Customer Reviews: Keurig 2700 Keurig® Vue® V700 Single serve coffee system, 1, Black/silver
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on March 19, 2014
OK - I loved this machine at first but by opinion has changed. We purchased the V700 for Christmas - it stopped pumping water within 2 months. None of the "fixes" from the manual, Keurig site or any posted all over the web (search for yourself on Keurig Vue issues before you purchase). We returned it for another V700 thinking we had a lemon. Loved the machine again - but guess what 1 month later - it stopped pumping water. Again none of the "fixes" worked. SO now we are on our third exchanged V700 - we will see what happens with this one. If it happens again - no exchange - just trash! If I had to do it again - I would not buy this machine.
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on December 17, 2012
Prior to this, I owned a Keurig Platinum, which was the only brewer of its gen that would brew larger 10.75 oz cups. While I loved the coffee it produced, the size of the result was quite inconsistent, thanks to the squeaky pump it used to squeeze the water through the coffee. That one produced 2-11oz at random, whenever "Old Squeaky" decided to be difficult.

This unit will also allow you to "abuse" your standard V-cups to yield 12 or more ounce cups. Our favorite is 12oz. After 2 months, the pulse brew, which pushes out small increments of water, has proved itself capable of producing very consistent cups--not a single weird output.

It's also quieter than our old Platinum brewer: The sound files some have posted in reviews are somewhat deceptive because you need to hear it at a specific level in the context of the background sounds of your dwelling. There's no way you'll know whether your computer's speaker is set to the right volume. (And it definitely doesn't produce a sound similar to playback on any built-in Smartphone speaker!) Trust me, this thing wouldn't wake the average sleeper if he/she were in the same room. It's more of a mild click vs. the old squeaky floosh that the older models made.

It's simple to use: my 4th grader uses it to make her own apple cider.

Only drawback: Most retail stores don't stock a wide variety of v-cups just yet. I've taken to ordering nearly everything for it online. It does force me to plan ahead a bit, but the prices per package are generally lower online anyway. There's also no "do it yourself" cup, but if you're into that, there are other, better options. The beauty of Keurig is a simple, no-fuss cup of coffee, prepackaged with consistent, fresh results.

As a bonus, for you greenies out there, the V-cups, unlike K-cups, are mostly recyclable with a simple way to empty the grounds and compactly stack the cups.

I don't regret moving up to the Vue--even after 2 months, its less trouble than the old style because of the consistent size produced.
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on October 5, 2012
Admin enjoy your new keurig. It's easy to use and fast. The coffee is good and we like the brewing strength feature. What we didn't know is that the k-cups do not fit this maker. We bought a "use your own coffee" re-usable cup and it doesn't fit. No cups like this fit the Vue.
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on April 11, 2012
We purchased a B70 (platinum) Keurig brewer about 5 years ago. Loved it, never had a day of trouble with it. When the Vue hit the market, I was of course, curious. And given the age of my B70, was ready to upgrade. I was initially hesitant to take the plunge on the Vue due to cost considerations and the fact that the Vue cups come two fewer to a box than the regular K-cups did (16 vs. 18). But I went ahead and did it.

All I can say, is WOW. Have been using it for a week and I am loving the Vue! Coffee seems hotter (temp is set to 192, same as my B70 was). Flavor is incredible. I have two favorite blends (Green Mountain Nantucket and GM Breakfast Blend), and they taste noticeably better in the Vue. We love the option to brew on a STRONG setting for coffee. Preheating happens much faster when you power on the unit. The machine itself is a ton quieter than my B70 was (I could hear that thing all the way upstairs with a bedroom door closed when hubby would brew his coffee in the mornings). Touch screen is super easy to use. All parts seem like they will be easy to clean and keep in good working order. Lots of options for brew sizes, cafe drinks, brew over ice, tea, etc.

We've tried our usual favorites (GM Nantucket and GM Breakfast Blend), and just today tried out the hot cocoa (kids love it) and the cappuccino (meh...I agree with other reviews on this one, won't buy again).

