Customer Reviews: KRUPS KB720 5-Speed Blender, 60-Ounce Glass Jar
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on March 14, 2007
This is a nice looking blender but it is a wimpy appliance. It consistently leaves chunks of ice and lumps of fruit in my morning smoothie. Quiet? Yes, but only because it doesn't have enough power to do the job. And then there's the burning rubber smell that it gives off. Very annoying! This was a replacement for a Waring RB75 that lasted 5 weeks before the blade assembly broke. We will be replacing this one today with a Cuisinart.
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on July 27, 2009
I love love love this blender. I have had mine almost a month and have made a smoothie every day. The trick is to use the blender correctly. I put a lot of frozen fruit in my smoothies as I am making for more than one person. At least two pounds, as well as frozen yogurt, protein powder, and milk. The trick is to TURN THE MACHINE TO ICE CRUSH AND WALK AWAY. Be patient. It takes 3 or 4 minutes of the pulsating to break down all of the fruit. After that is done, I turn it on speed one for about a minute and then speed two for about 30 seconds. Unlike other blenders where higher is better, the lower speed on this blender is where you get the vortex action that pulls down any non-pulverized fruit into the blades. I am not sure how the bottom is falling off for people. It is a bayonet style blade assembly. One simple twist locks it in place. Problems would arise if you twist the jar after it is on the motor, like when you take it off. Then I could see where the bottom would come off. But, pulling straight up that should never happen. I also read about the blenders turning off. I do think this in an automatic heat sensor. Mine did this the first couple of times I used it when I was just going straight to speed 4. After reading the limited manuel I discovered the need to use the ice crush feature. The automatic turnoff never happened again. I returned two Kitchen Aid smoothie blenders in the month before getting this one and I am very happy with it. It is much quieter than other blenders I have tried.
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on December 5, 2008
I read both the German, US and UK amazon reviews of this blender with the US having the most negative reviews.
I have used the blender 2 weeks now and I find it impossible to understand how people managed to blend then take the jug of the blender and the bottom bit falls out with all content!? This is one of the few blenders I have looked at with a good design where this should not happen, I think its impossible.

I also have blended frozen fruit (mind you I do defrost 20 minutes normally), ice and made a soup and my daily banana milkshakes. The blender works great, is easy to clean, quiet and generally is worth every penny.

Oh small tip for those who say "fruit bits do not get blended". The manual says start blending with speed 1 and then work your way up. You can see the vortex works best with speed 1 and 2. Try the blender with water and watch the vortex (quite fun really :) )
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on June 7, 2009
I bought this blender because I could not take my Cusinart Blender CBT500 which was so loud I used construction head phones to prevent being deafened.

The Krups is much quieter and it crushes ice beautifully and makes smoothies smooth, so I disagree with negative reviews in that regard.

The ring assembly was designed so one can clean it easily separate the parts for daily cleaning. This was an excellent concept as other blenders are too difficult to clean and often cause one to overlook it altogether.

So why only 2 stars?

I am amazed that famed German engineering allowed this design off the line without a safety catch or lock to prevent unexpected loosening of the ring. This happens on those odd sleepy mornings when one is not completely vigilant.

I have never had kitchen disasters on this scale since purchasing the Krups Blender. I mean "break out the mop and bucket" monster messes.

It does not matter how careful you are, it is a numbers game, if you use this blender daily then disaster is on the way.

It would be nice if someone from Krups read these reviews and took measures to correct an easily solvable design flaw.

By the way if you are out there a complimentary replacement would be much appreciated:)

Update it happened again and almost destroyed my cell phone charging nearby and then ceased to work altogether. This blender is a menace and should be recalled before someone gets seriously hurt.
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on February 2, 2011
Update: Go to bottom of review or just go straight to the Vitamix blenders.
I bought this blender the first month it was out (4-6 years ago?). At the time there were no reviews but the box mentioned "quite" and that was key. I have owned a multitude of blenders and have "burned" them all out/up. And have used several VitaMix blenders as well. In addition, I make margaritas at night and smoothies early in the morning. In fact several of us in the household make smoothies in the morning. This blender is by far the quietest blender in production and it is still going strong. Also, the jar is large and you can fill it up with ice, etc... and it will blend it all.
There seems to be four consistent negatives I read in the reviews on this blender: 1)Electrical smell, 2) Base coming loose, 3) Not blending properly/power, and 4) Auto Shut off feature.
Key Points:
1) The "electrical smell" is very transient and will go away very early on.
2) I do not recall the base coming loose at any point in time. Perhaps there is variability in manufacturing, but not an issue here.
3) Chunks: due to vortex, lack of power, etc... This blender is extremely powerful, quiet, but very powerful. But with that said that is the glairing issue for me, it will leave chunks, whether it's ice or bananas. BUT, Over the years I have learned a trick which has eliminated this all together. Initially use the "Ice Crush" feature, even with bananas, then blend (low to high). No longer an issue.
But this is a design flaw and why I did not give it 5 stars and would even give it 3 1/2 if was on option.
4) The Auto-Shut Off was apparently something on the later models. Mine does not have it. In fact I have gotten distracted while blending and left the room, due to the quite nature of the blender, have left it running way too long, and came back to find it purring away. I have literally "smoked" a blender doing this in the past in probably 5 minutes, I have left this on much longer than that with no issues or shut off. So that might warrant more looking into, I have no experience with this.

The VitaMix blenders are the best, but they cost about triple the cost of this blender.

Bottom Line:
If quiet is important to you then this is probably as quite as it gets. It is powerful, sturdy, with a large jar. It is not the best at liquefying but if you use the Ice Crush (read above) feature you'll get a smooth drink. I put blenders through their paces and this one has been through more than any I've owned 5 times over.
To me the only concern I would have, and will have if/when I get a new blender, is the Auto Shut Off feature. Mine does not have this so I cannot comment on it. If I do get a new blender it will be another one of these or I'm going up to the Vita Mix.

