Customer Reviews: John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, Light Natural Blonde 9N
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Color: Light Natural Blonde (9N)|Change
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on December 21, 2013
After years of coloring my prematurely greying hair (have had grey since 17, am now 27), I have grown very tired of the process. I always have to get help, as I have long, thick hair, and the process has always been so messy, lengthy, and stressful. - Read on to read my tips on getting great grey coverage with this dye!

So I finally got up the nerve to try something new, and thats where the John Frieda Precision Foam Color comes in! I have been extremely happy with the application, as well as the results!
I have bra-strap length hair, that is very thick, so I bought and used 2 boxes. I had read reviews from people with "long hair", saying they only needed one box, but I bought 2 just to be safe, and I am so glad I did. With my old dye (Loreal Excellence), I had to use 3 boxes, so 2 was definitely still an improvement. 2 was actually more than enough, I probably only needed 1 1/2, but I wanted to make sure it was very well saturated, so I used ALL 2 boxes. As long as you use enough, it lathers up very nicely, and doesn't "dry up" like some reviewers said. I suspect they did not add enough foam to their hair if it was drying. You want to add enough foam that it remains looking foamy, and not just wet. This helps you really work it down to the root. I also found it MUCH easier and less messy to apply this dye, vs the traditional cream. I was able to do it alone, which I CANT say for regular cream dye. And I'm pretty sure my helper (my husband), is just as thankful for this product as I am :)
This color (4N) does turn slightly darker than pictured, but I always assume some slight fading will happen, so I don't mind at all, it is a beautiful, shiny, dark brown, without looking "flat". I do see some very very slight warm undertones, which I think are beautiful (and I don't even like red in my hair).
Upon rinsing, conditioning, and styling, my hair was shinier than it ever was with Loreal; very soft, and silky. The color is incredibly even, and there are no light patches, like was the case with my old dye.

Here are some tips that I followed for insuring grey coverage:

1- Use a shade labeled "natural" or "N", these always provide the best grey coverage.
2- If in doubt, buy an extra box. This way, you have more than enough to fully lather all of your hair, insuring no patches are missed.
3- Apply and work into the roots first, followed by the ends. You don't have to do tiny parts all over, just maybe 5 parts across the top and sides of your head, and maybe 3 parts across the back of your head. Finally, work it all into a foamy lather all over your head, being very careful to work all the way down to the roots. Once I felt all my hair was covered, I kept massaging it around for probably at least 15 minutes.
4- Cover with a plastic bag or shower cap, and start your timer for 30 minutes.
5- After covering all of your hair well with a shower cap (dont leave any bits of hair hanging out), hit it with your dryer for 10 or so minutes, and make sure to avoid any draft or cool places of your home. You want your hair to remain warm, to insure the cuticle of the grey hair remains open, and accepts the dye as well as it possibly can
6- Rinse the dye out with as cool of water as you can stand. This seals the cuticle down and helps the dye not rinse out of the grey, resistant strands.

I followed all of these and got great grey coverage, even with very resistant greys.
Overall, I can't sing the praises for this product enough! Absolutely loved it!
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VINE VOICEon March 23, 2011
I was in an accident not too long ago and had some issues some of them neurological. The medication I have been on has caused some hair loss and color dullness among many things. As I am regrowing some of the lost hair with treatment the color is not the same. I have always had a luxurious dark color, till now. It's rather dull and not as dark. So I've given some at home hair coloring a try. It's not bad, but what I get is some patches because I also seem to have arm weakness. So on the John Frieda box, and I was already a fan of other John Frieda products, the box shows a picture that this foaming product will not have those patchy spots. I wanted to give it a try.

The steps are not new and shocking. There is a developer and coloring creme, conditioner, black gloves, a foamer top and an instruction sheet. When you mix the developer and color you don't turn the bottle upside down you tilt the bottle five times. After that you take the screw top off and put the foaming top on, you squeeze the bottle to create a softball size amount of colored foam in your palm. You always put the foam in your hand to put on your hair. The instruction booklet shows you the best way to foam your hair. You want your hair to be completely covered in foam to look foamy. I have shoulder length hair and I used 3/4 of a bottle. The color was perfect. PERFECT. It sat on my hair for 30 minutes. I rinsed it out, and then I lathered it up with the conditioner that came in the box that smelled divine. Which by the way the dye even smells a little bit yummy.

The color is great, it's even, it's shiny, it's glossy, highlighted, very natural looking. I love it. It really is very touchably beautiful. I just ordered three more boxes in high hopes that my hair regrowth treatments are going to work out successfully. I am very pleased.

