Customer Reviews: Justice Incarnate (Shadows of Justice Book 1)
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on August 7, 2011
Justice Incarnate takes the reader on a wild ride through 2096 Chicago where nicotine, caffeine and sugar are illegal. Add a kick-butt, take-no-prisoners heroine who makes Lara Croft look tame, a hero who's willing to walk on the wild side to see justice served, and a thousand year old evil, and you've got the recipe for a great read! The best news -- it's the first in the series!
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on January 25, 2005
In 2096 Chicago, security expert Jaden Michaels knows more about her past lives than ever before and vows to make a final victorious stand in this reincarnation against the evil that successfully has killed her over and over again since he first killed her in 1066. Although she acknowledges that is the same pledge she has made in each of her previous lives, Jaden feels she remembers more than ever before so takes hope in that.

Her beloved over the years this time is a by the book cop Brian Thomas, who enforces the law to the strictest level including those peddling contraband like black market coffee. Unlike his beloved Jaden, he remembers nothing and never has about previous lives. Her malevolent killer, whose memories run the millennium, happens to be Albertson, a man that Brian, holds in high regard sort of like a beloved father figure. He rejects Jaden's plea that he will kill her as she offers no evidence except some cockamamie story. Will history repeat itself or will Jaden succeed on what she vows is her last stand?

JUDGE INCARNATE is a terrific reincarnation thriller that the audience will read in one sitting as the tense story line grips the audience because of the relational triangle through lifetimes. Jaden is a fabulous besieged protagonist who cannot get her beloved to believe her as he needs proof to believe something as intriguingly Brian is the only ignorant member of the war. Fans will appreciate this strong tale in which the audience will believe in past lives while looking forward to future Shadows of Justice novels.

Harriet Klausner
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on July 24, 2010
Jaden Michaels has spent lifetimes pursuing the evil that has robbed her of the destiny she deserves. Her quest has made her a protector of the innocent, and fuels her determination that the evil incarnated this time as a powerful judge must finally be banished.

Brian Thomas is a straight-laced cop sworn to protect Jaden's very target. He doesn't know his beloved of many lifetimes is standing right in front of him, but he does know the woman he sees is worth far more than just a passing glance.

Justice Incarnate was one of the most enjoyable reads I've had in a while. Regan Black does a great job of creating a futuristic setting and weaving memories from other lifetimes in and out of the story to keep it moving at a fast, fun pace. But, it is her talent for setting up quick, witty dialogue and sizzling chemistry between Jaden and Brian that makes their love story such a laugh out loud, steamy delight.

