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on July 8, 2013
OK. So like many others, I read all the other reviews on this item. In doing so I learned two things.... 1) Everybody thinks they are an expert in car audio, yet they buy the cheapest 4GA wire kit on the internet and complain about it 2) This kit is not 4GA.

Now, I knocked off a star because they advertise 4GA, when in fact it is 8-9 GA. I'll add a picture to the pile showing the comparison of this kits 4GA and a piece of 9GA so you can see the actual difference. Since they are saying they are selling you one thing, and are in fact selling another (and it's amazon direct shipped) I think Amazon should be responsible enough to either A) change the description to alert potential buyers or B) require the manufacturer to actually put the correct gauge cable in the box. However, you must realize that you are paying just over $20 for a complete amp install kit. I even went and looked at the other items mentioned in some of the reviews from wally world etc. They do sell a kit that is 4GA, and reviewers say the wire is true 4GA wire, however they also complain of cheap rem wire, missing parts and poor connectors on the Bravo kit. The Pyle 4GA kit also had comments about not being 4GA. Apparently very common in lower end kits (suprise suprise.....go inquire how much decent real 4GA wire is per foot and then you will see the light, and don't be suprised at $2 a foot or more for quality stuff)
So at the end of the day in research, one cheap kit is about as good as another.

Now, as to what will this kit handle. Well, for that we use a little math. Here's your equation. Multiply the total number of channels on the Amp (or Amps) time the RMS power output per channel. For example, my Fosgate R250-4 250 Watt amp has a 65 x 4 RMS rating so 65x4=260. I also have an inexpensive Dual 8" powered sub box that is 80 watts RMS. So 260 + 80 = 340 total RMS. (RMS means literally, "Root Means Square." That's a whole nother topic though) So now we know my system has an RMS total output of 340. Now double the total RMS output. 340 x 2 = 680. Now divide by 13.8. 680 / 13.8 = 49.28 (rounded to the nearest hundred) That number, 49.28 is the systems actual current draw. At this point, we need a chart to show the required gauge wire based on the length of the Positive Power Wire. This can be found at Crutchfield. (Not sure if they'll allow a hotlink to the page with the chart, if they do it can be found here:
if they don't allow the link, you can find it using a simple search on Crutchfield's webpage for "cable gauge chart."
In my particular case, the 4GA cable (the 4GA in this kit) is going to run from the battery, to the passenger side seat into a small distribution block where one leg will go to the Fosgate amp, the other to the Dual sub. At the distribution block, the wire gauge will be reduced to normal 8GA in my application. So the 4GA run is going to be roughly 6-8 feet long. Based on the chart, in the 7-10 foot range at 50-65 amps I should use 8 Gauge. (Since my draw was under 50, I could probably get away with 10GA but I rarely have ever used smaller than 8GA) Now you know how to calculate your needs. (there are a great number of charts out there, some different than others. I find Crutchfield to have dependable information 99% of the time)

As to the max power of this kit, assuming it is 8GA.....the max will depend on the length of the power wire for your application, there is no universal max number. As an example, this kit could power a Fosgate T1000 which is a 1000 watt mono amp, which pulls 700 watts rms, as long as the Positive Power Cable is no more than 8 feet long. (Not likely that you'll have 8 feet or less, but it is just an example)

Also, those talking about the Ground wire being to short. The way electricity flows in a car is dependent on the ground. There are varying opinions on this. In my experience, the shorter the better. The best option is to drill your own ground location, use a nut, bolt, and star washer. Make sure to sand away paint in that area. If you aren't comfortable with drilling, use the closest location possible.
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on August 13, 2015
This wire is not 4 gauge wire.

The wire I received is pictured in the middle in the above picture. The wire to the left is Rockford Fosgate 4 Gauge wire and the wire to the right is Rockford Fosgate 8 gauge wire. The wire Boss is selling is more around a 6 Gauge wire posing in 4 Gauge casing. Admittedly a clever move on the part of Boss, this is deceitful and Amazon should be ashamed to be the listed seller of such a poor attempt to mislead its consumers.

A wires gauge is objective and is not open to interpretation. Running equipment on the wrong gauge wire can damage the equipment which is why they invented the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standard.

I had an appointment to have this wire installed and had to cancel due to the fact that I had to order the actual wire I needed.

This is deceitful at best and fraudulent at worst. Do not trust this product.

