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on March 2, 2009
I found this product while searching on Amazon for a portable potty seat. My 2 year old is pottying training, and while she does ok on "big potties," sometime public ones can be pretty gross (public parks, beaches, gas stations, etc) and sometimes the seats are way too big. I was initially looking for one of those little quad-folding plastic seats but after reading a lot of negative reviews of those (too flimsy, slippery, etc) , the Potette caught my eye. This review is of the Potette Plus, which I understand is different from the original Potette in that the seat is designed to do double-duty as both a self-contained portable potty (used with the accompanying plastic bag attachments) OR as a small potty seat (placed on top of a regular toilet). I'm not familiar with the original Potette seats but my understanding is that they don't have this secondary function. I was a little confused at how it worked, and it didn't look all that portable in the pictures but the price was right and I thought I would give it a try regardless.

When I got the product in the mail I got a better feel for how it works. It consists of a small circular molded hard ring (the seat itself), with two half-moon shaped "legs" that fold either completely inward for storage, straight down to function as legs on a potty chair, or flanged out to function as a potty seat. When stored, it's certainly bulkier than a quad-folding potty seat but it's still actually surprisingly compact. It slips easily into all my diaper bags and it's certainly smaller than lugging along a separate small potty chair, which is what we had been doing before I got this. Figuring out how to put it on a big potty was a little awkward at first. It doesn't "fit" neatly on most potties so it felt a little slippy but I found that I was trying to place it too far forward and if I slid it back just a little bit it would nestle in between the two halfs of the toilet seat pretty nicely. The plastic seat itself is VERY sturdy. I think I could probably run over it with my car without even scratching it. It seems very comfortable for my daughter to sit on. It does occasionally slip a little side to side/back and forth since it doesn't anchor onto the seat like some home potty seats will, so you have to hold it and your child steady on some toilets (which is a good idea anyway). But I've never worried she's going to fall through or into the water.

My daughter never blinked at sitting on this and in fact she'll tell me she wants to "go potty on the red (one)!" She is very comfortable with the product.

I hadn't had a chance to use it as a self-contained potty chair until this past weekend when we went to the beach and she suddenly declared she needed to go. The nearest public bathrooms were really far away and I didn't trust we would make it. Thinking on my feet, I grabbed the Potette out of my backpack, set it up in the sand, opened up a diaper and set it underneath it and she immediately used it without any hesitation. (I would have used the accompanying plastic bag but I hadn't remember to bring any).

I've read a couple criticisms of the size (i.e. the seat is too small) and the sturdyness. First, a disclaimer that my daughter is petite. She's barely two and she's on the small side, so size is not a concern for me. It's actually perfect for her, but but also I think that even a much larger toddler would be fine. It's a smallish ring (I'm guessing about 9" in diameter at the widest part) but they really don't need to have something that big if you think about it. Even if their bums hang over the edges it still serves the purpose fine (much as our grown up butts hang over the sides of adult toilet seats). Regarding the legs, to use them the potty chair position, you do have to push them in and click them into place. If you don't do that then this would be very unsturdy, true. But clicked into place they feel VERY sturdy and I would have zero concerns about my daughter falling. I suspect I could stand on it without it even wobbling, though I don't of course recommend that!

It comes with a thick plastic bag that you slip it into that has been great for storage. I keep a bag of flushable wipes, and a spare bag insert in with the ring. These bag inserts, by the way, aren't that much to speak of. They are a big like a plastic grocery bag with a small very flat square of what I'm guessing is absorbent material like what you find inside a diaper glued in place in the middle. I haven't used one to see how much liquid it would hold but it doesn't seem like it would trap very much moisure. It looks like you could substitute a grocery bag in a pinch as others have suggested but I'd want one that doesn't have any holes!

Bottom line is that I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this heartily to anyone who is traveling with a child or who is looking for an easy-to-tote potty seat for being out and about in public places. This is going on the list of things I recommend to other moms (and dads)!
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on January 23, 2011
A great little travel potty for early trainers, but the instructions are not complete.

Small size is perfect for babies and young toddlers.
Can be used as either a stand-alone potty or on top of a toilet, giving you options.
Folds up very compact.
You can use standard plastic grocery bags, just put a paper towel or cloth diaper inside.

