Customer Reviews: KEEN Men's Arroyo II Sandal
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on August 8, 2013
My Arroyo II's just arrived today. I want a good pair of hiking sandals for my first Grand Canyon trip this August, yet something that can get wet for Havasu Falls. I heard so many good things about Keens that I decided to try them for myself.

First, some things to consider. At first I was settled on the Keen Newport H2's, but after speaking to an associate at REI I learned that the tread of the H2's is not suited for hiking, and that the Arroyo II's would serve me better for mostly hiking. This point was obvious after examining the tread of both models; the Arroyo II's have a thicker tread for greater traction on dirt and rocks. They also seem more durable overall and are made of leather instead of nylon. The way he put it: The Newport H2's are mostly for water activities and some outdoor activities, and the Arroyo II's are mostly for hiking and some water activities. This is because the Arroyo II's won't dry as quickly as the Newport H2's because of its cushioned insole for better support, which is nonexistent in the H2's. Although both models of sandals seem great, you have to decide for yourself what you need them for before making a purchase. I figured I'd be hiking mostly, with some treks across rivers, streams, etc., so I went with the Arroyo II's.

My first impression after trying them on is a good one! They fit well, are comfy, and have good arch support for walking. These shoes really feel tough enough to handle the rugged outdoors, with a thick toe and sturdy coverage on all sides. I'm questioning the ankle support these shoes will provide, although there is some support. Some people weren't happy with the drawstring for tightening the sandal. I could maybe see it not holding well and coming loose after long hikes, so I will keep an eye on this. I love the colors (I went with Slate Black/Bronze Green, which is a nice medium-brown color with forest-green detailing -- very camo-looking). I will update my review after my 5-day Grand Canyon trip and detail how well they held up while hiking and in water.

A word of caution about sizing. As I did, you should seriously consider trying these on at a local retailer (such as REI) before making your purchase. They definitely run very big. I'm usually size 9.5-10, but I had to buy these in an 8 for a good fit. For me, that's at least a size-and-a-half smaller than the norm. If you can't try them on first, order at least one full size smaller than you typically would.

***UPDATE 8/21/13***

Took my sandals on a test spin in PA's "Grand Canyon" this past week. We hiked the Turkey Path down to the waterfall and Pine Creek, and back up. It was rocky with steep slopes, so it was a good practice run for the actual Grand Canyon.

The sandals had great traction on the rocky surfaces. The pinky toe on my right foot started hurting at the end of the hike to the point where I thought I was forming a blister, but it ended up being okay. Whenever we stopped to take a break I found myself tightening up the cords, so this could be an annoyance for some people. Although I had to tighten them, I never thought they were too loose; rather, tightening gave them a more secure fit.

I dipped my feet into Pine Creek when we got to the bottom to test out their water resistance. They definitely dried pretty quickly (about 20 minutes longer into our hike), and they weren't heavy and squishy after getting them wet.

My only complaint so far is the discomfort I felt on my pinky toe towards the end of the 2-hour hike, which I expect is due to the initial wear-in period. We leave for the real Grand Canyon in the morning, so I'll post another update when we return!
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on June 24, 2010
I went out of my way to write this review because of my extremely positive experience with these shoes. I have never had a pair of shoes of any style, including running shoes, that fit so perfectly and can be worn for such a wide variety of activities. I hike every summer in the Cascade Mountains and have not found a better pair of hiking shoes than these. You can run in them. They look great for casual work places. They are sturdy, yet supple. You pay a premium ($90 to $100) but they last forever. They're water-resistant, too, though I would not say they are "water-proof."

They look great, breath fairly well, have great heel support, and are truly conforming to your foot after a few uses. I also have some Keen Newports for biking (with cleats) and I would have to say they are nowhere near the outstanding feel of the Arroyo IIs. The lack of support in the heel makes you feel like you're always leaning back on your feet. But, to stick with the review of the Arroyo II--you will not regret this purchase, guaranteed.
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on May 18, 2015
I was really excited to get these based on previous Keen shoes and sandals that I have owned, but I have owned these since March of this year and they are falling apart on me.
review image review image
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on August 2, 2014
I own a pair of Arroyo hiking sandals. They are about 4-5 years old and I love them. Just now one of the elastic draw cords broke but that is not a biggie to solve and is the first problem. On my newer pair of 2 yr old pair Arroyo II's there a really different problem. The II appears to be an upgraded version of the Arroyo. I wear the Arroyo all the time, in warm weather, for general work and exercise (dog) walking. I got the new pair of the II's and moved them to daily dog walking and for being dressed in a newer more colorful hiking sandal. Here is the problem. The Arroyo II has a new fabric water resistant lining that is different than the original Arroyo. It is the Hydrophobic mesh lining. The lining at the heel cups wore out by the first month of the new (2nd) season. Remember this is a warm weather hiking shoe not a cold winter shoe. The heel fabric is worn through and the under construction of plastic and some fiber is exposed causing blisters on my heel unless I have on soxs. To me this is quality control issue where a new material was added to a shoe and it is not durable enough to hold up to normal wear. KEEN would not stand behind the shoe saying I was out of warranty even though I provided clear photos of the product failure. They did give me a 50% off coupon for any product sold from their web site. If they put a tag on their adds "will only last one season" who would ever buy them? I wanted to buy a new pair of these but ultimatly the product failure prevented me from doing so. Love their shoes (own 5 pairs) but not these.
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on October 24, 2013
Over a period of about 3 weeks, I tried on the following hiking sandals before I settled on the Keen Arroyo II.

