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on September 22, 2009
Before I start, I just want to clarify that I am 21 years old and I love love love the tv show JONAS. I get excited on Sundays and I set my VCR (I know, I know, old school but we can't afford TiVo right now) to record it. This means I have all the episodes aired on tape and was only buying it so I could switch over to DVD to make them last longer. Before anyone else does this they should know the DVD doesn't come with all the aired episodes. It only comes with 5 episodes plus the 2 unseen episodes.
These episodes are:

Groovy Movies:
The three brothers are planning to swtich all their home movies over to DVD for their mom's brithday (hey! maybe I should have done this instead of buying it. Too bad I would have missed the JO Bro'd thing though.) Instead they accidently ruin their mom's tapes but come up with a way to fix it for her instead!

This is a cute episode. The boys with obviously do anything for their mom and the videos they make are the funniest things! Plus you get to watch real life Jonas home videos and there is nothing wrong with that.

Wrong Song:
Nick falls in love too fast with this girl who he is teaching guitar to. He writes her a song (that gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day once I have heard it) and then she uses that song for her performance and dedicates it to another guy! Ahh! Song: "Give Love a Try"

This episode is okay. Nick's acting is a little stiff, probably cause this is the first episode. He loosens up in later episodes and has a better subtle acting that is hilarious. The girl in this is very annoying and shows the future of what the girls are going to be like on this show.

Pizza Girl:
All three brothers fall in love with the pizza girl. They decide to not like her, then like her, then not like her again. Invite her over, freak ker out and move on to chinese. Song: "Pizza Girl"

Classic cute video with a catchy song! Humorous lines like "I'm going up against two Mack Daddies." Even my mother chuckles at this episode and she is hard to impress.

Band's Best Friend:
Joe's friend Carl is coming to stay for a few days and all he can think about is that the Jonas's are rock stars now. He forgets to be normal and acts like a "pushing annoying guy." Song: "Work it Out"

I really don't like this episode but not because of the boys or anything they might do. I don't like Carl and how he acts. I know it's part of the plot but then it's a bad plot. I also don't like the whole "fourth Jonas" angle. There is ALREADY a fourth Jonas.

Chasing the Dream:
The boys need a new backup singer and Macy gets Kevin to let her do it. Unfortunatly Macy's voice sounds like a manatee. Song: Keep It Real

I love this episode! The theme of just singing because you love it even if you are terrible is sweet. The guys try to protect her and there is one moment that almost broke my heart. Plus Kevin has moments where he tries to sing and no one lets him. It's priceless.

********Two Unseen Episodes!!******* (Spoilers! Spoilers!)
Beauty and the Beat:
Stella enters a beauty pageant because she thinska ll the girls are too dumb to beat her. Joe, Nick and Kevin has to judge and are worried because the rest of the girls are really talented and will probably beat Stella. Stella chokes on tv and starts freaking out. Luckily the guys save her. Song: Work It Out

It was an okay episode. Any girls who think that they will one day up with a JO Bro, Beware! They drool over a lot of girls in this episode!

Cold Shoulder:
Kevin has a crush on this Scandanavian foreign exchange student Anya. They are both dorky together and Kevin is happy he finally found a girl who will accept his kookiness. Until she dumps him. She found out that every laughs at him when they are being silly and she thinks that he needs an American girlfriend so no one will laugh. Song: "Left My Heart"

One of the saddest episodes ever. Kevin's acting was priceless. It was almost bittersweet. I still loved it cause I love Kevin and any episode that features him is great. Also he has a SOLO SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that's right. A SOLO SONG!! It's very good and I love his voice.

Of course every episode has its freaken hilarious lines that make me crack up.
The episodes not on the DVD:

Keeping It Real: The boys try to do chores.
Fashion Victim: Joe ruines Stella's date.
That Ding You Do: Joe crushes on a cello girl.
Complete Repeat: Nick has writer's block and has to repeat his whole bad day.
Love Sick: Joe and Stella question their relationship.
The Three Musketeers: The boys try at acting in the Three Musketeers.
Frantic Romantic: A girl uses Joe to become famous.
Detention: Joe accidently causes his friend to get detention.
Karaoke Surprise: They plan a surprise party for Stella on their Friend-a-versary.
Home Not Alone: They are left home alone for the first time.

