Customer Reviews: Jtech 10x 194 168 2825 T10 5 SMD White LED Car Lights Bulb
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on October 9, 2013
Not as bright as others I had/ have, but a this price (currently under $10 for 10 bulbs)you can't beat this value. The best ones I have are from LEDMOD_DOT_COM and were $5 for a pair. The LEDS I bought here from JTECHnow are only maybe 10% dimmer than the super bright ones I own. Most buyers will not notice this and if you use them in pairs, should not have any issues. Some quailty issues were noticed, but they did not keep the LED bulbs from working. I will be buying more of these from Amazon and this seller over the other brighter ones I have.

WHAT I GOT: (See my image for reference)
The bulbs come in an easy to open display packaging. Mine were neatly organized and had a small foam layer behind them that kept them from rattling. The entire package was then placed in an padded envelope. Not the best packaging for shipping but it arrived safely.

QUALITY INSPECTION: (See my image for reference)
The LED's looked very nice. All were clean and free of residue from solder or other films from the manufacturing process. I did notice on two of the LED assembly's that they were made at an odd angle. This might affect use if the tolerance is tight for your application, but not for me. (See my image for reference.)I could not notice any cold solder joints and all solder looked shiny and clean with good contact. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the solder job on these a solid 8. I tried a light twist test to see if the circuits would easily break off the plastic base, but they seemed well enough secure. Your not going to have any twisting forces when inserting or removing these bulbs.

TESTING: (See my image for reference)
My testing was semi scientific as I used a DC power supply with 3VDC, 4.4VDC,6VDC, 7.5VDC,9VDC and 12VDC. Each were tested at 7.5VDC, 9VDC and 12VDC. (I could not get them to light on any voltage lower then the 7.5VDC setting of my supply.) I did this to verify that each worked, and to verify if they are polarity sensitive (they ARE) and to note which side is the positive and negative for later use. At 7.5VDC the LEDS lit up. You could see each individual segment clearly.(each LED assembly has 3 light emmitting segments) At 9VDC you can not look at them without hurting your eyes. The LEDS were bright and full. 12VDC was full brightness and blinding after just glancing at them quickly. Within seconds I felt like I was looking into a camera flash. Unfortunately this was hard to photograph, because the varying output would affect my camera's focus and apeture. The higher the voltage, the darker the background seemed. I did manage to get a few decent pictures for reference. All the bulbs were left running for about 5 minutes before removing from my test jig. All bulbs appeared to have the same color (PURE WHITE) and all were the same intensity, to my naked (and somewhat blinded) eye.

PRACTICAL USE: (See my image for reference)
I bought these to use in my restored 1995 Celica. I had replaced the head lights with JDM ones from Japan. The stock 194 bulbs would illuminate the "City Lights" (small white marker lights within the headlights themselves) with a dim, yellow hue. The LED's fit right in the OEM socket, as snug as the original bulbs did and were a nice BRIGHT WHITE. I regret I did not take a picture with one 194 bulb and one LED bulb for a 'side by side' comparison, but I did get a decent shot of the white light within' the headlight.

*Very bright white color
*Uniform color & brightness from one LED to the next
*EXCEPTOINAL value at less than $1 each. (including shipping!)
*High quality construction & materials (rival or equals the more expesive LED's I have)
*OEM fit into bulb socket (at least on Toyota Celica's!)
*Easy open package that cam be reused to store unused LED bulbs

*Some assembly issues/ quality control
*Packaging material a bit weak in my opinion. (Shipped in a padded envelope)
*Can't find out what warranty is (90 day? 6 months? 1 year?)

CLOSING: I hope to update this review wth a longevity report and if I have any issues. As of right now (10-9-13) I and extremely satisfied with this purchace and the seller "JTECHnow", but I reserve the right to change that if they turn out to be duds!
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on October 3, 2013
So these arrived sooner than expected as the order was filled promptly. Now the product.. Let me first say if you are putting these bulbs in a small housing like I did (License Plate Bulb replacement) you need to be aware that the LED portion or "bulb" portion if you will is approx 10-15% larger than the incandescent counter part (actual bulb)it replaced. This created a small issue and required me to be more forceful than I would like with a product of its fragility. Since the package comes with 10 and I only needed 2 I forced the light in the housing with success. Don't get me wrong, I did not have to get medieval with the bulbs but anyone that has replaced a light bulb knows you don't force a bulb into a lens housing. The issue was the space available in the lens housing itself not the hole that it goes into. The truck I have is a 2011 Sierra by the way for reference. The bulbs fit perfectly into the socket. Very easy. It is obvious the bulbs were made to fit the socket specs. For those reviews that mention failure.. or dead on arrival.. and won't work and they are new, What's Up?? These bulbs are polarized meaning it makes a difference which way you put them in. Its a 50/50 chance your first time and to be honest I did not look to see if the bulbs have marked polarity with Positive and Negative. They fit the same in the socket either way and they are not keyed. My results... One worked and the other did not. I took the one that did not work, flipped it around where the front was now facing the back and viola it came on.

