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on January 9, 2012
I am a "research-aholic" in general and have researched many different baby products over the past 5 years due to being a mother of 3 and wanting to get the best for the price and not wanting to settle for less... I live in the Northeast US, so it gets really cold and the weather changes frequently and in extremes on a daily, if not hourly basis. Anyway, here are the brands I've used/owed and/or researched extensively and the comparisons:
Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak A Peek Infant Car Seat Cover (JJA)
Jolly Jumper Sneak A Peek Infant Car Seat Cover (JJ)
Summer Infant Poshpouch (SP)
Cozy Car Seat Microfiber and Fleece Cover (CC)
Baby's Cozy World Microfiber & Fleece Carrier Cover (BC) (yes the CC and the BC are different)
JJ Cole infant/original bundle me (JJC)
JJ Cole toddler bundle me (JJT)

Jolly Jumper Artic (JJA) is awesome, I would rate it the best one out of all. It is a "shower cap" cover for the infant car seat, it has a blanket inside that you can velcro closed to keep the baby's face covered and warm and you can velcro it "up" to stay open when the baby when you put the baby in the car out of weather's elements... It has two zippers which allow you to open the carrier and easily access the baby, keep the baby from over heating and you can also "flap the middle piece down to keep it completely off the baby. The blanket is a nice feature of this cover. You can use it alone with the flap open on a warmer day and you can also "flap" it down away from the baby as well when not in use. Another nice thing about the blanket is you can wrap it around baby to keep them warm, there is enough material on both sides to do this.. Some reviewers of this and other carriers stated that there were gaps around the handle, this is true of mostly all the shower cap covers except you can adjust it to cover these gaps. Also you can take the wrap around blanket and cover the baby as well as feed it through the gaps on the sides to close them if the cover cannot be adjusted to fit around the bottom to close that area. The outer portion is nylon, like a jacket and it is waterproof, the fleece is substantial and it keeps the infant very, warm. This is an expensive carrier but well worth the money! This is top notch!

Jolly Jumper (JJ) is just like the carrier described above but without the attached blanket. Again, overall an excellent carrier. It is not that much less than the JJA and no matter what climate I would pay the extra money for the JJA just because you can use the blanket alone with the flap of the outer portion of the JJ out and it is a very nice feature to have in the cover.

Summer Infant Poshpouch (SP) is another "shower cap" cover for the infant carseat but it has an opening in the top with no flap to velcro over baby's face. I owned this before the JJA and here are some differences. It is a much thinner material, the fleece isn't as substantial and the outer portion is not waterproof or nylon but a fleece polyester material. The opening is rather large and I felt as though breezes/wind would go right through the hole and it is definitely not as effective in making the baby too warm, esp. in colder conditions. To remedy this problem I put a blanket on under the cover and the baby seemed better on 30 degree days from the house to the car but not to take a walk. I also had to put a hat and make sure the blanket was high on baby to cover the baby's neck or use something to make sure baby's neck was covered due to the hole being so big. It also gaps more on the side then the JJA and the JJ. The SP only has one zipper to unzip the baby when inside. And when you want to keep the baby inside the carrier, you really have to take the whole thing off to leave the baby in to not be covered. And it is hard to get the baby out without pushing it aside.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ******* PLEASE SEE***** it was very scary when I discovered that when you place it on correctly and put it over the infant carseat, I would put my infant carseat into the holster and it WOULD NOT, I repeat WOULD NOT lATCH INTO THE BASE!!!! There was no way of knowing this unless you checked, (I check my baby each time to make sure the carseat is latched in just by habit), but it would not even be partially latched just completely unlatched.... I felt this was unacceptable.... Even when I tried to adjust it by pulling the bottom portion where the baby's feet would be up, the cover b/c of the elastic would just come up, bunch and be partially off with a gap under the baby's feet so I feel this carrier is a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. I paid 2/3 the cost of the JJA.

Cozy Car Seat Microfiber and Fleece Cover (CC) A lot of people think this is the BC and it is the same price but it is not. It is a cheap spin off of the BC even though it is the same price. The fabric is less substantial, it is honestly more like the SP. Not worth the money and don't make the mistake of getting it.

