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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These ultra portable devices are really useful, but generally expensive. Not this one; it is reasonably priced, so I ordered it to see how well they did. I find it to be quite usable considering the specifications, with excellent BIOS security and other corporate-use features, to have slightly above average battery life with adequate performance, but to be a bit slow for any gaming use.

The right side has SDHC card reader, Headphone/Mic combined port, 2 USB 2.0 Ports, a RJ-45 LAN port, and a Kensington security slot. The left side has the power port, a full sized 15 pin VGA port, an HDMI port, and a USB3 port. The bottom has two slits for sound. This device has a touch screen, which is great at the price point. When opened, the screen has a camera port, a camera indicator, and a microphone. The lower portion (below the screen) has the power switch and a multi-light panel that indicates power, wireless, charge level, HDD activity, and caps lock; it is nice that these are on top when the unit is open, to see the status (especially the HDD light). The device features an unusual hinge; the hinge goes around behind the keyboard, reducing the height of the screen when opened. Overall, it is a bit bulkier than most ultras; the end near the screen is thicker. This is due to the hinge, but it also means that the keyboard has a good tilt for typing, and that there is enough depth for a full sized VGA port (most ultras have only HDMI), and a wired network cable on the other. I think it is a good compromise; the unit is fairly light but a bit bulky. The device includes Asus Webstorage (5gb).

I tested the laptop from a full charge, using the recommended settings (about 35% screen brightness). It lasted around 5 hours with the screen on and moderate use, and I think that the time could be pushed to 6 hours with more efficient settings.

I could tell that this was not a high end ultra. The screen, despite the modest resolution, is very readable from the front, below, and sides, but loses some visibility when viewed at the upper angles. I found that it will run a couple of programs well, maybe three, but after that there was some visible slowness. The performance was strangely variable; at some times it was quite snappy, but other times it seemed to take a while for the hard disk to kick in. Nevertheless, it is perfectly suitable for general word processing and spreadsheet use, and will be fine for basic video viewing, Skype, and that sort of thing. The hard drive is a Hitachi HTS545050A7E680, and runs at 5400 RPM. Most ultras come with only 256 Mb at most (and generally use an SSD), but this drive gives one 500 Mb of storage. However an SSD will be about 6 times faster - and way more expensive. The drive speed and type accounts for some of the slowness. The Keyboard has square keys and is well supported (doesn't creak); I found it easy to use.

Surprisingly for a device of this size, the sound on internal speakers was very good, and the headset output was excellent.

Corporate Use:
I put in this paragraph because the design has some great features for corporate use. The BIOS will allow the system administrator to lock down just about all of the ports (USB, etc), and encrypt the hard drive. I didn't try these features out because I don't intend to use them. Additionally, the full sized VGA port will be useful for connecting to a monitor at the office, and a full sized wired Ethernet RJ-45 connector will allow for secure use at work or in the motel room. The low price makes it an attractive option for those companies that need to outfit a lot of workers with portable computers.

Summary: A really good budget laptop, with decent speed for students and professionals. Highly recommended if you won't be doing a lot of gaming or graphics.

See below for more detailed information:
HDD Benchmarks:
Peak 4K Random Write Speed 1.25 MB/s (average)
Peak Sequential Read Speed 92 MB/s (average)
Peak 4K Random Mixed IO Speed 0.13 (not so good)
Peak Sequential Mixed IO Speed 72.4 (not so good)

Computer Benchmarks (NovaBench):
These tests were done while the device was plugged in.
RAM MB/second: 3477
CPU Floating Point Operations/Second: 43096210
CPU Integer Operations/second 73838078
CPU MDS Hashes generated /second: 505059
Graphics 3D Frames / Second: 81
HDD Primary Partition write speed: 51Mb / second

