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on December 28, 2013
What it is:
The love child of a crow bar and a hatchet.

What it has:
Sharpened blade for hacking, serrated blade for sawing, squared off corners for prying, seat belt cutter, pommel for hammering stuff

What it isn't:
A machete. It doesn't even come that sharp out of the box, but it really doesn't need to be

How it's made:
Solid 1/4 chunk of steel with a screw on grip. Bombproof construction. I've pried crates, hacked underbrush, broken down boxes, cut open cans, used the pommel as a hammer. It won't break unless you do something stupid with it, like throw it.

What I don't like:
Grip is slippery, could benefit from an aggressive checkering job like most G10 gun grips

What comes in the box:
Kydex sheath with great retention

What's it for:
What ISN'T it for?

Where's it made:
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on April 29, 2010
I just received this knife yesterday, and while I haven't had to use it for work yet, I really don't feel that it is premature to leave a review. This thing is even more solid than I'd hoped.

I'm a medic deployed to Afghanistan with an airborne unit - I leave the wire about every day. I wanted something that would function as a strap cutter while having enough heft to easily hack a limb off of a tree (for use as a splint). I heard nothing but good about Ka-Bars from other guys in my unit, so I thought I'd try one. This looks like it'll work great. It's heavy, but really nice to have. The sheath integrates onto my rack behind one of my medical pouches so the knife doesn't take up too much room. Really well designed sheath - the slots line up with the MOLLE webbing on my rack perfectly. With most knives, you feel that after a few uses the thing is going to be bent up and more or less worthless; I've never had a knife that I felt this much confidence in. I feel that I can USE it without worrying about ruining the thing - it will still be there for the next mission.

Couldn't be happier with it. If I ever need another fixed blade, it'll probably be another Ka-Bar.
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on November 21, 2009
Wow this tool is great. If you want a great tool for survival this is it. It is very sturdy and strong. The knife could be a little sharper than what it comes as but it is still sharp enough to cut paper. The razor at the top of the blade is very sharp as well. I bought this tool to be stored in my vehicle, I drive many miles every day and my worse nightmare is to witness a car accident and not be able to help the people involved. This tool is a sharp edge, a serrated edge, a seat belt cutter, a very effective pry bar (its greatest feature) and the right angle at the end of the tool can easily break a window with no problem. The sheath that is comes with is absolutely exquisite, I own many knives and this is the best sheath I have for any knife. Another great benefit to this knife is the fact that the handles can be easily removed for maintenance. You can definitely see that this knife is built to last a lifetime of abuse. I think this knife would be best suited for firefighters and police officers or maybe, like myself, the average joe that needs to be able to help when called upon. Like I said before this tool would be very good for camping and outdoor use, you can chop wood or skin an animal. I think of the lack of a point as a plus because it makes for a stronger tool, there's no tip to break off! Buy it, you will show it off to everyone and they are going to want one too!
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on October 2, 2012
I'm not sure if I can add much to the party here as there are plenty of accurate, positive reviews, but I still have my two cents worth all bottled up and waiting to be uncorked.

I read every review posted here and also went through a good many related threads on before pulling the trigger on this product. I expected that out of the box it would not be as sharp as I would like, which was true. So, the first thing I did was sharpen all three edges ... serrated, straight edge and the notch, to my satisfaction. For me, this tool does not have to be ground razor sharp as I wouldn't carry it for practical use without also having a very sharp drop or clip point hunter, and a slipjoint pocket knife to boot.

Bottom line: The BK3 is a (fabulous) tool which features a utility edge, but it's not really a knife with regard to our pre-conceived notion of what that description defines. It IS very heavy duty. It's a well-balanced, big chunk of carbon steel for whackin', pounding, hammering, breaking, breaching, chopping, hacking, cutting, digging, chiseling, and prying on things. That's about all I really need to say about it. The tool itself gets my five stars for its utility, its toughness, its versatility, its ergonomics and balance, and its excellent quality for the price.

