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on March 13, 2004
Listen all you adult-aged reviewers, let's loosen up here. This movie is not for movie connoiseurs. This movie is for getting laughs. And if you insist on holding a prissy, stuck-up attitude then you just won't have a good time, period.
Us pursed-lip adults sometimes have to relax, let our facial muscles go(lower those eyebrows, unfurrow the forehead, unpurse our lips, and unclench our jaws) and let humor, even slapstick humor, get the best of us. Some of us are so full of our previous knowledge of movie-viewing or Mr. Bean and Atkinson material("I saw this and I saw that and this movie just ain't as blablabla" or "Atkinson ain't as good in this as in yadayada...").
Children don't care about the history of movies and Atkinson tv series. Watch kids enjoy this movie. They know how to have a good time in the moment. My kids were in stitches over Atkinson's antics and all his facial expressions.
My husband got a good share of laughs, sometimes to the point of tears---and it is good to see my husband laugh even if it is over Johnny English. Myself? I have to admit I laughed too. And how could I not enjoy myself with my kids dancing around during Rowan's little mini music video with his toothbrushes in the shower? We rewinded the movie 3 times just to watch that part over and over again. Little children don't get tired of rewinding their favorite parts, you know. One son said we should keep on replaying it until he memorized the song lines. (I insisted we didn't rewind as far back as the unveiling of the Archbishop, though it was their other favorite part of the movie).
Leave the movie critic behind you. Watch the movie for laughs. Have a good time viewing it with kids or adults. Don't resist the humor. Relax, enjoy, and let yourself just laugh for humor's sake.
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on April 24, 2003
... the offspring was Johnny English. Rowan Atkinson delivers another incredibly funny performance as the secret agent who can't do anyhting right and still manages everytime to save the day. Script writers were right on target when they decided to create Johnny English resembling Atkinson's most known character: Mr. Bean. It's all there: the funny faces, the stupid situations, the babbling, the confusion. If you are aquainted with Mr. Bean, you've already seen it all, but you're going to laugh again.
I said there are stupid situations, but the movie is not stupid at all. Extremely well produced, with the classy kind of humor that doesn't need any swearing. Every scene contains an intelligent joke; in fact, only once I found a joke I didn't like. There are some memorable scenes that made me laugh even on my way back home.
Rowan Atkinson is, obviously, perfect for the character, and it was in fact written for him. He does a splendid job, but he will be forever stigmatized as a "Mr. Bean" actor, even if there were times when I could glimpse him as a more serious actor.
Natalie Imbruglia surprised me as the mandatory pretty girl in spy movies. She doesn't let the viewer down. John Malkovich once again as the villain, this time as the effeminate frenchman trying to accomplish a strange evil plan on england. In fact, the mere presence of Malkovich in the cast is proof of a good production. Ben Miller did a good job as well as Johnny English's sidekick.
"Johnny English" is a perfect movie in the genre it was purposed to be: hard-laughing, above-average-intelligence comedy. 90 minutes of fun.
Grade 9.0/10
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on June 20, 2003
This film has already been released here in Colombia, which is weird since usually films arrive here late rather than before they are released in U.S.A. I saw two days ago and well, I have a things to say to the audiences from the states. You could say this film is a mixture between Naked Gun, Bean and Austin Powers. One thing I found negative about it is that it copies jokes from various comedies, I don't want to be a spoiler so I won't say which, but some of the jokes will seem very familiar. But the good thing about it is that is not a waste of a film, and Rowan Atkinson proves that he can also be funny talking. I think he did quite well as the other James Bond spoof. He is not as exagerated as Mike Myers, so this film is different. And he managed to stay away from the Bean persona, something I was afraid of. The plot is as simple as Bond plots are today, only with various comedy twists. Johnny English starts as Monneypenny, he is just a in this particular film, MI7 clerk, until every agent is wiped off(funny situation that will not be revealed here) so he has to take on the biggest mission that was pending, which involves the crown jewels and a french tycoon in the sort of Goldfinger played by John Malkovich, who did his best to perform the character with dignity, and I think he escapes from stinking by the fingernails. The film is carried out just like Bond movies, the agent meets the girl, the villan, something happens, he gets close to something, he fails, he gets close to the girl, the bad guy almost makes it, but fails and gets busted, endind with the agent and the girl. Very straightforward, but every situation is filled not to the brim, which I think was the smart thing to do, with funny situations. And although many of the jokes are rip-offs, Atkinson managed to make them his own. The film is very short, but feels longer, I don't know why. The end is rather stupid, but I admit that it stirrs laughter, not because of the situation but because you can't help but crack up with Atkinson's face. I don't think many people will like, unlike the Bean skits and the film, I think some will find it stupid and unnecessary, but nevertheless, I think is a fun movie, and if somehow people get tired of or don't want to see either Matrix Reloaded, or Hulk, or X2, or T3, or any of the other box-office killers, try to tke about and hour and twenty minutes to see a silly but funny little comedy that spoofs James Bond. I don't think it will be a hit, and if it is, oh the humanity, because it's far from being great, but it's worth the money, specially in summer vacation when there is basically "nothing" to do. See all of the other summer pop corn movies before this one, otherwise you will probably hate it beacuse you could have seen something else. But it won't be a total waste of money, you will laugh because it's not at all a stupid teen flick with disgusting sexual situations and fluids, sounds and smells. It has it it's own very silly and simple way, integrity and dignity, it's hard to find, but it is there. One star for Atkinson's performance, the other for being balance in it's jokes, the other because it doesn't fall apart like many comedies, in stupidity and desperate necesity for a laugh, and the last one because it basically does not totaly stink.
