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on December 23, 2008
The book will help you get a rough site developed by covering the basics as well as the other books (none are great) but there are essential things missing that are essential to making a site acceptable and avoiding pitfalls that will make life miserable for beginners. For example, once you have prepared the content using the default template how do you get it onto one of the many available Joomla templates on the market. Instead they take a whole chapter to tell you how to convert a template in CSS or HTML to Joomla and that is beyond most beginners. Also, how to remove the Joomla logo from the template. Not a word and yet everyone has to do it. Moreover it is a pain to do so as all the discussion on the Joomla forum would substantiate. Like all the other books it also tells you to develop the site on a localhost and then transfer to the remote server. Many people including me tried that and ran into insurmountable problems transferring. A better approach is to do it directly on the server, which is easy. This book and North's book jump from the basics to the expert items and gloss over or do not even mention items in the middle. Telling beginners to change code is useless unless an explanation of the steps to do so is included. These are better than nothing until someone writes a good tutorial book, but if you are new to Joomla you will have to get more sources of information than either of these books.
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on December 2, 2008
Finally, every feature covered, this is an excellent book on Joomla!

I started using Joomla a few months ago. After struggling a bit I decided to purchase a few books. After struggling some more, a friend told me she had seen a Visual Quick Start Joomla book in the bookstore. I thought, one more book couldn't hurt and I like the visual quick start series, so I ordered it. I don't normally do reviews, but this book was just the answer I needed.

This book walks you step by step through each and every feature of Joomla, from installation, organization, content, menus, modules, extensions, etc. If it is part of Joomla it's in there. In only a week with the book, I finally understood how to create and use each piece of the Joomla puzzle. This book not only tells you how to use Joomla, but what each piece does, examples on how it will look, what it will do, and even covers all the parameter settings in easy to read detail. Packed with the standard Visual Quick Start images I never lost my way.

Not only is this a great book for creating an entire Joomla web site, but also an excellent resource I know I can use over and over again when I have forgotten something.

The author's also have a companion web site dedicated to the book with downloadable files, articles, and a forum to ask questions. If you want to not only learn Joomla, but know exactly how to use it, buy this book.
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on March 24, 2009
Unfortunately this book follows the same route as most other technical books. You get a lot of sentences like "Here's how to create an author details menu", without any conceptual explanation of what an author details menu is, and why I might want one. No explanation of how it will clip in with the rest of my site.

While the step-by-step guidelines for performing various Joomla functions are spelled out reasonably clearly, the book is just so incredibly and sorely lacking in conceptual explanations about what each function is doing. A lot of the time I found myself going through a "here's how to do xyz.." guideline, with no idea what it was doing. I'd just have to wait until I'd completed the final step, and then take a guess at what I'd achieved, based on whatever changes to the website I was able to detect.

One example: Page 17 has a step-by-step guideline on how "To View The Media Manager". Fair enough.. but I just wanted one question answered before I read any further: What the hell is The Media Manager? No idea - because this book tells you how to access it without first telling you what it is. And unfortunately, this theme of giving details on how to perform tasks without first explaining their purpose (or on a lot of occasions, never adequately explaining their purpose at all), is carried throughout the book.
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on January 25, 2009
I bought this book based on my good experience with another Quick Start book but this one wasn't quite as well written. It seems to be a rush job with not much proofreading for clarity. The book does explore just about every Joomla function but it does it in an A-Z, across the toolbar in order, method. It doesn't begin with an overview explanation of how Joomla works. If it had, it might have cut my learning time in half. After working my way through half the book and using Joomla's on-line tutorials to answer the questions that the book didn't, I finally grasped the structure and use of Joomla. Like other reviewers, I did all my learning on an on-line installation while the book described a local (on your computer) configuration which wasn't helpful. For the price, this book is adequate.
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on December 4, 2008
After paying a bunch of web yah yahs a bunch of money to do absolutely nothing for me I decided to do it on my own. I've got the whole gammot of Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML, Flash, Photoshop and you name it books. For anyone who wants to build and maintain their own website this is the book. Unfortunately the other Joomla! books available do a poor job of utilizing the power of Joomla with the ease this does. I'm a big fan of the Quickstart portfolio and this may be the best yet. This is the best book available to release you from the overpriced and under delivering "web professionals" out there.
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on June 4, 2009
This book is poorly organized in that it doesn't really address the "big picture." The book is good for looking up individual tasks and getting some explanation of how to make them work--but even then, it doesn't address all the options or explain them thoroughly. That makes it hard to engage in any kind of cohesive learning. I think this would be a good second book on Joomla and would make a good reference book for looking up tasks quickly later on. However, as an introductory text, it is lacking. I can't say I'm sorry I bought it. I'm just kind of sorry I started with it.
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on January 16, 2013
Great product and great service!! Came in the time that it was promised and was fit right to the description - thanks for the product. I will definitely be buying from you again if I am looking for any books:)
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on January 30, 2012
Like too much tech writing, this book wastes most of its pages replicating the better-integrated (and free, and unlikely to become outdated) help already built into the program it describes. Most of it will be a complete waste of time for anyone who can click his or her way through a menu hierarchy without step-by-step instructions. If you need to be told to click "Unpublish" to unpublish a category, perhaps you'll find this helpful, but if you're more interested in _why_ you might want it unpublished, you'll learn very little.

Increasingly, various houses seem to feel compelled to publish a tome on virtually every growing technology, without regard for the purpose or quality of the result. "Joomla Visual Quickstart Guide" is a perfect example, wasting hundreds of pages on procedures for which no person of average intelligence and reasonable computer expertise could possibly need instruction. One wonders if the authors have ever actually developed a site using Joomla, and if so, why they elected not to write about it.

There are thousands of gems such as "To open the Category Manage: Choose Content > Category Manager." Really?

Imagining the tedium of transcribing every menu item and dialog in some large piece of software gives me a headache, and seeing the result passed off as a text leaves me respecting neither the authors nor the publisher.
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on May 5, 2009
Nothing more than a page-by-page screen shot of every possible Joomla configuration. Just download and install Joomla for free and you can get as much. There are few explanations about how changing each configuration effects the final product and nothing that tells you how to accomplish a particular goal. This book is more frustrating than the software itself.
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on December 27, 2010
Basicly the book walks the menu entries and tells what you see and can do. We don't need a book for that. As a reference it was no competion for plain old google (joomla change logo). As a starter it should explain the mindset behind the system, the architechture and its terminology: one page.
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