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on January 7, 2014
This is the product Keurig should have developed to make the Vue a stronger system. Standard K-Cups are everywhere these days and almost every box store has their own variations of K-Cups as well. But Vue? Not so much. We fell in love with the features of the Vue, but after 1.5 years of ownership, we find the lack of Vue cups to be frustrating.

My wife introduced this K2V Cup to me prior to Christmas and try as we might, could not get one until now. It really works well. The K2V Cup is really two products in one: the standard KCup adapter and a brew-your-own adapter. The brew-your-own fits inside the standard KCup adapter. The adapter has a pointed needle at the bottom to make the hole in the standard KCup plastic bottom. The brew-your-own adapter is hollowed out on its bottom to fit over the needle.

On the first usage, I wasn't sure how the standard KCup would fit the adapter. With the brew-your-own adapter out, I slid my first KCup in and knowing I had to puncture with that bottom needle, I simply pressed down until it seated itself in the adapter. There was a very satisfying 'pop' as it punctured and the KCup is nice and snug. I had no fear of it separating from the adapter.

The adapter with KCup fits the Vue system perfectly with no hang ups. I adjusted for my 10oz "thicker" cup of joe and let the Vue do what it does. Voila. It works and without any mess. The used KCup is removed by just grabbing its top and lifting out.

Thank you EZ Cups/Perfect Pod folks. You have definitely breathed life into our 1.5 year old Vue system.

January 21, 2014 Edit: I wanted to delve into K Cups themselves. We have found in our daily usage of the K2V Cup and our various K Cups, there is a definite difference between the foils tops on the different brand K Cups. A little background first - when you insert a K Cup into the K2C Cup, there is a needle at the bottom to penetrate the bottom of the K Cup (this produces a nice popping sound). This also seats the K Cup into the K2V and makes it snug. When you close your Vue door, the needle in the hatch penetrates the foil lid of the K Cup. When you remove the used K Cup, you find the two holes. The foil lid has a nice, neat needle hole as well as the bottom.

What we have discovered to date is that Green Mountain branded K Cups have no issue. So far we have utilized Breakfast Blend, Lake and Lodge, Sumatran, Newman's Own, Our Blend, and Vermont Country Blend. The Starbucks branded K Cups also have no issue. So far we have used House and Sumatran.

The Caribou branded K Cups DO appear to have an issue. So far we have only used one box of Daybreak Blend. The foil lid appears thinner or a different material. When you extract the Caribou K Cup, the foil top is completely crushed inward. Instead of a neat hole, the foil lid has a large, dime sized hole. This exposes the fine grounds of coffee and we have experienced some grounds in our coffee and machine. I clean these out with a couple small empty runs of water.

February 8, 2014 Edit: I have since experimented with Eight O'Clock Columbian variety. I also have no problems with this brand in terms of the puncture on the lid being too large.
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on February 21, 2014
I received the product and thought I had followed the directions. Put it in my V600 brewer and got nothing. It just wouldn't work. My brewer would run for a few seconds and stop. I contacted the seller to return the product as I was fairly certain I had just destroyed my brewer.

They responded very quickly and refunded my money and said that I did not need to return the product. They asked me to explain what happened so that they could make their product better.

I have a tech startup and I just have to say that what they did is dead on. You make a product your customers want, by getting their feedback. Not like most companies who make a product that they think their customers will want.

Once I explained, they gave me a few things to try. I really didn't think it would work.

But it did! My brewer is working great and I've used the K2V cup now with K cups and with my own coffee and it's just awesome. What a great experience, really.

Since someone so kindly asked me to elaborate on what I did to fix my brewer I couldn't say no.

So here's the deal, I really thought I had broken my Vue. It was my first time ever using it. But fixing it was really easy.

If you open your brewer where you would put in the V cup and look inside it (I used the flashlight on my iPhone) you can see 2 metal points sticking out. Those 2 points are used to pierce the V cup and allow the water to run through and make your cup of coffee.
Now, if you don't use the K2V Cup quite right, what happens is that grounds get into the center of those metal points. Which causes your brewer to not work.

