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The Hipe Wireless Door Chime is great for those who don't want to spend the time, effort and cost associated with running an actual electrical lines for a wired-in door chime. This wireless is loud enough to be heard on the main level in our house where the chimer is mounted on. Comes with 48 musical tones and 16 chord chimes. Four levels of volume control and blue LED lights come on when the remote control and chimer are activated. I believe my AAA batteries may be weak because the ring around my chimer only lights 1/4 of the way I noticed. The instructions also states that the light also acts as a "ultrasonic" mosquito dispersion, which means it scatters mosquitoes around instead of letting them hover in one spot????

The remote control comes with a 12V battery. You will need to open the control to remove the plastic protector over the battery. The instructions on how to open the compartment are pretty vague. I inserted a photo of the remote control on the main page showing what it looks like opened. The chimer takes 3 AAA batteries that are not included. I wish it would of came with some kind of template for installation of the chimer on the wall since you have to measure and drill in two screws to hang it on the wall.

Overall, great little wireless door chime that is an easy and affordable alternative to running electrical wires.

**I was given a sample to test and evaluate in exchange for an honest review.**
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on December 25, 2013
The transmitter and receiver only worked when they were 3 or 4 feet away from each other in a direct line of sight. Any longer distance or travel through walls/doors did not work at all for me. Some people have reported success with longer distances, but not me.

Also, the interface itself is a bit of a hassle when it comes to choosing from the hundreds of dings and jingles. You have to cycle through all of them to get back to where you were...and with no readout, there is no easy way to choose a specific jingle.

The unit lights up but is not very bright.

Probably better to save up for something that works well.
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on February 8, 2014
The portable doorbell button is sensitive to cold and moisture. I had to use strong bonding glue on the back of the doorbell. I checked the reception of the receiver before installing it (a couple of nails) on the wall. The receiver has several high pitched busy melodies, but I found a few with lower pitch melodies that I can hear. No more confusing the dang TV's traditional doorbell sounds with the old doorbell.
UPDATE: I purchased this in January and it had stopped working by March. I had to change out the battery once, but the moisture kept it on the blink. It would dry out and work a few times, but eventually it succumbed to the weather. Bottom line the doorbell is NOT waterproof. Now I need to buy a different brand water proof doorbell.
UPDATE: Bought EasyAcc waterproof door bell chime. It still works after seven months. It cost $16.
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I really didn't know what to expect when I received this product but since my doorbell system on my home just recently went out I was happy to test it. The product consists of two parts which are the digital chime receiver and the digital doorbell switch. Both items are battery powered and the set up and installation is very easy.

The chime uses three AAA batteries that do not come with the product but they are easy to install into the snap off back cover of the chime. The transmitter switch comes with the battery installed but you have to open up the switch case to pull out an insulating tab that is in place to preserve the life of the battery. The case was rather hard to open and I had to use a small screwdriver to carefully get the back off. The tab was easily removed and the unit worked perfectly. Take care when reinstalling the rear cover as it provides water and outside element protection for the switch. There is a thin gasket that provides this protection so take care that you install it properly. (See my video) the battery inside of the door switch is a model 23A rated at 12 volts and it has an expected lifetime of 1 year even when rang 30 times per day. The battery is readily available on Amazon and they are not expensive. The expected life of the AAA batteries is not specified.

The chime plays 48 different door chime sounds and it has four different volume levels. There is a wide selection of chimes, songs and seasonal songs for special occasions. The door chime is very loud when set on the high volume mode and that is good for our home as you can hear it clearly on an entire level of our home.

The product specifications state that the range of the switch transmitter to the chime is 200 meters. I tested it with the chime inside and I was 140 yards away (Outside the home) and it still worked. I was impressed. The digital switch and the digital chime are synced on one of 2 million codes so you will not have your neighbor's door chime (If they have the same product) interfering with yours. You can also use multiple units on your home and have them set on different chimes so that you can tell which door your guest is at.

The chime can be mounted with two screws, double sided tape, Velcro or whatever method you choose. It does not come with any mounting hardware. The door transmitter switch comes with a die cut double adhesive foam pad for mounting. The door switch is wide and it does not fit easily onto the side trim of your door but I simply mounted it on the door above the door handle. You need a flat surface to mount the switch onto and it is 1 7/8 wide by 2 7/8 tall. Both the chime and the door switch have blue LEDs in them so you know when they have been pressed.

This is a very good product and I liked how it performed. I rated it at 5 stars.

I would like you to know that I received a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on January 4, 2014
Elegant design. Good construction, the plastics have good finishes (not as often happens with other Chinese rings).
The trouble is that 48 sounds of bells, only 3 are practical, the other has a very long duration.
Anyway it is a very good deal because of its low price.
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on June 7, 2014
This product is absolutely worthless. I have a 91 year old sick grandmother that is homebound, immobile and requires constant care. I have been her caretaker for years and recently she can't be left alone.

I was hoping this THING, this hunk of useless garbage would allow me to be able to know when she needed me and give me the ability to go on the porch or in the garage and still be able to attend to her needs without having to be within 20' of her at all times. Plus be within ear shot to her barely perceptible soft voice.

To be honest, I had low expectations. I thought if I could get 50' I'd be pleased. This worthless doorbell unit can't go more than 1' (one foot), 12" (twelve inches) from the receiver/speaker. With fresh batteries! You press the button beyond a foot away and nothing happens.

I literally have to use the included double sided tape to tape the unit to itself. She can use it and I'll hear it but it's barely any better than nothing. And since I NEED this item I can't even send this utterly worthless piece of (you fill in the #2 adjective of your choice) back.