Also on the dvd is the "You Just Been Jo Bro'd" where they play a prank on their friend Chelsea Staub who plays Stella. I wont give it away but awhile it's funny it doesn't has the same type of finess as the people who play pranks for real (such as Punk'd.)

Overall, it is a good dvd and the extra episodes were great.
The packaging could have better explained what shows I was buying. It wasn't until I got it into my DVD player and onto Menu that I found out.
If anyone was looking to collect all the episodes then they better hope that Disney releases the rest of the episodes. Because if not than it was almost a letdown to find out that there were only the 5 episodes. However, if the rest ARE going to be released then I would recommend it for anyone who wants to start collecting the series on dvd.

Jonas rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on July 18, 2009
Allow me to begin by saying that I am not a teen, nor do I have any kids. I am actually 28 years old, and I love this show. It is a great funny show that is very entertaining. Kevin, Joe and Nick are young and just developing their acting chops, but they are still quite good in the show.

If you give this show a try you will fine that you will indeed enjoy it and look forward to the next episode.

All of the characters are great and the situations they find themselves in leaves you laughing...

So go ahead and buy it.. TRUST ME you will lke it!
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on July 8, 2009
I wasn't sure what to think from the previews, but have been pleasantly surprised, and now my kids and I never miss an episode. The Jo Bros' have really done well with their acting and have a great sense of humor. Kids and adults will get a kick out of this, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Disney develops this as it is a keeper.
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The Jonas Brothers began development on their new Disney Channel Original Series which was set to premiere in January 2008 but due to the Guild Writers Strike, the series was delayed and premiered on television in May 2009.

The comedy series is reminiscent to another classic music-based comedy shows such as "The Partridge Family" or "The Monkeys" in which the storylines focus on a topic and is essentially a comedy series. Also, similar to those classic shows, the Jonas Brothers perform a song relating to the show.

"JONAS" revolves around three brothers who are in a popular band known as JONAS. Here is a summary of the primary characters of the show:


Kevin Lucas (Kevin Jonas) - The elder brother who loves playing the guitar and his mind sometimes is way out there. And typically the brother who is most willing to do wacky things.

Joe Lucas (Joe Jonas) - The cool member of the group who has a close relationship with the band's fashion stylist and good friend Stella Malone (Chelsea Staub) but doesn't want to hurt their friendship so he never shows any romantic interest in her.

Nick Lucas (Nick Jonas) - The intelligent and calm brother who tries to knock some sense into his two older brothers.

Tom Lucas (John Ducey) - The father and the manager of the group

Sandy (Rebecca Creskoff) - The loving mother

Frankie Lucas (Frankie Jonas) - The younger brother and wants to be in the spotlight like his older brothers.

Other Characters:

Stella Malone (Chelsea Staub) -A childhood friend of the Lucas brothers, who literally grew up with Joe Jonas when they were young toddlers. She is attracted to Joe but doesn't want to ruin their friendship but she does get jealous when Joe has his attention set on other girls.

Macy Misa (Nicole Anderson) - Stella's good friend and the band's #1 fan who tends to cause the Lucas brothers some problems at times.

In the first volume of "JONAS: Rockin' the House", the DVD features the following episodes:

* Groovy Movies (Episode 2) - The guys want to surprise their mother with a gift but accidentally destroy a major prized possession.
* Wrong Song (Episode 1) - Nick is falling for a girl named Penny and his brothers are concerned that he's falling head-over-heels to quickly for her.
* Pizza Girl (Episode 3) - All Lucas brothers are attracted to their pizza delivery girl and the brothers compete against each other on who can impress her first.
* Band's Best Friend (Episode 5) - Carl, a childhood friend of the brothers come to visit but has ulterior motives on why he is visiting them.
* Chasing the Dream (Episode 6) - Kevin gives Macy a chance to become a backup singer but her vocals are very bad. How will he break it to her that he can't use her?
* BONUS EPISODE: Beauty and the Beat - The guys become judges for the "Miss Most Amazing Teen Competition", but judging the girls become difficult when Stella becomes a contestant.
* BONUS EPISODE: Cold Shoulder - Kevin's friend from Scandinavia comes to America but although Kevin loves her for her, everyone around them think that they are a strange couple. Meanwhile, someone is posting pictures of the JONAS members on the fan website.


"JONAS: Rockin' the House - Volume 1' is presented in Full Screen (1:33:1) and is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 Surround Sound. The picture quality is different from other Disney Channel shows in that it's filmed like a drama series and is not in front of a live audience. Audio quality is front and center channel-driven and dialogue is understandable and music is clear.

