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on February 13, 2012
My ratings are based mainly on the QUALITY OF THE 3D, not the video content.

There are about 25 out of screen effects that extend about 10% of the way, from the screen to the viewer, 44 effects between 25 and 30%, 6 at 40%, 3 at 50% and 3 more around 60%. If I had to pick just 3 of my favorite effects from this film, they would be the biting fish at up to 30%, the carnivorous plant around 35% and a glowing bird that flits around between 25% and 40% for about 20 seconds. There are lots of other nice effects for you to pick your own favorites from.

The depth is, for the most part consistent from scene to scene and is natural to SLIGHTLY exaggerated looking because the footage is so crisp and clear. In fact, the live action 3D is done so well that in some outdoor scenes, the fact that it is actually an indoor set or green-screened, becomes noticeable. (Did I just complain about 3D being done too well?? Must be a full moon or something. LOL)

This is a great action/fantasy film suitable for most family members (rated PG) and I will enjoy watching this movie many times in the future. It easily makes it into my top 10 (out of 100) blu-ray 3D movies.
I should add that this is NOT a 2 disc combo set. The Amazon title is wrong, their "Product Details" are correct.

On my system, in addition to some slight ghosting that most people shouldn't notice, 5 scenes had easily visible crosstalk. I'm not trying to scare you away from this title. It's not perfect but still well worth adding to your collection.
(crosstalk varies from system to system)

*** This is a must see, Add it to your list ***

4 ½ star
MY 3D RATING = VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT (poor, fair, good, very good, excellent)

Note: As far as the percentages go, everyone's eyes are different. What I see at 25% you may see at 15% or 35%. To fully realize how far something is out of the screen for you, pause on an effect and direct a partner with an extended finger to the tip of what you are seeing. You may be surprised.

Click on `See all my reviews' for the lowdown on other 3Ds
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 18, 2012
First some back-information on the releases..

Journey to the Center of the Earth has been released in at least 3 different Blu-Ray versions now:
Blu-Ray 2D (with 3D anaglyph (green/magenta glasses) + DVD + Digital Copy
Blu-Ray 2D + DVD + Digital Copy
Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray 2D

The original Blu-Ray 2D w/ Anaglyph 3D wasn't so great, mainly because the required green/magenta glasses which made the video look terrible (it also showed much more ghosting and the 3D was nice but hard to watch an entire movie). This release was later replaced with a 2D only release.

The 2012 release is a REAL Blu-Ray 3D release (requires a 3DTV). The release is a single-disc with both Blu-Ray 2D and 3D versions on it (there is no Anaglyph version on here, so you will need a 3DTV to view it in 3D). It's also worth noting that there is no longer a DVD or Digital Copy included (There was, however, 8-dollars movie money for the 2nd movie coming out in early 2012).
The 3D Blu-Ray release includes a lenticular cover.

MOVIE - I found the movie to be fun. Not a great movie by any means, but works nice as a "turn your brain off and just enjoy it without thinking too much about it" way. Nothing terribly memorable, but also more watchable than most of these movies (and I think a bit of that comes from the 3D - I originally watched it in 2D, but enjoyed it much more in 3D). At 92 minutes, it also doesn't drag on like some movies.

AUDIO - This is an improvement over the original Blu-Ray releases which only had Dolby Digital 5.1 -- the 3D Blu-Ray now has DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 -- audio was very nice, didn't notice any issues with it.

VIDEO - Video was also good - the colors seemed a bit odd at times, but still very watchable. An above average transfer.

3D - Here's where the movie really shines. The Movie was filmed in 3D and combines live action and CGI elements very well. Lots of depth, lots of popout (a lot of gimmick popouts also, which I enjoy). I didn't notice ghosting/crosstalk during it (Panasonic DT30 LED TV with shutter glasses), something that is obvious during some movies. Depth seemed very natural and showed good separation.. sharpness was also very good. It was very obviously 3D the entire time, unlike some movies which seem as though 70% of them could easily be in 2D (and quite a few newer releases are just converted to 3D (this one was shot in 3D)). I'd rate it near the high end of 3D releases currently available.