Lisa Phillips ~ Author of Obsession Everlasting and Knight Everlasting
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from conception to execution, this book was very well done. i even like the premise that in the foreseeable future, things like sugar and coffee might be legally banned. in this day and age of government overregulation based on the notion of 'protecting the public', it's easy to picture our legislators going that far overboard. primarily, this was a well written book. characterization, plot, pacing, sufficient action and tension mixed with a blossoming love story....all of that was well played by an adept and talented new author. ms. black even employs a bit of the minimalist style that i often use in my own writing. she doesn't lean on it as heavily as i, but the delicate touch of that writing style can enhance a story if done properly. by not giving away too much detail and describing everything to a tee, the reader is subtly induced to envision some of the people and places on their own...and since people are prone to put familiar faces on people and places they are reading about, the reader can't help being drawn into the story on a more personal level.
the supernatural elements of the story are handled well, and are not overbearing. they do not monopolize the script, they move it along....making the story feel more plausible instead of trite and phoney. and i can't think of any errors other than the occasional paragraph structure and forgetting to identify the speakers during conversations which are common problems in indie novels......but black had fewer of those kinds of problems than most. this really is a very well written action/police drama/supernatural/social commentary/love story that i am happy to give a 5-star rating. i can recommend giving justice a try!
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on January 27, 2012
This book starts out very confusing . But if you stick it out for a few chapters more, it becomes clearere to you what is going on. Very dramatic and keeps you on your toes throughout. A few grammatical errors but not as many as some of the otheer books that I have read.
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on October 14, 2012
Set in a grim and dangerous near future, this paranormal romance is about Jaden, a tough as nails security specialist with a heart of gold. She helps homeless kids and teaches self-defense to down-trodden women on the fringes of society. She has been fighting an evil and very clever demon, for over 1000 years, with very limited success. In lifetime after lifetime, she has been unable to find the secret to permanently defeating it, so she is reborn, to try again. She sacrifices her life over and over again, in a brave, but vain attempt to stop the demon. In her current life, the demon is a corrupt judge who is clever and powerful enough to cover up his numerous and despicable criminal activities. Complicating her demon hunting efforts through her many lifetimes, is the lawman who has been the love of her many lives. He has repeatedly broken her heart and been the cause of her deaths, because he always believes the clever lies of the demon, instead of trusting Jaden. Will he finally be able to see through the demon's tricks and know that Jaden is telling the truth? Will he love her enough to trust her, or will he end her life again, believing the demon's story, that she is a bad guy? What do you think? (After all, this is romance fiction, not high literature.) But, it is still a great story. Good plot, lots of action, very well written and edited, believable and witty dialogue, good character development, great story, steamy, but not vulgar, sex. Very entertaining, and that is what I read for, most of the time. I got this as a free download, but this book is good enough so that I am willing to actually buy the sequel.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2012
In this tale of evil, justice and love, three souls have been reincarnated for a thousand years- two with the knowledge of their past lives, the third in the dark. Strong and resolute, Jaden Michaels is once again doing her best to permanently stop the evil that is now known as Judge Albertson. She hasn't had the best of luck doing this in any of her past lives, but she can't give up trying, even though as far as she can tell, nothing seems to be any different this time. Unaware of the role he has had in this battle countless times in the past, Police Chief Brian Thomas is doomed to repeat his part in this centuries old game of cat and mouse if this time around he can't look past his skepticism and trust his heart.

This book is unique and exciting- a real page-turner. Jaden Michaels is a strong heroine with just the right amount of vulnerability. You can't help but really hope that she and Brian will finally get their happily ever after.

I was completely sucked into this book. I look forward to reading more in this series.
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on January 31, 2013
Really liked it! 4.5 stars rounded up: 5 Stars for Originality and 4 Stars for Execution. This tale of reincarnated souls was very entertaining, original, and kept you engrossed from page one. It has a lot of plot elements: good vs evil, displaced lovers, repressed memories, internal struggles, and butt kicking. Jaden and Brian were both strong, dynamic, people and refreshingly their behaviors fit their characters. The Judge was sufficiently evil. Kept me reading well into the night.

I get why some reviews felt initially lost or confused by the plot but if they kept reading it would have all come together about 2/3rds into the story. For me... I liked that there was a bit of discovery- I hate when the writer maps everything out in the first couple chapters then there is nothing to learn. The backstory is revealed a little at time. If that drives you crazy then this is not for you! I also agree with another reviewer that the cover does look like it will be a legal thriller- not even close.

If you are like me and love action with your romance and a bit of the supernatural, then give this one a try.
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on September 11, 2011
I read the third book in the series first sort of by accident and was happy to find that the sample I downloaded of this book seemed to be as good as the third book in the series.

Set in a dystopic future, I have to say I really kind of fell in love with this version of America. It was nice to read female characters that supported each other for a change. The romance portion was all right, but not really why I read the book. I'm already reading the second book.
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on June 23, 2013
In the near future, Jaden fights against abuse, hoping to finally bring an evil judge to justice. She has failed many times in past lives but keeps being reincarnated to try again. She teams up with her soul mate, but he struggles to understand and believe her mission, the same problem which has defeated her time and time again.

Ms. Black has penned a well-crafted unique tale, mixing past, present, and future to create the personalities of the characters. Action, suspense, and some paranormal romance keep the story moving and the pages turning. Witty dialog and good editing add to the enjoyment. It took me a few chapters to figure out what was happening, but that actually worked quite well in setting the tone of the story. Great entertainment!
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