Zero stars if I could give it. I never rate the seller but will give them the lowest rating I can give for shipping out a poor product.
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I have a small guest house and it was never wired for a doorbell. Up until now, I had a door knocker but if you were in the shower, you would never hear it.

This wireless doorbell is the perfect solution for me. Both the push button and the chime unit have blue, LED lights that let you know visually it has been activated. The chime unit is an attractive square design and mounts with 2 screws (not included) but will also stand on its own. I simply placed it on a shelf in the back of the house. It has 48 different chimes that feature classic doorbell sounds as well as various tunes. There are even some Christmas tunes if you go all out for the holidays. You can also choose 4 different volume levels which is wonderful for households with babies or day sleepers. You set the chime and adjust the volume via buttons conveniently located on the side of the chime unit.

You must install 3AAA batteries (not included) into the chime unit. The push button unit comes with the battery installed, but you must open up the unit with s coin or a small flat head screw driver and remove the black tab that conserves the battery. It has an adhesive pad on the back which, after removing the protective paper, allows you to mount the push button. I was a little disappointed that the push button didn't mount with screws. The adhesive, which is made by 3M, concerns me that it may fail but it does seems to adhere very well.

When I was caring for my mother in the last months of her life, she was often confined to bed. I purchased a wireless doorbell set so that she could let me know when she needed something if I was downstairs, in the shower and or of earshot. It was a different brand and not as nice as this one, but it worked very well for that purpose. This one would be even better for someone in that situation because of the volume adjustment and the different chimes. If you are a caregiver, this may make your life simpler as it did for me.

This doorbell looks great, works great, is easy to install and is extremely affordable. If you need a doorbell, this is a good one to consider.

Note: I was provided this doorbell in exchange for my candid and unbiased review of the product. No promise was made or implied for a positive review.
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Jumbl wireless doorbell consists of the main unit that is mounted inside the house and the remote button that is mounted outside. The outdoor button is water tight since it will be exposed to elements.

The main unit operates on three AAA batteries (not included), the button unit operates on 12V 23A battery (included). 23A battery is one of the lesser common batteries, but it is available on Amazon Energizer A23 Battery, 12 Volt - 2 Pack

I am attaching a collage of three photos, the first shows both units on a gridded mat for size reference. The second photo shows the back of the main unit with the battery cover taken off, and you can see the speaker and the mounting holes. The third photo shows the HIPE wireless button next to the current wireless door bell.

The size of the main unit is 3" by 3 3/8". It has screw holes but does not come with mounting hardware. The button unit 1 3/4" wide by 3" wide and comes with sticky tape mounting, no screw holes. This button is a bit wider than my current door bell, and is wider than the flat wood area near the door. (I am attaching a collage of three photos, and photo #3 shows this button near the current button for comparison, you can see that the lip of the storm door takes up some of the room needed for the button to fit). My current door bell is mounted with screws, which I think is a better mounting method for an outdoor unit.

The button unit battery is rated to last 1 year. When you have to change the battery you will need to pop the cover while it is mounted. Care needs to be taken not to damage the blue gasket between two sides as it is this blue gasket that makes the unit water tight.

The door bell sound can be selected from 48 musical tones and 16 cords. The sound is fairy loud, the tunes vary from 50 to 80 db. The sound however is not high quality, all musical tones sounded a bit hissy.

The range of the receiver is pretty good, the box specifies range as 200 meters (656 feet). I walked into the back of the yard and was able to ring the door bell while I was several hundred feet away. That was pretty impressive. This means this door bell can serve not only as a door bell for the main house but perhaps placed by the gate or next to the mail box which is not near the house.

To summarize: The positive are excellent price, excellent range, good loudness. The negatives are I would have preferred screw mounting to the double sticky tape and a slimmer button unit. Note that if the button had screw mounting the thickness would not be an issue, as I would not need a flat area to mount the button.

I received this door bell from the manufacture to share my experiences with it (positive and negative) with potential future buyers. I have no financial interest or business relationship with the manufacturer, and this review represents my independent opinion of the product.

The photos referenced in the review can be located by following 'customer photos' link under the main photo.

Ali Julia review
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on January 29, 2014
Just received mine, and it "works," technically, but with no volume control or ability to switch the chime. Annoying! Also, the remote unit is a real pain in the butt to get open to access the battery - really a poor design for that simple feature! In the semi-functioning receiver unit, there is a little sticker inside the battery compartment that says, "QC Passed." I don't think so!

The design is nice both for the remote and receiver units. Seems like a very mobile solution if you want something you can carry with you. Anyways, this little thing is going back. Pity, it seems like it could be a really nice wireless doorbell setup to train my dog to let us know when he needs to take care of his business. I guess I'm still looking for the solution.
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on April 22, 2014
I like that it has so many sounds to choose from. Most are ridiculous for a doorbell, though. I don't like that you have to click through each sound one at a time to get to the one you want. If you go past it, you have to go all the way around again. Much prefer doorbells with pins to set the sound. The wife thinks it sounds like a toy, even the standard chimes.

I like that the button lights up when pushed, so you know if the battery is good. The button is too large though, and should look more like a typical doorbell button. I like that it is wireless and the bell unit is portable. Take the bell unit to different areas of the house, or the garage/workshop if you are working there, and want to know when someone is at the door.

Bottom line...this is a fine unit for somewhere other than the front door. OK for a door to an outbuilding, shed, workshop, sunroom, office above a garage, or basement working/living space.

Or, put one in each kid's room for when you want them to come for dinner. Keep the buttons in the kitchen. Cheaper than an intercom. Not as cheap as texting.
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