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Keurig vs Senseo My Senseo coffeemaker is on it's last legs after 5 years of heavy use. I wanted to know the difference between the Senseo and the Keurig.

1 .Does the Keurig deliver coffee with a froth?
2. Is the machine as reliable as my Senseo?
3. For those with both machines, which do you prefer?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
asked by sportyrider on July 22, 2010
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I have had a Keurig for a year and love it but it does not make a froth on the coffee like Senseo. Furthermore, the Kcups are almost double the price of the Senseo pods. I have tasted Senseo coffee at a friends house and I like it better than the Keurig.
If I was buying, I would purchase the Senseo for the above reasons.

Kumar N Bhatia answered on August 7, 2010
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Actually your statement is false about having to buy pods. Presto makes a refillable coffee holder for the Senseo machine. I have one of the presto coffee holders and it works great when I want to use my Blue Mountain or Kona fresh ground coffee beans. The model # for the presto refillable coffee holder is 09402 and it comes with 100 filters that go on the bottom of the pod holder and it cost's about $10.00.
Brad Kanner answered on October 20, 2010
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i'm a year late to the party but i will add my two cents for any coming here from google.

I have the top of the line Keurig and a senseo. Got the senseo for free and the Keurig as a Christmas present. We used the Keurig for about two months and then it ended up back in the closet. My wife likes the coffee but even with two K Cups and at the lowest setting, my coffee still tasted like water. On top of that, it was costing my a dollar per cup! I bought a reusable filter from amazon and tried that.... too messy and time consuming. Still couldn't get the strength of coffee i wanted.

I pulled my senseo back out after sitting in the closet for a while and gave it another shot. The quality of the coffee was way superior to the Keurig. I use two pods for every cup. I feel like the senseo does a better job extracting all the coffee from the grounds by creating more pressure. the Keurig seems to just pour through like a regular drip coffee pot.

so in conclusion, i like senseo for three reasons. Coffee tastes better, coffee seems stronger, and price per cup is cheaper. I've never used the iced drink features so those are not important to me.
mongofrye answered on January 4, 2012
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You can also make your own pod with small coffee filters and a 1/4 cup measuring cup for the Senseo. We've been doing it for several years now with any coffee we choose. The directions can be googled.
Amazon Customer answered on November 29, 2010
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I'll update my original post by adding I did purchase another Senseo coffee machine, the same as I had but a different color. Here it is 2012 and I'm still hooked on the froth!

My friend bought a Keurig and after I tried it I thought it was just OK, not special like Senseo. When we have guests over I usually make a pot of drip coffee from the very old Melitta pot and funnel type filter that I used for many years. If we run out and someone wants just one cup I'll get them a Senseo Kenya or Kona and watch their eyes widen after the first sip.

Glad I bought another Senseo and I hope to get 5 years out of this one. Thanks for all your comments.
sportyrider answered on January 5, 2012
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Senseo "Paris" french vanilla coffee using 2 pods beats ANY Keurig result I've ever had ever.

I'm incredibly sad that Keurig seems to be doing better. This is a sacrilege!

I have to often deal with Keurig coffee in businesses; like hell am I going to deal with it at home too.
Peter Marreck answered on February 25, 2012
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I'm so glad that you all have had this discusion. My Seneseo died yesterday after nearly 5 years of daily use and I have been in a panic (had to actually drive to Starbucks this morning!) I almost rashly ordered a Keurig yesterday b/c I have so many friends that rave about it. But, as I missed the shipping window and had another 23.5 hours until the next window closed, thought I'd spend more time researching. While I was excited about the oppty to switch to a Keurig, I finally sat and did the math...I brew between 2-3 cups/week in my Senseo (with 2 pods each). By the time I multiply out the per/cup cost on a daily basis (on top of the much pricier machine base price), the Keurig doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. So, in goes my order for a new Senseo and I will keep my fingers crossed for the same number of years of reliability--and that they stay popular enough to keep making the pods (and shipping with Amazon Subscribe and Save!)
Nomad333 answered on January 7, 2012
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You're probably right. I used my own bold roast in the ekobrew and it wasn't very strong. I used the second to lowest setting. Right above espresso. that may just be a limitation of the reusable k-cup filter?

I will make it a point to try some stronger k-cup blends to see if i can get the desired results. I am using the senseo at work and keurig at home so i'll have plenty of opportunity to experiment. Especially, since i will face a significant beating from my wife if i ever try to replace the Keurig again :)

Still, the K-cups are very overpriced in comparison to the pods, IMO. For example, right now on amazon with subscribe and save you can get 108 dark roast pods for around 22 bucks. Thats less than 25 cents a pod.
mongofrye answered on January 4, 2012
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Is anyone having trouble finding Senseo Pods? My local market stopped carrying them a few months ago and now the local Acme has stopped stocking them. I ordered a monthly delivery of flavored pods for my wife but now, after only two months, they have stopped! Anyone else experiencing similar problems or know of a reliable supplier?
Two morings without my Senseo and I am desperate! Oh, my office had K-cups; no comparison.
P. Mucciarone answered on January 18, 2012
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P. Mucciarone:

Do you have a Smart N' Final nearby? That's where we used to buy ours - they may still carry them. I've also seen them at my local Target recently. On you can buy them by the casepack (108 pods for regular, 96 pods for flavored) for around $32.00 (free shipping after $50.00).
C. K. Shubin answered on January 18, 2012
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