***UPDATE*** I dyed my hair over 3 weeks ago with this product and I am still astounded at the color. It is just as pretty as the first day that I did it. No fade yet. I have had some hair growth so I've got some pesky roots, but the color has stayed just as lush as it was when I first dyed it.
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on March 14, 2013
I'm not a fan of dying my hair at home. It is messy, and it is not that easy to cover everything if you have long hair. I'm OK paying $80+ at a salon, but the problem is that I never found a consistent colorist I liked. Either the color was off or I was left with a visible line between my roots and the rest of the hair. Also, I experienced dripping dye, strong chemical smell and a sloppy job overall. I tried several colorists before I gave up, (no, I was not willing to pay over $100 for going from brown to red as I don't consider it to be a complicated task).
Now, with John Frieda "Radiant Reds" I get the best red color ever. It is so good that many people at the salon I go to for my haircuts comment on how beautiful my color is. They don't even suspect that I do it myself at home.

I can see how many people who are trying to go from dark to light may end up being unhappy - it is way more complicated process and usually requires the use of pretty harsh chemicals. If you pay attention to the color charts, you will see that John Frieda does not advise you to use light colors if your own hair is more than 2-3 shades darker than the color you're trying to achieve. They know it will not work. Honestly, if your own hair is dark and you want to be a beautiful blond, it is almost impossible to do it at home. You will have to find a good hair colorist. It s expensive to be a blond, especially if you want it to look somewhat natural and not bleached out and over-processed.
Also, I know it has been repeated everywhere but people still do the same mistake - do not attempt to change your color if your last coloring job happened less than 3 weeks ago. The results will be unpredictable and in the worst case scenario you may end up being pink, green or blue. Don't blame John Frieda - it is not their fault.

I used many different brands before, but as soon as I discovered this dye a few years ago I never tried anything else. As many people mentioned, foam concept is so much better than a regular dye. I think I tried pretty much all shades of radiant red they have and they all were pretty - just depends on what exactly you want to achieve as the end result. I'll be honest, looking at the box, e.g 3VR and 4R it is almost impossible to see the difference and predict how exactly it will look on you, but if you're willing to play around a little bit with shades of red, you will find the one you like the most.

A few tips:

- wear some old black T-shirt because now you can concentrate on dyeing your hair instead of worrying about ruining your clothes
- pull out face tissues and cotton balls beforehand as during the procedure your hands will be covered with dye (in my case bright red) and you will stain everything you touch
- find a bottle of cream you don't care about and generously apply it around your face, close to the hairline but not touching your hair (this hair dye is not that difficult to remove but after 25 minutes can stain you pretty nicely, and if you don't have a lot of time to spend in a bathroom afterwards, applying any cream will save you some time)
- brush your hair thoroughly and start from roots slowly moving towards your ends, especially if you are retouching - by doing this I never had any visible difference between previously dyed hair and grown roots
- do not shampoo your hair afterwards, just use the conditioner they provided (I understand this step is from the manual but I know quite a few people who are impatient and end up not reading it till the last step)
- take a snapshot of the box before you throw it out because you may forget in a month which # you used.

Good luck to everyone! I hope your hair will end up looking gorgeous and healthy!
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on November 8, 2012
Okay, like everyone else before me has stated--the color does come out darker than the box. So, my suggestion is to go at least one color up, maybe two, than your desired shade.

I have about 80% grey around my face (roots), with the remainder of my hair a caramelish-color (what most of us would call a light golden brown, maybe a 7N). However, I've noticed when using "7" shades the old hair colors fine, but the roots glow almost blonde. So I decided to go a bit darker and leave the John Freida foam product on a bit different than stated on the directions: I did all my roots, grey and otherwise, right away, and let the foam sit for 25 minutes. At the 25 minute mark I 1) applied the remaining foam to my dry hair and 2) added even more to the already saturated roots, once again glopping on more foam onto the grey areas. I let the product sit for 5 minutes more--now it has been 30 minutes total since I first began. And here I think is the secret--I gently massaged the heck out of the foam in my hair. I squeezed even more foam out of the seemingly endless bottle--and coated my hair as I walked to the shower.

In the mirror I could see that this product was going to be darker, because it is a cool tone, but that was okay because I needed to darken those darn resistant grey roots. Likewise, I knew that the old, already colored growth wouldn't have the opportunity to "grab" simply because I didn't leave the JF foam on very long.

In the shower I stood with my back to the shower and began rinsing from the underside, the nape of my neck, upwards and out, running my fingers gently through my hair (I was standing, not bent over). There was not a heck of a lot of color coming out, unlike traditional hair dyes. Then I worked my way to the sides, with the front last. Took about 2-3 minutes to rinse out completely. Finished with conditioner that came in the box--best I've ever used, period--and then rinsed and ended with a 10-second cold water finale to close the cuticle.

Results: perfect, though a wee tad darker than my usual "7" color (I'd say 1 step down) but no glowing roots, and the ends match the crown. No color grab, and tons of shine and richness and depth. The color is not flat at all but multidimensional. And the gloves!