Looking forward to seeing what other flavors/varieties of Vue cups become available in the near future.

One thing worth mentioning is that my unit gave off a plastic-y taste during the first few cups brewed (likely from the water reservoir). I'd recommend running plain water through several times to get that new plastic taste to dissipate faster. Mine resolved within a day with just normal brewing. And I was the only one in my house that noticed the taste in those first few cups...guess I'm just super sensitive. ;-)
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on April 19, 2013
I did a lot of research when deciding between the K-cuo brewers and the Vue - and then between the Vue 700 and other Vue models. I'm very happy with my decision!

Yes it is hard to find coffee for the Vue in the stores. So What? Buy them online with free shipping and also be sure to get the Solofill cup made for the Vue. It's all worth it for the perfectly custom-brewed coffee you will get in every cup.
I highly recommend the Solofill cup! You will see bad reviews but all you have to do is make sure the lid is PUSHED DOWN when you insert it. If you feel resistance when you push down the Keurig machine lid, why would you continue to force it down and break the needle?? Just take out the Solofill cup and PUSH DOWN THE LID. Also you will probably receive a little sediment in your cup depending on the type of grind they used on your home coffee, but that is true with all screen filters. It does not affect the taste - and they are NOT grinds in your cup like some people think. Grinds occur when you spill dry coffee outside the filter before brewing. Those float to the top. I personally like a little sediment in my coffee. I see it as a little punch of extra caffeine love in my cup.

The machine is awesome. You can program it to turn on and off when you want and even set the temperature. I had no idea my home coffee I've been brewing all these years tasted so good! I also like the varieties of the Vue cups. I mainly chose this machine compared to the others because I like a big 12 ounce cup of coffee and this will custom brew up to an 18 ounce cup.

I didn't bother with the 2-step frother varieties the Vue cups offer (lattes & cappuccinos) after reading the bad reviews on taste. I purchased a Starbucks Verisimo milk frothier to make my own lattes and Capps and it works really well! I just buy espresso blend vue cups and hit the 4 ounce cup size and also the "strong" button to get the perfect shot every time. i then add with my perfectly frothed milk or soy milk. It's very quick and easy clean compared to cappuccino machines i've had in the past. Now I have the best of both worlds in my kitchen and don't have to go out to get my specialty coffee.

I like the fact that I can hit the tea feature to get hot water for my favorite tea (won't buy the expensive tea pods). And I also use this button wen I want some quick hot water for cooking in my kitchen. I like that I can brew iced tea and iced coffee in the afternoons if I choose also because it has a special button for that as well.

Someone mentioned they can use Safeway brand individual coffee cup pods in the Vue so I will definitely will try those for half the price of the Vue cups.

Just love this machine! I opted for spending $30 more when's choosing between this 700 and the 500 model because I wanted a color screen and all the other extra bells and whistles. It's worth it to me. Maybe it won't matter to you. Review them side by side to see. If you're on the fence like I was I hope this review helps!
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on June 29, 2013
I've owned two Breville K-Cup brewers, and both of my kids have at least 2 Keurig K-Cup brewers, so I'm familiar with all of them. And all of them died, IMO, before their time, with the same symptoms, all of which are described in other reviews. Looking for better technology, I decided to try the Keurig Vue.
Coffee grounds stay put in the Vue cups.
Coffee can be programmed much hotter.
Coffee can be made much stronger.
Makes up to 18 oz. mug.
With refillable filter cup, you can use up all your left over K-Cups (or your own coffee). I slit a V in the top of the K-Cup, dump the coffee into the refillable filter, and plunk it in the Vue. Perfect. And the coffee tastes better than it ever did in the K-Cup brewer.
Good selection of Vue Cup unflavored coffees. All the top brands, Newman's Own, Starbucks, Tully's, Green Mountain, Coffee People, Caribou, etc, etc.
The flavored coffees finally taste like coffee because you can brew them as strong as you like without having to select the smallest cup size, or without having to use 2 K-Cups for a single 12 oz. mug of coffee.

Slim selection of flavored Vue Cup coffees. But this will get better when the demand is there. In the meantime, you can use up your old K-Cup flavored coffees in the refillable filter cup.

