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For years, the record industries have inserted subliminal messages into music so that they can turn teenagers into braindead zombies who do nothing but buy, buy, buy. And whenever the musician or band finds out the truth, the record company silences them to keep the truth from coming out. When the hot boy band DuJour discovers this, their manager, Wyatt Frame (Alan Cumming), under his evil, corrupt boss, Fiona (Parker Posey), has the plane they are flying in crashed and him looking for a new band to use for their evil schemes. Enter Josie (Rachel Leigh Cook), the ditzy Melody (Tara Reid), and the tough Valerie (Rosario Dawson), from Josie and the Pussycats, a small band who wants to make it to the big top. When they are discovered by Wyatt, they give in and become big rock stars. But will they find out that they are just pawns for the record industry or will fame take them over?

Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid
1 hour 39 minutes

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Josie and the Pussycats

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Josie and the Pussycats

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Genres Music, Comedy
Director Harry Elfont, Deborah Kaplan
Starring Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid
Supporting actors Tara Reid, Gabriel Mann, Paulo Costanzo, Missi Pyle, Alan Cumming, Parker Posey, Tom Butler, Carson Daly, Aries Spears, Alexander Martin, Faedragh Carpenter, Justin Chatwin, Marites Pineda, Kimberly Rimer, Corinne Reilly, Marnie Alton, Katharine Isabelle, Aeja Goldsmith
Studio Universal Studios
MPAA rating PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Captions and subtitles English Details
Rental rights 24 hour viewing period. Details
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
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Customer Reviews

I love this movie and probably have watched it over 5 times!
I mean, don't go looking for an award winning movie here (not artsy-fartsy), but it's stupid fun and is worth a damn good laugh or two.
Just a note: while this "Edited for Family Version" is the PG cut, it is NOT in widescreen as stated by .... and on the disc itself.

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20 of 21 people found the following review helpful By JuryDuty on July 24, 2002
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
I've seen both versions and here are the differences between the two:
The PG-13 version is the theatrical version, widescreen. It contains a bit of language and suggestive dialogue--enough to make it PG-13.
The PG version is an "edited" version that was cleaned up enough to make it pass for PG, which is what the original creator wanted. IT IS FULL FRAME. Every site you go to will say it's widescreen, but it's NOT. It is full frame--so be aware of that. Other than that, the extras, DTS and DD5.1 sound, etc, is exactly the same as the original.
Most of the edits made in the PG version are stuff you won't notice because they just cut a scene a few seconds early. (For instance, in the PG-13 opening video, Melody is holding a sign that says "Honk if you love Pussycats," but the "cats" is cut off--in the PG version, you don't see this clip in the video at all. They replaced it with something else.) However, there are TWO bits of dialogue where they did voice-overs. Both times it's the bad guys ranting and you can tell their lips move differently from the "cleaner" dialogue that's inserted. It's just like watching a cleaned-up movie on TV in those two small parts.
I should also add that the ONLY place I could find online that had the PG version is Amazon. For both the PG and PG-13 version, they show the same picture, BUT instead of the purple "Widescreen" bar at the top, the PG version ACTUALLY has a pink band at the top that says "This Film Edited for Family Viewing." On the back it says 1.33:1 Full Frame.
Personally, I own the PG version because I have some very young ones watching it--and the language is totally out of place in this film. But it's a sacrifice since you lose the widescreen.
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23 of 25 people found the following review helpful By Michael E. Brown on September 9, 2005
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
I never saw Josie and the Pussycats for the longest time--the previews made it look like one of the many teen, self-actualization movies where girls from Small-town, USA, beat the odds and achieve their dreams as rock-stars. Ugh. Oh, but how wrong was I and almost everyone else who chose not to see the film...

This film is a critique on modern music and the way everything has become corporate. But don't let the depth of this film turn you away if you're just looking for something entertaining. This movie has tons of that too. It's perhaps the funniest satire I've seen in years (Alan Cumming is the man), and you will know why this is during the opening scene of the film on the airplane. ("Take the Chevy to the Levy"--brilliant.)

Keep an eye out for all the product placement in the movie, too--the studio received exactly no compensation for them. It's all a part of the bigger joke, which I won't spoil here. (A joke that is RIDICULOUS in the extreme sense of the word, but you'll love the writers for it.)

Acting is great, pacing is excellent, music is awesome, and why are you still reading this review? Click "Add to Cart."

If you still have your doubts, go out and rent this film. (Be sure to get the PG-13 version of the film.) Believe me, though, that there's a really good chance that this will end up on your shelf before long.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful By Ross Nolan on September 16, 2001
Format: DVD
I am astonished that this film has been so undeservingly underated. It strikes me that certain people went along with the intention of having an utterly miserable time if they saw anything less brilliant than 'Citizen Kane', then took enormous pleasure in savaging this film when it failed to reach their vast expectations. Frankly if you are so through an elitist in films that the thought of teenage or 20ish characters (God forbid) or their brand of pop culture makes you break out into a hysterical fit of ranting, then you should have known better than to stay away from this.
DuJour are an utterly devestating parody of a boyband, and understandably much of the first half-hour is spent in their shadow. Still our introduction to the Pussycats is well done, and easily establishes their current standing. Rachael Leigh Cook, a stunning actress with the largest eyes I have ever seen, is nicely done here. To anyone who would doubt her comedic talent - or lack of interest there in - just watch her eye movements in her first scene with Alan M. Maybe, and I confess I am not an expert, she is different from the cartoon Josie, but by all accounts that is a good thing. In the cartoons I hear she was a nonentity, here she is the core character of the film. While Tara Reid's Melody is perhaps funnier, Josie is still the centre and Rachael Leigh Cook does it well. The other Pussycats have similar good moments, though shorter than Josie's.
Alan Cumming simply lights up the screen whenever he appears. While we are required to actually like Josie, Mel and Val (and they are in fact very likeable) Cummings Whyatt Frame is under no such constraints and it is entirely suitable that he is the only character to break the fourth wall. Posey Parker is almost as good as Cumming, but odder yet.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful By John Cooper on May 3, 2001
I went to this movie expecting nothing more than to watch Rachel Leigh Cook (Josie) and Tara Ried (Mel) dance around on stage in skimpy outfits. Imagine my surprise one of the funniest opening scenes I have ever seen! From the boy band named "Du Jour" (I guarantee my roommate and I were the only 2 people in the entire theatre filled with 13 year old girls who got that joke) and their hit single "Backdoor Lover" to the rediculous product placements and government conspiracy to put subliminal messages and advertisements in our music, thereby controlling trends and keeping teenagers buying the next best thing. Younger viewers who don't necissarily get the humor will enjoy the music and the unbelieveable plotline and love story while older viewers will enjoy the hilarious and almost plausible hyperbole of the conspiracy.
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