Bonus: It ships with an excellent sheath that is MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment ... pronounced "Molly", like a girl's name) compatible. I used the side slots in conjunction with some heavy duty 1" wide Velcro strips and firmly attached a leather sheath to the front of it which will house either my old Schrade LB7 Bear Paw folding hunter or my Gerber multi-tool, depending on what I want on hand on a given day out. (See my customer images to view this and other mods.) I also utilized the lowest two screw holes to add some leather shoelace for a leg tie-down which helps keep the entire unit from flopping about. The tool snaps into the sheath very securely, and with a satisfying CLICK and is further retained by a handle retaining loop with a snap closure. I also added a paracord loop to the belt loop which is adjustable via a slip knot, for extra security or for hanging on a nail or branch when not being worn.

My applications: I'm not in the military nor am I in the professional or volunteer rescue business, but I do have many applications for the BK3. I own property with a cabin and I spend a lot of time in the woods. In addition to hunting small game and deer I also love to mushroom hunt from spring through fall, something that does require prying, digging, whacking and occasional hacking through brush. I'm on a garden tractor often, mowing lawns and trails and clearing brush. I don't have to tell you how valuable a tool it is to have on the belt for such yard work. I've got a fire pit with some forged fire irons and the notch on the BK3 makes it easy to hang a Dutch oven and remove hot cast iron lids using iron hooks. It's perfect for splitting and hacking up cooking wood and kindling, too. Finally, I try to take an annual winter weekend and do a solo, minimalist / survival winter camping adventure. A small tarp, rope, a change of socks, a .22 rifle, fire, snare wire, a tin cup, some tea bags, a few bouillon cubes, half a dozen corn dodgers, Sierra saw, a few knives, a hatchet. This year, I'm swapping my hatchet out for my BK3, and I'm certain I won't be disappointed for the decision.

Other stuff: There has been a good deal of talk and opinion about the notch on the BK3. Is it a wire cutter? Is it a seatbelt cutter? Is it a paracord cutter? In my view, out of box it is not sharp enough to function efficiently in any of the three jobs. (In fact, I saw an old ad explaining the features of the tool and it stated that the notch was more designed for pulling things in toward oneself.) However, a little time with a rat-tail file and you can get it sharp enough to slice through stuff, if you like. An even finer edge can be finished off with an appropriate sized dowel and increasingly finer grits of wet/dry sandpaper.

Also, please be aware that a serrated edge does not qualify as a camp saw. This tool is not designed for efficiently sawing wood or bone. An inexpensive, light-weight, folding Sierra saw is preferable for such tasks. (A welcome tool for basic bush craft in the first place.)

In conclusion, big thumbs up.
review image review image review image review image
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on July 11, 2010
Y'ask me, despite it's outward resemblance to a classic, fixed-blade, sheath knife, I'd say it's not nearly adequate to call this unique thing a "knife". That all-too-commonplace noun simply doesn't do justice to the strength, durability, design, and versatility of... an extraordinary multi-tool?

In the dense forest surrounding our house for the past two days I've subjected this tool to prolonged chopping, sawing, cutting, levering, chiseling, hooking, digging... and the heavy, black blade absorbed all that without dulling excessively, denting, or chipping! Moreover, the blade has a full-length tang bolted between a pair of plastic handles [Wusthof-Classic-style] whose ergonomics IMO are perfect, particularly for hard hacking and chopping... and the scabbard locks the blade in place when it's not needed in hand so it won't slip out and become lost in the tangle whenever one needs to scramble on all fours, climb over stuff, or low-crawl though critter tunnels underneath the bramble thickets.

