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on February 12, 2013
I'm the person who rage-quits the first level of LEGO HARRY POTTER. I used to play video games when they had only a joystick and maybe one button to worry about. I am confounded by the playstation controller.

This game is amazing. It is not a shooter, is kind of a "quest", but mostly it is very Zen. The graphics and music are incredible. Get this game and play FLOWER if you want to feel like you're flying. The soundtrack alone is worth the purchase price.

I'm also someone who plays a game once and I'm done. I don't like to replay levels. This is the only game where I look forward to playing it through again and again, exploring as much as possible.
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on July 28, 2013
I just finished my first playthrough last night, and it was truly on of the most beautiful experiences I've ever enjoyed, not just in video games but in any artistic medium. Trying to sum up Journey in a few words feels both easy and difficult. It is so simple yet so incredibly rich and stunning at almost every moment. The game design in particular is simple enough for anyone to pick up and thoroughly enjoy whether they have never played a video game or are a veteran, yet it never loses that element of wonder and rapture as it draws you further along in completing your journey. The graphics are phenomenal, and I do not mean in terms of realism but just raw artistic beauty. From the way the sands glimmer in the sun to the flow of your scarf and cape with the winds, you cannot help but get drawn in to the sprawling world laid before you.

One of the best gameplay elements is integration with other lone wanderers along the path. With nothing more than a musical note to communicate, there is a wonderful bond that forms with a complete stranger in this beautiful yet connected world. This is the first time I've found myself waiting for a complete stranger to catch up, have someone help me across a difficult jump, and the first time I've found myself searching for my partner and them for me when we get separated. Whenever I needed help or they did, we immediately rushed to each others aid. This is the first time on any game where I have enjoyed forming this brief but powerful relationship, and it always felt natural. I knew that we didn't have to help each other, and we could have gone our separate ways but we didn't. My partner became the first playstation 3 player that I've added as a friend in years.

What deserves particular note for helping this game truly connect with me was the soundtrack. It is truly on another level, and is well-deserving of the accolade in being the first video game soundtrack nominated for a Grammy award. I am listening to the soundtrack in fact as I write this review, and has a way of teasing out and evoking such strong emotions as you lay back and enjoy it. This is probably the second video game soundtrack I plan to purchase for myself - the first being that of Flower. Overall, I cannot recommend playing Journey enough, it is absolutely one you will never forget and certainly one you will recall very fondly in the years to come.

The previous title by thatgamestudio before Journey, and it does not disappoint either. Flower tells the story of a flower petal as you help guide it along its way to connect with other petals in the land. I know that at face value it seems incredibly simple with no real story to tell, but there is so much more to it if you give it a chance. The gameplay is built around fully utilizing the six-axis aspect of the playstation 3 controller, and it is the first true implementation I've seen of that feature. It makes guiding your flower petal feel both natural yet engrossing, and without knowing it you'll find yourself being drawn further in as you try to keep building your trail of flower petals.

I was trying to figure out what key element really brought Flower together, and that is the soundtrack. I first played Flower after a tough day at work when I was feeling frustrated, and within the first few minutes I could feel all of the tension melt away and felt like I was in a blissful state. The soundtrack goes a long way to help you transition to this state, and is exactly why I purchased the soundtrack for this game - the first time I have ever done so for a video game. I never expected a game about a flower petal could be this involving, but it was and it made me more optimistic about where video games can still yet go. That this work led to Journey is very evident, but Flower is a wonderful game in its own right that you should absolutely play and enjoy on its own merits aside from its relationship with Journey.

Have yet to play Flow, so I won't comment on it until after I do.
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on December 6, 2012
Game: Journey [PS3]

Rating: 5/5 {excellent}

I just earned my white cloak {read: Transcendence trophy} after several consecuctive play throughs of this adorable gem. It's very rare for a game to inspire multiple iterations, but this game succeeds.

In my first journey, I started off with the usual gamer goal of learning the basics of the game (which turned out to be stunningly easy), but after finishing the first two segments in short order I ran into my first fellow traveler, and the essential core of the game quickly became apparent ... simple wordless companionship and cooperation. No pretentious gamer names, no personality mismatches or generation gaps, no tiresome messaging or voice-overs, no weapons, no overly complicated abilities, no overly-tedious puzzles ... just simple, sublime cooperation. {Aside: you don't actually NEED to cooperate, but the experience is 10x more satisfying if you do, and the ability to recharge each others rune scarves is a helpful boon).