Extras - Extras are sort of thin (same as the original release) - biggest being the commentary. The 3D release also includes a lenticular slipcover.

Overall - Not a great movie, but a fun movie. If you've seen it before and liked it, you'll like it much more in 'real 3D'. I owned the prior release (2D+Anaglyph+DVD+Digital Copy) and was still very happy with this new release. Recommended!
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on July 17, 2008
It's important to note straight off that this IS NOT a remake or a retelling of Verne's classic novel in any way. This story is surprisingly original.

The storyline, in brief, is about a college professor, played by Brendon Fraser (The Mummy and George of the Jungle) with his usual boyish charm who lost his brother 10 years ago when he went off to prove that Verne's novel wasn't really fiction. Now, out of a sense of guilt or obligation he takes in his brother's son each summer, well played by Josh Hutcherson (Zathura,RV, and Bridge to Terabithia. Hutcherson is in danger of being typecast as the bitter, rebellious teenager with a secret heart of gold. His acting is good, but he's been essentially playing the same role over and over again.

Well, the pair get it in their heads to try and track down the possible entry to the center of the earth and end up in Iceland trying to track down another professor who may be of help, but discover he died awhile back. They are instead greeted by his lovely looking, but rather cold exterior daughter, nicely played by relative newcomer Anita Briem, who agrees to be a mountain guide for them in what she considers to be a fool's errand.

The rest of the film is the trip to the center of the earth which only seems to take them a few minutes to get to and includes a shamelessly copied scene on mine carts from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as well as a T-rex scene lifted from Jurassic Park. I wasn't sure if they were paying some kind of homage to these films (or genre), or if they were literally just copying the scenes thinking the 3D effects would make them better somehow. Other than that the film moves along at a fun and rapid pace with several predictable, but touching moments.

The Hits:

(1) The 3D effects are the advanced type (not the blue and red glasses) that doesn't leave you with a headache afterwards. The entire film is designed with 3D in mind and while a gimmick, it is effective and fun.

(2) The special effects themselves are magnificent and would hold up nicely even in 2D. The most beautiful effect is the beach scene. It was absolutely stunning!

(3) The performances were all much better than this gimmicky action genre would normally dictate. They know it's all nonsense, but they make themselves into rather believable characters that we care about.

The Misses:

(1) Although the plot is fast-paced, it is rather silly and even ludicrous much of the time, but again, we know this going into the film.

(2) There is some really awful cliché-ridden dialogue. It's a bit of a miracle that these actors were able to deliver them without bursting into laughter and that is to their credit.

(3) In spite of the overall nice entertainment factor of this film with all it's clever special effects, decent acting, and fast-paced feel, it is a rather shallow film that is hard to recall even right after seeing it.

The problem with all gimmicky films, whether they are 3D or using camcorders to tell the story, the focus is primarily on the gimmick and little else. So much time, energy and money goes into the gimmick that the other aspects of storytelling fall to the wayside. This film does a bit better job at trying to be more entertaining and cohesive than other gimmick-driven films, but it is still rather shallow when all is said and done. I doubt very much I would have enjoyed this film much at all if not for the 3D effects and that says a lot all by itself.
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Trevor: Hey, look at all the shist.
Sean: What?
Trevor: It's a metamorphic rock. Green shist, white shist, micro-guarded shist-
Sean: Oh. Shist.

This adaptation of the Jules Verne classic novel features Trevor, a goofy volcanologist (Brendan Fraser), his nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson) and Hannah, a canny Icelandic tour guide (Anita Briem).

While on a hastily arranged expedition to Iceland to retrieve data from a previously dormant volcanic sensor gadget, the trio emulates Alice by falling down a hole. Curiouser and curiouser, they end up not in Wonderland, but in a lost world, where long-extinct phosphorescent birds flutter by and the flying fish have a serious case of overbite.

Using the storyline of a missing brother and misunderstood Vernian volcanologists, the little group wanders around the treacherous terrain, overcoming insurmountable odds and horrible hardship (Eat your Trilobite, Sean) before reaching the grandly preposterous finale.

