Customer Reviews: Just Go With It
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on February 13, 2011
I went to see the movie with modest expectations, especially since some reviews haven't been overly kind to it. However, I as well as the 4 other people who saw it with me found it uproariously funny and sometimes even sweet. I really enjoy Adam Sandler in most of his films, and although this is a comedy, in this role he also displayed his sweet side much like he did in the Wedding Singer. He is actually a very good and expressive actor whose dramatic chops are underrated in many ways. And of course, I am a huge fan of the wonderful Jennifer Aniston, and she did a superb job here. There were also some other surprises....Brooklyn Decker was sweet, likable and relatable even beyond her obvious physical attributes. Nicole Kidman showed up in a character who was a bit over the top, but being a huge fan of her as well, I enjoyed this turn as we don't get to see her do comedy that often. Not every role needs to be deadly serious, after all. She had a lot of fun with this one and she was great to watch. Dave Matthews played her husband, and he was surprisingly good as well...perhaps he has a new career ahead of him in films. The only character that was too over the top and a bit obnoxious was the fellow who played Adam's long-time friend. Nothing about this guy was at all believable or particularly likable and you wanted to just swat him away as he was just downright silly and annoying, and he didn't really add much to the plot except as a necessary diversion device here and there. The Hawaii scenery (a lot of it filmed around and in the Grand Wailea in Maui) was beautiful, of course. I don't really want to get overly picky about this film. It was not meant to be highbrow cinema, but it was consistently funny and very enjoyable, definitely a film I plan to buy when it is released on DVD. Go see it, you'll like it.
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on February 11, 2011
This movie is HILARIOUS!!! Easy the best comedy I have seen in a long long time. Everything is really well done, and even though the ending is obvious as anything you just REALLY enjoy the ride. Kind of like life, you know the ending but you gotta know how you get there. If you don't see this movie, then I just pity you. You'd be missing out on something that is just great. I came to Amazon immediately after watching the movie to try to place a preorder...IT'S THAT GOOD!!!!!
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on March 25, 2011
Hilarious, funny, feel good, make you laugh kind of movie! Cute love story and comedy! Can't wait til it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again! Jennifer Aniston is beautiful and Adam Sandler is so funny. They are so good together in this movie!
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on February 11, 2011
I got a great kick out of this movie. my gut hurt I was laughing so hard. It had a lot of laughs and a few heart warming parts. I love ad-lib and sarcasm and even though it was scripted, the dialog had such a ad-lib feeling hints the title "JUST GO WITH IT". I'd see it again, Ill buy the DVD. ... oh and Dave Matthews!!! great member of the cast.
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on August 8, 2011
This review is for everyone who wrote "serious" reviews on other forums and here who hated the movie. They take themselves way to seriously! I usually don't like Adam Sandler movies - too inane - but I found this one to be hilarious. I've read some reviews that were scathing by "feminists" who found it revolting. But I'm a semi-feminist, liberal, female, nearly senior citizen, very happily married who has fought for and worked in "manly" jobs. So I live like a feminist but enjoy being a female. I found this the perfect escapist movie. It was fun, fluffy and picturesque. And clever. Warning spoiler alerts! Come on -how could you not find "sheep shipper" and "stand with the dolphins" funny? And giving Heimlilch to the sheep and having him spit out a rubber toy? I laughed really hard- and I usually don't. And the women were stunning works of living art, how can you not enjoy pretty women? The kids were clever, conniving sorts who you had to admire for their ability to manipulate, but deep down good kids and sure the adults were over the top but fun. Sure the plot was implausible and yeah, I thought they were mean to the fattie women in the hula show but having worked in the tourist industry here I found the send up on the tourist industry hilarious. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I live in Hawaii, have done "pet herding" of sheep with my border collie so roared at the sheep scenes, have worked to protect dolphins so enjoyed the scene of them cavorting off shore (quick but it was there), laughed at the "swim-with dolphin" yearnings of the boy only to find out he cannot swim, have been around enough superficial folks to recognize the well drawn spoofs of them, as well as been amused by "womanizing" but basically kind hearted guys who are older but always have younger women falling for them (for real!) to find it all amusing. I enjoyed the spoofs on relationships, folks crazy enough to have pet sheep (and I have friends who do!) and the send-off on the tourist industry. Sure it was implausible but haven't we all known folks who were a bit like each of these characters? No? Then you need to get out more. LOL!

