Customer Reviews: Joovy Kooper Umbrella Stroller, Appletree (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on May 16, 2012
I bought this stroller to replace my Graco lightrider. I love it, I am so glad I decided to upgrade!

The Joovy Kooper has a HUGE canopy which is what drew me to it since the canopy on my former stroller was tiny. It's so big that I can barely see my kiddo from the front when I have it all the way open, which is perfect for protecting him from the windy weather where we live. It also has a big peek-a-boo window for you to see your kiddo easily when the canopy is open. I love that it folds up like an umbrella stroller so it's nice and compact, though don't expect it to fold up as tiny as your average umbrella stroller, it is much more sturdy so it folds up to an inbetween size of an umbrella stroller and a normal stroller. Another plus is that the wheels pop off with the push of a button to make it even more compact if you need. I love that it's compact size doesn't prevent it from having a recline feature, even better, you can recline it with one hand. The seat is nice and wide as well as tall, the five point harness is great and easy for me to unbuckle, but it isn't easy for my little escapee to figure out which is good. My son is 11 months and has plenty of room to grow into this seat, but the harness keeps him in place enough that I dont worry about him being too small for it either. The only downside is that there isn't a snack tray, and the parent compartments can only hold standard water bottles. I bought the Brica cup holder for my drink and the Brica snack pod for my son and now I don't really miss having a snack tray, it's actually nice that he doesn't have to stretch his neck over the tray to see. Though the wheels are plastic (which I didn't like about my old stroller), they don't ride like plastic wheels at all. This stroller rides so smooth even over the bumpier roads in our neighborhood.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this stroller for anyone looking for a sturdy, but leightweight stroller that folds up to a compact size.
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on June 20, 2011
Where should I start? I bought this stroller in February and after 3 months of use the wheels stopped working. When the stroller arrived I loved how it looks, the canopy was big enough to protect my son from the weather, the basket is not big but I could fit a very small bag there, the cups holder were useless if he was sleeping, the two small storage area in the seat was nice but with all the good things I had "already a BIG complain".

Maneuverability: ***It was too hard to push the stroller around with my 2 1/2 toddler who weighs 30 pounds and as his pedriatician says he is on the taller side.***

Due to his heights I really needed a stroller that would fit him specially if he ended up napping on the stroller. After reading all the reviews, I decided to purchase the stroller even though many reviwers ***complained about the front wheels***. I thought that maybe "just maybe" I wouldn't have the same problems many others had with the front wheels as I was buying a 2011 model-newer version and the problem might had been fixed. But unfortunatelly, last week the wheels stopped working!!!

We toke the wheels off and put them back to see if it would work again but unfortunatelly we have to keep getting down on our knees every 1-2 minutes to fix the wheels straight up so we can actually walk. After many tries I'm scheduling a pick up to send it back!

Did I even mentioned that to lock the stroller I had to press really hard the red buttons and to unlock I had to go down on my knee and unpress the read bottom in the middle and the ones on the sides????

Did I also mentioned that you cannot by any chance close the stroller with anything in the basket??? Not even with an empty shopping bag. Once my husband closed the stroller with one of those simple/thin shopping bag and the stroller was all acting up/wobbling.

I hope the company will update/fix this stroller after so many problems with the front wheels. If it was not for the wheels problems which makes the stroller get stuck and hard to manuever. I would recommend but until the company makes these changes. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND OR BUY IT AGAIN!!!!!
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on October 28, 2010
After reading so many positive reviews on this site, I bought the Joovy Kooper (in Appletree color). I was really disappointed after using the stroller the past month. It's not worth the price tag.

Reasons why the stroller was returned:

First, the stroller handles are NOT tall. I'm 5'6" and when I pushed it, my shin would kick into the big red button in the middle (this is the button you step on to open the stroller). I also found myself hunched over while pushing. My son's grandfather, who is barely 6 foot, would kick the stroller when walking. I'm not sure why anyone would think this stroller is great for tall people.

The front wheels lock up. And yes, I DID check to make sure they weren't inadvertantly locked (they weren't). Three wheels would spin, one wouldn't - so it was impossible to steer with a 25 lb kid in it. The wheel that wouldn't turn would almost collapse under the stroller as you pushed, causing the frame to bend. This is the main reason for the return, I can't see this stroller lasting for three years, until my son is out of strollers.

While I think the reflectors on the shoulder stap covers look cool, they prevent the straps from being tightened properly, so my son would shrug out of the straps altogether. This wouldn't be a problem if there was a chest clip, which could keep the straps up and stop little Houdinis from escaping. This is particularly a concern because there is no tray/bar for the lap, so your kid will fall out.