+ The touchpad supports windows 8 swipe capabilities. I found that most of them worked, although I could not get the swipe down to close apps from the touchpad.
+ 15 pin VGA port as well as HDMI output.
+ 1 USB 3 and 2 USB 2. The higher speed USB 3 is very useful.
+ Single port for headphones/mike.
+ ASUS Smart Gesture - allows three finger move by pages, or to show running apps, or show desktop. This also has option to rotate the screen (although I'm not sure why this is useful on a laptop). By default, this disables the touchpad if a mouse is detected - which is useful.
+ Asus Splendid Video Enhancement tech - provides color enhancement modes: Gamma Correction, Vivid, Theater, Soft, My Profile, and Normal.
+ The keyboard has a special key to simulate right-click - to the right of the spacebar. While not unique to Asus, it is a nice feature.
+ The on line user manual has a very good Windows 8 section with instructions; Asus includes a PDF on the desktop task bar. The manual is well written and useful for new users. The instructions show both touch screen, touchpad, and keyboard. Well done!
+ The BIOS has lots of security features: lock USB, HDD, Audio, LAN, and Wireless. Asus supports simple BIOS updates via their Easy Flash utility.
+ Asus Live update keeps the drivers and software up to date.
+ The device is an attractive brown color with texture, but picks up fingerprints.
+ It is very easy to tap the touchpad and get a click.
+ The touchscreen is very accurate, even with my big paws.
+ Includes Cyberlink Media suite, which includes a desktop burning gadget, an ISO viewer, and Power2Go (burns disks). In some ways this is strange, because the unit has no optical drive (although external ones are fairly cheap).
+ There is a USB+ Charging mode, with a limit available that stops charging at a certain percentage. This feature allows the USB port to charge a device while the computer is powered off. This has become somewhat common for ultras; what is different is this capability to restrict the power loss when charging.
+ Asus includes a few game titles as part of Asus Vibe!, which has some music and reading as well. (only a few are free).

Less Good:
- The HDD is slow, even for a 5400 HDD; an SSD would be about 6 - 7 times faster.
- The power cord has a large rectangular end that plugs into wall; this will take up a bit of space (as opposed to a "brick" which fits easily because it has only the plug in the wall), but it does have a neat built in velcro strap to keep the cord in place.
- The top lid extends a bit over the bottom, which makes it a harder to open (there is nothing to grip on the bottom side).
- While the unit has a 12 Month warranty, the battery warranty is only 6 months.
- Asus divids the drive into OS (186Gb) and data partitions (258 Gb). This really complicates installing games and such, because one will have to be careful where things are installed. It would have been more usable with a simple 500 GB single partition.
- The laptop does NOT have Bluetooth, so if you want to add a mouse it will need to be one with a dongle. This omission saves power, but uses up a USB port, and seems a bit strange on an ultra portable.
- The laptop is advertised as having the Asus LifeFrame app. This enhances the camera functions, including the ability to use the webcam as security monitoring device (detects motion and takes a picture), take pictures and videos, voice recorder, and a preview function. Nice stuff - but I didn't see it installed.
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on March 20, 2014
I took a risk and bought this even though I couldn't find any professional or consumer reviews. The new Baytrail N2815 processor is more than fast enough for daily use, and not much slower than my 1 year old Samsung series 9 that cost nearly $1000 (this is for another family member). The hard drive is not advertized as hybrid, but it does boot from hibernate in under 10 secs. The screen is too shiny and reflective, I prefer matte, but for the price, it's OK. Battery life is closer to 6 hours for me, better than the 5 in specs, with wifi on and basic word processing, screen not too bright. The dimensions are almost as large as my Samsung, despite the smaller screen size, and its chunkier and a bit heavier, around 2.8 lbs. Was really looking for a lighter, thinner 11.6 and would have paid 500-600, but nothing out there. This is really a lot of computer for the price. One thing, in sleep mode, it occasionally drains the battery, so I changed settings to hibernate on closing lid, and all is fine.
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VINE VOICEon April 1, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been getting familiar with this laptop. It is quite similar to our Chromebook in functionality and size, but with the full functionality of a Windows laptop; you can install programs like word, excel, and photo editing software. While a sleek and simple internet machine, that's what I didn't like about our Chromebook.

The operating system is something that takes some getting used to. The apps and programs running in the background were a little confusing to me, but you get used to it over time and it offers a new way to use your favorite websites in a new way, and its easier to look at weather and browse headlines much faster with better access. If you arent sure about this interface, there are ways to basically turn off all the features (apps, etc) and just use the browser.

I was initially against the touch screen, but I do use it occasionally to expand or swipe a page. The keyboard and trackpad are perfect, and its simple to adjust the brightness.Coming off a 15.5" Toshiba, this screen is certainly small. I have to expand the screen so I can see the text. The battery life is quite good as good as say an Ipad. I can get about 6-8 hours. The body is light and compact, the lid closure is smooth and secure. It never gets hot and its virtually silent. The screen is high gloss and can have some glare and shows prints, but a little tilt and you're fine.