Baby's Cozy World Microfiber & Fleece Carrier Cover (BC) Is BABY'S COZY WORLD uses a type of microfiber called microsuede, which is a soft fabric made from synthetic fibers that are an imitation to suede. It seems like it is a good bang for your buck coming in around twenty dollars which is half of the JJA. The only thing is if you live in a really rainy climate I don't think it would be as waterproof being microsuede as the JJ or the JJA material. Another reviewer stated that the BABY'S COZY WORLD is reversible (which I am not sure how it can be reversible deeming that it does have a flap that goes over the infants face like the CC, JJA and JJ)?
The reviewer also stated that the BC has pacifier clips, which would be a nice feature for toys as well and that is is very thick for all weather and it is the same price as the CC. ONE THING that many reviews said about the CC and the BC is that the zippers can be dangerous b/c they line up in the same place as a newborns eyes and have the potential for scratching the cornea. With the JJ and the JJA the zippers do not seem as though they would reach this far. Maybe the CC and the BC have larger zippers that might spin around in opposite directions esp if it is "reversible". It does have the zippers on both sides to unzip and expose the infant nicely when inside and do not want the infant to overheat while in the carrier. For the price this seems like it would be a good carrier as well and I would rate the the BC a close second and very comparable to the JJ but does not have a blanket feature like the JJA.

JJ Cole infant/original bundle me (JJC)is what I owned with my first child who was a premature infant and I only got about 7 months of use out of this cover. That is why I got the toddler JJ cole after. It is a different type of carrier than all the others that are reviewed above being that it is not a shower cap style it has an underside to the carrier that is placed under the harness straps and then a layer goes over the baby and is zippered down and around the bottom. FIRST OF ALL THIS IS DANGEROUS, which I never knew as a new mom, and why they even CAN SELL them as carseat covers is beyond me because if you get into an accident it compresses under the infant because of the added bulk between the seat and the child, (it is like the infant is wearing a jacket) so there is more room in between the harness and the infant deeming it unsafe. Also, JJ cole now has the lite JJ cole and says that it passed crash tests but The Bundle me Lite's openings do not come anywhere near the hip straps of the harness... meaning they would be improperly routed, thus creating slack. Here is a picture: [...] No certified carseat technicians recommend this aftermarket product for the carseat. Any many if not all carseat companies state if an aftermarket product is used "inside" the carseat between the harness and baby it will void all guarantees for safety. NOT GOOD.

JJ Cole toddler (JJT) Had this mostly with my first child and second and would not use now d/t the same reason above with the JJ. But it could be nice with a stroller. The only thing is you do need a hat and something to cover the baby's neck as well.

In summary:
The Jolly Jumper Artic (JJA) wins the race, I am very very please with this product, esp the blanket aspect that I think is well worth it!

The JJ is basically the same product as the JJA but without the blanket....

The Baby's Cozy World Microfiber & Fleece Carrier Cover (BC) (but make sure it is the BC and not the CC when you purchase it) comes in a close second esp for the price!

Hope this review is helpful to you and you now won't have to go through the countless hours of research and will be getting a great product while not wasting any of your time or money on another worthless baby item!!!!
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on January 21, 2014
I first saw the Jolly Jumper in the grocery store parking lot. I had just the JJ Cole Original Bundleme Bunting Bag, Black, Infant and it wasn't enough to keep the wind and cold weather off of my daughter's head. When I saw the Jolly Jumper, I thought it was perfect and exactly what I was looking for, but I had questions...

Would it fit on my carseat? Yes--it's universal. I have the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Car Seat, Tangerine and it's a perfect fit.

Was it easy to use? Yes--there's an elastic band that snaps into place around the lip of the exterior side of the carseat. It's very easy to put in place. Just move the handle, carseat canopy, and any other toys out of the way to install it, then put everything back. It even fits over the J.J. Cole Bundleme.

The only issue I have with it is that it's easier to put my daughter into her carseat before I install the Jolly Jumper because the hole in the jumper is small. From what you see in the photo, you can unzip the hole to make it twice as large, but it's still easier just to put your baby in the carseat and then put the jumper on after.

Because I thought it was neat and had so many questions about the Jolly Jumper, I made a little video for other parents who are interested in learning more about it.
review image
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on January 26, 2013
We first bought this cover for our son's car seat (Chicco Keyfit 30), which seemed like a must for our Minnesota winters. (Note: we did purchase this through Amazon, but my review does not have an Amazon Verified Purchase because we ordered it under my husband's account.) I wanted to get one that had a "shower cap" style that fit snugly over the top of the car seat instead of one that fit underneath the straps, since I heard types that fit the latter style could interfere with the safety of the straps.

