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on January 9, 2012
I am a "research-aholic" in general and have researched many different baby products over the past 5 years due to being a mother of 3 and wanting to get the best for the price and not wanting to settle for less... I live in the Northeast US, so it gets really cold and the weather changes frequently and in extremes on a daily, if not hourly basis. Anyway, here are the brands I've used/owed and/or researched extensively and the comparisons:

Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak A Peek Infant Car Seat Cover (JJA)

Jolly Jumper Sneak A Peek Infant Car Seat Cover (JJ)

Summer Infant Poshpouch (SP)

Cozy Car Seat Microfiber and Fleece Cover (CC)

Baby's Cozy World Microfiber & Fleece Carrier Cover (BC) (yes the CC and the BC are different many people do not know this....)

JJ Cole infant/original bundle me (JJC)

JJ Cole toddler bundle me (JJT)

Jolly Jumper Artic (JJA) is awesome, I would rate it the best one out of all. It is a "shower cap" cover for the infant car seat, it has an attached blanket inside and a peek-a-boo flap that you can velcro closed to keep the baby's face covered and warm and you can also velcro it "up" to stay open when when you put the baby in the car. It has two zippers which allow the cover to be fully opened without removal of the cover and easy access to baby. And lastly, it keeps the baby from over heating. When opening the two zippers it enable the ability to "flip" the middle piece down keeping it completely off the baby. The blanket is a nice feature of this cover. You can use it alone with the two zippers open on a warmer day and you can also flip the blanket down away from the baby as well when not in use. Another nice thing about the blanket is you can wrap it around baby to keep them warm (it does not go behind the baby but can be placed on the sides of the baby), there is enough material on both sides to do this.. Some reviewers of this carrier cover and other "shower cap" cover styles stated that there were gaps around the handle, this is true of mostly all the shower cap covers except you can adjust this one on the sides to cover these gaps. Also you can take the wrap around blanket and cover the baby as well as feed it through the gaps on the sides to close them if the cover cannot be adjusted on your carrier to fit around the bottom to close that area. The outer portion is nylon, like a jacket material and it is waterproof, the fleece is substantial and it keeps the infant very, warm. This is an expensive carrier but well worth the money! This is top notch!

Jolly Jumper (JJ) is the same carrier cover as above minus the attached blanket. Again, overall an excellent cover. It is not much less money than the JJA and no matter what climate I would personally pay the extra money for the JJA just because you can use the blanket when opening the cover by the zippers and then you still have the option of zippering the carrier for more protection if it is raining or it gets colder. You can also fold down the blanket and not use it as all on the JJA and use it like a JJ.

Summer Infant Poshpouch (SP) is another "shower cap" cover for the infant carseat but it has an opening in the top with no flap to velcro over baby's face. I owned this before the JJA and here are some major differences. It is a much thinner material, the fleece isn't as substantial and the outer portion is not waterproof or nylon but a fleece polyester material. The opening is rather large and I felt as though breezes/wind would go right through the hole and it is definitely not as effective in making the baby warm, esp. in colder conditions. To remedy this problem I put a blanket on underside of the cover and the baby warmer, esp on 30 degree days. I also had to put a hat and make sure the blanket was high on baby to cover the baby's neck or use something to make sure baby's neck was covered due to the hole being so big. It also gaps much more on the sides then the JJA and the JJ. The SP only has one zipper to unzip the baby when inside. And when you want to keep the baby inside the carrier, you really have to take the whole thing off to leave the baby in in order to not be covered. And it is hard to get the baby out without pushing it aside.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ******* PLEASE SEE***** it was very scary when I discovered that when you place it on correctly and put it over the infant carseat, I would put my infant carseat into the holster and it WOULD NOT, I repeat WOULD NOT lATCH INTO THE BASE!!!! There was no way of knowing this unless you checked, (I check my baby each time to make sure the carseat is latched in, just by habit), but it would not even be partially latched just completely unlatched.... I felt this was unacceptable.... Even when I tried to adjust it by pulling the bottom portion up, where the baby's feet would be, the cover b/c of the elastic would just come up, bunch and be partially off with a gap under the baby's feet so I feel this carrier is a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. I paid 2/3 the cost of the JJA and it is more then the CC and BC.

Cozy Car Seat Microfiber and Fleece Cover (CC) A lot of people think this is the BC and it is the same price but it is not. It is a cheap spin off of the BC even though it is the same price. The fabric is less substantial, it is honestly more like the SP. Not worth the money and don't make the mistake of getting it.

