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on March 31, 2009
I've had the kensington contour roller for about 3 years. We've been everywhere together. 83 countries in fact. I've been very impressed with this bag. My old bag is a six star bag. Unfortunately, the wheels wore out and some of the stitching was starting to come apart. I've loved this bag, so choosing a new one wasn't going to be a problem. I ordered the 'exact' same bag from amazon.

The 'new' contour roller is a cheap knock off of the old bag. I'm so disappointed. The pictures are all of the old bag. First, the zipper tags are some cheap little metal tabs, unlike the originals that were a neat two piece tab. The material is different, to be blunt, it's cheap, coarse nylon. The older bag had a softer feel, and the use of a simulated leather in key places like around the top handles. The leather has been removed from the top of the bag. Several of the little interior pockets have been removed, these were great for little things like pen drives. The zipped laptop sleeve is no longer removable. The bag smells like 'China'. If you have ever been to China you know what I'm talking about. It has a 'tar/oil' smell. I can smell it now as the bag sits beneath my desk.

Kensington, what happened? This was probably the best rolling laptop bag on the market, now it is a cheap knock off of itself. Change it back and fire the clown that went cheap. I like your products, but feel 'ripped' over this one.
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on July 31, 2005
I'm a consultant and I spend quite a bit of time banging around between airplanes, rental cars and in and out of buildings. I have no less than 12 different laptop bags at home, from rollers to backpacks and over the shoulders. As you can tell, I have been searching for the right one. I recently bought this one due to the nice looking lightweight handle. Most roller bags look like roller bags. This one looks like a larger over the shoulder bag that has rollers. And that's exactly what it turned out to be. In fact, I just returned from a vacation where I hade both a Dell 700m and an Apple 12" PB in the same compartment, along with several other gadgets, accessories and files. Let's just say it was a working vacaion. It handled it all without a wimper. I was able to carry the bag when need be, roll it through airports and even tuck it UNDER the front seat on 4 different flights. I'm very impressed. Enough so that I ordered the larger overnighter version and the small shuttle for the quick trips. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of Kensington stuff but they sure got this right. Just make sure you look around a bit and get the right pricing.

Update: I agree with other reviewers. I recently bought another one of these and the bag has changed. It is still a pretty good bag but not the top notch, virtually perfect bag that I originally bought in 2005 and still have (the above review). On the newer bag, which I bought for my wife, I added Zipquix zipper pulls to make up for the simple, small and slippery metal tabs they now use. I'm now looking on Ebay hoping to score an old style bag for a backup to mine, which is still holding up pretty darn well.

I'm not sure I would not recommend the new bag. It is still good, just not as good. I would probably give it 4 stars now if reviewing it fresh and never having known how good they used to be. I think some of the other reviewer's disappointment is dismay over the cheapening of what was once the (arguably) best business roll-around bag in the market.
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on January 20, 2007
I'm surprised. Surprised at a high level of quality and functionality for what I consider a very reasonable price.

I had a rolling case that I'd considered pretty decent, but the handles were not sturdy enough. So I began the search for another, eventually looking at well over a dozen. I kept coming back to the Contour Roller, which seemed to offer everything that my previous case had, plus improvements in durability and ease of carry.

It turns out that the Contour Roller is far superior to my previous notebook case. It's sturdier; the handles are much better, and more sturdily attached; it has a surfeit of pockets inside, including three in the back section for peripherals and addons like a webcam, mouse, and charger. There's a bottle pocket on the outside, and the handle is long enough for me to pull the case without it creeping up on my heels (I'm 5-11).

I'm a college professor, and need a case for my computer plus class materials (it's my normal workday "briefcase"). It handles that role extremely well. I needed something to organize class materials, whiteboard markers, pens, calculator, the normal detritus of someone who needs materials handy. This has so many inside pockets I don't even have them all filled.

I was concerned that my standard-sized laptop (14") would swim around in the case, which is advertised as being large enough for a 17" computer. It turns out my computer fits extremely well, but there's still room for a larger one.

I had wondered if the wheels, which are as wide as can be, would interfere with moving the case around. Not so, as it turns out.

This is a perfect case for me. It rolls, is very easy to carry (whomever designed the handles should get a raise--there are two halves that nest together in an extremely secure arrangement), and the carry-strap contour system is terrific. As a bonus, I feel it protects my computer much better than my previous case.

I haven't taken it on a trip yet, but it'll be a great carry-on. There's plenty of room for a change of clothes plus toiletries, a secure place for my computer, and room for a few books, files, whatever.

At this price, it's worth every penny, and then some.
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on January 24, 2010
What a disappointment, 2006 vs. 2010.

I proudly owned this computer case since 2006.
Recently I bought a new case, the same model...
Unfortunately, circa 2010 it is a totally different carrying case.

1) Computer compartment size is smaller now.
Claimed Computer compartment 16.5"L X 13.0"H X 3.0"W
Actual Computer compartment 16.0"L X 11.5"H X 3.0"W
As end result, my 17'' notebook computer doesn't fit anymore.

