Customer Reviews: Kaboom Never Scrub 1 System/Kit
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on October 6, 2007
I have purchased and used two of these devices in the past four months. They are easy to install and yes, they do a great job of keeping an already clean toilet very clean. However, do keep a mop handy. You'll need it...

One day after flushing, I walked out of my bathroom. When I walked back in a few hours later, I was puzzled to find water all over the floor. I mopped it up, figured I must have made a mess somehow and didn't think much about it. Later, I used the bathroom again, flushed and then hung out in there for a bit to take out my contacts. Suddenly, my bare feet were awash in cold water that was all over the floor again.

I traced it back to my toilet, pulled off the top and noticed that my Kaboom unit had blown open. The little black rubber seal around the threads of the screw-on top had given out, and so water was spraying out of the unit, onto the back of the tank and riccocheting up and out onto the floor.

Ok, I figured this must be a fluke. I must have bought a defective one or something. So, I went right out and bought a new one. I installed it immediately and had a fresh clean toilet. I thought my troubles were over. They were...for another few weeks, until the same exact thing happened again: The black rubber seal blew out on the second unit as well and caused amother massive flood in my bathroom.

I looked for a customer service number online or an email address. I found one a toll free number, no email address. But, it's only open during the week, during business hours. No weekend help. Guess what? I have a job and can't make long personal calls during the day -- least of all to the company that makes Trojan condoms. If my bosses checked my phone records, I highly DOUBT they'd believe I was calling that company about a toilet cleaner...

So, i am sad, because I really DID find the product kept my throne nicely fresh. However, the three giant floods (first two from the first unit, third from the second) are enough to convince me that first time, shame on you. Second time, shame on you. Third time... shame on me.
I won't be spending another $12.99 on one of these any time soon.
Shucks. I do hate cleaning the toilet tho...
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on June 1, 2007
I bought two of these. On one toilet, it left a weird film in the bowl, and then one of the tubes let loose and poured water all over the floor. Even when I put the tube back, it would not stay on. On the other one, the cap leaked and sprayed water all over the top of the tank, which subsequently dripped onto the floor. Great return policy, too (for them, not for the customer). The product has to be returned (ewww! pack up and mail something out of my toilet?) with the receipt within 15 days (except that the product doesn't fail right away).
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on January 25, 2008
I'm on the fence here with this product. One on hand it does a great job keeping the toilet bowl clean. On the other hand, it definitely leaks. Not right away but usually after you have to replace the refill.

Two places that it leaks:
- The cap. There is a black rubber gasket and you need to make sure that it provides a proper seal with you screw the cap on the unit
- Next to the intake port. Right next to the intake where you hook up the feeder hose there is (what looks like) a pressure relief mechanism with a black piece of rubber. If that rubber doesn't rise to the top of the cylinder -- then water is going to shoot out the top. Not a lot of water more like a spray.

So, I think they need to work on this a little more. Great idea but they need to come up with a design that isn't so prone to leaking.
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on September 15, 2008
Yes, this does work. Yes, it has a serious design flaw. But there's an easy fix for it. After (or before?) the rubber gasket fails, apply some plumber's thread-seal tape before screwing the cap back on. This plastic tape (available in every plumbing department) provides a seal that prevents leaks. I've used this tape for years every time I've removed my shower head to clean lime-deposit buildup. Every home repair kit should have some.
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on February 1, 2009
#1) This product was once called "Puricel". The check valve on the Puricel unit always leaked. This put chlorinated water into the tank and that damages all of the rubber seals.
#2 At one time, Puricel furnished a plastic, drop-in refill cartridge that consisted of a chemical in chip form. After a few months, they changed the chips to a solid, large pellet.
#3) Evidently, Kaboom now owns Puricel. Kaboom redesigned the Puricel item and discontinued the replacement cleaning cartridge.
#4) Kaboom now furnishes a very expensive cleaning pack consisting of two pellets that are to be dropped into the unit.
#5) I have found that some of the pellets do not ever gradually dissolve. They just sit there in the unit, looking at you! They last forever and the toilet never gets clean unless you do it yourself.