Overall, I am excited about this computer. This little guy is durable and small with a good battery life - just what I wanted. It has been very reliable and I think it is a very good value.
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on May 16, 2014
I bought very similar model from bestbuy using their XP trade-in program. I liked it except it was little slow.
I installed Crucial M500 120GB SSD into it, removed fast boot and still laptop boots in less that 15 seconds.
Below are the high level steps for SDD upgrade
1) Migrate current OS to SSD(I used Paragon home 14(trial version)
2) Remove 9 screws to remove the cover(7 visible screws and 2 screws are under rubber padding(battery side))
3) Remove the battery(1 screw)
4) Replace the hard Drive(4 + 4 screws)

I will also try attaching pictures.
review image
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on March 28, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Asus 11.6 ultra-portable is a very small PC, booting up takes a reasonable time but not overly slow. It seems to work well and I had no crashing or problems with surfing the net, playing some simple games, watching video.

The internet connection is much slower than my full size laptop connecting to the same router.

No DVD drive but this is to be expected since it is so small and slim

Windows 8 is on this PC- the cons for this are numerous including the unusual display, no real start button, confusing to find something, not enough apps to satisfy me, difficult to multi task in the app mode.

The keyboard doesn’t light up so in low light it is very difficult to see

There is some lag with the hard drive but the specs are for a lower end machine so that is understandable - Intel Celeron 2.13 GHz, 500 GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive, 4 GB DDR3

I found a program called classic shell that brings the real start button and the feel of windows 7 or vista back to the windows 8 computer which makes me much happier.

It is very small, lightweight and portable, easy to carry aound

The touch screen is nice for some instances rather than using a mouse of the touch pad

Built in camera and microphone

2 USB2 ports, 1 USB 3 port

On screen keyboard for low light situations

includes Asus Webstorage (5gb)

battery seems to last about 5 hours

keyboard is very quiet and feels substantial

sound is good for a laptop, headphones are even better

Below the touchpad are right and left click buttons

Textured outer skin so it doesn’t slip out of your hands

Booting from hibernation and sleep is fast

I would recommend this for someone using it for normal word processing, spreadsheets, maybe some videos, skype, things like that. It is not a good gaming device or for anything very intensive and uses a lot of resources. I think this would be great for a student for doing homework/schoolwork though. It is a good budget ultra-portable with a touch screen.
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on May 28, 2014
I bought this because I had 2 laptops go out on me in a matter of days. Both of which were from 2006. I wanted something extremely mobile, fast, cheap, and has a touchscreen. I like the specs on "ultrabooks" but the price is just out of the question for me. I did quite a bit of research and eventually narrowed it down to either this or the asus TA100 convertable tablet. For my needs I felt I would not be using it as a tablet, but as a netbook with it docked 95% of the time.

Reasons I bought this over the TA100

-$100 cheaper than 32GB w/500GB HDD (which bought a 120GB SSD)
-Baytrail celeron vs baytrail atom (celeron is more powerful CPU and especially GPU)
-less cramped keyboard
-3 usb ports vs 1
-full linux (ubuntu 14.04) support of the box (disable secureboot in bios on startup)
-4GB ram upgradeable to 8GB
-64bit vs 32bit UEFI (most people won't care, or notice, but for those things that need it, should be noted)
-upgradeable internal storeage (possible with HDD dock, but not onboard)
-decent touch pad

some things that you loose
-3-4 hours battery life per charge
-slightly bulkier design than T100 w/ HDD dock
-ability to be a tablet w/o dock
-MS office student license key

The screen size difference of 1 1/2 inches is probably my least concern but I can't say it's a possitve or a negative, just different.

Very first thing I did after getting this was removed the 5400RPM HDD and replaced with a samsung evo 120GB SDD and installed ubuntu 14.04 on it because I would rather die than be stuck with windows 8. It should also be mentioned that ubuntu or windows 7 on the TA100 is a non-starter for lots of different reasons. Mostly drivers, or incompatiblity with 32bit UEFI. So unless you really don't care or actually like windows 8, then you're stuck with that on the TA100 for the foreseeable future.