Foam like this is the way to go. Hint: if you plan to do this say, on a Saturday, wash your hair on Friday,and after that DON"T USE ANY PRODUCT ON IT, like hairspray or gel. Color your hair unwashed and bare naked. Clean up is a breeze.

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on June 20, 2012
This was my first experience with at home hair coloring. Until now I had always gone to the salon and got my hair dyed but dropping $140 for color and a cut was becoming too much. I decided to give this product a try because of the easy foam application. I have an old shoulder injury and figured it would be easier than trying to apply cream for the first time.

My hair is very thick and goes to the middle of my shoulder blades so I decided to get 2 boxes just in case. I'm glad I did because I used up almost both bottles. I had no problem with the foam coming out the way it should and it spread throughout my hair very easily. I had no dry spots and my hair was very saturated. I was a little scared when it was developing because it looked like it was going to turn out black but when all was said and done it was a rich, dark brown and exactly what I wanted. I was also afraid of red tones showing up but it didn't show any signs of brassy or red notes showing up even after shampooing several times. My hair didn't feel damaged or dry either.

Overall I am very happy with this product. I think that results of hair dye depends on the individual. I decided to use Garnier cream dye to try something else for my second dye job and it was terrible! A pain to apply and it turned my hair a flat black color with the consistency of straw. But many people have been satisfied with the same product. I've learned that my hair does not like Garnier products and I found the cream application much harder than the foam. My shoulder was killing me by the end of it and I kept finding dry spots. I will NOT be trying the Garnier foam. Their products just don't agree with me. Even the shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel like hay.

I can't wait to give my hair some time to rest and then dye it with the John Frieda foam again. I used color 3N, Deep Brown-Black and it was perfect.

NOTE: I decided to dye my hair with the foam again and chose the 3VR Deep Cherry Brown color this time. Since my first experience I have cut about 4 inches off my hair and one bottle was plenty for my super thick hair that still requires 2 whole bottles of traditional cream color. I am VERY satisfied with the color that came out and have posted pictures of the outcome. It is a dark cherry brown- just like it says! Plus my hair doesn't feel damaged like when I use other products. I am definitely a loyal John Frieda Foam Colour girl from now on! Plus you can't even compare the ease of application of the foam to the traditional cream.
review image review image review image review image
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on December 17, 2015
I bought mine from a drugstore; but I am a big review reader so I wanted to offer mine! I have been a long time home-hair color girl, some hits some misses, but I'm pretty good at getting it done myself! When I first put the mousse on just my roots I was a little nervous; the "dark brown" didn't look very dark on my roots & I was a little afraid there wouldn't be complete coverage since I didn't have the normal goopy-saturated feel you get with liquid/creme dyes. I left it on my roots for about 15 minutes since my hair is much lighter than this naturally, (I was touching up from a different home color so I was only about a shade lighter everywhere but roots), and then pulled it through the ends for another 10. I rinsed, conditioned, etc. like the directions suggest, then put the leave-in shine treatment in my towel dried hair, (kind of like John Frieda's version of biosilk, it comes with this product). I was still a little nervous about root coverage since that's always my biggest complaint with home colors- uneven roots/ends even with appropriate time differences.
I blow dried and was absolutely SHOCKED I was so happy with the color result! I almost always end up a shade or 2 darker than I want but the color fades into the right shade over the next week or 2, (which means it also dulls some over that time period), but this came out pretty much exactly as the box example color looks, it was shiny, smelled great, was TOTALLY EVEN, & soft/healthy feeling.

