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on January 31, 2012
as many others who have posted, i was led to this machinen by a review at america's test kitchen.

i haven't had it long enough to rate the machine's performance but as a designer and engineer of products i have some insight to share about negative postings here about the reliability, the longevity and a particular operator error or two.

1) the manual is extremely clear on the duty-cycle of the machine. 9% duty cycle. that means for every minute on you need to let the motor rest 10 minutes. That seems like quite a lot but the machine has a particular 'job requiremjent' that is designed to be completed in well under a minute. if you need a bigger job done, USE A BIGGER MACHINE. it's really that simple. Yes i'm sure there are machines costing 4x as much brau(cough), and if you need a higher-end machine GET ONE, stop complaining that a ford focus is not a mercedes benz. If you want to make 4 shakes for 4 children, 'get er done' in 15-20 seconds of blending each and you will be perfectly fine.

2) the detachable shaft is ONLY sealed on ONE end. if you run through the dishwasher that's ok as long as you follow up with actually DRYING OUT the inside which will collect water and turn into gross mold or mildew if you don't ensure there isn't even mosture inside. the reality is; it's a silly thing to even bother running through the dishwasher. immersion blenders pretty much clean themselves. run it in the cup that it comes with using some warm water with a tiny drop of dish soap.

3) the 'burning smell'; looks like the motors aren't burned in when assembled and it's a very normal smell to have happen with a brushed motor which it seems must be the case for it to generate the very specific odor. It should get much less obvious in a short amount of time. even in the first tests i've noticed the smell amost disappear. I'm a little surprised not using a brush-free design but probably a big part of the bang-for-buck pricing.

if i have any problems come up i will be coming back here to update my post, but in the meantime i wanted to temper some of the amazingly misguded posts that literally say "mine burned up in only ten minutes of use". Gee my car's engine died after only 50,000 miles just because i never changed or added oil! in fact i changed my star rating from 4 to 5 just to balance at least one of those misguided reviews.

after i have it a while longer i will update my review to mention what items are being blended with it and if there are any *actual* problems.

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on March 31, 2011
This is a light, good looking immersion blender. I bought it due to the America's Test Kitchen recommendation, but they probably were meaning that it was wonderful for very, very light use. The plastic wand section of the blender started failing within a few days of use. One of the end pieces of this stalk started to pop off. I think with very light use, it would not pop out. I sent it back rather than trying to glue it back together or plastic spot welding the pieces back. That might have worked, but I want a much more durable blender. I am so impressed with the price, if the one I purchased held together, it would have been fantastic. It was impressive while it worked and nice looking. Looks like I'll have to spend much more for the next one.

UPDATE 2012 December: I've read a few of the other reviews in favor of this blender. The instructions do say: "Switch on motor by choosing "Speed 1" or "Speed 2" and blend but remember to use for no longer than 1 minute continuous use. The motor must then be rested for 10 minutes." It is in the instructions. But I do think this is such a performance consideration that it should be front and center. Most, if not all complaints about this product would not be here. So do I blame purchasers who do not read instructions? Do I blame a product that you think should be able to be used to blend soups and prepare ice drinks? If you read every EULA agreement when you sign up or purchase software, I know what you think. If you are like 99% of humanity, I think I know what you think. The information is there on page four of the six pages of the English section of the manual.
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on June 8, 2012
First off, let me begin by saying that the 4 & 5 star reviews found here are either folks who have only use this unit once or twice for minor tasks, or are shills for the manufacturer.

This unit was purchased as a replacement for a superior Farberware stick blender that my (now ex-) gf had taken with her to cook at some other place, & left the mixer wand [bottom half] behind. Initial impressions upon receipt of the Kalorik blender was "uh-oh, this thing seems too light to do the job..." and were proven over time.

Ultimately, the mixer wand on this unit seized up & burnt out the motor. The ex-gf is the anti-mechanical type, so if I'd been using it I *might* have noticed something was going wrong before the motor shorted from overheating, but I wasn't surprised when she came to me and said "there's something wrong with this" after the fact, since I really didn't expect it to survive in serious use.

Upshot: if you're going to use this for mixing very fluid items like chocolate milk, buy it & be happy: it'll do just fine under those circumstances. If you want to use it for mixing anything the least bit viscous [like lentil soup, or a milkshake that's mostly ice cream] then be prepared for the inevitable failure.