Shame on Amazon and Boss.
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on December 19, 2009
Judging from a lot of the reviews here people seemed to be expecting more. Like expecting to pay more for the same or less. I looked at several kits here and elsewhere and I went ahead and ordered this for installing a Boss Bass1200 in a Tacoma pickup (I don't need to rock the car next to me, just me and my passengers). The fuse holder alone costs as much elsewhere (I saw the exact one) as the who kit does here. I don't do this professionally. Install car audio components. I don't have a tool drawer full of 8 gauge wires and nuts and crimp-on fittings (well, some) so this kit looked like the right thing and is enough to do the job with stuff left over. I've got a few niches open in my toolbox to fill. If you're a pro, or a wannabe-pro, I'm not talking to you. If you're a new car owner or someone just trying to upgrade his/her car stereo and you need a kit like this, buy it. It's a good deal.
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on November 4, 2012
A kit like this can be a real money- and time-saver if you are looking to do a car install but don't have a need for extra spools of wire, cable shoes, ties etc. This is a complete and rather attractive kit for the DIYer with a car, an amp, speakers and a tool box. The only issue I have with the kit is the misleading marketing (or rather, blatant lie) calling this 8 AWG. You get plenty of plastics for your money, but little metal - to me the supposedly 8 AWG power and ground wires have a multistranded core about 2.0 mm in diameter rather than the 3.7 mm required of an 8 AWG wire. This suggests that this is closer to 12 than 8 AWG. Having read the other review before ordering, I was ready for this and for somebody in my situation - looking to improve the sound quality in my car for less than a Benjamin, this is still a great kit. The hard-of-hearing car audio enthusiasts looking forward to shaking windows and turning heads half a mile away may need to look at something a little pricier to ensure the power is converted to sound rather than to heat in the wires. The other items also appear to be functional but flimsy - the split wire loom is paper thin, but will hopefully still offer some protection - after all, the plasticc wire insulation in this kit is very thick. I'll try to add some photos to illustrate this review
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on May 27, 2008
If you're doing an install that requires at least 4 gauge, then this is not the kit for you. The insulation on the wire is pretty thick, but the copper is very limited and looks more like 8 gauge. Before buying this I called Boss Audio to get the fuse rating and they said it was 100A. It looks more like 80A based on the thickness of the metal. I bought a 4 gauge kit in walmart which was clearly a 4 gauge and much bigger than what I received with this and came with a true 100A fuse as clearly indicated by it's size.
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on April 25, 2012
Yes it's true the gauge of the wire is not accurate. Its a little smaller. DO NOT BUY THIS if you're trying to hook up a high watt amp and a bunch of subs. Go bigger and more expensive. I used this for my 350 watt amp and 10in Kicker sub and it does the job fairly well. Everything sounds great and I haven't had any problems... yet. :)
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on May 16, 2012
This is not a true 8 awg wire its more like 12 gauge my Rockford Fosgate RFK10 kit is a 10 awg and there wire is much larger than the supposedly "8 gauge" wire in this kit. I have some scrap monster 8 gauge that is thicker without insulation than this wire with insulation. its a real bummer too because now i have to go buy a new kit locally. Other than the mislabeled power and ground wire the kit is pretty nice. the fuse holder, rca/interconnect, and remote wire look nice. the speaker wire is rather small however i did not buy the kit for the speaker wire.

I will post a picture of what 10 gauge and 8 gauge looks like compared to this kit.
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on October 22, 2012
There are only 2 decent things about this kit, the rca cables and the fuse. Everything else and i do mean everything else is garbage!

-The power and ground wire is slightly SMALLER THAN 8 GAUGE!!!

-The speaker cable is so bad.. i literally have no words to describe it, straight into the trash it went. (you can separate the left from right cables and use one side for your remote cable, but that's if your desperate)

-The remote cable is about 5 strands of aluminum wire.... threw away along with the speaker wire.

-The RCAs are not that bad

-The smurf tubing is absolute garbage, toss it.

-The ground cable is to short only 3'

Please for the love of god dont buy this kit!! I have purchased in the past the Legacy 4 gauge kit on amazon its only 17$ and runs circles around this kit!!!!! save your money. I WILL POST PICTURES OF THE COMPARISONS BETWEEN REAL 4 GAUGE AND THIS 4 GAUGE!
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on May 4, 2013
Got it today, went to do a cap install and the cable was thinner than the 12ga Memphis kit that went with my old system. I currently have 8ga Rockford in my car and it was at least 3 times thicker. Had to go to Walmart and pick up a scosche wiring kit. Do not buy unless you are installing a 100watt system.
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on June 30, 2015
The RCA patch cables broke the first time I pulled them out of my brand new amplifier, the center conductor broke off in my amp. Like others have said, I don't believe it is truly 8 Gauge. Also, I should have read the item description more carefully and noticed that the ground cable is only 3' , far too short.You get what you pay for. Don't just buy this kit because it was "recommended" like I did. Lesson learned.
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