Now for the brightness. The bulbs certainly light up the License Plate Area but I would not say they are (G - Rated version) Holy Cow bright. More like.. huh.. That looks nice. More light than the incandescent but not bright enough to draw your attention to them and comment .. Those are bright. Now I realize we are talking License plate bulbs here not ballpark spot lights... I get it. But when I read on the packaging "Do not look directly at the light" and "May cause heat" I am beginning to wonder if I need to put on some sun tan lotion before installation. I am here to tell you, you won't need sunscreen. The overall look is nice and gives an updated look to the truck as my other car has led's from the factory. I just expected a bit more light. I would recommend. I hope this helps..
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on April 7, 2014
I have gone through the entire 10 pack replacing them 2 at a time to illuminate my licence plate. They work great for about a month and then they start losing 1 of the 5 LED's at a time. This causes this horrible flashing that draws attention to your car. I shot a quick really crappy video that shows what I'm talking about. Just search youtube for " Jtech 10x 194 168 2825 T10 5-SMD White LED Car Lights Bulb 10XT10SMD5050W " and you'll find it. Don't waste your time or money on these. They won't last.
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on August 13, 2012
I cant say how long they will last but so far they are above a beyond what i expected. They are 3-4 times as bright as the standard bulbs ive replaced and i really like the whitish blue color compared to the yellow of an incandescent bulb. Great product, cant beat the price and ships very fast.
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on January 11, 2013
I installed them in an Acura TL 2007 and a Honda Accord 2004 EX. They went in the In the front door lights which are at the bottom of the door and licence plate lights. All ten led's worked and I found them bright and white, I did not notice the bluish tint some other people were talking about.

The light will install in either directing but will only light in one direction, so before closing everything up run engine or headlights and make sure everything thing works. They do come in 2 boxes of 5 LED's each so I'm not sure why they were advertised as 10 LED they can just sell you a box of 5. I guess because it's pretty cheap and I'm sure Amazon wants their cut too. I will up date and edit this review if they burn out before a year. LED"s are supposed to last a very long time. These seem to be a cheaper alternative to PUTCO led's which are super expensive.
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on September 9, 2015
Installed these on my 2003 Chevrolet Silverado. I used them in my courtesy lights in my doors, glove box, and the small map lights. They are very bright, put off a lot more light than the factory bulbs. The only thing I had to do was take a dremmel tool and trim the courtesy light housing so that the bulbs would fit. The bulbs are much wider than a standard 194, and much taller. The bulbs would not fit into the housing for the license plate bulb mount, the led bulb is just to tall.
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on July 27, 2012
These were just the ticket for replacing my license plate lamps. They are well constructed and small enough to fit in even the tightest spaces. The build quality looks very good, hope they last as long as other LED lights have over the years. The 5 LED's on each bulb also helps with dispersing light down and to the sides. Very bright at night. I can run with just the marker lights on an see the glow on street and stop signs. Well worth the investment. Regular lamps cost about $5 for two at the local auto parts store, so these were a no brainer!
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on May 5, 2014
Mine started to blink after a while as well. The lights stay lit for about a month with no issue. Then the LEDs start to flash or go dark altogether. I'm going to get rid of mine - at least the ones on the exterior of the car - as I'd rather not have my license plate lights start to flash and draw attention. The ones in my interior dome lights work fine presumably because they haven't been on for as long as the ones on the parking lights or license plate lights.
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on October 10, 2013
Bought these to replace my interior lighting and also the license plate lighting on my vehicle. The light is a very "cool-white," and looks much better and more appealing. It creates a different mood in the car to a more modern look from the yellow and dull looking incandescent that it replaced. Unfortunately, these are dimmer than the incandescent bulbs (type 168) that were placed, but they are still bright enough. For whatever reason in my vehicle, the LEDs became much brighter when I manually turn on my interior lighting in the car.

They are well worth the money, especially for the value. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

1 of the 10 bulbs was apparently damaged. Each bulb has 5 LEDs on it and one of the LEDs had been damaged, thus causing that one LED to flicker and look very dull, creating a bluish-yellow light instead of a completely bluish-white light. No problem though since it came in a pack of 10 and I had two left.

I figured out that the dimness was caused by a blown fuse when I was switching out the incandescent bulbs to LEDs. This was due to me checking the polarity of the LEDs as I had to make sure the lights turned on before putting everything back together. After replacing the blown fuse, my entire interior was lit up like it was daytime. I have added a picture in the customer reviews, unfortunately I do not have any before photos.
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on January 5, 2015
Great lights! I've only had them installed for a few days but they look great! I actually look forward to having more people get in my car just for the compliments. LOL! These bulbs feel really well built. The only issue is that the wire that connects into the socket are thin and easily bent out of shape. But then that means that they are easily bent back into shape too, so no biggie. In my '04 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP these bulbs only light up when inserted into the docket in one specific direction. Not sure if that's by design since these are the first I've installed in my car. Oh, I used these to replace 194 sized bulbs and these LEDs are not much larger. I'd say maybe a ¼"-½" longer but the fit all my sockets, even the ceiling lights that have plastic covers too. Longevity had yet to be determined but again these feel like they are built very well. I'm already looking to replace a few more bulbs and I'll be ordering from Jtech.
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