Customer Reviews: Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook
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on September 14, 2008
I've started studying for the GMAT last weekend and wanted one of the first things I did to be Math review. Why? I didn't want to take a full length diagnostic when I knew the results would be skewed by the fact that I hadn't looked at math problems in almost 10 years.

After a quick search, and a little online research I selected the Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook 6th edition, because it had a good mix of what I was looking for:

1. Fairly comprehensive review of the basic math concepts needed for the GMAT
2. Structure of the book allows you to work from start to finish, building on previous skills learned
3. Sections devoted to Word problem and data sufficiency questions
4. Large number of questions to practice on

After barreling through it, in one week, I would give this book a B or B-.

It did what I needed it to do. I was not gravely disappointed and I was not amazed. Some things to note:

* There were some holes in the information covered. Not the end of the world, you can find the information it lacks and you need elsewhere... online, etc.
* The book has answers and explanations for the questions on the section tests but only has answers not explanations for the section exercises which seemed like a silly omission to me for math review workbook.
* The book has a few errors. Without noticing or recognizing these in advance could throw off someone working through the book. [see below**]

Not that I have worked with any other comparable book to weigh it against but in summary the Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook, Sixth Edition gave me enough of a review of the material and enough experience with the question formats that I feel confident to take quantitative practice tests and diagnostics to start my regular study schedule.

Overall the Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook is worth getting, particularly if you feel like you haven't done math in ten years and are looking to reestablish a good baseline. Having said that if you're looking for a comprehensive Quant solution to score over a 750, this probably won't be it.

**if you decide to get the Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook, Sixth Edition here are the errors to look out for:

* p. 22, Q9 - the fraction 2/4 in the question is supposed to be 2/5 like in the answers and solutions but it's 2/4
* p. 105, Answer/Explanation 14 - in the first set of equations its supposed to say 27n = 94 to match the question, it doesn't
* p. 117, Q17 - there are two "when"s in the second sentence.
* p. 259, Q17 - Diane find that... >>> should be >>> Diane finds that [&] "more cans of" is repeated twice in a row.
* p. 332 Answer/Explanation 24 - The answer/explanation listed here is not for the listed Q24 on p. 320 in the Data Sufficiency Test One. There is no answer or explanation for the original Q24 on p. 320 anywhere I can find in the book. This Answer/Explanation on p. 332 appears to go with Q24 on p. 324 from Data Sufficiency Test Two however that question already has an answer. [see note below++]

++Note: This Q24 from Data Sufficiency Test Two already has an answer on p. 340. This answer does not agree with the misplaced answer on p. 332 that relates to the same question. In other words, this book contains no answer/explanation to Q24 from p. 320, and gives two different answers/explanations for Q24 on p. 324

If anyone knows the correct answer/explanation for Q 24 on either Data Sufficiency Test One or 2, please post it here in reply.
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on September 26, 2009
I got 99th percentile on my GMAT 750(49, 42) and i used 3 books: this one, Kaplan's book with CD and Verbal Workbook. I had access to PR book and PP, but I did only tests from those. I found Kaplan's materials of quality and difficulty. Some whine that Kaplan is too hard, but that's good - if you can handle Kaplan, you can handle old good GMAT.

- Very short and condensed math reviews - straight to the point
- No smart-aleck advice about some stupid tricks - only math review - exactly what I needed
- Solid problems that illustrate a lot of traps and multiple ways of solving them
- Starts with the basics - arithmetic, integers, primes, etc - the stuff that anybody can uses a review of. A lot of applicants underestimate how much they forgot the basics and skim/skip them. I would not do that, and that book does not either.
- Finally, the number of questions and quizzes in this book is impressive. I am giving a short summary of some of the sections of the book and number of quizzes and test questions. Quiz questions are math only; Test questions are GMAT-type questions.

- No probability or combinations review, which would be very helpful. Get something. I bombed my probability question on the GMAT.
- I went through this book at least 3 times (helping others) and I found that solutions don't include some of the most genius ways to handle the problems. I think the authors of the questions went beyond themselves.
- Errors (even though this is the 6th edition and it barely changed compared to the 1st and 2nd, there are a few typos and just careless errors - it's a shame)

-Number operations (15 quiz questions and 15 test questions)
-Number properties (15, 19)
-Averages (10, 19)
-Ratios (10, 24)
-Percents (25, 25)
-Powers and Roots (12, 17)

-Level One (20, 26)
-Level Two (15, 15)

Word Problems
-Level One (10, 26)
-Level Two (37)
-Test (40)

-Lines (6, 14)
-Triangles (16, 21)

-Quadrilaterals (15, 19)
-Circles (19, 13)
-Multiple Figures (4, 15)
-Solids (6, 8)