The good: It fits great on the Keyfit 30, almost as if it was designed for this particular car seat. I also think it's a very warm and toasty cover, and had no concerns that it was keeping him warm enough regardless of the outside temperature. I would actually recommend unzipping the front panel for car rides with the heat on, since I would often find him sweaty after having kept it closed while in the car.

The bad: The problem with the "shower cap" style is that, when installed, the height of the face hole is fixed. This means that if your baby is taller/older, his or her face will be offset towards the top of the hole, which will make it hard to get the baby in and out of the car seat. When we first started using it, our baby seemed like he was starting to get a little tall for the face hole, since he was about 4 1/2 months old. After using it for about two months, I finally had to take it off and stop using it because it was very difficult to not to catch his head on the fabric above the face hole when putting him in or taking him out, which usually resulted in crying. Our baby is on the smaller side for height and especially weight, so I would guess most babies would be too big for this by about 6 months of age. We now use a blanket, which is much less convenient, so I am considering trying our nephew's hand me down JJ Cole for the rest of the winter.

In summary, I can highly recommend this car seat cover for babies born in late fall or winter, especially for those with the Chicco Keyfit 30. If, however, your baby will be older than 6 months by the time you expect to stop using the cover, I would recommend going with a different cover, or expecting you will have to stop using it by then.
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on January 7, 2011
We have been getting a lot of use out of this on cold winter nights. It keeps baby warm, is well made, & easily goes on the carseat. We have two different types/brands of carseats & it fits both - I was a little worried about that based on the other review. If you have cold winters, I would definitely buy this again in a heartbeat.
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on November 10, 2011
Good quality, soft, durable, & warm but the graco snugride 32 is a little longer than most seats & I can barely get the face flap to Velcro. When it is stretched closed, it's so gapped it's pointless.
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on February 15, 2011
This fits my Chicco Feyfit 30 carseat and keep my 3 month old son wrm and toasty. No more blankets draped over the carseat when going from the car to the house or the store. Only thing is I wish it came in different colors. :)
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on March 19, 2015
The first three months I have used this cover, I was pretty happy about it. It covers my Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat easily. It kept my baby warm and away from all the Seattle rain. The only complaint I had at the time is that it makes the use of car seat canopy a bit difficult, so I just took the canopy off, not a big deal to me. So I would actually have given this a 5-star for my three-month usage until I found improper usage of this cover may have safety concern. The safety concern I'm talking about here is the extra fabric of the cover sometimes got trapped underneath the car seat, preventing the car seat actually hooked onto the car seat base. Sure I could have checked more carefully every time I put the car seat in, but sometimes if you are in a rush to get the baby in the car to jump into the traffic for your commute, you really could just go without noticing that there is one or even two clicks missing. The fix is really easy. You just want to pull all the extra fabric up to the top instead of piling up down at the bottom. I just want to share my experience so that people know how to properly use this cover. This way their babies could stay both warm and safe in their car seats.
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on September 9, 2011
This is great it fits my chicco carseat perfect. I have been researching these for months and this is the only product I found so far that fits this car seat. It is warm, soft and easy to put on.
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on February 9, 2013
Love the idea, but it just doesn't fit our Chicco Keyfit 30 quite right. It BARELY fits on there- making it especially hard to manuever when you're trying not to wake a sleeping baby. It really takes 2 people to get this thing to stretch over our carseat and not slip and slid every which way. Also, if you want to unzip the front a bit for more air flow (it gets rather warm, bordering on hot when completely zipped up), nothing is holding it up so that it doesn't fall down onto your babe. Once on, it does it's job- covers babe.
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on December 28, 2015
Having a September baby for the second time I knew one of these covers would make my life much easier this time around (just used a blanket last time) and I was so right. After first putting this on I was a bit worried the face hole wasn't big enough (my little one has a bigger head) and that it came down too low (it hits my son in the middle of the forehead) towards the middle of the seat but after a few times getting him in and out I figured out how to maneuver it so it wasn't an issue and he has a great view when the flap is open.

I love how you can have the face covered or uncovered while still having the body fully covered. I can fit a decent sized blanket under the cover too for really cold days. The cover fits great (Chicco Keyfit 30) and I have never had issues with it coming off or slipping or anything like that. I would definitely recommend this cover for anyone that has a younger baby in the winter time. Having just used a blanket the last time, it is so nice not having to fight with a blanket to stay covered or figure out how to carry it and keep the baby covered, this is well worth the investment!
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