Baby's Cozy World Microfiber & Fleece Carrier Cover (BC) uses a type of microfiber called microsuede, which is a soft fabric made from synthetic fibers that are an imitation to suede. It seems like it is a good bang for your buck coming in around twenty dollars which is half of the JJA. The only thing is if you live in a really rainy climate I don't think it would be as waterproof being microsuede as the JJ or the JJA material. Another reviewer stated that the BABY'S COZY WORLD is reversible (which I am not sure how it can be reversible deeming that it does have a flap that goes over the infants face like the CC, JJA and JJ but maybe??)
The reviewer also stated that the BC has pacifier clips, which would be a nice feature for toys as well and that is is very thick for all weather and it is the same price as the CC. ONE THING that many reviews said about the CC and the BC is that the zippers can be dangerous b/c they line up in the same place as a newborns eyes and have the potential for scratching the cornea. With the JJ and the JJA the zippers do not seem as though they would reach this far. Maybe the CC and the BC have larger zippers that might spin around in opposite directions esp if it is "reversible". It does have the zippers on both sides (like the JJ and JJA) to unzip and expose the infant nicely when inside. For the price this seems like it would be a good carrier as well and I would rate the the BC a close second and very comparable to the JJ but does not have a blanket feature like the JJA.

JJ Cole infant/original bundle me (JJC)is what I owned with my first child who was a premature infant and I only got about 7 months of use out of this cover due to the fact that infants tend to grow out of it very fast, usually before they are out of their infant carseat. That is why I got the toddler JJ cole toddler size after. It is a different type of carrier than all the others that are reviewed above being that it is not a shower cap style it has an underside fabric to the carrier that is placed under the harness straps and then a layer goes over the baby and is zippered down and around the bottom. FIRST OF ALL THIS IS DANGEROUS, which I never knew as a new mom, and why they even CAN SELL them as carseat covers is beyond me because if you get into an accident it compresses under the infant because of the added bulk between the seat and the child, (it is like the infant is wearing a jacket) so there is more room in between the harness and the infant deeming it unsafe. Also, JJ cole now has the lite JJ cole and says that it passed crash tests but The Bundle me Lite's openings do not come anywhere near the hip straps of the harness... meaning they would be improperly routed, thus creating slack. Here is a picture: [...] No certified carseat technicians recommend this aftermarket product for the carseat. Any many if not all carseat companies state if an aftermarket product is used "inside" the carseat between the harness and baby it will void all guarantees for safety. NOT GOOD.

JJ Cole toddler (JJT) Had this mostly with my first child (after she was 7 months) and second child and would not use now d/t the same reason above with the JJ. But it could be nice with a stroller. The only thing is you do need a hat and something to cover the baby's neck as well.

In summary:
The Jolly Jumper Artic (JJA) wins the race, I am very very please with this product, esp the blanket aspect that I think is well worth it!

The JJ is basically the same product as the JJA but without the blanket....

The Baby's Cozy World Microfiber & Fleece Carrier Cover (BC) (but make sure it is the BC and not the CC when you purchase it) comes in a close second esp for the price!

Hope this review is helpful to you and you now won't have to go through the countless hours of research and will be getting a great product while not wasting any of your time or money on another worthless baby item, instead ONLY getting the BEST for your baby!!!!
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on December 3, 2014
I live in the arctic circle (aka Minnesota) so the name of this product was appealing to me. I needed something to protect my 6 month old from the biting winds of the frozen wasteland that is a winter "north of the wall". This cover is easy to use and does a great job keeping my kid from becoming a literal ice princess. The internal fleece blanket is a nice touch, but I also use another fleece blanket inside the cover (over the restraints) to provide her with additional insulation.

I would've given this product 5 stars but the face cover doesn't always cover the entire opening so ice demons are able to sneak in during the occasional 60 mile per hour polar vortex shenanigans we experience here on a regular basis.

Summary: If you are a parent who lives on a god forsaken barren rock of ice and snow then 1) reconsider your life choices, and 2) buy this cover now.
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on December 13, 2012
I used this on a Graco SnugRide 35 Car Seat for my now 7 month old baby. While it is definitely warm and one of the easier buntings to get baby in and out of the seat, it doesn't work entirely well for larger/longer babies. My baby is only in the 50th percentile for height and he was pushing his feet out to pop off the bottom of this bunting. Given that the AAP is recommending kids stay rear-facing for longer and longer (age 2 nowadays) and they're designing infant car seats to fit babies going up to even 40 lbs nowadays, it'd be nice to get a winter bunting that would fit the seat and the baby comfortably. I had to return it because of the poor fit.
But if you have a winter newborn, this may be the perfect bunting for you! If you found this review helpful, please let me know!
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on January 24, 2014
This fits perfect on the Britax B-Agile infant car seat. It's been a very cold winter here in the northeast and baby has stayed nice and warm in this. It has an attached fleece blanket inside to cover baby, very nice. The face cover is great - it keeps all the wind, rain, and snow off baby, but doesn't touch his face so he doesn't mind it being closed. The 2 side zippers make it easy to put baby in and take out. It's made of sturdy rain and snow repellent fabric. Very pleased with this purchase!
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on January 6, 2012
This is a wonderful car seat cover for my Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat. I'm so happy I returned the JJ Cole Arctic Bundle me and opted for this instead for quite a few reasons.
(1)Safety - This does NOT go in between my baby and the carseat, which is the safest for baby.
(2)Ease of use - I slip it over the car seat after I have put my baby more struggling with the bulkiness of the Arctic Bundle Me (which did not fit in my car seat very well). You still have to adjust it to ensure there are no gaps on the sides, but it is so much easier than dealing with the other.
(3)Price - This is less than half of the cost (from the baby store) of the Arctic Bundle me and actually provides my baby full coverage from the elements.