Computer cold boots in less than 10 seconds, is super snappy, plays games like minecraft on slightly above minimum settings. Installed starbound and was playable, but not great. Haven't tried too many native games, but if you install linux and steam you can stream your games over wifi from a windows gaming desktop. I played a game of league of legends, some skyrim, and diablo 3, all of which were in highest settings on my desktop, looked great, fairly fluid and not horrible lag, definitely enjoyable for sure. So getting this as a true extension to a gaming desktop is really great.

general computing performance is great, exactly what you would want. Fast browsing, fast application load times (with SSD) no lag, just a great 2014 netbook with close to ultrabook performance and form factor. It gets warm (maybe 100 degrees F) only had the fan go on once during gaming testing and only knew it was on by feeling the air. Comfortable to have on your lap for extended use.

my only complaints is that it's not wireless n, and bluetooth would have been nice but with 3 usb ports, just get a micro dongle. If I didn't have to disasemble the freaking thing to get to the HDD or battery/ram it would have been nice, but how often do you need to do these things? All in all, fantastic purchase, would have paid $500 for this with a 120/250GB SSD, but at $300 and the ability to do the upgrade myself with the savings, plus I get a 500GB out of the deal to slap into a external enclosure is a great deal IMO.

typed this review from this, and the keyboard is fantastic.
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on August 6, 2014
For those who are intersted in the gaming capabilities of this device, i am here to inform you of its capabilities-

With 4gb of ram and the new Baytrail processor (whoch from what ive seen from the asus t100) is awesome for gaming, and the t100 had 2gb ram! This is double.

Games can be played such as-

1.Minecraft "45-60 fps"

2.Skyrim "playable fps"

3.Valve games (half life 2, team fortress 2, portal, L4d, garrys mod, stanly parable)

4.KSP (kerbal space program) "playable to fluent"

5. Halo Combat evolved "fluent even with full 15 people server."

6. All games that existed for pc before 2006 basically

7. Bioshock infinite (playable fps)
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on May 10, 2014
UPDATE 051914 -
This is NOT just an issue with the laptop I ordered. I went to a Fry's Electronics store to check out this laptop, and perhaps buy another one. Fortunately they had one on display. At first I thought it wasn't having the "jittery cursor" issue...until I realized it wasn't plugged in to a power source, but was running off battery. I plugged the power cord in and, lo and behold, a jittery cursor just like the laptop I ordered. I'm sure this one had the latest drivers, I've tamed it somewhat using the Elan driver mentioned above.


UPDATE 051614 -
Just some info for other people dealing with this touchpad issue, those who perhaps can't return this laptop. Using the Elan touchpad driver I have made the issue more tolerable, although still not perfect. There are settings to change sensitivity of the touchpad which you may find helpful.


I've never been so disappointed with a computer. This laptop runs great, has plenty of space and the touchscreen works quite nicely. Unfortunately the touchpad is a spastic mess.

I've never seen a touchpad behave in the manner this one does. It's jittery, jumpy, spastic, erratic. You hold your finger still, and it jumps and shakes about. Trying to stop the cursor on things is far more difficult. This doesn't happen all of the time, making it a nightmare to diagnose, and it seems worse when it's plugged in. But I've seen it happen while running on battery as well. Customer service told me to update BIOS and drivers, which I did without result. I don't know what else I can do, so I will probably have to return it.
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on July 6, 2014
This is an extremely affordable rather sturdy 11.6" touchscreen laptop. I've had it for about two months now, running Arch Linux alongside windows via EFI. The bootloader I am using is rEFInd with secure boot disabled (I could spend more time to enable it, but I'm lazy). I will include little tidbits about its performance under linux since I wasn't able to find much on this when I bought it and took a leap of faith in terms of its ability to run linux.

Some background about myself: I am relatively well versed in the inner workings of computers, having nearly completed a BS in electrical engineering (emphasis digital systems) with a computer science minor. I'm often asked by people to help them fix their computers (both software and hardware issues), so I have seen my fair share of what usually breaks down on a computer under daily use by students. I am also a heavy linux user and plan on using this computer for personal and school-related things.

Form factor and build:
The body of the laptop is very sturdy with little flex. The screen is kind of hard to open at times, but I view this as a result of the sturdiness of the computer combined with just a little bit of bad design in relation to the little fingernail tab that they have placed near the center of the screen to assist with opening (they could have done better in this area). Compared to other laptops which I have been asked to repair (I'm looking at you, HP), this laptop seems like it will have a long body life and that its hinges will not be the deciding factor. I both like and dislike the finish on the makes the laptop easy to grip, but also is just a little difficult to clean. I purchased an 11.6" chromebook sleeve for this computer and it fits quite snugly. The bulge on the bottom near the hinges makes it just a little tight. The computer is a little heavier than the laptop this replaced (Acer Aspire One AOA150), but still more than manageable considering the size. The power brick included is just under 3"x3"x1" and fits quite nicely in my backpack's cable pocket. It takes up a little more space than I would like on a power strip and it doesn't include a rotating plug like some other power supplies do and therefore is locked in with the prongs parallel to the long edge of the brick.