2) What happened to a curvy telescopic handle?
New telescopic handle is made of cheaper aluminum than the original. Handle is no longer contoured (curvy), it is straight, and is very wobbly.

3) This rolling bag was perfect circa 2006. Now the quality is bad and the materials used are mind boggling.

4) Photos and Flash product tour show the original case as of 2006. The 2010 purchased case doesn't correspond them anymore.
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on September 11, 2004
I glady bought this case to tote an HP ZD7000 (17") notebook. The telescopic handle eliminates drag and truly decreases the amount of energy needed to pull. I can actually pull this case with a pinky!

A very comfortable, padded arm strap and ergonomic case design make carrying the case easier than any other case I have used. Storage compartments were thoughtfully designed, as well as aesthetics.

This case provides so much relief that I don't hesitate to take my laptop everywhere. It feels good to spend money on a product that gives satisfaction. If your case/notebook is difficult to lug around, try the Kensington Contour Roller.
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on December 15, 2009
First off, the bag you are getting is not what is pictured on the Amazon site. I bought two of these back in 2006 - one for me and one for my wife (she wanted one after seeing the one I got.) After four years of use, the wheels on my bag are finally splitting and a zipper tab has broken off the front. I ordered a new one to replace it and was utterly disappointed when I saw the quality of the "new" Contour roller that arrived.

My original bags from 2006 were made in China and this one (purchased in 2009) was as well. HOWEVER, this bag is very cheaply made. Let me point out the differences:

1. Telescoping Handle - new bag handle is made of cheaper aluminum than the original. Handle is no longer contoured and is very wobbly. It also sticks as well through the entire extension and closure.
2. Zipper Tabs and metal clasps - New bag has cheap stamped aluminum or high density plastic (cannot tell) that looks and feels like it could bend or break by pulling on it.
3. Wheels - New bag has cheap hard plastic wheels - they look like they will wear down quickly. The old bag had inline skate wheels - hard plastic rim with rubber wheels.
4. Case Exterior - the nylon on this bag is thinner and a larger weave than the old bag which has heavy duty nylon fabric with tightly woven weave.
5. Case Interior - Mesh pockets are made of cheap material - does not look durable. The old case has durable mesh with quality zippers. In the old case, the PC pocket used to come out if you unzipped it, the new one is sewn in and not removable. The interior lining is a cheap plastic material - the old case interior is more tight weave nylon (dual layers). Three zippered pockets which were in the first section of the bag are no longer present. You can hear the material crinkle in the new case it is so cheap.
6. Case Padding - the old style case has a thick rubber padding - the new one feels like some sort of Styrofoam material...
7. Case Handle - new bag has a cheap plastic handle, the old one is made of some sort of plastic with a nice grip - it is also thicker throughout the connection to the bag.
8. The new bag smells like oil for some reason - maybe the cheaper materials... I don't know...

Needless to say, this bag is going to be returned. I paid the same amount for this new bag as the ones I purchased in 2006. The 2009 version of this bag is a ripoff compared to the ones I bought in 2006. The old bag has been with me on numerous trips around the world. I will be looking for a pair of inline skate wheels to replace the ones which are starting to go after almost four years of use.

Kensington, you need to go back to the quality you had before (especially if you are going to charge more.)
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on June 30, 2005
I'm giving this item 5 stars anyway because I don't thing one little detail should ruin a perfect score on such a great backback. I've been using a Kensington Countour carrying case (the leather one in fact) for a while now and it has been the best bag I have ever known. However, as I am a consultant, I just picked up a gig in Manhattan which requires me to walk a bit more than just from a parking lot to a building. While the Countour carrying case is very confortable, it is a larger size bag (there is a smaller one available but not in leather) and it is not light. So this sent me on a quest to find a good backback that's "city-friendly". Indeed the quest did not take too long because I looked at a couple of units in the store then went straight to the Kensington site since I've been a fan of their products. The backpack looked good enough to try out and I thought I could always return it if I didn't like it. I've only had it for a couple of days and it is awesome. As far as confort, it is unmatched (and I've had a couple of others). The size is perfect (I have a 15.5" wide-screen laptop). I'm not sure if it would fit a 17" laptop but those things are IMHO desktop replacements and not fit for carrying out the city. The arrangements of the pockets is excellent and the snug-fit pocket for the computer is superb. Now, you remember the title of this review - what's missing? Though I found snug little pockets for everything I want to carry, it would have been nice to have 1 more for the laptop power supply. Though this is not an item I carry on a daily basis since I keep one at home and one at work, when I travel, it is nice to have it in its own zippered pouch as my other Contour case did. In this one I would have to just through it in the main container area with paperwork and such. I supposed one of the pockets I used for my external mini-drive would have worked so maybe it's just that I personally need one additional pocket. The perfect place would have been a zippered area inside the main container area. Other than that, this thing rocks. The coolest thing is when you open the main container area, the laptop is secured in a tight well-protected sleeve and the rest of the area is quite open so you don't have to stretch the bag out to fiddle with its contents. I look forward to putting this thing through hell and high water in the streets of NY.
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VINE VOICEon May 27, 2006
I've had about 4 different laptops and so 4 different laptop bags in the last 6 years and found that a good laptop bag needs to have this:

* Good protection for the laptop

* Good utilization of space - everything should be easy to reach, not like a duffel bag where you can stuff everything

* Enough space to carry a laptop, mouse, power brick, note pads, documents, PDA, cell phone, umbrella and other basic accessories

* Easy to hang on the shoulder and by hand.