- Ahnu Men's Reyes III Sandal
- Keen Men's Kreek Sandal
- Kamik Men's Portage2 Sandal
- Skechers Sport Men's Journeyman-Safaris Sandal
- Keen Glisan Sandal
- Keen Newport H2
- Keen Newport

After testing so many sandals, I discovered that the Arroyo II is not perfect, but it has a good combination of features that makes it a first class hiking sandal:

1. Thick, rugged tread on the sole of the sandals. Whether you're hiking black asphalt or red rock, these sandals will give you sure footing every time. I hope that in the Arroyo III's, they make the tread even more thick. Keen Kreeks are the most comfortable sandals I've worn, but its sole is a joke. They look like they're made for city sidewalks not actual creeks.

2. Strong toe protection, the Arroyo II has above average toe protection compared to the other models except for the Skechers Journeyman-Safaris and Keen Glisan.

3. Soft, fabric uppers that wrap your foot gently with added cushion and elastic support for comfort. Admittedly not as comfortable the the Keen Kreeks. I hope the Arroyo III's borrow the uppers from the Keen Kreek.

4. Supportive insole is nice, but not as nice as the Glisan model. In the Arroyo III, Keen should use the insole from the Glisan model.

The Arroyo II's nearest competition is from the Glisan. The Glisan has excellent tread as well (though not as thick or ruggedly designed) and a better insole with actual cushion. However, the uppers of the Glisan are way too stiff to be comfortably worn on bare feet. The Glisans feel fine with socks.
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on September 8, 2015
I tried these shoes/sandals on at a local store first but they didn't have the right size so I popped on Amazon and ordered them up for less cost. My only gripe has been with the laces. My last pair of Keen sandals didn't have the same type of lace and held up fine for over a year. This pair seemed good but then the outer sheath of the lace on one shoe split (in two places) and left the inner core exposed. The gripper can't hold onto the inner core since it's much smoother and thinner so my shoe kept coming loose. My solution was to pick up a small spool of 325 Paracord from a local shop and restring the laces. The 325 cord is a little bit thicker than the stock laces but not too thick to fit in the plastic bits. I also found some 100 paracord but it was too thin. I tried the 325 cord in just one shoe for a day since the other shoe lace hadn't failed yet, just to see which would stay tighter all day. At the end of the day the 325 cord proved to be a better lace than the original one and I've relaced both shoes with the 325 cord. While I was at it I shortened the laces by about 6" so I didn't have so much excess after cinching up my shoes. Check my photo to see what I'm writing about.
review image
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on September 23, 2014
Ordered this when it was on sale for my dad because I love this company and wanted to introduce him to it. He finally got to wear it over the summer and a part of the glue or something is peeling off. I'm so embarrassed and disappointed--love Keen and I was not expecting this!
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on April 29, 2014
I really like KEEN products, because they have a reputation for holding together and being well-made. I bought these, planning to take them on a big hiking trip down the west coast this summer - I figured with the beaches and water and the inevitable dip in the ocean, these would be great, right? Well, maybe.

First off, I notice that they are ever so slightly larger than normal. I usually wear a size 13 shoe, and the way my feet are, the closest size to match my standard shoe size is a 13M. They are a little long, but that's nothing too terrible.

The real reason why I gave these 4 stars instead of 5 is because of one flaw in the design. On the back of the heel, they have a bit of stitching that seems innocent enough. I recently strapped these sandals on a local walk to start breaking them in. About 2 miles into the walk, the stitching on the back of the heel had started to rub away at my heel, causing a nice friction rub. I still had 3 miles to go before I could cross the bridge and get back to my car and return home, and by the end of the 5-mile (rough estimate) walk, I had a pretty good wound on both heels.
Keep in mind that I was not wearing socks, and I honestly believe that, had I been wearing socks, this wouldn't be an issue, and I would likely be leaving a 5-star review here instead.

I had thought about returning them, but I don't think Amazon would take too kindly to me returning sandals with dried blood on the inside of them. So, I will keep them, as they are still excellent sandals, but if you are one of those people who cringes at the thought of wearing socks with sandals, these are most definitely NOT for you!

Other than the above issue, these sandals are great! They are very supportive and offer excellent ventilation! The draw-string closure can get a bit annoying, but I just tuck it under the front lacing to hold it in place, so not really to big of a deal.

Overall, I would say that these are excellent sandals. Just remember that these are HIKING sandals, and not your flip-flop beach sandals - they require socks with them - and you'll be fine. If that isn't your forte, these aren't for you.
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on April 24, 2014
I finally decided to order me another pair of Keen's. My last pair I had for over 8 years! (and I still wear them). So this time, I thought I'd try the hiking sandal version.
First, it looks greats. Second, it feels comfortable. This translates to my four star rating.
However, here's my gripes:
1) I ordered a 10 and received a half size bigger. So when the site says these particular sandals tend to run a half size bigger that they send me a 10.5? But it's ok.
2) The adjusting strap/cord/laces is too long. Sure I could trim them but why would I in the first place? Instead of "snaking" the extra cord underneath the laces, I've decided to bow-knot it.
3) it actually makes my feet sweat. The footbed is comforting and supposedly anti-microbial with odor fighters (I guess). But I guess it is just non-breathable foam rubber.
But, looking-through those gripes, it is still a 4-star-er. I like the reflective highlights on the trims. I can pull them tight and make them almost as snug as regular shoes especially for those walks and hikes.
In all, they're great. And I hope they last as long as my original Keen's.
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on June 27, 2009
I bought these shoes because it is the only brand of shoes my husband will wear. I have been suffering from plantar facilitis for several months now, these are the most comfortable shoes, I have ever had. Well worth the money. I bought 2 more pairs online for work.
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