Short Attention Span Summary (SASS):

1. Three down the shist hole
2. Things start heating up
3. Underground ocean crossing brings separation anxiety
4. Tyrannosaurus wrecks
5. Geyser erupts with "flare"
6. Strong hint of "to be continued"

A little Goonies, a little Indiana Jones and a lot of tongue-in-cheek adventure, this movie is great as far as light entertainment goes, and can be viewed by the whole family.

[Warning: Beware of lame lines and ridiculous situations.]

Amanda Richards, September 29, 2008
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on October 29, 2008
When I saw this at the theater, I thought it was the best 3-D movie that I have ever seen. If you like amusement parks, this is the movie for you. It's good clean family fun! I was expecting it to be at least as good as Hannah Montana-Best of both worlds 3-D DVD but it blows that movie away. You use Red/Blue Anaglyph glasses for Hannah Montana but for Journey to the Center of the Earth you use Magenta/Green. WOW!!! What a difference on this movie. I tried using the red/blue glasses but they didn't work. I would say the 3-D effects (not talking about color) is as good as it can get without the huge screen. The things that are suppose to pop out at you really do. You can't expect the colors to be great because you are only using two color glasses so the colors won't be as good as the theater...but you don't notice it as much during darker scenes (when they are inside the earth) which is most of the movie. The surround sound was very good even though it does not have the TrueHD audio format...the rear speakers were very engaging. I will say that not everyone does well with 3-D some people get headaches but do those same people get headaches on amusement parks rides...if so this might not be good for you. For me, I love rides if it doesn't spin me around so for this DVD I highly recommend it on blu-ray.

*UPDATE* I now own a Samsung UN46C8000 3D HDTV and Samsung BD-C7900 3D blu-ray player and active shutter glasses...I can't wait until they come out with Journey to the Center of the Earth in real 3D blu-ray because the difference is beyond incredible. Now, I see full color and the clarity is amazing!!!
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on February 8, 2012
Trying to find that perfect blend between OOS (Out of Screen) effects and depth is what 3D is all about, for me anyway. Some will say that OOS effects are gimmicky or childish and would say to them so what, I want to see some good OOS effects when watching a 3D film. Just giving depth to the film is only half the technology of 3D. Currently I have not found many 3D films with good consistent OOS effects, especially in the Live Action genera.
As for Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, they hit the nail on the head. Fantastic depth and OOS effects are found all throughout this film, from the opening scene with an insects antenna coming right at your face this film is a real 3D feast for the whole fam. Its tough paying the high price for 3D films and then not getting the full effect of 3D technology, but this film delivers. If you like 3D with OOS effects, this film is definitively worth it. The new Journey with the Rock looks promising as well.
This is a good one guys/gals, collection worthy fo show.
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VINE VOICEon July 18, 2008
This week my wife and I went to see "Hancock", "Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull", and "Journey to the Center of the Earth". For our part, the best of these was "Journey of the Center of the Earth". The story was a fun take off of the Jules Verne classic, by not trying to tell it as a period piece, and for my money, Brenden Fraser continues to be great as an action star.

Here's the funny thing though, the theater was out of the 3D Glasses so we watched it without the special 3D effects and still thought that it was a way fun ride! So much so, that we went back and watched it again with the 3D glasses so we could get the whole fun. Without the 3D we thought it was a 4star movie but with the 3D it was way a 5Star movie! It was so much fun even without the 3D gags, I wonder why they dont just make all films like this, as the "RealD" 3D is amazing and completely supeior to the old blue & red 3D we are used to.

So here's the deal,
"Journey to the Center of the Earth" is great family film kind of fun!