* Good looks

After all these points, I was in a big dilemma if I should go for a rolling laptop bag or a 'typical' laptop bag. Finally decided against a rolling bag as I felt that it would be too bulky, difficult to lift and carry in times where it is necessary (like when it rains, over stair cases) + it might be difficult to carry it along with another carry-on luggage in international flights. If you are ok with all of these, there is a nice rolling luggage by Wegner (Swiss army) which I had shortlisted - do take a look at that (PATRIOT from Wenger Triple Gusset Rolling Case w/ Removable Tote).

Having decided to go with a 'typical' laptop case - I totally ruled out Samsonites and others after looking at them - they just provide you space to stuff things, nothing else.

This bag - the Kensing contour is very unique, it has all the points which I was looking for + these:

* Front small pocket: The best thing I like is the front pockets where I can keep a power brick and a optical mouse - all these are something which I would need immediate when I put my laptop down + I can keep an umbrella in the same pocket which I can take out if it starts raining.

* Front large pocket: not critical accessories/utilities which we require only after setting up the laptop - I usually keep a cable lock, ear phones, spare spectacles, glue stick, white board markets, pen drive, postage stamps etc - all these in easy to reach compartments, without having to stuff them.

* Rear pocket - this is the pocket which is on the 'countoured' side of the bag, hugs you when you put the bag on your shoulders. There is enough space - but I usually stuff very few things - like a mini external hard drive, network cable and a portal wireless router.

* Heart of the bag - The laptop compartment is well padded to protect your equipment and it is made to fit 15" laptop. Next to the laptop comparment are two compartments for documents - where I keep my documents and notepads.

Here is the best part - I tried keeping my 17" scanner into the document compartment and it easily fits into it - even though I do not intend to carry it like that - it would help me in case if I have to.

* Easy to reach document compartment - Just love this compartment: When you put your bags on your shoulder and walk towards the airline security, you do not want to rummage through your bag/wallet and look for the travel documents - just keep them in this easy to reach compartment, it does have a zipper.

- This is not just for air tickets, but I use it mostly for keeping my company/client ID badges and a short pack of my business cards

* Where Kensington loses a star is in the styling - it looks like a really decent bag, very good indeed. But I would have like it if Kensington has styled it even better. Swiss army/wenger bags are the best in styling).
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on October 11, 2005
This is a great bag but there are a few issues which I personally have with it which lead me to reducing the rating a bit. First the things I most like about the bag are the padded back panel for storing cables, mice, power converters and other bulky accessories; the sturdy carrying handle which doesn't cut into your hand and the fact that it has a compartment for passports and airline tickets; and the clip for keys in the organizer section.

That said the compartment for passports is a bit of a tight fit for my leather passport/credit card wallet when I try to put my cell phone in there as well. It makes sense to put the cell phone in there for the same reason you'd put the passport in there. Quick access. The shoulder strap's elasticity is billed as being shock absorbant, to me it just feels flimsy. It hasn't broken but it just doesn't feel good. Maybe I'll get used to it. The telescopic handle extends and contracts very smoothly and conveniently however it just isn't long enough for my 6' tall body. If I'm trying to walk quickly through the airport to catch the next flight I usually end up with the bag falling over as the leg left back in the stride gets hit with the bag as I move forward. I guess this is the disadvantage to the curve since it means the bag is closer to your body than it would be otherwise. Lastly the size of the bag is to wide for the more narrow plane aisles found on most long-haul international carriers. I have yet to be able to roll the bag down the aisle and always have to pick it up and carefully navigate the aisle.

Bottom line, I am happy that I bought a bag on wheels and the contour does seem to make it easier to roll around. The compartments are well designed and it has some really nice features but it feels a bit bulkier than I expected and my 15" Thinkpad T42 swims in the large laptop pouch. I do wonder if the Swiss Army version that costs an order of magnitude more feels the same way.
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on April 19, 2010
I bought this without seeing one. The reviews were mixed, so I thought it would be OK to buy. Plus, the Kensington name I recognize from other computer parts I have purchased.

Well, the bag is nicely designed, but the quality is terrible. From the zippers to the telscopic handle it's made cheaply. Plus, the narrow plastic wheels are super noisy on cement. You'll sound like you are riding a cheap skateboard into the building!

I would have paid more and bought a different one had I known all this in advance.
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