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on April 21, 2003
Johnny English is unashamedly a spoof on the James Bond series of movies, and hilarious with it! Movie promo "He Knows No Fear. He Knows No Danger." He Knows Nothing. Rowan Atkinson delivers a very controlled performance of a character which is a hybrid between TV's 'Mr Bean' and his Insp. Raymond Fowler in the 1995/96 BBC television series 'The Thin Blue Line'. Johnny is attached to MI5 and believes he has the suave, debonair Bond persona, even to the point of having all the Bond gadgets and driving an Astin Martin sports car. In reality he is a bumbling idiot, adept at using the wrong gadgets and making the wrong decisions. The role may have been created just for Atkinson and indeed, it is hard to imagine anyone else playing Johnny English with such finess. The obligatory love interest is provided by Natalie Imbruglia (Australian singer/actress) as Lorna Campbell, the vixen, or is she? The villain of the piece is John Malkovich as a scheming Frenchman, Pascal Sauvage, who has a penchant for the Crown Jewels and is the object of Johnny's disaster laden adventure. Ben Miller is a brilliant foil for Atkinson's comedy, at times providing his own brand of hilarity in the role of Bough, the offsider to Johnny English. This is 90 minutes of sheer fun and provided the cinema audience here with some of the best comedy in years. Predictable but a most hilarious romp.
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on April 26, 2003
Rowan Atkinson is very funny in this "Mr Bean meets James Bond" comedy. Plenty of pratfalls and camera mugging together with the inevitable English toilet humor. And I mean TOILET humor literally! The ever-popular "take over the world" plot is given a slight twist thanks to the twisted characterisation of John Malkevich (alias Pascal Sauvage)and his droll patience with the inept Johnny English's attempts to thwart his plans make for some head-shaking chuckles. This is a film that all the family can enjoy and the kids are especially tickled by Johnny English's ability to rise above his own ineptitude. Lots of belly laughs and good fun.
(Based on the theatrical release in Australia)
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on October 7, 2003
A hilarious movie that one can watch with a family and not worry about the profanity or vulgarity so common these days. Rowan Atkinson did a wonderful job.
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on December 6, 2004
Just to see Rowan A's facial expressions change from a bumbling insincere 'oaf' to the smooth and deboniare 'James Bond' Johnny English is to appreciate a master at work. It certainly is an art ......

Not since Peter Sellers' Pink Panther days has anyone been able to take his place and really make the audience outright laugh rather than just groan at cheap Saturday Night Live type dumb dumb humour ...

Loved this movie and it's worth every penny ....
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While this is not exactly a "good" movie, it is funny. There were moments when I laughed hysterically such as when Johnny triumphantly unmasks the Archbishop of Canterbury's derriere, only to find no tattoos. Oliver Ford Davies who played the Archbishop was a good sport to do that scene. Rowan Atkinson is someone I've never seen before; and I found his physical comedy to be hilarious. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who wrote Bond screenplays for "Die Another Day" & "The World's Not Enough" actually don't make enough of a coherent plot which would have enhanced the jokes and made the picture hang together. Greg Wise, who is known for being the father of Emma Thompson's baby, does a great cameo as Agent One. Singer Natalie Imbruglia as Lorna Campbell is quite beautiful, but one fails to see any real connection with Atkinson. If his nuttiness had charmed her, we might find their connection more authentic. I really enjoyed Ben Miller as Bough, the straight man. He has a great scene coaxing English off a coffin and out of a graveyard when they've followed the wrong hearse. Director Peter Howitt has "Laws of Attraction" coming out with Julianne Moore & Brosnan; I hope there's a better script there. John Malcovich, who I understand actually lives in France, seems to concentrate more on his accent than anything else. The DVD deleted scenes are interesting, but one can also see why there were deleted. The little elevator chamber where unwanted dignitaries meet their demise was an interesting quirk that is cut out. The DVD game seemed like more effort than bang for the buck, but nice try. The coronation scene with English swinging above the throne was priceless. While this is not a good movie, it is a very funny one. Enjoy!
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on January 28, 2004
Move over Roger Moore and Sean Connery, Johny English is taking over. With the debonair of a true gentleman, Mr. Bean, I mean Johny joins forces with Bob and a hot little British tart. Together they thwart a Frenchmen's attempt to become King of England and transform the entire island into a prison for the world's criminals.
Johny helplessly bumbles his way through this movie as only he can. A high speed chase through the streets of London between a hearse and a tow truck, the take over of a hospital and its innocent patients, a five story climb up a sewer pipe leading directly to a bum troff, and finally being crowned King himself!
It must be hard to be a secret agent, you have to keep track of your truth serum and knockout gas, the knowledge to correctly assemble your sidearm, and most of all you must know who is an imposter and who is not. If you claim that a man has `Jesus is coming...look busy' tattooed across his bum, you better be sure.
The best British humor since Benny Hill.
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on January 5, 2004
I'm getting very tired of great movies being marketed incorrectly. Super Troopers is another great example of the idiocy of movie promoters. Johnny English is a great spy movie. It's got everything including a very sympathetic hero. Rowan Atkinson is NOT Mr. Bean or Blackadder. He is an actor and a darn good one as this movie very ably proves. The movie is not over the top spoof like Austin Powers nor is it a serious spy movie like James Bond. It's just a spy movie with a great plot, an evil bad guy, some pretty cool action scenes, some great comic moments, and a flawed hero. The bad reviews and negative comments must be from people who were expecting an entirely different sort of movie. Watch with an open mind because I very highly recommend this movie to everyone, young and old, who likes an action movie with some laughs. I hope that producers take note of its success and give us more Johnny English in the future!
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