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on October 4, 2004
1988 saw the release of "No Rest for the Wicked", the Ozzy Osbourne album that introduced the world to guitarist Zakk Wylde, and got decent airplay on the radio and Mtv with songs like "Miracle Man", "Breaking All The Rules" and "Crazy Babies". Although previous bassist and lyric writer Bob Daisley joined back to make the album, the bassist for the videos and tour was none other than Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler (a fact that critics gleefully used to further fuel the never ending "Ozzy vs. Sabbath" soap opera). Other highlights for Ozzy in this 88-89 time period include playing the huge Moscow Peace Festival with other metal bands, being featured on the related "Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell" album, pay-per-view concerts, and the top-10 duet with Lita Ford "Close My Eyes Forever".

To hold over the fans who had just about worn out their cassette and vinyl copies of "No Rest For The Wicked", 1990 saw the release of "Just Say Ozzy". This was an appropriately low-priced live EP from the tour. (Why do some people complain about the short length? It was an EP, not an LP, and thus supposed to be only a little longer than a single!) In the liner notes, Ozzy explains that when first proposed with the idea, his initial thoughts were along the lines of "Oh no, not another live Ozzy/Sabbath album!" But this release features a refreshingly different selection of songs, and serves to capture this unique line-up. It has no repeats of the same songs found on "Tribute", which had been released just two years prior.

Of "Just Say Ozzy's" six songs, three are from "No Rest For The Wicked": Miracle Man, and the more obscure tracks Bloodbath In Paradise and Tattooed Dancer. With the band here being 1/2 of Black Sabbath's original line-up, it made sense to include two Black Sabbath songs here too: "War Pigs" and "Sweet Leaf". "War Pigs" is quite a common'y played Black Sabbath song, but "Sweet Leaf" was a good unexpected choice for the tour (songs like "Paranoid" and "Iron Man", as classic as they are, had been done to death since Ozzy started his solo career). Finally, this EP also includes "Shot In The Dark", the hit song from the immensely successful, albeit hated by Ozzy, "The Ultimate Sin" album. Both Ozzy and many fans alike have hailed this live version to be superior to the original studio recording. A video for this live version of "Shot In The Dark" got decent rotation on Mtv, created from different shots of the band live, mostly taken from Moscow.