The canopy IS large. But it doesn't really clip in all that well, so every time I opened the stroller I had to snap it back in on the side. Not such a huge deal, except that my son is a year old and he can't sit back because the canopy is so huge when folded back, that he can't see out. If he grew another few inches, I'd have to remove the canopy altogether, because it would be wrapped around his head, like a big floppy hat. It's a great idea, but poorly executed.

The stroller isn't as small as an umbrella stroller when you collapse it. I knew from looking at a video on YouTube, so it didn't surprise me. The stroller does not lay flat, because of the front wheels. It takes up considerably less space in my trunk (I have a Toyota Camry) than the Graco Quattro (that I love), but it is still a space hog.

I hate the plastic strap that you use to "lock" it. Basically you push the head of a screw through a plastic strap with a hole on one side (the other side is secured to the bar of the stroller) in order to keep the stroller in a closed position. It is impossible to open this strap one-handed so that you can open the stroller. I have to push the stroller together so that the strap is loose, then I have to fiddle with it to get the screw head out. I know this is a common feature on strollers, but there must be a better way to do this. Also, once the stroller is locked, the front wheels still turn, so you can't lean it against a wall.

I liked the color and design. Except that didn't mean much to me when I'd be struggling to push the thing in the mall (we are talking totally flat, even ground here).

The cup holders are okay. I managed to put a medium sized fountain soda cup in one. Most umbrella strollers don't even have these cup holders.

LOVED the inside pockets. When my son would pull his socks off, I'd tuck them in the inside pockets, along with some toys etc. This was a neat feature.

There is a zipper pouch, cool place to tuck a digital camera or phone. Especially nice since there isn't room for a large diaper bag in the underneath storage.

Overall, I think the stroller looks wonderful and has some useful features, but it didn't work properly for me. I tried it for a month, the first few uses were fantastic, but the wheels actually show a lot of wear (and we didn't use this stroller that often) and the front wheel kept sticking on me (I tried locking and unlocking it to solve the problem, but it didn't). I really wanted this stroller to work for me and I'm so disappointed it didn't.

My son is only a year old, so he can't come out and tell me what he thinks of the Joovy Kooper, but he would cry all the time when I had him in it. Mainly, I think the canopy would bother him, because it blocked his vision if he sat back, so he would lean forward and seemed altogether uncomfortable. He would mess with the canopy all the time, and since it didn't lock into place properly on the side, he'd pull it out.

I gave the stroller one star because even at the steep discount price I paid, it wasn't dependable and the ease of use was non-existant.



I went back to the drawing board and narrowed down my top two replacement choices to the Zooper Twist Stroller, Coconut Waves(which for almost the same price as the Joovy comes with a foot muff, mosquito net and rain cover) and MacLaren(I was wishy washey about whether to go low-end or high-end). I happened to stop in to a discount store and found a Maclaren Volo Stroller, Pea Green and Black Stripe for LESS THAN HALF the price of the Joovy (and less than listed here). I couldn't resist trying it out.


It feels much more sturdy, the handles are higher and more comfortable to grip. It weighs in at about 8 pounds and while I thought the Joovy was light (compared to my Gracco Quattro) ...this thing is DIVINE. I can fold it in one hand (using a pull strap) and then you can carry it over your shoulder with the strap! Best of all, my son doesn't seem to mind sitting in it, and he even sits back!
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on February 22, 2011
I love our Joovy Kooper. I am the type of person that obsessively researches before I purchase something. I needed a stroller that was not such a pain to keep in my car and use for every day stuff. My giant Graco and jogging stroller are too much of a pain to haul around for everyday use. I finally narrowed it down to the Kooper and the Baby Jogger City Mini. After testing both in a store, and reading tons and tons of reviews, I decided on the Kooper and couldn't be happier. It folds compact, but does not at all give that flimsy umbrella stroller feeling when in use. It is really sturdy and seems very well made. Also, the storage bin on the bottom is much larger and more accessible the bin on either of our Gracos, the jogging stroller, or even our double jogger. I can fit my purse and diaper bag in it with no problem. My husband was not too happy to see another stroller come into the house, but now will only use the Kooper and loves it.
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on February 24, 2011
I would have rated this stroller 5 stars had there not been difficulties assembling the damn thing. Let me say first off, the delivery was really fast! We are stationed overseas and had the stroller within a week. Amazing, right?The assembly went fine until we tried attaching the second back wheel. It did not want to attach no matter what I did. Luckily my husband saw that one of the screws on the base of the wheel had to be screwed in tighter for it to be able to click in. The instruction manual isn't much help when assembling because it lacks on pictures showing you examples of how to do it. After 10-15 min of assembly we finally finished and I love it. Closing the stroller takes some getting used to but is manageable. My daughter loves it and wants to be in it all the time, so that's a win in my book! We ordered the green and the color is just as vibrant as you would think it would be. Storage is great, seat is comfortable thanks to all the cushioning. The handles are very comfortable and the height is great for both me and my husband.
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on March 28, 2012
We've had this stroller about 6 months now and overall this is a fantastic stroller. I shopped around a LOT before buying this stroller and I wasn't disappointed.

