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on November 4, 2011
This is a film I had not seen until I ordered it from Amazon. It is not the best film by Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. but it is definitely not the worst.
Nothing but the Night is more of an occult mystery story. Lee and Cushing are both involved in the investigation of several murders the story evolves from these killings. It has a solid premise and the two stars equate themselves quite well as always.
I definetly recommend the movie for Hammer horror fans and fans of Lee and Cushing. I enjoyed the film and will be viewing it again in the near future.
The transfer is good on this dvd and the sound was what one should expect from a film made in the 70's on a budget.
The price is reasonable at under $15. Give it a try as it was Chris Lee's attempt to set up his own production company. The company may not have done any more movies but it did well with this one it is a good film.
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on November 13, 2013
This is probably the last good movie Lee & Cushing did together. I know of HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOW and it's fun to watch, but this is a much better film. Reminds me some what of THE WICKER MAN. One doesn't know what's going on till the last few minutes. Enjoy these great master of horrors in their last good film together.
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on April 8, 2014
This is not a Hammer Film although it stars Hammer regulars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing and was directed by Hammer regular Peter Sasdy. This is actually a murder mystery with supernatural undertomes where Lee is the Inspector in charge of solving a series of brutal murders with the help of hospital pathologist Cushing. Even though it is rated PG, don't let that fool you, because it's a 70's PG, where adult films with plenty of blood and a hint of nudity were allowed. I'll let you uncover the murder mystery on your own, but this superior DVD from Scorpion Releasing in its original OAR is the best way to experience the film. Try it. You'll like it!
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on December 28, 2011
This is a must have for Cushing and Lee fans. I don't agree this is better than House of Long Shadows and not as good as The Wicker
Man which Lee stars in alone. But it's a lot like the Wicker Man except it's more of just a mystery movie than horror and a few scenes
kinda of slow it down but whenever Cushing or Lee is on the screen the movie never gets boring and the ending is very good.
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NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT opens w/ a series of murders committed by a mysterious, black-gloved killer. Enter Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as Doctor Mark Ashley and Colonel Charles Bingham respectively. They team up in an attempt to get to the bottom of the deaths. After another murder, a prostitute w/ a violent past is the prime suspect. Her daughter, Mary, now in an orphanage, witnessed two of the murders. Now, mum will stop at nothing to get to Mary. More murders occur when 5 orphanage trustees are blown up! In fact, all of the victims were trustees. That is, until one of the orphans is found dead. NBTN is a supernatural thriller w/ a wonderfully wicked twist at the end! Lee and Cushing are as good as ever. Highly recommended...
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on March 2, 2015
Fun movie reminiscent of The Wicker Man ... always fun to see Lee and Cushing acting off of each other. And the kids - especially the lead girl - are excellent. And it does build some suspense as the storyline plays out - and keeps you guessing until the climax. My only negative comment is the poor use of Diana Dors and her character. While she starts out great, her character almost becomes comical and insignificant - which you're lead to believe she is a critical character when she first appears. I found myself laughing at times at her during the latter part. And I love Diana Dors but feel she was wasted in this movie. But overall - fun and very much a movie of it's time. If you view it from that perception - all is good.
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Starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, it's not surprising that 1973's Nothing But the Night was the only film made by the production company set up by Lee and veteran Hammer producer Anthony Nelson Keys to try to inject some new life into the then-as-ever failing British film industry. You can see that on one level it's a vaguely ambitious attempt to do something a bit different, but it's not a terribly compelling mystery and its horrific undertones are played down for most of the running time, with director Peter Sasdy doing a professional but rather flat job of it.

For much of the film it's a fairly ambling investigation into a fatal coach crash that may have been intended to kill the rich trustees of an orphanage on a remote Scottish island who have recently been dropping like flies but which instead ended up killing the driver and hospitalising one of their charges who turns out to be central to the would-be mysterious goings on (Gwyneth Strong, who would grow up to marry Rodney in Only Fools and Horses). Keith Barron's doctor thinks she's too psychologically disturbed to be returned, Lee's pompous and obnoxious semi-retired detective thinks she's just collateral damage, George Brown's confrontational reporter thinks her nightmares may hold the key to it all and Cushing's pathologist is largely just there to listen to everybody else's theories while suspicion is cast heavy-handedly on the girl's ex-prostitute natural mother (Diana Dors) who helpfully has already done time for murder.

Yet the threat is rather vague for much of the film even after a couple of dead bodies turn up and there's no-one to really root for thanks to cardboard characterisation and misjudged performances. The two leads are both on grumpy form that allows neither to shine and Brown's aggressive turn isn't going out of her way to win over any of the audience either: at times it's as if all three are trying to win a Who Can Be The Most Unsympathetic competition. As a result the film leans far too heavily on a shock ending that's slightly Wickerish, involving as it does Christopher Lee and another deadly bonfire, but to preserve the surprise (which was given away anyway by the film's alternate US title) the screenplay goes out of its way not to introduce any of the more interesting ideas until the last 15 minutes of the film despite one pretty big early hint on a hospital door. Nor is the journey to those last 15 minutes particularly interesting, not helped by the attempt to inject some tension by intercutting Dors evading police helicopters, a small army of search parties and the obligatory unobservant sentries as she makes her way to the orphanage in a bright red coat that sticks out a mile. Even the final potentially shocking image becomes absurd because, while you can understand why one character does what they do, there's simply no logical reason for the others to follow suit.

A few interesting faces pop up in the supporting cast, like Duncan Lamont, Fulton Mackay and a debuting Michael Gambon among the Scottish constabulary, and one-time TV Professor Quatermass John Robinson and Black Narcissus' Kathleen Byron among the orphanage trustees, but the end result is definitely a lesser and uninvolving slice of Seventies British horror.

While the UK PAL DVD is extras-free, Scorpion's US NTSC disc offers a decent widescreen transfer that also includes the original trailer, production notes and a fairly informative introduction by wrestler Katarina Leigh Waters as well as trailers for The Devil Within Her, Humongous, Final Exam and The Incubus.
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on December 25, 2012
what great actors,wonderful plot and clear transfer quality, really enjoy the movie,brought me back to hammer theater and there is now no one to replace the above icons.
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on November 1, 2014
This is one fine movie. The best of Christopher Lee. As for that matter all the main players acting is very good. This is a movie that keeps you on the edge of your chair from start to finish and what an ending. The movie is far better than the ad and that almost never happens. The plot does not come full circle until near the end and it is nothing like you are expecting. A great movie. The picture and sound is as good as you are going to fine.
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on March 13, 2014
I was very pleased when I saw this movie. I love the older Hammer and Amicus films with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I will watch just about anything with that duo in it. This film was especially interesting because of the ending. You can tell what everything is mounting up to, but it still surprises. Loved it!
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