Being a bass player and big Geezer Butler fan, I was anxious to get this album, and I bought it on cassette when it hit the stores in 1990. As far as I know, "Just Say Ozzy" was not released on CD format until 1995, when the rest of Ozzy's back catalog was re-released with 22-bit remastering. But beware that "Just Say Ozzy", along with "The Ultimate Sin" and "Speak of the Devil", are being deleted from Ozzy's catalog. So snatch up these releases while you still can!
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on March 10, 2000
This live ep is very good.Ozzy Osbourne,Geezer Butler,Zakk Wylde and Randy Castillo made a very good lineup.The bass on this record is exeptionnal.All songs are very well recorded;Miracle Man is very good (the intro at the beginning made a great ambiance),Bloodbath In Paradise,Shot In The Dark,Tatooed Dancer are very well played.For the classics Sabbath songs;Sweet Leaf is pretty cool but,the song is shorter than the original).And for War Pigs;THIS IS THE BEST VERSION OF WAR PIGS I HAVE HEARD IN MY LIFE! I suggest this live ep for all Ozzy and Sabbath fans.
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on February 10, 2002
When I listen to Ozzy, I thank God that I was a kid in the 80's, and not aware that Ozzy existed at all. I'm glad that my memories of the 80's all boil down to Ninja Turtles, Barbie, Hotwheels, and family vacations to Panama City. I'm glad that I remember only bits and peices of MTV.
Why is this? Because I have very few pre-concieved notions of what anything should be like. I started out in my journey of metal apreciation with absolutly NO BIAS. With the free, virgin mind of a child. Nobody saying, "THIS IS COOL NO THAT IS COOL THIS IS WHAT IT SHOULD BE LIKE!!!" So I picked out what sounded good to me, and I listened to that. But over time, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING has fought a constant battle with I LIKE WHAT I'M HEARING. I've learned that Bon Jovi were wussie, but I like them anyway, even if they are a bit fluffie after album one. I know that Alice Cooper rocked the planet, and, God, I love him even more. And my reaction to Ozzy, nomatter what he was doing, has always been positive. I like the way he sings, I like the sound of his voice, I like the sound of the guitars, I like the sound of the music. I'm not a submissive media clone, or a dope. I know very well what what's going on, but before I knew that, I knew I liked the music. So, there's my entire summary of the post-Randy Ozzy albums, where most people say he went into decline.
I like this CD. Bunches. I'm guessing that it was peiced together from different concerts, because it's way too manufactured sounding to be a straight-thru live concert recording.
I liked "Miracle Man" about the same as I liked the studio version. It's one of my favorite songs, I love everything about it.
Maybe I liked "Bloodbath in Paradise" more than the album version? Equal to or more, I've never decided.
"Shot in the Dark" has been one of my favorites since I heard it off the Live&Loud video. I love that song to peices. (I will admit that the MTV music video was massivly painful/embarassing in places, though.) In the liner notes, Ozzy says he was more satisfied with it than the original, and I think I just might agree.
"Tatooed Dancer" is good. It makes me smile, I enjoy it, but it's never been one of my absolute favorite songs. (That is not to say that I don't enjoy it, though.)
"Sweet Leaf" and "Warpigs" go into overdrive, and I love it. Don't expect some attempt for the band to pretend to be an old Black Sabbath. Oh, no. They take those excelent songs, and give them a whole new punch. Whoo! I loved it. It's a good CD.
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on July 21, 1998
If you are one of those who have read about "Just say Ozzy" and not listened to it, you will say: It's a bad album, he just made it to make the record company happy. Well, let me tell you you're wrong. It's a lot better than you think. Actually it's a great live album. Short (only six songs), but great. It contents four Ozzy-songs from the mid-eighties, and two old Black Sabbath-songs ("Sweet Leaf" and "War Pigs"). The hit "Shot in the Dark" is actually even better on this album than in its originally version. So I recommend this album. And, as a bonus, the bass-player on this album is noone but Geezer Butler, the original Black Sabbath-member!
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on August 13, 2009
When his record company came to him with this E.P idea Ozzy didn't want to hear any of it, it didn't feel right to him. The idea was to release a live E.P. from his last tour supporting the No Rest For The Wicked album (that would be 1989). It would feature some Black Sabbath material as well on it. Ozzy was against it but when he heard the tapes he changed his mind and taught that they sounded great and gave his approval. In 1990 It was released as "Just Say Ozzy" in 1990; it included three songs from his previous album, one from The Ultimate Sin and two from his Black Sabbath days. After all if Ozzy approved it, it meant it would be good, right?

Along with The Ultimate Sin it was deleted from the Ozzy catalogue, it was released on tape first, and then it was released again in 1995 along with the other album remasters. After the court issues in 2001 for unpaid royalties, remasters were once again issued this time he did not include The Ultimate Sin and Just Say Ozzy so the only to get it is either in the cassettes format or as part of a leftover from the '95 remasters. I have to say it's worth it; it's very much worth searching for. I didn't think much of it until I actually bought it and listened to it, I was surprised at how great it sounds. The crowd is clearly present and hearing them just adds so much to the performance of the song, "Shot In The Dark" being the prime example of this.

Miracle Man opens the E.P. and quickly gets you into the show; I was blown away at how good it sounded when I first listened to it. This song sounds great live. Bloodbath In Paradise follows and is very good, It was great to hear the beginning being kind of like the studio version. Tattooed Dancer is pretty solid, but the show stealer is of course Shot In The Dark, Castillo does some great hi-hats stuff and the drumming is intense, Zakk is amazing and Ozzy gives one his best performances (he's very proud of the song's live version and to him it's the definitive version of the song, and I would have to agree with him on that). The Black Sabbath songs are really good, there's not much to say, the whole E.P. is pretty good.

Don't judge it wrong or worthless because it's an E.P. and it only has six songs, it might be an E.P. but it's a very good one! The songs sound all really good with the band delivering a great performance, Ozzy interacting with crowd, and the crowd participating heavily. It even has Geezer Butler on bass!It's great to have the two back again, they hadn't played togheter since the two were in Black Sabbath.It's just too bad it didn't contain more song and was not released as a full live album, but I guess it was too much to ask at the time. It's good at what it is and is a good purchase.
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on February 13, 2005
Thanks to what seems to be some consistently Fabulous 22 bit remasters, this Disc is another in the series of OZZY re-issues that are just cosmic.