Subtitles are featured in English SDH and Spanish.


"JONAS: Rockin' the House - Volume 1' comes with the following special features:

* BONUS EPISODES - Two unaired episodes: Beauty and the Beast and Cold Shoulder
* You Just Been Jo Bro'd! - Suprising Chelsea Staub - (11:19) Similar to a show like `Punk'd', the Jonas Brothers prank their co-star Chelsea Staub.
* Dylan & Cole Sprouse: Blu-Ray is Suite - (4:45) A featurette about Blu-ray and High Definition.
* Learn How to Take Your Favorite Movies on the Go - (1:03) A Featurette explaining what a Disney Digital Copy is.


As a guy who has reviewed many shows from female and male idol groups worldwide, "JONAS: Rockin' the House - Volume 1' is one of those shows that I found fun, but also campy but know that the series will more than likely appeal to the Jonas Brothers fans. And for fans, especially the parents, this is a solid DVD release that you'll definitely get your money's worth.

Some shows are just too campy such as "Groovy Movies" in which the brother's try to re-enact their childhood home videos (after accidentally destroying the original copies of their mother's home video collection) as a birthday present for their mom. Or the episode "Cold Shoulder" in which Kevin Lucas and his Scandinavian girlfriend start doing a dance similar to the 70's "The Hustle" despite the chagrin of everyone watching them. But then there are episodes that are just crazy and hilarious such as the bonus episode "BEAUTY & THE BEAT" in which the episode is very similar to the real life situation of what happened during the Miss Teen USA 2007 but for the character of Stella.

But for the most part, even the past classic shows of "The Partridge Family" and "The Monkeys" had their share of campiness as well, but it all comes down to the viewers and their fans and if they are entertained by it. I grew up with the music-based show "Kids Inc." (which starred the Black Eyed Peas member FERGIE) back in the late 80's which is probably uber-campy now but at the time, as a child, I absolutely loved that show. Nevertheless, this show is for the Jonas Brothers fans and for families looking for family-fun entertainment, "JONAS: Rockin' the House - Volume 1' is entertaining and fun.

And I think it was very cool for Disney to also include two bonus episodes along with the five that are included. So, nevertheless, fans (especially the parents) are getting their money's worth with this release.

So, for the Jonas Brothers fans, if you enjoyed "JONAS" on the Disney Channel, you'll definitely enjoy volume 1 of "JONAS: Rockin' the House" and for you, this DVD is definitely recommended!
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on September 2, 2009
Although I had not heard their music the show did seem to have promise. I watched the first episode as I heard it was like the Monkees I watched as a kid. At first I was thinking it was so-so but now I am really impressed and never miss an episode of JONAS. Even my 60 year old mother and 27 year old brother are enjoying the show as well, dispite their attempts to find fault. It is the best Disney show out right now. Just remember it is meant to be tongue in cheek and pokes a lot of fun at "celebrity" culture. The later episodes are even better than the early ones.
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VINE VOICEon October 2, 2009
It's not completely accurate to compare Jonas Brothers to The Monkees, since they were a performing and composing group long before they skyrocketed to fame, but it's almost impossible to draw comparisons when they become a TV show, like their teen idol predecessors.

I can only imagine the discussions that went on in developing this series. Surely part of the effort was to, as much as possible, not do another Monkees show. The fictional group is called "Jonas" and they the "Lucas" kids live a fantasy life in which they have Archie comics-style teen lives as well as successful music careers. In essence, the live the dream of celebrity fame as well as, ironically, the dream of some "normal life" of celebrities caught up in the trappings of notoriety.

The episodes on the new Jonas: Rockin' the House DVD include "Groovy Movies," one of the few episodes to feature the boys' TV mom (Dad is their agent, so is a regular character). Both Mom and Dad, capably played by John Ducey and Rebecca Creskoff, are descendants of June and Ward Cleaver, always formally dressed and immaculately coiffed.

The series, which seemed to be a long time in development, in entertaining, but there is a feeling of indecision about what genre it should follow. It tries to be so many things (family comedy, wacky farce, music video vehicle) that it's not easy to pin down and thus perhaps not as compelling as it might be in the future. The logistics of pleasing all the players involved must have been interesting, to be sure.