Data Sufficiency
-Test 1 (25)
-Test 2 (25)

Also, here is the list of the Most Interesting GMAT questions from this book (some are hard and others require an unusual approach) - make sure you can answer every one of them and know how to solve them by heart:
Number properties test: 8, 13, 14, 17, 19
Averages test: 4, 6
Ratios: 22
Percents: 4, 7, 8, 22
Powers and Roots: 5, 12
Algebra test 2: 2, 6
Basic Word Problem Exercise (p. 131): 6, 8, 9
Word Problems Test 1: 4, 19, 24
Percents, Ratios, and Rates: 34
General WP Test: 31, 35, 40
Triangles Exercise: 7, 11
Triangles Test: 2, 15, 18
Quadraliterals and other polygons: 14, 16, 17
Circles: 2, 5, 10
Multiple Figures: 2, 6, 9, 14
Solids: 5
DS1: 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24
DS2: 3, 7, 9, 10, 15, 21, 23, 24
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on November 12, 2008
I purchased the GMAT 2009 Edition about a month and a half ago and was very displeased at all the errors in both the math and verbal sections. I sent an email expressing my displeasure and I received a quick response from the editor apologizing and sending me PAGES of the correct information. She told me she'd send me the Math Workbook for free. I received the workbook very quickly but THERE'S ERRORS in this book too. What is the point of providing a study guide or incorrect information!?!?!? I am HIGHLY disappointed and HOPE to get a decent grade on my GMATS. I will never purchase another Kaplan product again!
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on March 22, 2016
The GMAT is a horribly tricky test. This book will give you a step by step guide on how to take the test and assist you in preparing. I can attest to its effectiveness since it helped me not only get into graduate school, but complete it.
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on August 17, 2011
The book takes you through the concepts required for the gmat and does an ok job explaining them. But the answers are put in the back of the book making it very awkward to check them (no page number references) and there are a bunch of typos in the book relating to correct answers and questions. Once I hit my third typo the confidence I had in the book was gone and it became even more of a chore to use it.

The gmat is frustrating enough as it is, don't make your studying for it even more so.
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on August 3, 2010
I've used several other GMAT books, including Kaplans own GMAT 800 (which is great). I bought this to get more math questions and explanations, and was horribly disappointed. The layout of this book is TERRIBLE-- the questions are all presented in groups by topic, with the answers scattered at the end of each chapter instead of following a group of questions, which means the answers are usually 10-40 pages behind the questions you are answering. To make matters worse, the answer keys DON'T HAVE LETTERS, so you can't jot down your answers as you go and quickly compare at the end (you have to write down the entire correct answer... doesn't that defeat the point of a *multiple choice* test?

I am colossally disappointed, and will be seeing if Kaplan actually will back up their promise of a refund for dissatisfied customers.

EDIT: Kaplan did indeed honor their guarantee and issued me a check for the purchase price. But, this is impractical, as I had to mail them the book, which cost half the purchase price in postage.
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on July 23, 2011
This Kaplan product will help you with all the topics presented in the GMAT Quantitative paper. It explains all the topics from fundamentals and has numerous examples. It also contains many past exam questions and is an overall good purchase if you have not done this type of work in a long time. I recommend buying this book about 2 months before you sit the actual exam. i also recommend that you also purchase another GMAT Quantitative book to further practice more questions as this alone is not sufficient to ace the test.
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on December 27, 2011
I studied for the GMAT with 6-7 books, and this is the by far the most useless one. I am completely disappointed at it, since it did not benefit me at all. And I mean it, not-at-all.

First, it is extremely easy. You might find this book beneficial maybe if you aim at 400-500 range, but if you need to score anywhere above 500, stay away. 700+? Don't even think about it.

Oh, by the way.. If you depend on this book to study for the math section of the GMAT, you may be surprised on the actual exam when you see combinations and probability questions. Yes, those topics are not covered at all.
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on September 2, 2010
The questions on the Kindle version are sometimes on a different page from the answer set. The example problems are also sometimes too small to read.
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on April 20, 2010
I bought this book last summer (2009) and completed every practice and word question in the book which took me about 3 months taking my sweet time - you may do it much quicker. I BOMBED the Data Sufficiency portion even after all that studying and had no idea what I was going to do about the essays, so I enrolled in the Kaplan Online Course (the second cheapest option they offer at $599). The Online Course allows you to go through all of their "Core Courses" plus extra practice/-in-depth questions that help refine your knowledge in each subject. The other nice thing is that it comes with 6 full CAT tests (in addition to the free ones provided by [...]). Great tool - I am so glad I didn't pay for the more expensive courses and I will always keep this book around for reference. P.S. I ultimately scored 100 points higher (640) than my diagnostic on my final GMAT.
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