I will be using this from now on- I have fine/thin, medium length hair, to just below my shoulders, and one bottle was just right with a tiny bit to spare and I saturated it VERY thoroughly. If you have extra thick or long hair you may want to get 2 bottles.
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on May 14, 2011
I am 48, have around 40% grey, medium brown hair. Usually purchase Loreal Preference (Medium Browns to Golden Browns) to color my hair. Saw this and gave it a try - purchased the 6N LIGHT natural brown. I read a lot of reviews about the Freida Foam dyeing dark, or not covering roots completely. I went to the website and read their FAQ's etc, read instructions twice (washed my hair the day before with a clarifying shampoo and did not use any product in my hair that day). Their provided instructions are vague as to when to use the all-over option (A) or roots first (B) option. I used B. I timed everything exactly: 20 minutes of "foam" on the center part of my hair, then 10 minutes all over. The foam does go on much easier than the traditional liquid cream dye. It does foam up nicely and stays in place (no drips to report in my experience). I paid attention to getting my temple line covered well for the 20 minutes to ensure the gray would cover. After rinsing and allowing to dry, I have to say it definitely dyes darker. I came out with what I would describe as medium brown-and on the darker side of medium at that. I halfway expected that to happen after reading reviews, so buyer beware. On the positive side, all my grays are covered, and the color is uniform (I really did follow instructions and built up a nice foam, massaging it in thoroughly while it was timing for the last 10 minutes). Shine is great, the conditioner softens hair. Gloves are fantastic - other gloves I've gotten barely fit my hand (I'm tall, 5'10" and have larger hands). Smell is still chemical, but not nearly as strong as others. Verdict: they need to align their color description with reality (granted, this part is very subjective) and offer more color ranges, especially in the ash (cooler) color. Most of their colors I saw tended to the warm/reddish side. The medium brown I now sport has a hint of red in it - we'll see how it washes. Price is a bit steep in comparison, but coupons are prevalent.
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on December 16, 2015
I used the Dark Cherry Brown shade, and am very pleased with the results. The foam works really well, great coverage. I have a lot of hair and is about to the middle of my back and I had extra product. My hair didn't feel dry or overprocessed. The smell wasn't too bad either. I included some before and after.
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on June 24, 2011
I have used another brand of hair color for the last 22 years, and have always had great results, so I was hesitant to try a new brand but I am very glad I did! I have dark brown hair with some grey, especially in front, and I have had trouble covering the grey before, I have to leave it on the max time and even then, some of the other colors I've tried washed out of the grey hair almost immediately.

I just did this yesterday, but here are my perceptions of this product so far:

1. The foam was very easy to use. As to another reviewer's saying the foam dried right away and was hard to work through hair, I can only conclude that she did not follow the instructions, which say to use a "tennis ball sized amount of foam" each time - when I did that this product was easy to work through my very thick, just below shoulder length hair.

2. One box of color did my entire head! Any other brand I've tried I always have to use 2 boxes, (my hair is so thick) but I am very satisfied with the color and coverage from just one box of this color. Now, I'm not bleaching or attempting to get a lighter color, if I were it could still require 2 boxes for my long length and thickness, but for the dark color it looks fabulous with just one box.

3. The foam didn't smell as bad as the other hair coloring products I've used. I actually used it in a bathroom with a small fan and didn't wake up with a headache or sore lungs the next day.

4. The total development time (including extra time for grey coverage) was 30 minutes, vs. the 40 minutes I usually endure with other hair products, another plus.

5. The color is fantastic! My hair is shiny the next day, with very little product (conditioner/shine serum) applied. The color looks natural - granted, I dye dark red on top of dark hair, so the overall effect is just dark hair with streaks of red where the grey was, but if the color lasts I will be very happy, it looks better than I thought a boxed hair color could look on my middle-aged hair.

I will update if I experience significant fade - reds are notorious for fading - but so far I am extremely happy with this purchase! I never thought I would switch from my regular brand, but I think John Frieda has a new customer!

***UPDATE*** It is now 3/25/12 -9 months later - and I wanted to update that I decided to make myself a ginnea pig and just not color my hair again until the color faded and the greys started to show again. (This was happening about every 6-8 weeks with my other permanent hair color.) Long story short, it never happened. Even though there was normal fading the greys were STILL covered after 9 months!! This is almost unbelieveable. I finally just did my whole head again, because my hair had grown out so far I had greys showing at the roots in stark contrast with the older hair. This is my hair color now - no going back.
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on April 9, 2011
I picked this up deciding to try the new foam craze in hair dye that just recently started. I've been dying my hair most of my life so any innovations is always great. The foam is definitely super easy and even though i have long past the shoulder length hair - i still had plenty of product left over. It doesn't drip like most hair dyes do but more importantly! It covers all your hair completely. Usually with the regular hair dye, even with two boxes - the dye would not get to every hair and i would have some spotting underneath. This doesn't happen with the foam, it soaks in and covers all the hair easily. The smell isn't too strong like typical dyes but not very pleasant either. Washing it out is very easy, didn't take much rinsing and also didn't seem to leave hair as dry as typical dyes do.

Now to the negative part of this product, the conditioner! The conditioner is easy to use and leaves hair silky, however I found myself to be allergic to the ingredients in it. They always say test for allergic reaction to the dye, but never the conditioner. I normally use natural ingredient conditioners, no harmful toxins. So whatever was in this conditioner didn't sit with me well. Even after rinsing again twice the next day, i could not get the "smell" of the conditioner out, and unfortunately had to deal with allergic reaction of drippy nose and watery eyes for maybe 36 hours after. Needless to say I did not use the 2nd round of the conditioner and probably will be trying other foam dyes the next time I dye my hair. Other than that, it works very well.

Other cons are the price is a bit higher than other foam dyes, I assume you are paying for the "John Freida" name. Also the current color choices are limited but perhaps those will increase as people become more familiar with the foam. Overall it is a good hair dye that is not fading easily and is not over drying to the hair.
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