Customer Reviews: Karen's Witch (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, No. 1)
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on February 16, 2010
Synopsis: The book starts off with Karen Brewer explaining how she has two of everything, since she and her younger brother Andrew spend every other weekend with their father and stepmother, and the rest of the time with their mother and their stepfather. This time, Karen is spending the weekend at her father's house. Karen thinks her neighbor Mrs. Porter is a witch named Morbidda Destiny because of the way she looks and acts. Karen is shocked to see Morbidda's cat Midnight on their doorstep after she arrives, and takes it as a bad omen. Later, she thinks she sees Morbidda Destiny fly out of her window in a broomstick with Midnight behind her, and the following day, overhears Morbidda Destiny in her garden talking about "company's coming" and "midnight". She thinks that Morbidda is going to have a meeting with other witches and warlocks at midnight and they are going to do something bad to the neighborhood. Karen takes it upon herself to save her neighborhood and tries to come up with a plan. Will she succeed in exposing the witch and her friends?

Review: I thought this was a fun book to read and a great start to the series. I liked how Karen sticks to her made up stories about Morbidda Destiny having meetings with other witches and warlocks, and how she and her friend Hannie have to conjure a spell with herbs and leaves to fight them. I also enjoyed the part where Karen sees Morbidda Destiny fly on a broomstick with her cat midnight, as this added an element of mystery as to whether Morbidda was really a witch or not. The illustrations were also very nicely drawn by Susan Tang, and I loved the one where Karen imagines herself in a parade that the mayor is throwing for her for exposing the witches.

Overall, I thought this was a great start for the Little Sister series in the Babysitters franchise, and would love to continue reading the series.
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We checked this out from our local electronic library, and this is what my seven-year-old had to say about it:

"I really like it. It was really good! I liked the parts when Karen and Hannie were scared, because if that was me, I would have been scared too!"
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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2005
ISBN 0590443003 - What would you do if you found a witch living next door? Six year old Karen found one and decided to put a stop to her before she could cast a spell on the neighborhood. You get the feeling nothing could be boring with Karen around.

Karen is an unusual child of divorced parents, because she considers herself lucky to have two of almost everything, including two houses. At her house with her stepmother and father, Mrs. Porter, aka Morbidda Destiny in Karen's mind, lives next door. Mrs. Porter wears black, sweeps her stairs with a broom, has a black cat named Midnight and grows an herb garden - so of course she must be a witch! With only a weekend visit to work in, Karen has to save the neighborhood from Morbidda and her witch friends. How will she manage in time?

Karen's hilarious. Everything can be explained to fit her witch theory. When the alarm clock (that she admits to not knowing how to work) doesn't go off, she's certain that Morbidda has cast a spell upon it to make sure Karen overslept. Nothing like common sense will intrude on her witch hunt. This is book #1 of the series and I look forward to reading more!

- AnnaLovesBooks
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on December 10, 2001
Since the beginning of The Baby-sitters Club series, six-year-old Karen Brewer has always been afraid of her next-door neighbor, Mrs. Porter, who she calls Morbidda Destiny. She believes the old woman is an evil witch who flies around on her broom at night and casts spells on everyone. During her weekend stay with her father, Karen vows to expose the witch, even though she's forbidden to spy on the neighbors, especially Morbidda. Of course, Karen doesn't obey rules, which consequently allows her to overhear Morbidda discussing an upcoming witch meeting with her black cat, Midnight. With the help of her best friend (Hannie Papadakis), Karen sets out to sabotage the meeting and save Stoneybrook from a coven of witches.
"Karen's Witch" is the first book in the Baby-sitters Little Sister series, a spin-off of The Baby-sitters Club series. These books are geared more for younger readers (age 7 - 9) and follows one imaginative little girl, Karen Brewer, Kristy Thomas's younger stepsister.
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on October 3, 2011
I was always into the Baby-Sitters Club when I was younger, but I did read a few of the Little Sister books. I definitely liked the original series better, but the Little Sister books had their own merit. Karen thinks her neighbor is a witch and comes up with all sorts of crazy 'evidence' for this. The truth is a lot more mundane than Karen expected, so it's a lesson for little kids to not let their imagination run away.
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on February 9, 2001
Karen gets carried away sometimes. In this book, Karen thinks that her next door neighbor is a witch. If you read it, you will feel the same way. I would give it five stars.
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on October 25, 1998
In Karen's Witch she thinks that her neighbor is a witch. She thinks up wierd things that she thinks her neighbor does.She tries to get in her neighbor's house.She gets in trouble for going in her neighbor's house.
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on August 26, 2014
I loved the Babysitters and Little Sisters books growing up. You can't find them in bookstores anymore, so it's great to find them here. My daughter loves them!
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on May 10, 2016
I read these when they first came out and loved them. Now my daughter who I can't get to read is reading them and read the first 2 in a day!!!
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on August 11, 2014
wanted my granddaughter to read these since these were a book hit at my house when my daughters were younger
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