Customer Reviews: Justice League Unlimited - Joining Forces (DC Comics Kids Collection)
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on July 22, 2005
Like the previous Justice League Unlimited release, this disc will contain three episodes that have been cropped from their original widescreen presentation. The episodes will be:

For the Man Who Has Everything: Adapted from the Alan Moore comic. Superman is trapped in the perfect dream world by the villainous Mongul, and Batman and Wonder Woman have to save him. Strong, dramatic personal story for Superman, with some good acting, music, and animation all around.

The Return: The extended JLU roster must prevent the android AMAZO (voiced by Star Trek actor Robert Picardo) from taking revenge on Lex Luthor. This episode really shows off the new half-hour format, with a tightly-plotted story that has both epic action and strong characterizations. Toss in some surprise cameos and appearances with more great animation, and you have another winner.

The Greatest Story Never Told: While the League has an epic battle in downtown Metropolis, c-list glory hound Booster Gold learns what it means to be a true hero. A lighthearted comedy episode. Not as gripping as the other two episodes, but still well executed and worth checking out.

It's a shame really, if this disc was widescreen it'd be worth buying, as these episodes showcase the kind of stories JLU can tell in 30 minutes. But it's another cheap release from WB, with equally cheap cover art (old GL design, and also Aquaman, who isn't in these episodes). Why WB continues to flood the market with these releases instead of decent boxed sets the first time around is a mystery.
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on August 30, 2005
As most of the reviewers have noted, why does WB insist on releasing these pathetic 3-episodes-per-disk DVDs? I would willingly pay for JLA Season 1, 2, etc. In fact, I would pay for the whole series in a single box set. Three episodes per disk is annoying, at best.

Please WB, get a clue and release JLA the way you did Superman & Batman . . .

Now, if we can just get Fox to release X-Men & Spider-Man in Box Sets!!!!! . . .
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on August 3, 2005
I just compared my Justice League Unlimited VHS recordings (that I made from the original airings) to my DVD copy of Justice League Unlimited: Saving the World (S 1 V 1). The process used to make the image fullscreen is DEFINITELY your typical pan & scan of the original widescreen version. I went through segments of each episode frame-by-frame to make sure. For the laymen: the sides of the widescreen picture have been hacked down to make a TV proportioned image and then that image has been expanded to fill your TV screen. Roughly 30% of the picture has been removed.

Sadly, the packaging on JLU: Saving the World lies to the consumer when it states: "Standard Version: Presented in a format preserving the aspect ration of its original television exhibition". This is simply not the case... I have recordings of the "original television exhibitions" and they two items do NOT match.

The information on the packaging is misleading to the consumer and I feel this fact could form the basis of a class action lawsuit.

Someday the stuffed shirts at Warner Brothers home video will figure out what their customers want. Unfortunately while the rest of the DVD industry has fully embraced the widescreen DVD format (it fits those new widescreen TVs better... duh!) AND issuing complete box sets of season series from their production vaults, WB is locked into the old school notion of trickling out incomplete and altered discs of their animated franchises.

What a shame! -mattro
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on August 20, 2005
I've purchased the previous Justice League DVDs, but I refuse to purchase this one or any others that come out. I'm sick of WB's ridiculous marketing strategy with releasing these mesely volumes. Is it so hard to release DVD boxsets? Judging from evidence, we can expect WB to release the Justice League boxset in the year 2015! Oh, but that's just the first season. The season 2 boxset will be released later in 2018! Yay! I officially give WB the 'worst at satisfying customers' award. Way to go, WB! :)
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on July 26, 2005
The episodes on this disc are some of the best of the season, but despite what the reviewer below me says, these episodes have been cropped. His review would be correct in relation to Justice League's 1st Season (2001-2002), but ever since it's 2nd Season (2003-2004), the episodes have been animated in widescreen.

The episodes on this disc are pulled from Justice League Unlimited's 1st Season (Justice League's 3rd Season) and their original format is widescreen. If you see an episode in fullscreen, then you are losing some of the animation. Don't let WB trick you!
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on July 22, 2005
Containing only 3 episodes on FULLSCREEN format & not in episode order I just cant understand what is going on with Warner Home Video. The 3 episodes on this DVD releases are v v good but then the extras and the episode quantity & order are such a big let down. The cover art on the DVD is wrong as well since Green Lantern & Superman got both revamped designs!Why they keep on doing this cheap stuff I cant understand. Hurry up and release the box sets for God's sake!
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on December 7, 2005
I first became aware of the animated TV show, The Justice League when I came across some of the DVDs at my local library. I loved the storylines and the first rate animation of the characters, but was disappointed by the way the episodes were released. If you haven't been fortunate enough to have seen the Justice League from beginning to end, then you're in the dark when you watch episodes like, 'For the Man Who Has Everything'. Happily the studio has decided to release The Justice League in full seasons. According to one source, Justice League-The Complete First Season, will be available for sale in March of 2006, a 4 DVD set containing all 26 first season episodes(the first season will be in fullscreen format, while the remaining seasons will be in letterbox format) It seems that dreams do come true!
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on August 24, 2005
While the episodes on this DVD are definitely worth watching, I wouldn't recommend buying this unless you were a collector. I just think that it's a bit of a ripoff on WB's part for not putting the widescreen version on the DVD. Not only that, but Cartoon Network is currently showing reruns of Justice League Unlimited. If you really want to see these episodes, I would suggest waiting for them to rerun on CN. And if you can't wait for the reruns, the local video store is always a good place to visit! :)
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on September 20, 2005
I have all but one of the previous releases of Justice League. It's getting very tiresome to be waiting 4-6 months for a measly 3 episodes. At least when they were releasing episodes from the first two seasons, they were including 4 episodes. And even Teen Titans has 6 per disc. Come on WB.... Release season sets. My rating was in the middle, because despite the crappy releases, this is still one of the best cartoons currently on tv. There hasnt been an episode I didnt like. But, the releases are a joke. Someone commented on two of the characters on the cover not even being updated to their third season appearance. Well.. .was Aquaman even in any of the episodes on this disc? I am thinking he wasnt, so why is he on the cover art? I hope this is the last release like this and next time we see new Justice League DVDs, in season set form.
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on June 23, 2007
This is no SuperFriends. The stories and dialog have enough in jokes and secondary comic characters to make this a better than average cartoon show. I read DC comics when I was a child and didn't see the characters for over 20 years, yet the show reminded me that I read stories of Booster Gold, Red Tornado, Hal Jordan/Green Latern. Even if you don't know the characters the stories are enjoyable. I also prefer the more realistic animation to the Titans/LSH style.
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