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on February 20, 2005
Kaya, was recorded at the same time as Exodus. 25 or so tracks were recorded and 2 albums were to be made. Exodus contained many of the harder songs, but also had some softer songs, but not as many here. for the Kaya album there were 15 tracks left, and the 10 originally released in 1978 were Love songs, and Homages to the Power of ganja. The band shows a rare different side that is actually quite beautiful. Out of all the Bob Marley and the Wailers album's this album sticks out in my mind because it is so much different than the others. the entire catalogue is unique, but Kaya really leaves a long lasting impression. everyone knows the song "Is this Love?", but many of the other songs are classics and should not be over looked. Sun is Shining, Kaya, Time Will Tell, Easy Skanking, and Running Away are all very good songs. If you are looking for something more unique and different this album is most certainly for you. If you are going to have a reggae collection, you shouldn't pass up on this recording because it is a real treat.
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on November 9, 2013
Universal Records should be ashamed of themselves for such a shameful cash grab with this release.

Disc 1- The first disc is simply the 2001 remaster, no different at all. They left nearly 40 minutes on this disc completely empty of any bonus tracks when there are dozens of unreleased demo's, dubs, and songs from the Kaya sessions that could have easily been included, just as they have done with all of the previous Universal Deluxe Edition sets.

Disc 2 - This disc is an incomplete live show from Rotterdam, Netherlands on July 7th, 1978. They excluded two songs that are from (you aren't going to believe this) the KAYA album leaving only 1 track in the live performance from the actual album. Crisis and Running Away were removed from the live set making the relevance of the live set almost nill. Truly unbelievable and mind blowing as to how they came to this decision. The two tracks excluded total about 15 minutes and could have been added to the first disc, while still leaving room for at least a half dozen unreleased tracks! I had to go find the bootleg version of the show to get these two songs, burn them to CD and include them with my set. Additionally, the sound quality on the live album is worse than the bootleg recordings found online! They did not use the soundboard for this release, even though they have it and the whole show sounds ripped from an online source, and like the treble was tweaked. Bob's vocals do not sound as good as the bootlegs available.

Packaging - They have also really cheaped out on the packaging for this set. The legendary plastic slip cover, which displays the signature "Deluxe Edition" has been completely eliminated leaving the cardboard double disc case just flopping around openly. Unbelievably, they even trick us poor consumers into thinking this slip cover IS included by showing the slip cover on this very Amazon listing, displaying the "Deluxe Edition" text! This proves they intended to include it but did not in an effort to pad their pockets with a few more pennies.

I am truly shocked at how brazen Universal Records is to release such a shoddy rip off. It's like they've become extremely dishonest and unscrupulous and do not care who knows it. Zero bonus tracks, bad quality live show, missing songs from the live show, tricking us on the cover. Just so overwhelmingly ridiculous. The fact that they have released 5 great Bob Marley Deluxe Editions in the past also cements the fact that they know how to release quality collections, but for the sole purpose of bilking the fans and lining their pockets, refused to.

I have been a massive fan of the Universal Deluxe Editions and have dozens upon dozens of them in my CD collection, including all five Bob Marley releases, which have all been fantastic. However, the Kaya Deluxe Edition is just flat out unacceptable. Universal owes us fans at least a refund, or more appropriately, a replacement release that coincides with the quality and content of all the other Bob Marley Deluxe Editions they have produced, and which we have come to expect.

I truly feel ripped off on this one.

Chris Elliott
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on April 30, 2013
The deluxe editions circa early 2000 were fantastic. Unreleased tracks, alternate versions, and high quality live material. Kaya Deluxe is the weakest of the bunch. There is nothing new here. Smile Jamaica was on the original remaster. The Rotterdam 78' concert, while good, has been circulating for years. A quick youtube search would get you the complete show (they removed Crisis from this release!?). Another gripe is sub par the sound quality. Far from professionally remastered.
There are outstanding dubs and demos from the album that should have made the cut. This is a disappointment for the hardcore fan. Don't be lazy Island.
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on July 19, 2013
First, I must say that I love the original album. I would give it a 4 stars, but rate it 1 because this Deluxe boxset is a total joke. Is someone sleeping at Universal? Who approved that project? The concert is not even complet as two songs are missing. Universal could have used the empty space on the first disc or AT LEAST replace Smile Jamaica with one or two more bonus tracks from that area. There is quite a lot of things that could have been included on this. The best choice would have been to include RASTAMAN LIVE UP (original mix from 1978) and BLACKMAN REDEMPTION (original mix from 1978). Another good addition àcould have been the unremix version of I KNOW A PLACE and WHO COLT THE GAME (both recorded in 1978). The latest was included on the double CD of One Love-The Very Best in 2001. If Universal didn't want to give anything new to the fans they could simply have included IS THIS DUB, SHE'S GONE (dub version), SUN IS SHINING (edit version) or TIME WILL TELL (1981 Alternate Mix) (included on the Countryman Soundtrack). Here is a few gems that are still hiding in the vaults and that are being circulating among fans: SUN IS SHINING (dubplate), RUNING AWAY (dubplate), MISTY MORNING (dubplate 1), MISTY MORNING (dubplate 2), I KNOW A PLACE (dub version), WHO COLT THE GAME (dub version). EASY SKANKING (monitor mix), KAYA (monitor mix), IS THIS LOVE (monitor mix), SUN IS SHINING (monitor mix), SATISFY MY SOUL (monitor mix) (five different versions), SHE'S GONE (monitor mix), MISTY MORNING (monitor mix), CRISIS (monitor mix), RUNING AWAY (monitor mix). Come on guys, this is by far the weakest Deluxe Boxset released in the Marley catalogue.
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VINE VOICEon April 25, 2013
There are plenty of reviews of the regular "Kaya" album, which is some of the more superb music Bob Marley ever made, so I will use this review to touch upon the differences of this deluxe edition and the original "Kaya" CD. First off, the first disc is simply the remastered "Kaya" CD. The sound is very crisp. I have the original CD (non-remastered), and I can say the bass on this CD has a better sound. It's more pronounced and harder, more like the vinyl version.

