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on June 11, 2013
Our daughter asked for a Karaoke system for her birthday and because we have never previously been exposed to Karaoke ourselves (true!) we did a bit of research prior to settling on this system.

What we wanted was a portable stand-alone system, i.e. a system that:
- accepts Karaoke CDs and DVDs;
- allows for an MP3 player / iPod to be connected;
- has internal speakers (rather than a system that needs to be connected to a stereo); and
- features a screen for displaying the lyrics (rather than a system that needs to be connected to a TV or external monitor).

This system was one of the few that met all of the above criteria plus it came with two microphones so two people can sing together (the microphones have 8' long cords and can be controlled individually for sensitivity which is great for reducing the impact of dad's droning voice). A feature we did not look for but our daughter loves was the adjustable echo function.

It is correct that the system has a hum / buzzing noise when it is switched on but keep in mind that we are not talking about a professional piece of hifi equipment here - the system is intended for recreational use at home. The noise has never bothered our daughter or her friends. The microphones are of reasonable quality and the volume goes beyond what most people would consider adequate in a residential home.

The system itself is relatively lightweight but appears to be robust. While dancing to a song, our daughter accidentally pulled the unit off the shelf with the microphone and it came crashing down from 3' onto a wooden floor with no damage whatsoever - I couldn't even find a scratch!

So as long as you can accept the system's limitations - it is made for occasional recreational use at home (it won't work in a hall) and it does have a hum - it should work for you. The system we bought was an Amazon return for half price and well worth the investment - it certainly made a 9 year old girl very happy.
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on December 11, 2012
EDIT: 1/9/13

As others have mentioned, which I neglected to mention in my original review, this machine does have a slightly obnoxious buzzing noise when not singing, and while it is not noticeable when you are singing, it is very noticeable when you are not, especially if you have the volume up pretty high. This is a design flaw, but can be helped by adjust the mic and television volume. Just keep this in mind when considering purchasing this product, other than that, it is an awesome machine!


I bought my first karaoke machine 6yrs ago, it was a monster with a 13inch TV screen, and weighing in at about 50lbs. It did have a camera on it to record, but it did not have a USB port, and certainly not the ability to plug in an iphone, and was not even able to record an audio track of you, and when I bought this machine it was a top of the line machine, one of the best you could get. So, for me, getting this machine was like a gift from God, its light, it may have a small screen, but it is color (I also also had a machine with a screen 6inches size 4yrs ago, but it was black and white, had no extra functions on it and cost about $80) and it is clear, very clear, I can read it from a distance, but I normally hook it up to my tv, and it works great.

I supposed, being that I have a lot of experience with older machines and they cost around the same amount as this one not more, and they had far more bugs than this one does (for I have yet to have an issue with any of the equipment on this machine), I guess I feel this is one of the best karaoke machines you can buy for its price, it really is.

It is an amazing machine, it weighs no more than a few pounds, is easily transportable, and very durable. I took it all over the place with me, and it was even yanked around by children; never once stopped working at all. I found the sound, in terms of the music to be quite loud, the mics themselves, at times however, don't go as loud as I would like, but I sing so loud, it isn't a big deal for me, or any of my friends, but I suppose if you had a quiet singer, it would be a con.

The only other thing that might be a con would be that if you have a burned disc of songs, it may or may not play it, even if the disc is fine, that is the only real issue I actually found with the machine itself, it isn't a big deal since I put my songs on a usb drive anyway, so I don't really see that as a big deal.

If you have had karaoke machines in the past, you know how expensive they with far few functions, and weighing ungodly amounts, if not, you may not actually be able to appreciate just how amazing this little machine is. It really is a great machine, even with a few minor glitches, I wouldn't get any other machine for a small portable machine with its own screen, you just can't do any better.