I love the flap that you can close when taking baby in and out of the car. That and the nice weather repellent material keeps him free of rain, snow, and wind.

I have washed it twice and have had no issues. The attached blanket is a nice feature, but we could do without as my guy is a little heater as I am sure most babies are when bundled up in their car seat. You may want to remove the cover for road trips. I'd purchase it again and recommend it to anyone who asks.

I should say that the JJ Cole Arctic Bundle me is a very nice product, but probably best for a stroller vs. a carseat. But, it still leaves your babies face exposed to the elements
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on November 17, 2014
I barely got it a few days ago and have used it twice now. First time was the day before yesterday and it was 64 degrees out. Baby will be 4 months on the 23rd and had on a long sleeve onesie, some leggings and socks. Had her in and out of stores. Only had the flap open then figured she might get too hot so I kind of unzipped the front a little too. Still had the blanket it comes with tucked over her legs. By the time we made it home she was fussy and I took her out and her head was hot she was sweating a little. I was like wow really? Guess it is warm. (To me 64 degrees was cold still lol)
Yesterday was my second time using it and it was 28 degrees out (I live in Abilene Texas so the weather change overnight never makes any sense). I was like well hopefully she won't be too hot again. So this time I only had her in a short sleeve onesie, socks and mittens and still put the blanket over her legs. Mind you it also decided to rain, then snow it just a matter of minutes! When in the store only had the head flap open. Went out and dropped my keys, snow is coming down faster and I'm all worried about her freezing now because my dumba** only put a short sleeve onesie on her her in the car took her home and she was still JUST FINE. I had touched her skin right away and her head since it also took forever to get her inside since I was trying to do the whole only make one trip carrying her and bags into the house lol. She wasn't cold and wasn't sweaty! Lol I was impressed!
Plus anytime my baby is cold she gets the hiccups. It never fails. But so far she has not. I am very impressed with this product and so glad I got it for our upcoming trips to arkansas and wisconsin! Now I'm not saying just go ahead and have your baby wearing next to nothing while in it but seeing as I only had a short sleeve onesie on her at 28 degrees compared to a long sleeve onesie and leggings at 64 degrees and she was great at 28 degrees dressed down, blew my mind lol. I don't think you'll regret making this purchase because I sure don't!
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on May 29, 2014
We used this for our Chicco Key Fit 30 infant car seat during the "polar vortex" winter of 2014. It kept our baby very warm, and it is a "shower cap" style car seat cover, which I understand is much more safe than other car seat covers that go between the baby and the car seat. Loved the grey color (did not show lint or dog hair) and the soft attached blanket inside. The whole thing washed well and was easy to install and remove. For walks on super cold days, I also tented the car seat with a blanket, and I was able to tuck the blanket ends into this car seat cover elastic so the blanket would not blow away! I highly recommend this product.
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on June 25, 2014
i had my daughter in the middle of a cold wisconsin winter... this cover was essential. i could keep her in her usual clothing, bundle her up in the attached blanket, zip it up and we were out the door. if you'll be in cold weather with a newborn, this is a must!
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on February 8, 2014
Good quality product, serves the purpose well. I think it works best with newborns-6 months old babies. Afterwards I think it starts bothering the baby, at least that's what it does to mine. We have a Graco carseat though and the cover fits very tightly.
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on March 11, 2013
My baby isn't here yet, but I was very excited to get this product and test it on our infant seat. We have the Chicco KeyFit 30, and it fits on the seat very well. The cover does not prevent the seat from snapping into the base--the seat is still 100% functional and safe. I had to remove the sun shade to get the cover on snuggly, but the sun shade easily snapped back on over the cover. The cover is well made and includes a little blanket inside that you can either push out of the way or use to swaddle baby in the seat. The inside is also lined with fleece which adds to the warmth and comfort of the cover. I also like that it can be closed up completely to keep out the cold, or you can leave the little window open for baby to peek out. I would say this is a must-have for an infant who will have to use an infant seat in a bitter cold winter. I can't wait to use it with my baby since it seems to be great quality.
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