The second disc contains the live concert at Ahoy Hallen (Rotterdam, Netherlands) on July 7, 1978. The perfection that Bob demanded of his band during live performances comes through loud and clear in this concert. Bob and the Wailers sound very tight in every song. I had not previously heard this performance, so this disc has been a real treat for me. The version of "Easy Skanking" in the concert is easily the best one I've heard up to this point. There are several great live performances of "Exodus," but the one during this concert is incredible. Every single song is performed with near-perfection. You can tell that Bob and his band have really hit their stride at this point in their career.

The only nitpick I have with this package is that there is no clear plastic slipcase around the cardboard CD case. All of Bob Marley's previous deluxe editions have come with this slipcase. Again, that is perhaps being nitpicky, but it would have been nice to have the slipcase to better protect the cardboard case.

All in all, the deluxe edition of "Kaya" is a fine product. The concert disc alone is worth the money. The remastered original album is awesome for someone like me who is upgrading from the original CD release. I am looking forward to the release of the remaining deluxe editions of Bob Marley's albums, especially "Survival." Whoever has been doing the Bob Marley deluxe editions is doing a bang-up job.
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on May 3, 2013
We know the music is terrific but calling this shoddily packaged edition "deluxe" is surely a stretch and a misnomer. As mentioned before, the early 2000s Marley releases were indeed deluxe. For this edition it doesn't look like they took the time to check and proofread the final product before having it manufactured... they can't even make up their minds if the song listing on the back should be written in lower or uppercase... when people whine about the music industry it's usually because of products like this, i.e. no care or thought taken in ensuring the product/packaging is up to the standard of the music contained within.
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on April 28, 2013
Kaya is with no doubt a classic album that has stood the test of time. I was more than a little disappointed with this 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition mainly because it pales in comparison to the other fantastic Marley Deluxe Editions. The one bonus song is just another "version" of "Smile Jamaica". We already have two other versions of that song on the Rastaman Vibration Deluxe edition. The second cd may capture a good performance of the band but it sounds like crap. It sounds as though it was mastered from a very weak audio source or poor recording device. I really think that this is a money grab and at this price point we deserve better.
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on August 20, 2001
Sonically, this is easily Marley's best album (just listen to "Sun is Shining" on headphones -- wow). And subject wise, Bob sticks with subjects like being in love, dancing, and getting high. Actually , the pre-iconic Marley had recorded many of these songs many years before (the earlier versions can be heard on the African Herbsman LP, among others). So in many ways, this record was a return to Marley's past. And he was obviously in a fine mood while making Kaya. A "sunny day" record, to say the least.
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on May 4, 2013
When "Live Forever" came out I made some negative comments about the sound quality of a few songs and I got slammed by the reviewing community (actually I was just asking if everyone had the same problems, thinking my copy might be defective). Well, it feels like Island did this Kaya Deluxe Edition release just for me. "We'll show that a-hole. We'll release a concert where EVERY song sounds terrible, and everybody will love it." Kudos, Island, you win. Not only have you put me in my place, but you've made me feel cheated out of twenty dollars, even more so than last time. You must be very proud.
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on July 28, 2003
now that does sounds like a pretty risky statement, but in my opinion this is the best album. i have all of bob's cd's, but i have to say that no matter what i always come back to this one. With tracks like "is this love", "satisfy my soul" and the spectacular "Misty Morning" you just cant go wrong. but dont by any means think those are the only good songs on this album, because everyone is just perfect. this is an album where there is no skipping tracks needed. the whole cd plays like one giant beautiful opus. if you are just getting into marley i would reccomend "Legend" first, but this would suck you into his beautiful little world also. for those of you with just Legend and you want to expand more into the Rasta mans' music, this would be a perfect selection.
what are you waiting for??? go out and by this NOW!!
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