God Bless ~Amy
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on December 13, 2012
We celebrated my son's 7th B-Day some weeks ago. So among the party gifts he received was this karaoke machine from his grandparents. They asked me to order it online, and with so many different and opposite comments I was confused and tempted to give up. My son loves it and so did his peers at his party, they were enchanted to use the microphones (2 come with the machine). PRO's: I ordered it a Sunday afternoon, it arrived on Tueday in perfect condition and it was standard shipping. The screen is LCD 7" color, the sound is great, and it comes with a control remote so you can use the equalizer and even choose among the other options as "Mode": church, concert, personalized, etc.), it can be connceted to your TV screen or your home theater. CON's: I have not found the button for volume in the control remote yet, so I had been doing it manually (Maybe I need to read the manual, hi, hi). The 2 CD's included are nice, but have church, christmas carols, traditional american songs; so get ready either to get your MP3 music or CD-g's (Luckily I already had some at home). I was surprised to find it advertised as "a toy" in some huge store in the USA. Suggestion for the manufacturers: Hopefully you can include the mode "battery operated" in the futur models.
Aside from that, this machine simply rocks, and it is great for children as well for adults (12/13/2012)
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on December 19, 2013
This is so cool!! Best karaoke machine under $150. It's for my daughter for Christmas but I've had it out 3 times already playing with it. With Mozilla Firefox u can download youtube karaoke videos into flv format and put them on an sd card and the play perfectly. Took me a few tries and research to figure this out but it works flawlessly! My daughter and I both love singing so this will be a great bonding tool for us!! I haven't tried the DVD function yet but everything else is operable. Also, I was very surprised with the sound quality! Very impressive! I could go on and on but I'm gonna leave it at that. Any questions about the youtube video thing, just email me but it's very simple. The reason I'm giving my email is because I got very frustrated trying to figure this out myself.
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on August 21, 2013
I purchased this unit for my daughter's 6th birthday. Purchased March 28th and enjoyed it out of the box on her birthday April 19. We have used the unit about 10 times total and two weeks ago (Aug 7, 2013) tried the unit and the display is only a blue screen. The unit appears to be stuck in AUX mode with no way to remedy the problem. I contacted the company today through the warranty card inside box ([...] and submitted a ticket. I am sure I will receive the same news as others. I am past the 90 day warranty and they will not fix it.

I was hesitate to purchase this model because of all of the complaints but I could not find a different model/product with better reviews. My opinion is if you purchase this item be prepared to cut your losses if it does not work and hope for a good one that lasts, or spend a lot more for a really good product.

I will update this review IF they take the unit and repair it.
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on June 17, 2013
I can't even count the hours I spent searching for a machine for Christmas that was going to sound good at a price I could afford with the most features and flexibility. My daughter is playing with it now and it's so awesome I thought about all the other exhausted shoppers out here and thought I'd post my review to help. Long story short, this machine has really good sound both the mic alone and with music. You can elimitate the echo or add it, super awesome, control the volume of each mic separately, and read the lyrics on the screen or on TV. And it sounds so loud and great. Other people complained about sound on the machine so I was apprehensive, but I listened to that one review of that guy using it in the backyard and having a blast and went for it. And I'm glad I did. Very happy with the quality of this machine and all the options it has :)))
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on July 22, 2013
The CD player of the Karaoke machine I purchased through Amazon did not work. Perhaps, it was dropped or thrown about as I could hear something rattling inside. Since I was pressed for time, I contacted Unbeatable Sales directly and purchased a replacement.

The packaging of the item I purchased directly from Unbeatable Sales surpassed that of the same item they sell through Amazon. It was double boxed and the inner package looked new.

The packaging of the product sold through Amazon consisted of single boxed item which is an inverted version of the original container. It makes me believe they are selling their RMAs through Amazon.

Unbeatable Sales will not refund shipping costs for any items. So, if you purchase through Amazon, get ready to pay for shipping to and from your location. A waste of $30. If you're going to purchase this machine, which is very good, contact Unbeatable Sales directly and avoid the hassle of receiving second rate products.
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on July 28, 2013
I purchased the Karaoke USA Model GF829 on August 18, 2012 via for USD $190. It worked fine for 10 months and then stopped getting power. The problem is on the back of the unit due to a defective power input jack (DC-12V input). I've tried multiple other compatible power cords as well, with no success. On June 1, 2103, I contacted the manufacturer <<[...]>> asking simply for a replacement unit or a refund. I was told "This unit is out of its 90 day warranty. No repair options are available."
I don't believe that it's reasonable that a $190 piece of electronic equipment should cease functioning less than 10 months from date of purchase. It was well cared for. It simply is poorly made.
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on August 23, 2013
I know it's not an expensive unit at $135. straight out of the box the left mic jack had an issue. cuts in and out. half the time it didn't display words, just song title. load/reload disc, maybe work/maybe not. poorly constructed, cheap plastic unit. microphones are lightweight junk. if you buy it, do buy the extended warranty as it only has a 90 day warranty. this unit made my karaoke experience no fun at all!! I wish a decent priced quality machine could be had.
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on November 5, 2013
I ordered one of these systems for a Halloween party I was having. Luckily it came early and I was able to try it out. Whenever I tried to insert multi-discs it would say "No disc found". I tried with the disc that came with it as well as brand new karaoke CDs we had ordered...nothing. I called Amazon and they shipped me a replacement System...same EXACT problem. I would not waste my time on this system if I were you. Then I had the headache of shipping them both back. Amazon was usual. But this product is HORRIBLE. As least cheap knock-off products work once or twice before quitting on you. Stay away.
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