Now own Vitamix 5200(?) and have very different perspective on this. Smoothies are very chunky compared to the vitamix. Best feature was it being quite but if you put the vitamix on a low setting so that it's volume is about the same is this blender, the Vitamix still out performs this blender.

Bottom line, if your blending needs put you in this price range than suck it up and go to the Vitamix. Trust me it's worth the price difference.
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on July 28, 2009
We were excited when we purchased this blender because it was so large and seemed so sturdy. Instead of blending smoothies every other day with our small inexpensive blender we've had for 15 years, we could make enough for 3 or 4 days. The blender worked great for a couple months, but broke when we tried to make a frozen margarita. There's a plastic spinner with teeth that's attached to the rotating motor post. The threads on the plastic part stripped due to the resistance from the ice.

We shipped the product at our cost to Southern Electric one of the recommended service facilities. It took almost 2 months and a few calls (not toll free) for our unit to be returned and all that was done was to include a new plastic spinner part which we had to reattach ourselves. It's difficult to reattach the part to the post because there is no part of the post to hold onto to keep it from spinning while reattaching the plastic spinner. The plastic spinner part attached by only a couple of tiny threads, so it's easy to see that resistance over time would strip the threads.

Sure enough a couple months later, while blending frozen strawberries, the plastic spinner part stripped again. We attempted to glue the part to the post with various adhesives, but it never held. We shipped the product back for repair and told them to just make the plastic spinner part stay attached. We were told that we voided the warranty by using an adhesive to attach the stripped plastic spinner. We told them that spinner part was stripped and would have been trashed anyway, but they would not fix it under warranty. We told them that we were done dealing with it and they could toss the blender.

It really could have been a great family blender. We're back to using our small, cheap, ugly blender, which has one big advantage - it works!
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on February 12, 2009
As other reviewers mentioned, I was a bit leary about this product after reading the negative reviews, but took a chance anyway. Much to my delight, this is exactly what I was hoping for...a (relatively) quiet blender, with enough power to blend a fruit enhanced protein shake without shutting down 2 or 3 times in the process. I can understand why those who had trouble assembling the base/blade assembly to the jar, could not do so regardless of effort. As the instructions say, there is only two positions in which this will occur properly and easily. If not in one of these positions, no amount of effort will get them to mate properly, and without damage to the plastic ring. Once the procedure is familiar, nothing could be easier. I love the slow speed, which is actually more like a "stir". Overall, the quality and performance of this machine is just what you'd expect from this brand and this price, excellent!! I would however repeat the advice of another reviewer about covering the buttons with something if you happen to be a bit careless with adding your ingredients. I used a piece of MacTac, which is decal paper/acetate, just in case I do spill something on the panel. The best solution to this 'potential' problem is to add all your ingredients before mounting the jar on the base. Or alternatively, you could lay a dish towel around the base, covering the buttons, while filling the jar... In conclusion, I'm very happy with this machine and believe you could be too as long as you're careful to line up the tabs and slots during assembly.
Also...I haven't experienced any "smell" that other reviewers mentioned.
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on September 6, 2007
I just purchased this Krups blender to replace a very old J.C. Penney model...that tells you how long its been since I have bought a blender, since Penney's hasnt sold appliances under their own name for eons! Anyway, I was impressed by the solid construction and the 60 oz. capacity as well as the controls. I wanted it to make smoothies and my favorite blender cheesecake, mostly. I was very pleased with the fact that it is very quiet and eases into speeds. The ice crushing feature is terrific...intermittent bursts instead of something sounding like you are destroying your kitchen :) All I did was put in 2 fresh peaches, a cup of peach mango juice, blended that up, then added the ice... about 10 cubes, 5 at a time. Finished up by blending the whole thing for about 10 seconds and it was done....and delicious!

The only drawback is all the nooks and crannies in the plastic was a pain to try and dry the parts after I washed them. Next time I will just put them in the dishwasher, cranny side down :) I did notice the machine smell, but I figure that will dissapate when the appliance has been used more. On the whole, I am REAL satisfied!
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on June 12, 2011
This blender was a great purchase. After much research we decided to try this blender and have not been let down. I've waited about a year since we bought this to review the item to ensure that we fully test it. We use it several times every morning to make smoothies and iced coffee. In the evening it has taken the place of our food processor for dressings, soups and mixing batter. I love the pulse option for mixing crepes or pancake batter. The motor is perfect for blending up smoothies with frozen fruit filled to the top and purees veggies so perfectly. We always start from the first setting and incrementally turn it up. It has never failed with this method and it makes perfect sense for turning on any motor in this order. It purees super quick and is much quieter than our crappy old Oster blender. The motor can overheat and it will auto shut off to prevent burn up. I like this safety feature. It won't turn on if you put it together improperly which is excellent to prevent spillage.
This blender is powerful, dependable, super easy to take apart and clean and to use. This household recommends the Krups KB720 5 Speed Blender heartily! Buy with confidence that this is a solid product at a great price and enjoy!
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on June 27, 2010
This is actually the second KB720 that my wife and I have owned. We purchased the previous one over 3 years ago, and only bought the new one because we dropped and broke the jar from the first. That being said, we are still using the original base and after over 3 years of almost daily use and abuse, it is still going strong. (we are saving the new base for whenever the original dies.)

This blender is great for making smoothies, as frozen fruit is no match for its powerful motor. We have killed most of the other blenders we've owned with smoothies, but the KB720 seems invincible. I think it could probably double as a wood chipper.

Great product, I would recommend it to anyone. Excellent value for the price.
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