It does not pretend to be an important movie. But it is fun!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 18, 2012
Not that I've broken it down in exact mathematics, but I wager that Adam Sandler is batting about .25 in his film career. Meaning that every fourth film he churns out doesn't actually hurt to watch. For every good WATERBOY, THE WEDDING SINGER, and 50 FIRST DATES, there are, four times over, grotesque head scratchers like JACK & JILL, LITTLE NICKY, and YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN. Which brings us to JUST GO WITH IT, which I'm actually going to rate as an above-average romantic comedy, 3 (maybe 3.5) out of 5 stars' worth. JUST GO WITH IT is loosely adapted from the 1969 classic CACTUS FLOWER, and maybe imitation isn't the best form of flattery. This remake isn't quite as good.

At least there's the stunning Brooklyn Decker to make googoo eyes at. Sandler plays 40-something Danny Maccabee, a talented plastic surgeon who once had his heart broken and now routinely prowls on them naive hotties. Danny is an average-looking schmoe and so has to rely on his fake wedding ring and made-up bad marriage to gain sympathy and interest from the ladies. It's pretty underhanded, yeah, and it's hard to swallow the gullibility of his marks. It's as if you say, "Hey, look at the dead birds!" And these girls look up.

When he meets lovely 6th grade math teacher Palmer (Decker) and they spend a night on the beach, the smitten Danny believes she might be the one. But surface now, you complications. Palmer finds the wedding ring in Danny's jeans pocket. A scrambling Danny claims that, yes, he is married but that his divorce is almost final. A doubting Palmer demands to meet the wife. Palmer is the kind of girl that when you say "Look at the dead bird" she will look at the ground.

Here's Jennifer Aniston who plays Katherine, Danny's loyal, bespectacled nurse assistant and single mother of two, and it's not at all a stretch that Danny would approach her to pose as his estranged wife. Of course, she agrees. Of course, she meets Palmer and inadvertently lets drop that she has two kids. Palmer, who adores kids, now wants to meet the kids. Somehow, this party of pretense relocates to a weekend in Hawaii. Along the way, Danny's cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson) invites himself and passes himself off as Katherine's fiancé "Dolph Lundgren." And this Dolph Lundgren happens to have a Colonel Klink German accent and is into sheep husbandry or something ovine-related, anyway. This, thinks Sandler, is brilliant farce.

Honestly, no one but Paul Rudd and John Cusack should be doing this sort of mildly risque romantic comedy. Sandler, Jack Black, and Seth Rogen are on a whole different and subservient level. I don't think JUST GO WITH IT is all that bad, considering. But maybe that's just the inner frat boy talking. There's a sweetness in this film that's trying to get out. The gags aren't nearly gross enough to threaten Apatow's self-esteem. Sandler does tone down his shtick, and that's good. Aniston is engaged and amused, but she isn't given any good lines to work with. But her being there rights the ship some. Brooklyn Decker also isn't given much to do other than be nice and wholesome and naturally sexy, and one wonders how she would've fared had the writers written her a more subversive role. But there are enough laughs. I got a big chuckle out of Rachel Dratch's patient with the roaming eyebrow and Kevin Nealon's guy whose face is BOTOXed to the max. Expect other juvenile sight gags such as mismatched fun bags and huge honking schnozzes and, this being a Sandler vehicle, some potty humor. Nicole Kidman is game as Aniston's competitive sorority rival and Dave Matthews is here acting instead of creating music. Dave Matthews' character supposedly invented the iPod. As you can see, in this movie, lie builds upon lie. It's like the Jenga of deceit.

The DVD's bonus stuff:

- Cast's Audio Commentary (with Adam Sandler & Nick Swardson and a filmmaker or two)
- Director Dennis Dugan's Audio Commentary
- 5 Deleted Scenes (totaling 00:04:52 minutes)
- Blooper Reel (00:04:38 minutes)
- "The Perfect Couple: Jen and Adam" (00:05:50 minutes)
- "Shooting Hawaii" (00:05:33 minutes)
- "Dolph- Not the One from ROCKY IV" (00:06:10 minutes)
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Hmm, Adam Sandler. You either love him or you hate him. And I am always leery of watching films with him in it with my teenagers because you never know how inappropriate it will be. There is inappropriate funny and then there is inappropriate awkward. But I didn't watch this film with my teens so I wasn't really paying attention to that.

Sandler has been in a lot of duds, as has Jennifer Aniston, but I must say that I enjoyed them in this. Though I didn't have high expectations. Actually, I had no expectations at all.

The movie is about a womanizing plastic surgeon, Danny (Adam Sandler), who falls for someone much younger than him (Palmer boringly and annoyingly played by Brooklyn Decker) but ends up getting trapped by his fibs. So, somewhat unbelievably, he, Palmer, his supposed ex-wife Katherine, well-played by Jennifer Aniston, her two kids and his friend, zanily and irritatingly played by Nick Swardson (to the point where I was cringing), all end up going to Hawaii together. Nicole Kidman plays Katherine's university rival Devlin, but I don't really care for her in this. I didn't realize until the end that Devlin's husband was played by singer/musician Dave Matthews; not really much to say about his character.