The battery life on this computer is quite good compared to others in the same price range. While it doesn't approach 8 hours like the Dell Inspiron 3000 claims, I have managed to get 5-7 hours out of it. It also is able to stay a week or two on standby without additional charging (closer to a week than to two). I managed to use this computer with infrequent charging on a recent trip that took me across the US via airplane and trains (about 8 hours transit time total). With careful choices of what programs to run, this computer can easily give others of a similar size a run for their money in terms of battery life. I haven't yet tried it out in a classroom setting, but from what I have seen I would expect to get through the entire day (4 hours of class) without needing to charge it. It charges relatively fast (which worries me slightly), but overall I have been satisfied with its performance.

I honestly rather like the screen on this computer. Its certainly not the best screen ever, but it is not the worst I have ever seen either. The resolution is fine for my needs and the small size of the screen makes the pixel density feel rather high. On linux, /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/max_brightness is 7812 and appears to offer a relatively fine grained scale for setting the backlight brightness. The backlight can be quite bright (which is good in sunlight), but can also be turned down to nearly non-lit. I keep mine at about 2000 (roughly 25%) when on battery and it gives me around 5 hours of run time when doing lightweight tasks. The touchscreen appears to be quite accurate and worked out of the box with easystroke (obviously it also worked with the included copy of Windows 8). The screen is extremely glossy and I have found that it is quite susceptible to glare and is best used in the shade or away from a window. If I were to point out the worst feature of the screen it would be the glossiness, but it doesn't make it unusable.

I have a love-hate relationship with this keyboard. It is similar in feel to my mac keyboard at work, but it different enough that it takes me a little while to stop missing keystrokes after switching back from my "standard" keyboard on my home desktop to this keyboard. I dearly miss the page/up down keys being above the left/right arrows like I had on my Acer Aspire One and since there is only one Fn key, changing tabs using Ctrl-pageup/pagedown has become a two-handed operation. One must hit the Fn button on the left, one of the ctrl buttons, and then the up/down arrow key on the right. Other than that gripe, however, the keyboard is quite nice. It has a relatively short key travel and I can type well on it. The keys have a nice feel to them and it is clear by feel (after getting used to it) when a key has been typed properly.

This is by far the worst feature of this computer. I have very little positive to say about it other than its big and it works, so I almost always bring an external mouse to use with this computer. The positioning of the buttons makes it difficult to right click without accidentally left-clicking. The trackpad is rather large which is nice, but it would be far better if the buttons were separate from the trackpad rather than everything being all in one piece. In addition, setting up palm detect in X has proven to be a little difficult to get right for this mouse and I am still having trouble with the mouse clicking as I type at times.

This computer has both HDMI and VGA ports which is nice. I haven't tried to use both at once, but they configured individually quite easily out of the box on Linux using xrandr. The position of the VGA port causes it to be covered by the power plug in certain orientations, but this is easily remedied by just rotating it. There are also sufficient USB ports on this computer and their positioning seems to work well. The SD/MMC slot worked out of the box with Linux (at least it did for me). The network jack has an interesting design which "compacts" itself when no cable is inserted using a spring-loaded tab on the bottom. This is one part of the body of the laptop I could see breaking with time and I have started to take care that the side with the network jack is inserted downward into my case for this computer since I was always getting my fingers caught on it when pulling it out of the case when it was facing upward.

The webcam has a white LED which illuminates when the camera is currently turned on which is nice. The quality is about what I would expect from a webcam and I don't have anything particularly negative or positive to say about it. I'm sure there are better cameras out there, but it is sufficient for my needs.

Hard disk:
The hard disk on this computer isn't the greatest I've ever had, but it works and doesn't perform unusually bad or good. I have been tempted to replace it with an SSD, but it has managed to keep up with what I do and so I haven't seen the need yet. It seemed a little sluggish on Windows, but I always think of Windows as sluggish so that might just be my bias. On Linux, it has a most annoying habit of defaulting to APM level 1 on powerup and resume, causing it to spin down quite often since my current installation doesn't attack the hard drive very frequently. I have a cron job which runs every hour to set it up to 128 (not the best solution...but I haven't bothered to put a lot of time into the fix since that works fine for me).