**** Without 3D
***** With 3D
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on May 26, 2012
I purchased the 3D Blueray disc of "JTTCOTE" because I had read that the 3D effects were pretty good. Well, "pretty good" doesn't begin to describe the viewing experience. I was blown away! I had recently purchased a 70" Sharp Aquos 3D HDTV along with a 3D discs of "Hugo" and "Harold and Kumar Christmas", both which I saw in the theater and enjoyed. I had never seen "JTTCOTE" and bought it strictly on others' recommendations. It was a very wise decision. The 3D is nothing short of amazing. And the movie itself is a lot of fun too. It's an ideal family film. It's not too long, about 90 minutes, unlike "Hugo", which although is a great family film also, with a running time of about 2 hours, younger kids may get restless. Also, this 3D Blueray disc has a great surround sound, which adds to the thrills and excitement. All in all it is the definitive "fun" movie. Get the family together and have a great time. Or even if your single, like me, get some friends together for an awesome "journey".
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on July 14, 2008
I thought this was an okay summer action flick. It won't win any awards, and I think it's only good for one-time viewing, but it kept me interested in the movie until the end. Of course, I think the fact it was 3-D helped some as the 3-D parts did cause the "oohs" and "ahhs" and were neat to watch on the screen. Watching objects fly out toward you and reach for you is always fun to watch.

Unfortunately, other than the 3-D effects, the movie wasn't all that great. Characters are somewhat flat, there wasn't much you knew about any of the characters besides surface level details.

Also, the world beneath the surface wasn't fully developed and explored. Sure, there were a few action-packed scenes (the ride on the ocean with the sea monsters, the chase by the T-rex, and the man-eating plant scene), but I felt a bit disappointed. I was expecting to see *more* of this underground world, but there wasn't much given, before the main characters all leave to the surface. Another thing that puzzled me was the little glowing bird that followed the nephew of the professor, Trevor, everywhere. Oh well, it was a cute little glowing blue bird, but I felt it was a bit pointless and didn't do anything except make you, the viewer, think, "Aw, how cute!!" LOL.

I felt there also wasn't enough conflict either, not much struggle while they are in this underground world. Not much going on, of course, I noticed a lot of people bringing their families to this movie so maybe the less unpleasant conflicts going on the better.

My opinion: I think perhaps the makers of the movie decided to skimp out on a lot of substance and meat to the story and instead relied on 3-D effect to carry the movie. It is easy to be distracted by the 3-D effects, and not notice that the movie is lackluster. If you like 3-D movies, go see it for the 3-D, but not for any good storyline.
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We have seen Brendan Fraser movies at only maintained the title and not the meat of the true story, such as "The Mummy", who does not look a thing like Peter Cushing (1959). Now we are presented with "Journey to the Center of the Earth." However, this movie does give us a good synopsis of the story. Moreover, it is very much fun to watch.

Prof. Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) has lost a brother. Professor Anderson's nephew Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) has lost a father. Well circumstances force them to spend some time together. They realize that they might be able to find the lost Max Anderson and make a trip to Iceland in pursuit. They are bigger and across the tasty mountain guide Hannah Ásgeirsson (Anita Briem), who has recently lost her father. Both Hannah's father, and Trevor's brother had one thing in common; they were Vernians. So all three each bringing their own unique talents, set off to find the lost Max Anderson.

I first watched the 2D version of this movie in Blu-ray high definition. Some of the scenes were quite beautiful, such as the diamonds that had the lights behind them, so they would glisten in the cave. The movie did look a little bit like it was cranked out at the last minute with many things not thought out. However, it was still fun for the time that it lasted.

Now it was time to watch the 3-D version. I put on my trusty red and green glasses that came with the DVD. I must say I am not sure why they switched from red and blue, to red and green. However, it might have something to do with the fact that televisions are made up of three colors of light red, green, and blue. The military also change their lighting from red at night light to green night light for some reason. Therefore, we are not aware of something afoot. In any event, it took about 15 seconds to get used to the new color environment. In addition, I must say that some of the scenes are spectacular. The trilobite at first may be halved almost at back of the seat. Of course, with the exception of the color change the technology has not changes since the origins of 3D. Other scenes instead of extending out into the viewer's space recessed back and looked like the old stereoscopic slides. Occasionally there looked like a pane of glass with a reflection of what was behind it. I am not sure if this was sloppy manufacturing or beyond the technology even of today. No matter the problem, it is well worth the viewing and I hope this will catch on as an industry option.

This comes with a digital download. I have not tried it yet. I have watched the picture in picture voice over which added to the second viewing.

"A Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne

3D GLASSES - Journey to the Center of the Earth DVD Extra 3D Glasses (3 Pairs)
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