The start of the film is ok but it gets funnier. Even though it ends up being cliched, I must say that I did enjoy it. It was funny in parts and touching in parts. But my husband would have hated it.

To me, the star of this movie was Bailee Madison who plays Maggie, Katherine's daughter. She is a precocious wanna be actress; with her fake accents, her sensitivity and humor, I thought she was phenomenal. Watch out for this one!
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VINE VOICEon March 27, 2011
From my wife Sarah: If you want to have fun, relax and have some laughs, this very entertaining movie is just the thing. I stayed away from it for quite a while because of the mixed reviews. When we had run out of movies to see in the theater, we chose this as a last resort. It was so enjoyable! Don't wait to see it.

I won't go over the plot as it's already been done by others, but here's what I liked about this movie:

1. It was funny. Okay we didn't laugh non-stop, but that's because there was a real plot, with real character development. Still there were many very fun surprises and big laughs. I smiled through much of the movie.

2. Sandler was great, Jennifer Aniston was great. Not only are they funny, but they can really act. The entire cast was really good. Sandler's goofy friend sidekick was hilarious, the children were dynamic and funny. Kevin Nealon had an absolutely hilariuos bit. Nicole Kidman was perfect as Jennifer's competitive and not so nice friend.

3. The plot was very different and interesting. Although there's a kind of predictable ending, it's still a fun ride to get there.

The only thing I would have liked to see just a bit different was more heat between Sandler and Aniston. While their relationship was really developed and believable, they didn't seem to have that strong chemistry.

Regardless, I strongly recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys comedy as well as romantic comedy.
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VINE VOICEon October 24, 2011
This was a very welcomed surprise. Instead of constantly shooting for awkwardly un-funny off-color remarks, one after the other, or just merely yelling at everyone all the time, Adam Sandler and company crafted a nicely woven film that is sweet, smart and funny. This has a LOT to do with the fact that Jennifer Aniston is flawless here. Sandler is apparently the type of guy that needs a strong woman at his side in order to anchor his films. When he relies on his fellow male comedians his films fall to pieces, but his collaborations with the likes of Drew Barrymore and now Aniston have proven that his over-the-topness can be tamed by the fairer sex.

In `Just Go With It', Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who had his heart trampled on when he was younger and has vowed to never get married. When he discovered that drunk women tend to react kindly (and often passionately) to a married man with a horrible wife he started wearing a wedding ring and spewing sob stories to pick up chicks. Then he meets a bombshell and falls, instantly, in love with her. He doesn't even want to lie to her because after one magical evening in the sand the two decide that this could be something `real'. But then she finds his fake wedding ring in his pant pocket and he has to come up with some sort of lie in order to keep her interested in him, so he convinces his assistant to pretend to be his `soon to be ex' wife, and then suddenly her kids become his kids and his cousin becomes her new lover and they all wind up in Hawaii where things just spiral out of control until...

Well, I'm sure you'll figure out within the first few minutes who is going to wind up with who.

So, this film is swimming in chemistry. That is one thing that really made this so worth watching. Adam Sandler tones down his crudeness in order to keep up with the classy humor surrounding Aniston. She is a total star here, and really, it's shocking to say that this is one of her finer performances. I just loved the way she sunk into the `genre' without losing a sense of realism. She is sharp and witty and aggressive, yet you always can see the subtle lines of longing in her eyes; that longing for normalcy in happiness. Swardson is hilarious with an accent (and that sheep scene is priceless), Kidman is insanely manic, but in a good way, Bailee Madison is adoreable and has deft comedic timing that I'm sure she'll hone well. Brooklyn has spotty moments of green acting, and then she recovers, but she's not hot enough to persuade eyes away from Aniston, who is a knockout here.

Best I've ever seen her.

At the end of the day, this is a predictable romp (and the ending is lazily put together in a rush attempt to tie up all loose strings), but it's heartwarming and quite funny. In fact, I laughed from beginning to end, and they were genuine laughs that I'm anxious to revisit!
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on May 7, 2015
This movie is funny at times, but Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston simply lack the sort of chemistry that Adam Sandler had with Drew Barrymore (or even Winona Ryder) in some of his better romantic comedies. If you want a good Adam Sandler movie (Yes, they do exist!), then I'd suggest 50 First Dates, Blended, Mr. Deeds or The Wedding Singer.
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