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on July 2, 2007
I have a kitty that I adopted at the local Animal Welfare League where she'd been abandoned with a note saying her previous owner had passed away and she (the cat,) needed a new home. She's almost six years old, had been declawed, and had no desire to play with anything other than to bite me whenever the mood struck her. Now, however, she -LOVES- to play with her squirrel, tossing it, stalking it, chasing it, doing the old rear paw burn out with it, so I have to say that I am impressed. It's the first thing she looks for in the a.m. when she wakes up, even before nagging me for her morning food. I'd bought her freshly cut catnip, fresh-growing catnip and some of the packaged stuff and she ignored it all. Since I put some of the cheap, dry stuff into the squirrel's catnip pouch, she has even learned to enjoy the catnip. I'm happy for her, as she had done little other than sleep and eat since I adopted her. She's finally being a kitty again.
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on February 15, 2007
I have two cats and they both love Secret Squirrel. He has a velcro tummy that you can open up and stuff full of catnip. He comes with two little catnip "tea bags" to stuff in him, but my cats prefer the loose leaf catnip inside him. That way if you give him a good rub between your hands the catnip is refreshed and smells new. They like to carry him all over the house and toss him in the air. It's definitely one of their favorite toys. They also enjoy the chipmonk version of the same toy.
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on June 11, 2006
I have two tomcats,one Feral ,the other Domestic,

Both love this Toy,

They spend hours throwing and then chasing the Squirrel,The domestic cat carry's his around constantly,The only Bad is that they love this item so much I have had to replace them within months as both cats tear them up.
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on September 25, 2014
A few months ago I purchased several of these toys for Harley (my 3 year old cat) and he really enjoyed them. All was well and the toy was definitely worth five stars. Things turned very bad three days ago. He was able to chew the toy apart, and did so. I assume he was trying to get to the catnip. He then ingested a large portion of the fluffy toy with disastrous results.
Several pieces became lodged in his intestine. He was not able to pass them. The only indication I had was that he stopped eating for two days and then became very lethargic, which is very unusual. I decided I would take him to the Vet to see why he wasn't feeling well. A Quick x-ray showed the obstruction. He required "emergency" surgery. The Doctor said that if I had waited one or two more days to bring him in that he would have not likely survived due to his intestine becoming infected and bursting causing uncontrollable damage to my little Friend. Fortunately it looks like three more days in the hospital and he will be able to come home.
I don't often write reviews and when I do they have all been for products that are worth well over five stars. I estimate that I've purchased well over 500 items from Amazon because they are such a good, convenient, and price competitive company. I have no intention to stop doing business with Amazon. I do not blame Amazon or even the company that produced the KONG toy. I blame myself for giving it to Harley. I should have known better.
The reason I'm writing this review is that it almost cost the life of my little friend, Harley. That would have been an extreme disaster! I would like to get a warning out to others who may make the same mistake. If you are going to purchase this toy please be very alert to the first sign that your animal starts to chew on it. I would also suggest removing the catnip because it seemed to be the catnip presence that started the chewing.
I hope this becomes a WARNING to all to be very careful if giving this toy to your animal.
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on August 8, 2007
We rescue cats and thus have become somewhat knowledgeable on cat toy preferences. Basically they are as diverse as humans, just don't respond well to advertisements and how much it costs, nor do they worry about what the cats next door have. Ours are the type who may turn their noses up at a $40 toy and play for hours with the paper bag it came in...hence the "5 paper bags" score. With regards to Dr. Noys Cat Squirrel all but 3 of our cats spent considerable time bitting, kicking, throwing, dragging and slobbering on this toy. Therefore they gave it 4 paper bags and since they do not believe in a perfect cat toy we figured that was worth 5 stars on Amazon
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on October 12, 2007
I could write a lot of frilly words, but suffice it to say that this toy has to be hidden in a cabinet with a latch. The cats go bonkers for this hideous little bundle of fluff, and I have ordered additional squirrels to avoid territorial fights over who gets to kill it next. I have actually seen the thing fly past my knees while I was sitting on a chair reading, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when my semi-feral runt breaks its neck. Fun days.
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on June 22, 2013
Hope has deformed back legs (congenital defect) and doesn't play much although the vets have said she is not in pain. This toy gets her moving! She adores it.

Hope loves it and it is her favorite toy; our other kitten doesn't pay attention to it much but loves his Catit Play Circuit as his favorite.

Between the Kong Beaver and the Catit Play Circuit, the kittens are busy! Best 2 cat toys!
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on June 21, 2007
Our kitten Henry was really the first to notice "mr squirrel" even though we had the squirrel toy for a year before we had Henry, as well as several other Dr. Noys toys like this for cats. Henry carries Mr.S all over the house. The funny thing is he and our beagle boy play with it, its like a game as to who has the squirrel. Sadly the original Mr. S went to the great kitty toy heaven when after 5 months of this game the beagle finally figured out the right way to tear him open. But in true fashion we had a spare on hand as we were terrified something may happen to Mr. S and kill their game.
This is a great product, tough, durable, and cute. We have also since bought "Nuts" the Mr Noys dog version of the squirrel that squeaks. And in real life the squirrel doesn't look quite so odd like in the Amazon pic, it doesn't look nearly as road kill-ey. :)
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on September 4, 2007
We have two cats. They enjoyed this toy a lot...for about ten minutes. That's actually quite a lot for these cats. Just like most cats they have short attention spans. They definitely did not ignore it -- one of them tossed it up in the air a few times and the other one attacked it in a very playful manner! They do go back to this toy on occasion and play with it again. Generally it was a pretty good hit. As for quality of the product, it appears to be safe -- no loose parts and good construction. The pouch for the catnip appears to be secure (the cats have not opened it yet). It was shipped very quickly and came in excellent condition.
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on July 1, 2007
Admittedly, my cat will play with anything. She paid rapt attention when I was opening it and was attacking it and batting it around right away, trying to eviscerate the catnip from the squirrel's pouch with her hind legs. Great for a curious kitty; maybe not so exciting for an older and more dignified cat.
Follow-up: January 2008: My cat still prefers this toy to any other, with loose catnip in the pouch. She has gotten the tail off one of her other rodent-like toys but not this one. It's really well made. I didn't buy her anything for Christmas because her newest thrill is playing paw hockey with a macadamia nut (in the shell) on the kitchen floor.
February 2009: This is still my psycho kitty's favorite toy. She never gets tired of it. For Christmas I gave her some catnip in a lunch bag and watched her destroy it, but she hasn't torn the squirrel apart yet.
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