To Fix: Grab a paperclip. (I know this sounds scary but it's not, and didn't harm my brewer at all)

Unbend it a bit so there is an L shape - you're going to put it down in the brewer and gently poke it into the center of the metal points. (there are holes for the water to flow)

The first time, I had to do both points. On another occasion it was simply because the lid of the K2V cups wasn't flat and a ground got in - so I just did the top metal point.

Since this happened the first time, I have only had to use the paperclip on 2 other occasions.

It really does work, and well. The problems people are having are mostly because grounds are getting into the metal points. I know the directions are vague, but it really is fairly hard to explain it any other way.

Any way, I hope you've found this helpful! Enjoy your coffee & tea people! :)
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on December 19, 2013
I ordered this item from Amazon and after I ordered it I actually found another one in Bed, Bath & Beyond that I also purchased and started using immediately. Having used both cup holders, I feel that this one is far superior to the one from Bed, Bath & Beyond. This one is a much better quality plastic and much more sturdier. The other one (Solofil) has a small thin adapter inside to make the k-cups fit properly, this one is designed with no adapters and the fit is perfect. Also cleanup is much easier as well, with the Solofil you have to take that adapter out to clean, with this one there is nothing to take out. I've retired the Solofil and am using this one exclusively. What a great item, I can now use the Vue Cups, K-Cups, Pods and ground coffee.
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on December 12, 2013
I have been waiting for something like this!!! I have been using the K2V-Cup for about a week now and it saves me a ton of money! I can now use K and it comes with a little green cup that also lets me use my own coffee :) I love the design of this, so easy to use!
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on January 8, 2014
This cup works great for using K-cups in my Vue 500. However I have had issues with the refilable K-cup that comes with it. Sometimes the grounds will flow back into the needle and will shutdown my brewer until grounds are removed.
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on December 13, 2013
This is the answer to all my problems with my VUE 700. I am now able to use K cup, loose tea and coffee grains! It is simple to use and easy to clean and saves me a ton of money. This is a must have to anyone picking up a VUE machine.
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on February 7, 2014
I was so excited to get this product. The very first time I used it it broke my machine. It would start to brew and then return to the ready to brew screen. When I called Keurig they said that they had had many reports of this. I have a Vue 700. Not only would my machine no longer work with the adapter, it will no longer work with regular Vue cups. I am thankful that Keurig is willing to replace the machine. Scroll down and you will find other reviews reporting the same problem.
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on February 17, 2014
Came in a timely manner. I was very disappointed in the K2V-Cup as it would not work in my Keurig Vue. When I put in my Keurig, the lid would not close. I was afraid to press to strongly as I didn't want the lid to break.
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on March 22, 2014
Well, just like you'd expect - it does indeed let you brew coffee using K-Cups in a Keurig Vue machine.

It comes with an additional basket, which lets you use loose coffee grounds, as well.
I did not realize that it came with this extra basket when I bought it. It was a very pleasant surprise!

One small problem I had was with the fit, initially.
The first time I used it, the machine didn't want to shut. Then, suddenly, it did.
I brewed coffee; was looking at the adapter afterwards, and thought, what is that little thing in the pour spout?
Pulled it out with a pair of tweezers. It was a chip from the spout. The plastic of the cup didn't line up correctly with the needle on the machine, and so a small piece of plastic broke off. This does not impair function in any way.
Also, the machine closes easily now, when I use the adapter.

In customer images, you can see one that I posted, which shows the tiny chip that broke off.

I'm disappointed that part of it broke, but I still would recommend (and have, actually) this product to others.
review image
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on February 11, 2014
Loose grounds clog needle and cause machine to stop working. Luckily Keurig replaced my Vue. Its unfortunate because there are a lot favorite flavors of coffee that are not offered in Vue packaging.
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