Possibly the only thing this tool lacks is a pointy tip suitable for stabbing and gouging. However, most days working by myself in the woods as I do, I've little need to stab or gouge anything, and clipped to my pants pocket I carry a nice, spring-loaded folder if an unpredictable need for stabbing and gouging should appear.
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on June 23, 2010
This implement ("knife" doesn't do it justice) is ready and willing to take on tough jobs. I have a great amount of confidence in this tool and the durability and craftsmanship are top-tier.
When I first researched this thing, I knew it meant business, and let me tell you, it delivers. Holding it in your hand, the sheer heft of the 1/4" steel full-length tang alludes to just how endless the possibilities really are.
Dependable and built for any rigor it may face, "impossible" is not a part of its vocabulary. You can trust this item to serve long and strong up against anything you throw at it.
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on April 9, 2011
This knife is amazing. Its thickness is astounding. Its strength is epic... What you have hear is basically a thick, foot long+ PRYBAR, WEDGE, CLUB, SAW, AXE, WAR HAMMER, DOOR/WINDOW ENTRY TOOL, SEATBELT/ROPE/PARACORD CUTTER, and KNIFE all rolled into one OUTSTANDING package. If you can only carry 1 knife in your disaster preparedness / emergency response bag, then this is the one that you want. Seriously people, this will be MUCH MORE USEFUL for getting yourself out of trouble, or saving the lives of someone else during an emergency situation than any of the bowie knives most others are choosing for their kits.

The sheath is EXCELLENT as well, a very nice kydex sheath with attachment points on it.

The handle material is very slick by default. Take a file to it. Scar up those handles. A triangle file is perfect, put little grooves into it. Traction goes through the roof, and you can decide the level of traction yourself.

By the way, dual wielding these Becker Tac Tools during the zombie apocalypse will quickly become the "fashion rage" so be sure and buy 2 of them and be in the cool crowd!
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on February 3, 2012
I have used this out in the desert while camping a few times. I always use it as a hammer to drive my tent stakes great, although I dont think they intended it to be a hammer. I've used the cutter on top to cut 550 paracord but I'm not sure if it would cut a seatbelt. I've heard people say they want to use it for that, I dont think thats what its for. But as a all around knife for chopping wood and driving down stakes it works great. I've beat it up pretty bad and it still hold tough. The sheath is great too. It can attach to MOLLE gear and you can even lose the top part of the sheath which has a belt loop. The knife doesnt need it, it locks into place in the sheath. Great knife.
review image review image review image
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on November 19, 2015
the reason some knives come with a very wide belt loop.
The reason is that if you "lock" the hilt of the handle securely to a belt and slip and fall, the knife will often be the first object into contact with the ground.
Thus your falling energy is transmitted along the spine of the knife and this causes it knife to slip upwards as your body weight drags your belt up your body.
Thus the hilt of the knife continues upward until it meets something 'solid' like the bottom of your ribs and now you have a serious risk of broken ribs or a spleen injury from a simple slip and fall in the woods.
This is why the knowledgeable made wide floppy belt loops since this has been a reported injury many times by people who go intense places and do extreme things.
This is not my opinion but the written word i read in the SAS Survival Guide by Lofty John Wiseman, a veteran special forces operator for well near a quarter of a Century.
I travel a lot and cannot find the text in his small revised guide book, so it must appear in the larger thicker version is cannot give carry space to during my travels.
Anyways i just wanted to explain why some knives come with the very loose flappy 4 inch belt loops; simply because it is safer for rugged travels.
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on February 27, 2013
- Solid construction
- Nice weight (has some mass to it)
- Good handle; good shape, but it could be a little smooth for you. If so, just add some grip or electric tape.

- A side affect of its weight, it is pretty thick (not good for "slicing")
- The blade has a slightly rough black coating to it (I'm assuming to prevent rust). Therefore, the whole blade (other than the edge) is not smooth--honestly, I like this touch.
- [I haven't had any good use for the "rope cutter" (or whatever you want to call it) on the back of the blade, so I can't say if it's good or bad]

A good quality knife with some weight behind it. It looks just as shown, and it is absolutely worth the price due to its overall quality of materials (handle and blade) and nice design.
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