Customer Reviews: Journey to the Center of the Earth (1989)
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on September 22, 2015
History: this film was started as its own production by Golan-Globus, but as their production company shifted its focus, the work remained unfinished for years before finally being slapped together with the production for Alien from LA. You can actually tell at what point the film was finished and what scenes were filmed before production shifted. Watch this after seeing Alien from LA for your bad movie night, and you won't be disappointed. The cast does pretty well, and the writers really did an amazing job trying to smash the two stories together.
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on June 17, 2016
Anytime you try to Finnish a un finished movie, with unlelated footage this is what you get. Sara is last seem looking over the edge & never seen again & no one seems to care. The dream sequence seems to be where the movie was ment to do, but cut to unrelated scenes basted on Alian from LA, & a screen & were home. I saw this sober & it didn't make sense but maybe you can figure it out. Pic quality good, worth one star
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on May 16, 2008
VIAJE AL CENTRO DE LA TIERRA was a Spanish live-action coproduction that received limited distribution in 1978 in the United States by International Picture Show under the title WHERE TIME BEGAN; it was initially titled JULES VERNE'S FABULOUS JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. Made for $2 million, WHERE TIME BEGAN was shot over a period of five months, and uses most of Verne's major incidents.

WHERE TIME BEGAN opens with a pre-credit discussion of the interior of the Earth by a group of geologists, with Professor Otto Lidenbrock (Kenneth More) commenting that the only way to prove any of the theories is through an actual descent. The credits follow, superimposed over a pleasant salute to the Vernian visual style of Georges Méliès, but marred by an inane song on the soundtrack.

The date of the story is shifted to 1898, to make it more contemporary for the audience, in both technology and social mores (such as the place of women). In Hamburg, an aged man tries to sell several old volumes at a book store; they are bought by Lidenbrock. Arriving home, he finds the soldier Axel accidentally kneeling before his niece Glauben, and assuming there has been a marriage proposal, gladly but offhandedly offers his consent. Glauben notices the small note that falls from the book, and together Lidenbrock, Axel, and Glauben, with the help of the cinematically referential device of a magic lantern, discover the key to Saknussemm's code.

Under the same necessity to add a feminine lead as other versions, WHERE TIME BEGAN follows a vastly simpler method. Glauben wants to go on the trip, and her practicality proves a valuable assistance to the absent-minded Lidenbrock and equally ill-prepared Axel. By contrast, it is Axel who is uncertain, hesitant, and reluctant; the juxtaposition of his equivocation with Lidenbrock's certainty and Glauben's eagerness provides humor that was not in the novel.

The exteriors of the expedition's beginning and exit through craters were taken at the Lanzarote volcano in the Canary Islands, providing a barren, other-worldly appearance that almost resembles a moonscape. Although the reddish plains scarcely resembled Iceland, a series of extreme dramatic zooms impressively isolates the cast amidst the desolate location, providing a more dynamic lead-up to the descent than in the 1959 movie. The plunge into the Earth was shot a half-mile inside caves near Madrid, with the lighting effectively dark and claustrophobic.

When Hans's pickaxe thrust releases boiling water, it burns the hand of the man Glauben had seen in the darkness--who finally introduces himself as Olsen (Jack Taylor). The underground sea seems to have a healing physical power over the members of the expedition. Glauben notices that Olsen never seems to require sustenance, and his only tool is a copper-colored metal box he carries with him (which unfortunately resembles in size and shape nothing so much as a metal tea-kettle).

The sequence around the underground sea is, as in the novel, the centerpiece of the story, and the full treatment of this setting and the incidents around it--the island, the dinosaurs, the storm--with a large degree of fidelity to Verne, make WHERE TIME BEGAN noticeably different from other films of the novel. Filters turn the ocean a deep shade of greenish-blue aqua, contrasting with the orange of the land; the striking color combinations make the setting all the more convincing.

Washed ashore with the wreckage of their raft and their equipment after the storm, Axel and Glauben go in search of Olsen, passing through a field of fossils and into a forest. At this point, WHERE TIME BEGAN becomes increasingly far-fetched. Axel and Glauben are suddenly attacked, not by the ten foot prehistoric man of Verne's imagination, but by a giant ape, failing to connect with Verne's evolutionary link. Olsen comes to the rescue, and allowing them to glimpse a whole city of men who resemble him.

Olsen sets off an explosion that will open an escape for Lidenbrock, Axel, Glauben, and Hans, saying he will find his own way to safety. The scene comes rather suddenly, and is confusing in its brevity and lack of explanatory dialogue. WHERE TIME BEGAN avoids saying whether the expedition actually reached their destination or not, so there is no sense of the downward distance they have traveled.

In a coda, Axel and Glauben have married, Hans is once more a prosperous sheepherder, and Lidenbrock still haunts the old bookshop. One day, he learns that a parcel has been left for him, and, unwrapped, it proves to be Olsen's metal box. Looking toward the shop window, Lidenbrock sees an aged man, the same one who brought in Saknussemm's journal--and recognizes that he is "Olsen." This parallel closure brings the film back to where it began.

Is Olsen perhaps meant to be Arne Saknussemm himself, or a representative of his pioneering spirit? Either or both could be true; Olsen stands in for the absent predecessor whose earlier journey they are recreating. Significantly, Olsen appears after Lidenbrock loses Saknussemm's original book, and will rescue the travelers at the point where Saknussemm's last carving of his initials appears. He is less of a full-fledged character than a symbol, a vivid reminder of the theme of time that, in the form of evolution, was such a motif of the novel.