For those of us who have the old Puricel units: if you purchase the new cleaning pack of two pellets, wrap the pellets in a couple of paper towels and gently smack them with a hammer or mallet; just enough to crack them into pieces - insert these into your Puricel unit.

In the alternative: throw away the Puricel/Kaboom and, once a week, pour a cup of household bleach into the vertical fill tube, being careful not to let the bleach get into the tank. The bleach will work its way through the water outlets ringing the toilet bowl and end up in the bowl. Let it sit for a few hours before flushing. This is easier than scrubbing the toilet. I know - it is a pain to lift the ceramic cover; you stand the chance of dropping it (catastrophe), plus, water of condensation accumulates on the underside of the cover and it drips onto the floor, etc. when the cover is removed. Oh, well. Nobody ever said that life is fair.
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on September 8, 2008
I've had this product installed on both my toilets for almost 2 years. No leaks from tubing or loose lids. I haven't had to replace the flapper inside the toilet which I had to do fairly often when I used the "toss it in the tank" type of cleaner. This product worked greatuntil.....

When they came out with the new and improved refill the cleaning ability of this product declined. The refill used to come in a plastic container that was placed inside the plastic jar (if you will). Now the refill comes in a pouch that you open and dump 2 large tablets into the plastic jar. I have no problem with the refill except it doesn't seem to work as well as the original product.

I'm considering buying a clorox or some other brand of tablet and trying that in the system.

So, it was great. It is now pretty mediocre. We have taken the scrub brush out of storage.
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on January 17, 2009
I bought 5 of these, one for each bathroom. First of all they left piles of pink slimy goo in the tank. Second, they ate through the gaskets around the flush valves, the flush valves, and the flapper valves so that water continuously ran down the bowl and into the drain. I wasted THOUSANDS of gallons of water before I could catch all the toilets running like this. I then spent over $45 in parts on EACH of the 5 toilets replacing all the flush valves, flapers and gaskets. These were top of the line Kohler toilets too, not some cheap bargain toilet. Fortunately, I did the work myself or it would have cost who knows how much with a plumber. Do NOT EVER listen to that screaming IDIOT Billy Mays pushing products. I tried to give it ZERO stars but the rating system here wouldn't let me.
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on January 24, 2009
**Please keep in mind this is a review of the product ONLY and not the seller. Thanks.
My husband bought this product and we tried it, however it doesn't clean like it advertises it does, I wasn't looking to not clean my toilet for three months, that's unrealistic, but I was looking to stop cleaning every three days. This didn't help me with that at all. They are expensive for the lack of cleaning power and to top it all off, they have a rancid sewer smell, I couldn't figure out why my bathroom stunk, I cleaned, bleached, sprayed all to no avail, then my mom mentioned that she tried this product and it made her bathroom stink! So I promptly removed mine, and viola! No more stinky bathroom! I would not recommend this at all, I continue to buy old faithful, the clorox drop in's.
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on October 31, 2007
I love this product. I actually bought mine at a Home Improvement store and it was much more expensive. I'm excited to find it here. I didn't have any problems with the top blowing off but one of my toilets doesn't stay clean like the others. I think it must be something with the way the water refills in that one. Regardless, on the other two, I haven't had to clean the inside of the toilet for over a year now and I have 3 sons, if you know what I mean. You can find refills at Walmart in the hardware section, not in the cleaner section.
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on September 6, 2010
As stated, most of the reviews on this product were for the OLD design which did have issues. I owned both the old design and the current one and I can tell you the new one is far superior to the old one. There are no "floods", no "slime", and no "check valve" problems with the current model. The product DOES help in keeping the toilet clean and truly helps with rust and lime deposits/stains. Now keep in mind the system HELPS keep the toilet clean but you still have to do some manual cleaning too. For me, it is well worth it to keep it stocked with the refill tablets. BTW - On my low-flow toilet (2 people), the tablets are lasting about a month. So there you have it boys and girls. Always read the reviews (here or anywhere) from newest to oldest to get the most accurate picture of the product CURRENTLY offered!!! :^)
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