The manufacturer needs to do 2 things to improve this product: provide about 3x the venting so it can cool properly in use [the total vent area on it now probably comes to a grand total of ~1 sq. inch] and redesign the mixing wand so that it won't seize up w/ no provocation.
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on May 16, 2011
i bought it from wallmart and after using twice machine give up working.....its a junk.... what i notice was the burning smell coming out from machine motor its not durable at all
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on March 26, 2011
I had never had an immersion blender before. When I finally decided to get one, I relied on the recommendation of Cook's Illustrated. I got the Kalorik Sunny Morning in August 2010. The first time I used it, I did not like it. It was messy and quite frankly was barely able to blend my aspargus soup. I decided that it was just me. I must not have used it correctly. In the past 8 months, I have probably used it only 6-7 times. March 2011, I was using it to mince capers in the container that comes with the unit. The blender broke. The plastic top of the shaft unit that attaches to the motor unit simply broke away from the rest of the shaft. It is now totally useless. I would never get this brand again. PS When I looked into the shaft unit, there was mildew growing..UGH!
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on April 14, 2011
I also bought this because of the Cooks Illustrated review. Always trusted Cooks Illustrated, and am very disappointed in this. When I got it, the blade were sharp, I tried to mix a drink with 2 ice cubes and it dulled the blades completely. It mixes protein shakes, and things like this fine, which is really what I got it for. But for a breakfast shake that I would want to throw a little ice in it, would need to crush the ice cubes in order for it to even start to blend it.

For the price, its not a terrible mixer, like how the shaft is removable to be washed in the dishwasher. I bought an Edy's milkshake from the store, the ice cream in the cup is soft, a little harder than softserv, but still very soft and the mixer even had problems with that.

I will probably buy another immersion blender in the next few months to replace this and it sure will not be a Kalorik, thats for sure.
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on January 28, 2012
This immersion blender was the right tool for the right price for me. I bought it after Cooks Illustrated recommended the purchase and though other reviewers have said that it has been problematic, I've owned it for more than a year without any problem. Admittedly, I use this primarily for light tasks like liquefying roasted tomatoes for pasta sauce or blending creamy soups on the stove top, so I haven't really pushed it hard. I don't usually leave the unit running full blast for minutes at a time, because I struggle with it suctioning down to the bottom of the bowl/pan while it's running or splattering sauce all over the wall. Instead I typically pulse it (3 seconds on, a second off or so) for several minutes until whatever it is I'm working on is fully blended. Using this technique, the motor hasn't given me any trouble. For heavier jobs (like making smoothies), I use my blender or put small batches in my food processor. Maybe I just don't do much blending, but so far this has done everything I've asked of it. I also didn't want to spend $50 or $100 on a stick blender with crazy attachments, because I already have a blender, food processor, and knives. All I really need this to do is some soup pureeing and tomato liquefying and it hasn't let me down yet.
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on November 5, 2011
In the cup that comes with the blender, everything is fine.

But, don't try to use it outside of the cup!

The point of an immersion blender, in my opinion, is to be able to use it in whatever container holds the items to be pureed.

For me, this is usually soup.

This immersion blender makes hot soup fly EVERYWHERE. I am an experienced user - this immersion blender replaced on that I had had for 5 years......

Then, after a year of these miserable experiences, the blender stopped working. Completely.

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on March 23, 2011
DO NOT BUY. You will smell smoke if you use this blender for more than three minutes at a time. The blending shaft is also not dishwasher-safe, contrary to the Amazon description. I've had great success with product recommendations from Cook's Illustrated in the past. I bought this immersion blender based upon the glowing review by CI. I read through all the Amazon reviews and ignored the negative ones thinking that people weren't using this product correctly (i.e. it's not meant for pulverizing frozen strawberries). Since I just needed a stick blender for pureeing soup, I thought this would do quite well given the reasonable price. I used this blender to make cream of tomato soup. Nothing frozen or hard, just cooked tomatoes that needed to be pureed. On the first attempt the motor got hot and started smoking after three minutes of pureeing the tomatoes. I've returned this product and will be looking for a new stick blender.
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on November 19, 2011
This has a major problem NOT listed in the product info. It's not until you read the owners manual that you find out that you can only use it for ONE (1) minute, and then have to let it cool down for a minimum of 10 minutes! Can you see yourself making milkshakes for a bunch of kids, telling each one they'll have to wait 10-15 minutes between kids? Also, one minute isn't going to cut it when dealing with say, a large pot of soup. (I hasten to add that I never used it, rather I returned it to Amazon.)
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