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on May 21, 2014
When it comes to making a cartoon (Or in this case, anime) into a live action movie, many details have to be taken into account. Character outfits, action scene, even the skills and abilities that either the heroes or villains have.

This 4 DVD set is 4 movies in one DVD case. For obvious reasons, this is based on the Hentai/anime series of the same name. Each DVD includes the movie, interviews with the actresses and production crew, and trailers.

As far as the movie part is concerned, there are some details I will point out. The video quality is not too bad, but it was obvious they used a low budget camera to shoot the whole scene. The action and acting sequences is not the greatest, but then it is a "fan" made movie series. Because it is based on the "Hentai" movie, this is for adults only, as there is a lot of nudity.

About the only benefit is that there are 4 DVD's instead of 1. So overall the price is not too bad. This is mostly for people who are fans of either Cosplay, "Fan" made movies, or fans of the original Hentai/Anime series of the same name. If you have not seen the anime, it is this reviewers recommendation that you do, so you know what's going on.
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on August 20, 2013
I found this collection extremely disappointing. It doesn't include the good 1990s films.

All this four DVD set includes are the four later produced 2004 live action films that are rather crappy. The crotch shots are all blocked out with a flash of light.

It's the following:

2004 Kekko Kamen (anchorwomen school) [...]
2004 Kekko Kamen II (swim school) [...]
2004 Kekko Kamen Surprise (music school) [...]
2004 Kekko Kamen The MGF Strikes back [...]

These films aren't anywhere near the quality of the 1990s live action films. In my opinion a waste of money. Don't bother unless you're bent on collecting them all.
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on December 20, 2012
This is the whole collection of the Kekko Kamen live action films that are based on the hentai anime. This is a super hero who is nude except for a mask, scarf, and boots. Fun to watch and have a good laugh.
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on September 8, 2008
After having to buy bootleg versions of all these titles over the years they've finally put them all together and all in sharp, clear professionally produced quality. This stuff is great. It is by far the most innocent fun you can have watching a naked woman rescue damsels in distress and beat up on the bad guys.
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on September 11, 2012
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on March 30, 2014
When I got this I was expecting something like Hentai Kamen Live Action but it wasn't. Instead we got a really bland version of Kekko Kamen. It doesn't even look like a movie, it looks more like a soap opera which makes this movie look like crap. How come Cutey Honey Live Action looks great but not this? Weren't they made by the same guy?! The only good parts were the torture scenes and when Kekko Kamen arrives even though her breasts are smaller than her anime counterpart. The 3rd DVD in this (the pool episode I believe) hardly shows Kekko Kamen at all which made that movie really bland. I was also really bummed that the antagonist The Toenail of Satan was nowhere to be seen. He was an awesome villain how could they replace him with boring old guys? There was also one part where this girl is supposed to be disguised as a boy but her disguise is so obvious because of her long hair and high voice. I didn't even realize she was trying to disguise herself as a boy (that would explain why she was in the boys bathroom).

My advice is don't waste your time with this. It's not worth it. You'll be disappointed. Watch the anime and read the manga of Kekko Kamen instead. Also watch Hentai Kamen Live Action that shows how an over the top movie should be made.
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on September 21, 2009
The films are high camp. However, they are too depraved for children, but not explicit enough for adults. While I enjoy these movies despite myself, I wish they had been more adult by actually showing us more of Kekko Kamen and something of the female students. Instead, we get blinding flashes of light when the naughty bits are shown, or the head scarf covering some things up.
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on December 2, 2008
what's there to say about the live action pack? well, despite the overdose of double entundras, the godiva esque heroine and bdsm laden torture devices and softcore panty scenes, this is not a porn whatsoever.

sure at first you think this is simply a series of fanservice films for people who are into hentai and naked girl anime but it's not. these are shoestring budgeted films with very minimal plot starring the lady avenger kekko kamen in all her nake dglory. the hero is very lady godiva esque in nature, nude throughout al ehr fight sequences but only in a hard r naked as her scarf covers the best parts which again are blurre dout by a giant radiating flash when she performs her killing stirke the muffication attack. these are good for a fan of the bizarre, very tokyo shock at that if you've ever seen a tokyo shock film
(machine girl, zebra man,tokyo hell, kasumi lady ninja)
and definately sticks to the concept that go nagai put into the character. but you've really gotta see it for yourself. it's ahrd to describe what this is or to explain why it's good without seeing it.
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on August 5, 2008
As wonderfully funny and silly as the Anime version of Kekko Kamen is, is how pathetic this live action is. All the humor of the original has been replaced by UNFUNNY gags and situations. No Nazi punishment teacher, no highschool students, actually nothing of the original. This is tame and pathetic in every way, not even mentioning the 2 dollar budget and poor video quality that even compared to the worst film at Troma would find unwatchable.
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