My favorite aspect of the series is the art direction. Since the one indisputable thing about the show is its fantasy, everything has a sunny, Technicolor look. The school is dazzling, with its own atrium for "heartfelt" scenes. The house is like an interactive playhouse with its own recording studio, gadget furniture and best of all, fireman's poles.

The DVD adds three new episodes to the already-broadcast half dozen: "Beauty and the Beat," yet another beauty contest sitcom story; and the rather amusing "Cold Shoulder," which finds Kevin smitten with a Norwegian beauty (like comic French and English characters, you can still joke about Norwegians on TV).

There is also a bonus called "You've Just Been Jo Bro'd," a candid camera prank on co-star Chelsea Staub, who encounters a gentleman who tries to impress her with boasts like "I painted all the doorknobs at Disneyland." This talented actor should have his own show.
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on October 5, 2009
this is THE best disney show out there the jonas brothers are very good actors.
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on October 25, 2010
I think they are cute, entertaining, and can be funny. Can honestly say I haven't watched them enough times to give much praise or to criticize. What I HAVE noticed in the last few years is how gradually Disney movies/programs have become more "all about me...selfish..ALL outward appearances, subtle, but somewhat, provocative and sensual scenes..showing "more skin" clothes and behavior in the young teens on the screen". Rarely, do you find a Disney movie that is rated "G"; it is sad, but true, that "G" rated movies are quickly and surely fading and will soon be gone completely. What a tragedy for our upcoming youth, who really probably don't even know the greatness and genius of the man who started with a thought..a vision..of some of the most wonderful works and "worlds of entertainment" that was mesmerizing, wholesome, fun and funny, adventurous, and created something so great for kids from 0 to 100 years of age all over the world, never to be surpassed.. never to be forgotten. To make sure that dreams could come true and last a life time...that man was the late WALT DISNEY, who started it all, but surely would be saddened if he knew now how "worldly" Disney has become and although Disney World and Disney Land continue to grow and are wonderful, spectacular favorite places to still enjoy and make forever "starry-eyed" memories for all, the "suits" running all of the Disney tv programs, movies, etc. can't see beyond the greed and it is truly hard to distinguish sometimes now between a Disney movie/program and any other; they have completely lost sight (or really just don't care) of anything that includes high moral standards, principles, and still be wonderfully entertaining, that the young children, who are our future, can enjoy and not be ashamed for their parents, grandparents, etc. to see it, too. If more people would speak out and make their voices heard that movies can be great, believe it or not, without everything revolving around sex, language, and violence, it could make a difference. Don't sit back and keep "channel surfing", trying to find something decent for children and "yourselves" to watch..don't "just settle for trash"; we all have choices..we can sit back and be lazy waiting for someone else to speak up or we can take a stand and make sure our voices are heard..over and over again, if necessary. I really don't think some of "them" would know how to think if "sex" or "sexy" wasn't included in just about everything.... movies,tv, even the commercials (its difficult to tell what they're advertising, sexy girl or car, toilet's included in ALL). How pitfully limited their vocabularies are and how shallow the imagination. Wake up world, and take a stand for our youth. Their young minds need to be molded in what's right..they need to be taught how to stand up, if need be, alone, with strong moral values..they need Christian homes and leaders for role models...they are our future. They are OUR children. Bring them up to stand strong and be firm in their beliefs and what is good and true. They will thank you one day...maybe not now...but one day..and you will know that it was worth it to watch them reach the finish line with their head/s held high!
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on January 4, 2010
Do you love the Jonas Brothers? If so you will love this DVD. It contains 7 episodes from the first season of their Disney TV show "JONAS". The episodes include:

"Groovy Movies"
"Wrong Song"
"Pizza Girl"
"Band's Best Friend"
"Chasing the Dream"
"Beauty and the Beat"
"Cold Shoulder"

"beauty and the Beat" and "Cold Shoulder" can be found in the special features along with You've Just Been Jo'Bro'd! surprising Chelsea Staub.

The Jonas Brothers are natural comedians. The writing enhances each brother's personality and allows them to shine. If you are thinking the brothers are stiff and ill-at-ease actors you will be pleasantly surprised to find out the opposite is true!

Live to Party!!!!!!!!!
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on October 20, 2011
even if you're not a Jonas fan, you're going to have a lot of fun watching JONAS trust me :)(if don't like them yet believe me you'll just love them after this)
5 stars I love it and I have all the 3 DVDs ;)
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