The legs are wobbly in the stand-alone potty position, making me a little nervous if my baby was too wiggly. EDIT: I figured out why the legs felt wobbly. You need to push them UP towards the seat to fully lock them. The enclosed instructions do not say this, but it's very important!!!
The bags that are designed for the potty stink of perfume.
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on February 20, 2015
This travel potty is exactly what I was looking for. My son is tiny and definitely can't use an adult size potty yet. I was the mom carrying his normal potty around because I was disgusted by the thought of him trying to not fall through in regular toilet.

The potty fits nicely on every seat I've tried so far.

When using it as a stand alone potty it is low to the ground but my toddler doesn't seem to mind.

It's small enough to fit in my backpack diaper bag no problem.

I also love that he can hold on to the "legs" instead of grabbing the public seat

I use it with a toilet seat cover and it's the perfect pair.
review image
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on February 22, 2011
This product is amazing. It gives me piece of mind that my kids (and I!) will always have where to go. Is true that you gotta make sure that the legs of the potty SNAP securely before your child sits on it (I forgot to do this the very first time and the potty collapsed on one side), so make sure it snaps in place. I attached a picture of how the potty looks on a public toilet. It is sturdy for my 2 year old... even tho I still put some toilet paper on the toilet UNDER my potette just in case LOL. Fits my diaper bag, which is normal size... I love this thing.
review image
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on August 1, 2013
I bought the Pottete thinking that it would come in handy for outings. It never got used: 1) it wobbled like crazy, DESPITE the four ANCHOR points having been firmly LOCKED prior to usage, 2) it sat too low to the ground, my toddler wanted to sit, not squat, and the seat was far too uncomfortable to sit on 3) toddler was really unhappy about the feel of a wrinkled plastic bag on her bum. I searched like crazy for an alternative, and settled for the Graco Twisting Travel Potty. Out the window went the Pottete.


Before diving into the technical points, I will point out that the Pottete, when used as a potty on its own (i.e. not as a toilet adaptor), needs to have its feet 'anchored' in place. If you look underneath, you'll see four rails, and four anchor points. These need to be popped in place for the Pottete to be used correctly. Otherwise, the legs can, and will collapse under the weight of a child. The review below assumes that the legs are therefore correctly secured.

-Sturdiness: Graco wins. The Graco is sturdier due to the larger surface area that comes in contact with the ground. Even when the legs are properly secured, the Pottete can easily be swung sideways by a fidgety toddler (like mine is!).

-Portability: Pottete wins. The Pottete, at 2 7/8 inches high, 9 5/8 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches deep, folds quite compactly and can definitely be carried in smaller bags. The Graco is still a good and practical option, but does require more space, at 4'' tall, 9 inches wide, 10 inches long. The height difference might seem small on paper, but it is noticeable in real life.

-Ground clearance: Graco wins. The Graco can be adjusted for height (4 to 6 inches off the ground) and offers the child a reasonable seat height-wise. The Pottete is very low to the ground (4 inches), and requires the child to partially squat, which some kids are less keen on.

-Skin contact: Graco wins. The Graco green flip seat means that the plastic bag doesn't come in contact with skin. On the Pottete, the toddler has to sit on the wrinkled plastic bag, which can be a distraction and an issue for some toddlers.

-Features: Pottete wins. The Pottete can be converted into a toilet seat adaptor. I have never used it in this function so I cannot comment on its usefulness.

-Fit and comfort: Graco wins. Graco is better suited for toddlers' varying heights, weights and shapes. For reference purposes, my now 21 month, 29 lbs and 34 inch daughter fell straight through the Pottete seat. Her bum was too small for the seat, and she was unable to squat on the Pottete. On the other hand, the Graco flip seat was able to accomodate her size and she seemed far more comfortable overall.

-Ease of use: Graco wins. The Graco can be quickly set up and put away with a couple turns of the drum. By comparison, the Pottete is finicky. You must secure the feet by popping four different anchor points, with a good amount of pressure to be applied. Putting the Pottete away can be a bit of pain, you have to 'unpop' the anchor points, and more often than not, a part of the leg ends up unpopping altogether, and you then have to play around until the anchor is just at the right setting. Not fun with a squirming toddler who runs their hands on dirty unhygienic places in the meantime!