-The colors, we have the Appletree, are bright and fun. We get a lot of compliments.
-The design. We also get a lot of compliments on how cool it looks, not like others at all.
-The handles are nicely padded and it's much easier to steer with one hand than with other strollers.
-Under basket is HUGE.
-My DS loves the recline, he can be straight up or laid almost all the way back for sleeping or diaper changes on the go.
-The canopy is GIGANTIC! It shades the sun well while still allowing my DS to see outside, it also covers the seat so well that when it rains he doesn't get wet. The viewing window for parents is also very large.
-Putting it together was a snap. Literally just snap on the wheels and the canopy and you're ready to roll.
-It's super easy to steer and also easy to breakdown.

-The cup holders are really only large enough and stable enough to hold a small bottle of water. If that's something you're looking for you can always buy an add-on though.
-The breaks are really tough to engage and unengage. Definitely not for the flip flops.
-I'm 5'2" so the height is perfect for me. My husband is just over 6' and has long legs. His stride almost makes his feet hit the back of the stroller so if you're super tall it might be uncomfortable.
-It's definitely not "compact" but it's definitely not full-size. I still take my tiny umbrella stroller when we just run to the bank or something because it's still easier.
-There's no front bar or tray with for the baby. It's not a problem for us but you can always buy one to add on.
-Definitely not for newborns or smaller babies. The lowest strap level is pretty high so it's not something you can use right away.

Overall, I absolutely love this stroller!
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on July 11, 2011
I have the Joovy Jogger stroller (supper kooshy ride) and the kooper (yellow) for travel and portable around town stuff. I love them both. I've had the Kooper for a year and it works great on planes and in the car. I am used to the way it locks and it isn't a problem. The fabric is durable and stays remarkably clean. I had a tear in the seam and Joovy customer service is amazing. A PERSON answers the phone and takes care of you right away. That right there is worth buying a Joovy product. The canopy on both my Joovys is the reason I choose Joovy, and they work amazingly well. This is a great product. I wish more companies today worked the way this one does.
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on June 11, 2011
If I had to do it all over again, I never would have bought a travel system or a cheap umbrella stroller, I would have saved my money and bought this from the start! Both my husband and I love this, it's a great height, has comfortable handles and rolls like a dream. My daughter is super comfortable with lots of room to grow and I love that the HUGE sunshade helps protect her fair skin while we're out and about. She loves the pockets on the sides, which usually holds a sippy cup, toy and snacks.

It's incredibly easy to put the seat up and down and there's enough room for my diaper bad underneath. I love this stroller so much I recommend Joovy products to everyone now :)
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on February 24, 2011
I have only been using this stroller for a few weeks but so far it is AMAZING! After our Maclaren Sport fell apart I wanted something still lightweight but a little sturdier and slightly wider, as my 21 month old son is roughly the size of a four year old. Without being too wide to fit down store aisles, the seat is a roomy fit for my little guy. The attached shade offers fantastic coverage and actually stays in place. I has plenty of reflectors for dark nights. The handles are at a great height and well padded, and the storage is descent. While I am hugely impressed with the ease of closing the unit, unlocking it one handed is not something I have been able to manage yet. Overall a fantastic stroller for the money.
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on April 25, 2012
I am giving this five stars for two reasons. It is a perfect size for what we needed, folds easily - took 5 minutes to assemble. The color is great, I like the option of having something that isn't pink or black to push a little girl in. I have not been able to use it yet since I have not had the baby and it's for 6 plus months. But, from what I see with prior stroller experience (had a MacLaren for my son) I am pleased with the price, ease of use, weight and size. The front wheels make turning much easier than other umbrella strollers and the hood is enormous! (good thing) The other reason for 5 stars, I ordered the stroller and had it within 24 hours of placing my order. Best transaction on Amazon so far.
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