The cast credibly enact their roles, particularly Kenneth More, despite his age. The special effects (by Emilio Ruiz) are variable; the dinosaurs are far less convincing than those of the 1959 version, but WHERE TIME BEGAN also attempts to do far more with them, the previous film not even attempting to stage the battle at sea. The most consistent virtue is the impressive photography by Andres Berenguer, especially the volcanic surfaces, the caves, and the underground ocean. Judged by its own standards and scale, WHERE TIME BEGAN must be rated a very satisfactory although uneven effort.
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on December 17, 2015
I'm seriously trying to figure that out right now, as I just finished watching by far, the most bizarre thing that I've ever seen MGM's name on. After a little research I have figured out what the deal is with this film. Apparently Cannon Films had sold "Journey to the Center of the Earth" to foreign distributors, but the studio ran out of money 1/2 way into production, the named director claims he only directed 8mins of what is in the final product. Meanwhile Cannon was also 1/2 way through production of Alien From L.A. Part 2 a Cathy Ireland vehicle that audience's worldwide must've been clamoring for, anywho the Cannon guys went into an editing room and slapped the 2 films together in a totally incoherent mess of a film, and threw in the sound track from American Ninja and scenes from Mission Impossible for good measure, what you are left with is probably the most bizarre thing you will ever see MGM's name on, how the heck this ever made it to DVD is beyond comprehension. I'm giving it 3 stars just because I've never seen anything so brazenly thrown together and released from a minor studio, much less a major one, and for the story behind how it got made.
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on July 24, 2009
This was BY FAR the worst rendering of Journey to the Center of the Earth I have ever seen in my life! I couldn't believe I spent $5 on this movie--to think I could have had a Cold Stone instead...

Initially, this movie doesn't even remotely closely follow the Verne classic. There is nothing even remotely familiar in here--Pat Boone playing an accordion all the way down was a closer rendition--and that's saying something. About the only thing that is similar to the classic novel is the fact that there is a journey to the center of the earth.

Second, the setting isn't really all that accurate. A matte painting is used for the "volcano," and it doesn't even look like a real volcano from any geology textbook I've read (and I was a geology major specializing in volcanic seismology...). Worse, the type of volcano illustrated doesn't even exist in Hawaii. The eruption indicated is a physical impossibility in the islands.

Thirdly, Atlantis. Really? Please. This is an insult to my intelligence. Verne MUST be rolling in his grave...

Fourth, the plot. It's as if the writer just grew tired of the story (or the film ran out of money) and it just STOPPED. Dead. No rising action. No falling action. No action.

SAVE YOUR MONEY! Do not buy this. Go to Cold Stone instead. You'll thank me for it. My copy has already been placed into the shredder. It doesn't even rate a viewing at my Sunday night heckle parties.
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on August 19, 2010
I've watched most the Journey to the Center of the Earth movies....this one.....not worth your time. It will be going to a garage sale or the Goodwill very soon.
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on May 9, 2016
i have seen thousands of movies and honestly this is the worst one i've ever seen... everything was bad about it.writing,directing, acting, editing, plot, effects.... We were TRUELY AMAZED at how bad this was. and there was clearly a budget to make a proper movie here... I think the Director was so far out of his league with this steamy pile. I recommend this HIGHLY to people that enjoy bad movies. Watch it with friends of family. you will get a kick out of yelling at the screen, actors, directors, etc.
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on October 25, 2005
It's kind of amusing that everyone thinks that this version of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH starring EMO PHILLIPS is actually the spanish film WHERE TIME BEGAN. Of course it does not help that MGM and AMAZON have listed the credits for WHERE TIME BEGAN, which is also an adaption of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. This film is actually from 1988 and I think even more obscure than WHERE TIME BEGAN if such a thing is possible.

I bought this version knowing it was not WHERE TIME BEGAN. I wish it was WHERE TIME BEGAN because I love that film. I have never seen this 1988 version starring comedian EMO PHILLIPS but I have always wanted to.
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on November 29, 2012
this movie is terrible dont waist your money on it it not even a complete movie its all cut up at least 45 mins is missing and there is no monsters like on the front picture they made that a dream and it makes no sense because the plot goes from the middle of the story right to the end with out showing you the main them i wish i could give it no stars because it was that bad they should of not even released it at all.
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on November 18, 2013
I bought this at the dollar store for about three dollars. It makes little to no sense. An English girl, a wannabe nanny, travels to Hawaii and ends up being the nanny to a washed up rock star's dog. Suddenly this girl is thrust into the company of some young men. They travel to a hill in Hawaii, near the ocean and immediately they are in a cave and down they go, to somewhere. The explorers have found Atlantis, or it's supposed to be. The Atlanteans were planning to invade Earth. Yada, yada, yada, nothing making much sense. The movie ends having explained little, having accomplished nothing at all, but it seems the travelers made it back from middle Earth, I think, or maybe the clipshow at the end was from another time? The movie just shows piece after piece of the explorers, all set to loud music. It's supposed to be an ending, but really, the ending of what, images of nonsense? Just be glad this confusing morass of nothing but bad silly acting is over. Everything is so very dreadful and bad here. You'll be so glad and perplexed when the so called movie is over and so mad you actually gave it a chance.

This is really a no star movie. It's not even a movie. This non-movie means less and less as it tediously rolls on.
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