Takeaway: coffee is hotter, stronger, tastes better.

PS: be sure to get the refillable filter cup made specifically for the Vue. I only know of one - Solofill. BTW, It has a gold mesh basket, which is FAR easier to rinse out than the nylon mesh one that the K-Cup brewers use.

There is now an adapter for the K-cups enabling you to use them directly in the Vue brewer. K2V-Cup for Keurig VUE Brewers.
It's available here on Amazon. It's a simple holder for the K-cup with a needle-like thingy inside that pokes a hole in the bottom of the K-cup, just like the K-cup brewer does. Alternatively, you can just saw off about a quarter-inch of the bottom of a K-cup and plunk it into a used Vue cup (after pulling the used coffee pod out). Tape the K-cup to the Vue cup opposite the Vue cup spout so you can get it out when finished, or it can get stuck in the machine. I leave the tape attached to the Vue cup for next time. Lasts awhile before it loses stickiness. Way better coffee than when brewed in the k-cup brewer.
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on May 9, 2014
We purchased our Vue two years ago when they first came out. The promise was that they would be the next generation. They are not. In the last 24 months, Keurig has not rolled out any new "Travel mug" sized cups. None. They have actually lost one. While the K-cup continues to have flavors added, the Vue languishes.

The promise of bigger cups for brewing is hogwash. You have to use a travel mug size to go over 10 ounces, which limits you to 6 flavors (or 5 if you don't like Decaf).

Keurig should be ashamed for putting out a product they had no intention of supporting. I will never buy another Keurig product again. As it is, I use the refill cup (which eliminates any convenience the machine brought). The Vue is a fail.
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on April 4, 2013
This is the ultimate keurig, and we have been enjoying it thoroughly. It does everything it's supposed to, and is as expected. It's very nice to be able to change the strength of the coffee - we never use the temp. function though - even though I dont like waiting for my coffee to cool down, the best coffee is brewed over 200degrees, so we leave it on the highest setting which is upper 190's.

It looks fantastic sitting in the kitchen, brews delicious coffee quick, and doesnt make a mess. It has great automated settings, great manual options, and so on.

CONS: I expected the Vue Cup system to get all the same flavor options that the K-Cup offers, and I was willing to give Keurig time to make this happen. They never did. We'll never get the flavor assortments that the regular Keurig gets - then they went even further to make the 2.0 model, with the same problems this Vue model has. At this point, it's not worth buying a Keurig. It's better to get an another brand that works with K Cups, and stick with the infinite selection without the ridiculous Keurig business model.
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on August 10, 2012
I bought this as a birthday present for my wife. She likes the Keurig, but it only makes single serving coffee. She likes to take a travel mug to work with her. We bought this and had it the day it came out in stores. It is ridiculously fast, extremely quiet(despite what others have said), and already has a great variety of coffees, teas, chocolates, etc. The this my wife loves is the lattes with frothers. It actually makes a decent froth! With a big resivoir and many awesome features to come, I am sure, I could n't be happier with this, and neither could the birthday girl! As soon as they get a reusable "build-your-own" cup, life will be complete when it comes to coffee. And a house happy with their coffee, is truly a happy house!
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on October 19, 2012
I was able to use the Safeway SELECT Coffee Pods in my Vue. I saved one of the outer plastic cups from the Vue, inserted the Safeway Coffee Pod and it worked! The Safeway Pod has a filter bottom just like the Vue Pods that are enclosed in the recyclable plastic cup.

I was worried about using up my previously purchased K-cups because I had been warned they are not compatible with the Vue. But, by carefully cutting off the bottom of the plastic K-cup I was able to use those in my new Vue too. If you only cut the very bottom off, you can put them in a Vue Travel Mug size plastic outer cup. If you cut off most of the bottom of the K-cup, you can use the Vue regular plastic outer cup. This is not an ideal solution and is only good to use up existing K-cup purchases, but the good news is it works fine.

I will keep looking for someone to manufacture a Refillable Vue Cup.
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