Art wise, the game has a somewhat abstract Peruvian/Andean flair, with Shintoist overtones, and I was reminded strongly of an episode of "Beyond Survival with Les Stroud" called "The Q'Ero - Descendants of the Inkan High Priests" [...] (highly recommended, BTW) in which Les Stroud completes a sacred pilgrimage through the Andes mountains with an Andean holy man. For fellow literary buffs, I recommend "Johnathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach (and the fabulous soundtrack of the same by Neil Diamond) ... the overall flavor is similarly satisfying.

A few minor nits:
* At the conclusion of a journey, the game lists the other players you met during your journey. I wish the game did so BEFORE the painfully looooong scroll of credits. Yawn.

* I have mixed feelings about the game's length, which is rather short (2-3 hrs) - on the one hand, part of me agrees with others that it's the perfect length AS IS; and on the other hand, part of me wishes it were 1-2 hrs longer and just a wee bit more challenging.

Bottom line: what a wonderful, relaxing, pseudo-spiritual game ... highly recommended, for those introspective souls out there who understand the values of patience, silence, and the quiet joys of simply BE-ing.
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Journey is an amazing game it's really more of a cohesive experience that a videogame but it really is fun. In this review I will not speak of the other games included in this bundle but they've both received great reviews. So this bundle is a good price at the time of writing this Journey was $14.99 on PlayStation network.

Journey is the perfect game to introduce somebody to gaming the object is simple you walk and fly your unknown character across an amazing landscape. I think Journey would be a great game if you want to get young child into gaming. Now some of the mechanics might be lost in a young child but the moving and jumping and flying should be relatively easy for them to pick up. In this game is basically violence free minus a few points where you might be afraid (actually I got afraid a little) but it might be a little scary for young child I was a journey to be played by any child 5 years plus.

As a disabled gamer I'm very interested in the options menus to see if you can remap the buttons journey has 0% remapping your stuck with one layout. Now I did get the developer to add more buttons that you can use (showing them a video of me playing with my face and having to reach across the controller to hit the X button instead of just having fly be L1 convince them to add more buttons.) And you cannot turn off the 6 axis function even though I can move the controller freely and have to hold my face this wasn't really an issue. But just be warned this game uses 2 buttons and you can assign which controller buttons you want to do that.

Another thing is the multiplayer it has multiplayer kind of? As you journey through the world you meet other players that are automatically matched as you play you don't know who they are or where they're from and you can only "chirp" at them by pressing a button but it's kind of cute and interesting. One cool thing when you finish the game you to see a list of the gamer tags of the players that you played with totally awesome.
PRO TIP:You can tell if you're playing with an advanced player by the length of their robe when you start out you have a red robe with the yellow fringe but as you play more the yellow fringe grows longer.

So I recommend this game wholeheartedly if you're only visiting Journey by it straight off the PSN network I don't like having/can't because of my disability swap disks.

Thanks for reading and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your journey.
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on December 7, 2013
Wow, this game is exactly what I was searching for . . . something that is truly fun to play, that has some emotional depth, and a clear, universally spiritual experience. As a recent retiree I took up PS3 for some fun but was quickly disappointed with all the gore, guns and gangsters in most games. This one is truly one-of-a-king and refreshing. Simply to play and understand; a clear and coherent theme and relatively simple puzzles to solve. I love the way the helper appears when you need it. Very powerful with many links to the quest for meaning in life and our earthly trials; the game is replete with challenges, rewards, powerful guardians and even the the tunnel at the end so common in near-death experiences. Full of symbols. Fun to play. Everything I've been looking for.
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on May 4, 2013
3.5 out of 5
The wonderful thing about every game on this disc is the ability to find yourself lost within them. Reality is always subdued by these titles; whether due to their soundtracks meeting simplicity or just the complete interruption from anything you've done in other games before. Flow is no exception. But it is the weakest of the three games. I won't spoil the game for you. But suffice it to say that one of the most gratifying parts of this experience is just figuring out what you're doing. And, once your first playthrough is complete, you may still wonder if there are better ways to progress or even a different way to play altogether. Length and breadth are mostly what Flow is lacking. The developers were well on their way to greatness here, but weren't yet incorporating those truly awe-inspiring moments. It's enjoyable nonetheless.

4.25 out of 5
This is going to sound terrible, but the first time I began playing this game I was quickly out like a light. It wasn't that the game was boring; far from it. I suppose that the game itself just relaxed the hell out of me and made me realize how tired I'd been. And games don't normally do that. So I'd argue that this title is worth the price of a trip to the day-spa. Still, that isn't what prompts the rating. I just thought that would be a fun tidbit to share. What really makes Flower wonderful is the sense of freedom, atop the musical nature of its progression. Then there's all of the vibrancy in each level. It's difficult to know what's coming next. You really feel as though you're building a following while accomplishing something worthwhile. And it is unlike any game I have ever played. Long before Journey ever came about, I was very much taken by Flower and the spell it weaves on whoever is leading that lone petal.