For me, it was a case of some I knew, Some I did not, but cranked up loud on a 5.1 sound system, this disc is worthy every penny, and then some. The price is much reduced apparently, but worth it at twice the price.
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on May 31, 2003
After the release of "No Rest For the Wicked," the record company wanted the Ozzman to release a live EP. Reluctantly, Ozzy did so. Zakk Wylde and the late Randy Castillo continues to work as his guitarist and drummer, but who would fill the bassist position? Since long-time bassist Bob Daisley was fed up with Ozzy, he departed just after the aforementioned album was completed. In his place is Geezer Butler, former colleague of Black Sabbath!
This EP only has six song selections, so if you're expecting a full-blown live recording like "Live & Loud," you're in for a disappointment. However, despite its short length, this album is actually among his best records! Here's the tracklist:
MIRACLE MAN (from "No Rest For the Wicked")
The first track off of that album and is undeniably great here. Doesn't quite touch the original studio recording because it's played more lowkey, but it's a great performance.
BLOODBATH IN PARADISE (from "No Rest For the Wicked")
WOW. THIS IS THE BEST VERSION EVER. If you are skeptical on getting this album, get it for this alone!
A SHOT IN THE DARK (from "Ultimate Sin")
Ozzy seems to hate this nowadays and it's somewhat hypocritical because in the linear notes, he claims this song is "better than the original." He couldn't be more right by that statement. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST VERSION! Zakk goes all-out on the guitars here and he even adds a solo near the end. Jake Lee is a great guitarist, but Zakk outdoes him here. WOW.
TATTOOED DANCER (from "No Rest For the Wicked")
Great song and is performed well here.
SWEET LEAF/WAR PIGS (from his Black Sabbath days)
Ah, some Black Sabbath! This one is performed well and it's awesome, too, considering Geezer is performing with him.
Overall, this is a definite addition to your Ozzy collection. It's also rare to come by these days because Ozzy has a grudge against the "Ultimate Sin" album... and since A Shot in the Dark is on here, well... you get the picture. Get it while you can. I managed to get it...brand new for only [$]. I'd even go so far as to recommend this above the "Live & Loud" double live set because of these reasons:
1) Best versions of A Shot in the Dark and Bloodbath in Paradise.
2) "No Rest for the Wicked" is usually cheated on any Ozzy collection and this has three of them!
3) "Blizzard of Ozz" and "No More Tears" are great albums, but they tend to be overrated. No songs from these albums are here (obviously because "Just Say Ozzy" came before "No More Tears.").
4) To put it simply, IT'S AWESOME.
Buy it now before it disappears completely!
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on September 30, 2005
For whatever reason, this live album released in 1990 isn't all too popular with the fans. Why? I couldn't honestly tell you. Every single song on here is solid. Not to mention that the version of "Shot In The Dark" found here completely blows away the studio version. With 3 tracks off "No Rest For The Wicked", a kick ass recording of "Shot In The Dark", with a couple of classic Sabbath tunes thrown in for good measure, how could anyone complain? To top it all off, the remastering found here is absolutely splendid. This disc will definitely give your speakers a workout. Unfortunately, as we all know, Ozzy dislikes "Shot In The Dark", so this album was not amongst the 2002 reissues. So, by all means, if you happen to see this album anywhere, pick it up. It may be your only chance.

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on October 7, 2003
"Just Say Ozzy (recorded in 1989)" is a great representation of his "No Rest For the Wicked" Tour, which featured Black Sabbath bassist, Geezer Butler, Zakk Wylde (guitars), and the late great, Randy Castillo (Drums). The hits singles "Shot in the Dark" and "Miracle Man" are performed with excellent precision, and the inclusion of the lesser known tracks "Tattooed Dancer" and "Bloodbath in Paradise", make this album a true artifact. This out-of-print CD is worth the mere $8 you will invest for it, and Ozzy has never made a better live album since. "Tribute (w/ Randy Rhoads)" is excellent too, but avoid "Live at the Budokan" and "Live & Loud", which are pretty much the same albums, but with different track listings.
Over-all "Just Say Ozzy", is a great summation of his 1988/1989
tour, and also includes half of Black Sabbath performing a mind-blowing update of "War Pigs."
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on April 4, 2011
oh Yeah! Just Say Ozzy!! i love this EP album!! Ozzy's vocals are great,amazing,fantastic, like always. 6 tracks only but oh well it was hella worth it!! \m/ they made a good team! i Love how Zakk shreds from Sweat Leaf to War Pigs it insane!!!

\m/ Ozzy Osbourne- Vocals
Zakk Wylde- Guitar
Randy Castillo- Drums
Geezer Butler- Bass
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