, you have to have plenty of room to seat it just right and to hold it tightly into place. There just isn't room in a pair of zip-up pants; there's not enough give to the fabric, so you really need to pull down your pants, which defeats the whole purpose. The silicone it's made of is very soft, and it collapses easily, resulting in leaks. I used it a first time on one hike without a leak, but on the same hike the second time I used it I had pee all over my pants. Not good!

After my experience with this product on several outings, I decided to try one that's more rigid, so I ordered Krista's Cups - pStyle. I'm in love! It does exactly what I want it to do, with no leaks whatsoever. I suppose that if you're wearing very loose pants with an elastic waistband that you can pull far away from your body, you might have better luck with Lady Elegance. But I would never trust it again, especially on a long backpacking trip when I don't have an extra pair of pants to change into.
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on December 14, 2015
So let me tell you the story of this lil P EZ I tried out. I purchased this awhile back to get for my travels abroad. After all, doesn't every traveling girl need to have a trusty little purple faux penis contraption that offers urinating assistance on her "must have" essential packing list?

Well, like all new travel gear, I had to take this for a test run on the home front first to see if it would make it into my bags abroad. First, I did as most girls do, and took it into the bathroom a few times for a try. Needless to say, I peed all over myself and indeed found out there would be a learning curve.

Not one to give up easily, I took it out for a spin in the good ol' great outdoors! By the time we reached our destination (the BF was with me) my bladder was about to explode and I was ready to give this "discreet" contraption a try. So very shortly after starting our hike - on a beautiful canal trail that runs along the Delaware River - I could barely wait another second to test this thing out since my bladder was screaming at me at this point!

Now, I am not sure why logic did not kick in earlier, being that I was naked, or at least pantless during my bathroom tests, but this thing is the furthest thing there is from "discreet" small, incognito, dainty, or what have you. I couldn't even handle it in the nude and now I thought I was going to magically get this thing to work in the true to life test: the great outdoors in my awesome new hiking pants. Well, many times the zippers on lady's oh so streamlined and trendy pants tend to be about two inches. With that in mind, perhaps there is a reason the company does not advertise the dimensions of this beast: 6" x 4" x 2.25"

So, there I am, with the BF, in the middle of the trail, and nobody in site. Aaaaahhhh finally! My chance to empty my bladder - so I thought. Once I unzip I start trying to cram this 6x4 purple "faux penis spout" thing into my little 2 inch zipper in every imaginable way. Not happening. The bottom of zippers on most pants tend to hit around the top of the pubic bone region yet this thing has to touch your perineum. Anatomy 101 + math 101 = not happening. Being in the distressed state I was in I didn't do the math and continued to dance around trying to shove this thing into my pants before I altogether lost it and ended up just peeing myself... the BF is LOOSING it with laughter. Somehow I broke away from my 100% undivided attention on attempting to cram my faux purple penis unit in my pants long enough to catch eyes with a poisonous copperhead snake that was about 18" away from me in a hole bobbing his head in and out while locking eyes with me!! Giant purple unit 25% jammed into my 2 inch zipper, I threw my hands up in the air as if it were the police, and started tip towing backwards in an awkward, scared, could barely move, full bladdered type of motion (mind you the purple contraption is still hanging from my pants), until I was a safe enough distance away to remove the purple culprit from my pants that had distracted me enough from somehow not noticing a poisonous snake at my feet.

Needless to say, when we returned to the car the final decision was made: this is NOT going on the trip with me! Now, my only other issue is.... what to do with a used purple faux penis unit used for urinating assistance? Good luck trying to give that away or sell such an atrocity!
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This is not the first item of this sort I have tried. Without naming names I will try to compare.
For years I worked outside the home making house calls and found myself stranded so I found this type of product.
The first one was hard and white, it is wonderful I have used it for years.
Lately, maybe because I know I have an option like this I have been drinking a lot and when I use the other one I tend to overflow in the small top portion.
This one looked like it may stop this problem and it really does. I am a big walker and go for hours, and since you cannot go without water this is the perfect type of product.
Trust me when I started to walk long distances I tried to drink less so I did not have to GO and got myself a very bad infection.
Now some of you may be laughing but hey what do your men do when they are drinking outside the house? You got it, they just unzip and take care of business and that is what this allows us ladies do it, and yes I am a lady and I use this, why not?.

The good and the bad, the good is that it has a large top portion to hold the water in so it does not overflow when you are in an urgent way. It projects the liquid away from the body very nicely. It is soft and pliable which is good but can be bad because if you are not careful you can squeeze it an have an accident.
It is a bit larger which I am going to have to get used to, the other smaller one is less conspicuous and if someone sees you in a distance they cannot tell what you are doing if your back is turned. The other thing is, it does not appear to have the same liner as the other one, they use a coating that allows the liquid to flow out and it does not leave any residue at all,, this one has to be wiped clean and that is a bother.
But I have two vehicles and I could use both and they will be used. If you are hesitant about trying this don't be, it works and it frees you to go out and not have to look for ladies rooms all the times. Aanother thing is I use these even when I am using a public room, you all know how some of those outhouse type facilities are, standing up is the most sanitary.
It comes with a carrying pouch but to me it is useless just get a larger ziplock bag it will be less of a bother to get in and out.

I was just reminded of a incident, during my trip to Mexico we took a bus to Oaxaca and when they stopped the bus they pointed to behind the building and that is where we were supposed to squat. All the ladies did since they were used to it, I wound up holding and was very uncomfortable, I really could have used this then.
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on October 23, 2011
I can't believe there were no drips. Don't pee on concrete though, it may splash on your shoes. Also, I feel confident that if someone were to see me from afar, it doesn't matter because they would not suspect that a woman could be peeing standing up.
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on September 18, 2011
I am super impressed with how easily this can be positioned, and it is easy to use. I practiced in the bathroom a few times, and it works great. No back flow or spillage. The only drawback is the pee splatters a bit on the toilet seat, but I suppose that isn't an issue when using it in the woods while camping.
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on August 9, 2011
tested it out before I head off to that big dust devil of a party in Nevada. I can stand up and pee like the big boys now, in my big girl pants!

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on November 26, 2015
It has long been a fantasy of mine to pee standing up like a boy. They have it so easy when there are no restrooms in sight!!!. This is the cheapest cardboard packaging you can get with a color photo on it, but product seams solid. I own a Freshette, which I adore and have used camping, hiking, mountain biking, on the side of the I-15 when the rest stops are closed and no town is in site, at family reunions in the middle of the night when I'm pregnant and the bathroom is a quartermile away from my cabin and I don't want to put shoes on for the 5th time, etc. This type of product is seriously more useful than you ever realized. Bought this for a White Elephant gift (funny and usefull), and my only worry is that the spout is shorter than the Freshette's. Girls don't pee at high pressure so the urine won't project like a hose on high, so I suspect this project will require a bit more caution, but I have no doubt that it will work just fine if you are careful. Great buy at a quarter of the price of a Freshette. Plus this one comes with a storage bag ( I use a quart size Ziploc for my Freshette) AND the fact that this one is flexible and not rigid like the freshette makes me think this would be much better for storing in my hiking backpack or a nook in the car. Plus probably a more comfy seal against your skin. I fully intend to buy one to try for myself now because I am so intrigued. Mostly wish the "hose" was longer.
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