4.5 out of 5
I'll admit that I am not quite the admirer of this game that many people seem to be. This isn't to say I don't value it. I clearly think the game is breathtaking. But I'm not going to tell you that it's the greatest game I've ever played. Engrossing? Yes. Captivating? Oh yeah. Unique? Of course. Still not the end-all of video games as some reviewers have let on. From this title you can expect complete immersion. Play this thing when you have nothing else that needs done, and don't allow for interruptions. Because, beyond the simple beginnings of Journey, the game is going to grab you by the core and not let go until you've finished with it. Again, no spoilers. So I'll just say that the game is one of the most visually impressive titles out there. And the score is on par with what you'll see. What many people, myself included, love about this game is its ability to draw you in without the bells and whistles of other titles. You aren't killing things or hearing memorable one-liners. You aren't hunting objectives or solving riddles either. The game is literally about the journey itself. And that may sound dull to people who haven't played the game. But if you play it you'll realize how wrong that line of thinking can be. One thing I both loved and hated about the game was the multiplayer aspect. I disliked it because there was never any explanation of how it worked. To put it plainly, any time you see another character while you play, you're playing with a live person somewhere out there. The game makes this happen seamlessly and doesn't let you in on what's happened. If ever you wish to play by yourself, then simply sign out of the playstation network prior to playing. Otherwise the multiplayer is going to be part of your experience. But that doesn't equate to a negative. Remember that I also said I loved this aspect. The multiplayer is wonderful here because it gives you something no other games does; someone to journey with for the simple sake of someone to journey with. There is literally nothing about this game which requires a companion. You could do everything alone. And this means that some people may view the multiplayer as a nuisance or as useless. Others will recognize that this only deepens the experience. The emotional response and connection you'll feel toward that nameless, faceless, wordless stranger by the end of your journey is intense. Without it, the game isn't quite the same. And that's what makes it brilliant. You are literally tasked with understanding that any adventure for the sake of adventure is more memorable with someone in tow; even if you can't speak to each other. It's a moving and sobering testament to what games can do and all of the untapped potential which still exists. Not to be missed. But for the ultra-rigid and calculating minds which have trouble losing themselves in much of anything, especially something which offers no grand prize, Journey is not going to be thought worthwhile. The majority, however, will fall hard for this game. And anyone can/should play it; even non-gamers.
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on November 19, 2013
This collection is amazing. Journey has to be one of the best games of this generation and is a must play for gamers who own a PS3. It is an experience that should not be missed and one that I will remember. Flow and Flower are both very memorable as well and each of the three games has its own unique art/gameplay style. I had actually already played through both Flow and Journey before purchasing this and have enjoyed all of the extra content (especially the Journey soundtrack!). I would highly recommend this collection to anyone!
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on February 10, 2013
Really lovely, controls are intuitive, gameplay is transcendent. Beautiful soundtracks abound, the games manage, without a single bit of story line to be completely captivating and totally immersive. Also, completely kid friendly, thought the "journey" game has it's dark and suspenseful moments, to be sure.

totally worth it.
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on November 21, 2013
Wow great games. Eye candy with great music and graphics. All the games will immerse you into a different world. The controls are fluid once you get use to them. I thoroughly enjoyed the games. Highly recommend.
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on September 30, 2012
Journey is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and uniquely moving experience I have played. Journey is more than a cool video game. It is an EXPERIENCE! It is a true work of art. Trust me, there is nothing else out there right now that is like Journey. The other two main games in the package, Flow and Flower, are also interesting and unique, but Journey is in a class all it's own. Journey tells a complete story with no dialogue. The story is told through your own experience, and cryptic murals and glyphs that tell the story visually. Along the way you will probably encounter another stranger or two on their journey, as the game seemlessly drops other players into your game world if you are online when you play the game. Each time you play through the game is unique. The story leaves room for your own unique story to be projected into the game. The journey is about you, your life, your joys, your sorrows, your experience.

The disc also contains a "making of" documentary on Journey, in which Genova Chen of thatgamecompany explains how he researched myth, symbolism, the hero's quest, and even universal dream imagery when designing the concept for the game.

Journey is beautiful, mesmerizing, and moving! You can't miss out on this one. There is simply nothing comparable to this in the video game industry.
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