RAM & CPU Performance:
I have to say, I have been impressed with this computer's computing and graphics performance considering the price point. The 4Gb of RAM included by default was more than sufficient for me, but I would recommend upgrading to 8 if using the included Windows 8 installation. Computationally intensive tasks such as media work or compiling programs doesn't work quite as well as on my i5-2550K in my desktop computer, but that was to be expected. On Steam for Linux, I have managed to run and play DotA 2 with all other programs closed (it uses a lot of RAM and I don't have a swap partition). The loading time was quite high, but once it got going it was just a little less snappy than on my desktop (which also uses Intel HD graphics without a graphics card). It is capable of full-screen hulu and flash video on the screen and external displays and while it won't be winning any awards for graphics performance, I was impressed with what it was able to do with just integrated graphics.

The speakers on this laptop are far superior to those on my Acer Aspire One, but I don't have a good baseline to compare them to. They are better than my cell phone's speaker, but not as good as my Sony speakers I use on my desktop. They are certainly not audiophile quality. They aren't quite as loud as I would like at full volume, but that's alright with me. The headphone jack has comparatively little noise spillage from the insides of the laptop (on my Acer I could "hear" what the computer was thinking due to interference) and is well positioned. I would not feel ashamed using this laptop to watch movies using the built-in speakers.

For a ~$300 price tag, this computer blows the competition out of the water on many points. Most computers matching the level of performance of this computer are generally in the $400 price range and I have been more than satisfied with my purchase. It could be better in many respects, including the mouse design and glossiness of the screen, but for $300 I can't complain. I would recommend this computer any day to someone who needs a computer of this form factor and doesn't want to spend a lot of money while still being able to accomplish just about any task outside of heavy gaming or video editing.

Remarks on Linux Installation:
There was very little information available about this computer & its interaction with Linux when I bought it and I did a little "leap of faith" hoping that I would be able to install Linux on it. Out of the box, it comes with 6 partitions: System EFI, Asus recovery, a 128Mb "reserved" partition, Windows, an NTFS "data" partition, and the Restore partition. I shrunk the Windows partition by roughly half and took the "data" partition along with that and partitioned it four ways into /boot, /, /var, and /home. I have roughly 300Gb of ext4 partitioned space total. I installed rEFInd to my boot partition and the system EFI partition and it worked almost on the first try. I had to disable secure boot and I believe the default bootloader was replaced with rEFInd since the boot screen is now quite different. This was my first EFI installation, so I may have done some things wrong, but it seems to work just fine how it is and it can boot into both Windows and Linux. All the important stuff (wireless, display, network, mouse, keyboard) worked out of the box and I didn't have any issues installing the base Arch Linux system. I am currently using the i3 window manager with mostly xfce and gnome programs as my desktop environment. As I mentioned earlier, I have no swap partition enabled and it seems to work just fine. After figuring out the EFI stuff, this may have been my easiest installation yet. If Ubuntu or something else is to be used, I would highly recommend partitioning the hard drive yourself rather than having the installer do it for you if you still want to keep windows since it comes with so many partitions by default. I had to write down a little list to keep them all straight, actually.
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on June 14, 2014
I waited a month before reviewing this because of the absolute polar reviews I read before purchasing it. I was scared to death to take the thing out of the package! Let me just say, "I love it!" It does EXACTLY what it says it will do...which is exactly what I bought it for. I'm an author that hates being stuck to a wall plug when I'm writing, but the batteries in my former laptops were pointless. I needed a new one, and the thing I wanted most was EXCEPTIONAL BATTERY LONGEVITY. After three days of camping, only plugging it into the truck to recharge while sightseeing, I never got below still having 5 hours of life left. I sat outside for hours at a time writing away to my imagination's delight. Yes, Candy Crush is slow, yes, the mouse is a little sluggish - but I anticipated that, and it was no big deal. Again, I didn't buy it for gaming or mousing. And with the touch screen, it more than made up for trying to stick the cursor in the exact spot with the mouse. So, all in all, it is exactly what I wanted, needed, and purchased it for. It is very light, nicely compact, so it's easy to tote anywhere. In fact, I take it to church with me and use it to take sermon notes. Never thought I would do that on a laptop! If you want a good traveling computer, easy Wifi access, great battery life-this is it! If you're looking for a mega computer at this price - look elsewhere. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!
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