-Hygiene: Graco wins. Both devices are equally easy to clean. That being said, the Pottete requires you to play with the folding legs as you have to 'unpop' the anchor points. In order for me to pull hard enough to unpop the anchors, I usually end up having to touch the underside of the legs, which has been in contact with the ground. Not an issue in known places, but definitely not great for public bathrooms.
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on April 5, 2012
Seriously, whoever came up with this invention is even better than Henry Ford for inventing cars; hands-down this is the greatest purchase I have made for my 18mo daughter...and we've purchased a LOT! My daughter said "potty?" the other day while in public, and was terrified of me holding her over the big (nasty) public restroom potty and wouldn't in the diaper it was, poor thing. So we purchased this potty on the suggestion of a fellow Mom.
I was skeptical, as my daughter is used to a padded seat, that sits on our big toilet (we've gone that route and not a mini-potty...she's done amazing starting at about 16mos~) so I was a bit concerned on whether or not she would understand what this was (when used as a stand-alone potty on the floor/ground): it came in the mail, I opened it, popped out the legs and locked them in place (**you have to pull them out to standing position, then push them upwards into the seat until you hear them click**) and set it on the floor...she immediately exclaimed "potty!!!" and sat down to hang out. SUCCESS!! From here on out this new travel potty was my bff.
I keep it in it's plastic bag, in our diaper bag 24/ paid for itself twice already: having it at my parent's house 3hrs away to pop the legs to the side and put on the big potty, when I didn't think to bring her usual potty seat, and again when we were on the beach and she said "potty". I don't go anywhere without it, ever.
It comes with plastic bags that will hook around it, that they pee/poo into when you'er on the go, and inside is a little "pad" to soak it all up...don't waste your money on more of these specialty bags...use some plastic grocery store bags, and line them with the thick maxi's the same exact thing, and a FRACTION of the cost since you can buy cheapo brand pads.
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on August 9, 2014
PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS ITEM---IT ALMOST CUT OFF MY 2 YEAR-OLD'S FINGER. I had read reviews that the potty hinge would buckle occasionally and didn't think much of it. "Those moms must have been careless..." I thought. Well it happened to me--- and I was sitting with my daughter with my hands holder her body. Her two hands were grabbing both sides of the seat, but there is a plastic hingle where the seat legs fold out. These are not stable. She moved and went off-balance and the seat leg folded under her cutting the meaty part of her forefinger. Fortunately it cut right where the meatiest part is and it was a flap. We saw a nurse right away (we were at WDW) and she said it was not stitchable -- came home and went to the Ped who told us we were lucky she didn't amputate her finger. PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS ITEM. I wrote an email to the company and they never wrote back.
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on September 1, 2010
We use this potty often, and although the seat is small it seems to serve its purpose. My son adapted to it easily and never had any issues. My only complaint is buying the bags. They can be costly when you use it as often as we do. And any new child learning to potty train will need to go before entering the store, and when coming out of the store! I also only have 1 store nearby that carries these bags, and once there shelves are empty I am out of luck until they get more in. I have used a shopping bag in a pinch, but be forwarned they are not usually leak proof. I have also used small garbage bags with a maxi pad which served its purpose but can also be a disaster as the bag would stick to my sons bottom as he would stand, and also while out in public it looked ridiculas. Wish they made some type of adapter or someway to use diaper diaposal bags as this would be more cost effective and easier. But overall we like this seat, and is small enough to throw in the diaper bag, or under the stroller.
review image
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on September 4, 2011
Save your time and don't read more reviews. Just buy this portable potty. A life-saver. works perfect in public restrooms and especially on the road, in your car, in cabin, on a hiking trail. Don't need special bags, any grocery bag is fine. And it can accommodate almost any size (yes, even adults!)
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on July 15, 2009
Words can't express how I feel about this potty. It has and continues to be a lifesaver! I don't like public restrooms and I hate running around looking for one . . . this portable potty solves all that! FYI, I've tried the shopping bags with this and they work. However,I prefer to use Sassy bags (disposable diaper bags)and a paper towel. The trick is to stretch one side of the bag handle and wahlaa, you have a perfect fitting bag!
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