My Keurig returns half the water to the reservoir when I brew Recently, for no good reason, my keurig returns half the water to the reservoir whenever I brew a cup of coffee. I have to brew it twice to get one cup. Anyone know how to fix this?
asked by Judy Houser on July 11, 2010
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Hi, I had the same thing going on for months and finally the machine started turning itself off so I called Keurig. I had to 'recalibrate' it and clean the needles. I'm honestly not even really sure how this worked but here's what I did:
-take out the KCup holder; it splits into two, so take it apart and clean the needle inside and the funnel with a toothpick (just ream it around 7 or 8 times) then rinse in hot water for a minute
-in the top part, above where the cupholder snaps in place, there is a large needle with three holes. Ream those three holes (the back one will be hard to get to but do the best you can) with a toothpick 7 or 8 times
-Pull out the reservoir then put it back in and push down firmly in place and turn on the Keurig. Hold it down for about 15 seconds.
-Run the machine without a Kcup in place (just water). This should recalibrate it and it should pour the correct amount.
-Now try making a normal cup of coffee.

If this doesn't work, then call Keurig and you can tell them that you did the recalibration routine as described above and it still didn't work. That way, they can help escalate it (by replacing it or trying something different).

Fortunately, it did work for me although my mother is telling me it's pumping water into the reservoir again (although it worked perfectly fine for me this morning). Also, note: Keurig advised me that Amazon is NOT an authorized distributor and that they were helping me DESPITE the fact that I had told them I got my Keurig through amazon (I was actually wrong, my Mom bought it directly from them she just bought the coffee holder rack from Amazon).
D. Joyce answered on August 1, 2010
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Remove the reservoir, unplug it, turn the machine upside down over the sink, and give 3-4 firm smacks on the side and bottom. That should fix the problem. It did for me! (google it and you will find the same advice)
Navjap answered on August 13, 2011
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Okay, my mind is officially blown. I've descaled. I've unplugged and re-plugged. I've covered the return straw to try to force it through the pipes. I've followed Keurig's instructions for recalibrating.
You know what worked? John A. Sankel's advice above: Unplug it, remove the reservoir, flip the machine over, and spank its ass. No, seriously. Smack the crap out of it. I did this 3-4 times, reassembled, and it works like a frickin' charm. Nothing like an old-time remedy to fix a high-tech gadget. As a computer geek, I can't help but shake my head in shame. But hey, the family's getting coffee, so they're happy. After all the time I spent searching, I'm posting it on my blog, too, in hopes that others can find this easily through a Google search.
Thanks for all the help, everyone! :D
Take care,
Robert Kendrick answered on March 23, 2012
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Oh my goodness!!! I just tried holding my finger over the rubber tube where the water kept running back into the reservoir. The machine started making a different sound, I released it then held my finger over it again. I did this a couple of times until it actually started brewing and it made a full cup - no more water returning to the reservoir!!!! Tried a few more cups of water - everything back to normal! Hope it stays that way.
Nidia answered on September 12, 2011
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Ugh, I spoke too soon: the keurig is now pumping water non-stop upon turning it on and it's pumping back into the reservoir again. It's also intermittently shutting itself off. I have contacted Keurig again and requested a replacement unit, as I have no faith in this unit any more. I will update here once I hear back as to the results of my communications with them.

It's very disappointing to see so many comments here, especially given the cost of this unit which is extremely overpriced for a *working* unit, let alone something that seems to malfunction often judging by all the posts on here.
D. Joyce answered on August 2, 2010
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D. Joyce, Your suggestion did work for me. Thank you and God Bless.
S. Lawson answered on September 2, 2010
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I am now ready to start on my THIRD Keurig Special Edition brewer. The first one started brewing partial cups after seven months. After going through all the "steps" with Keurigh they sent me a new one. After seven months that one started doing the same thing. They just sent me number three. I am the only user of my brewer and follow everything to the letter, distilled water, de-scale in four months, etc. I am happy that they replace their product, but when I asked are they going to replace when I have to call in another seven monts, she said she doesn't know what they will do. I am very frustrated as I like the product but find it completely unreliable!
Joseph J Gianzanti answered on March 30, 2011
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Well, Keurig is now shipping my my third unit. The technician kind of got defensive when I pointed out that there are a number of bad reviews and discussions about this model and asked why keurig wasn't correcting the pump issues and pointed out that it made bad business sense to a) upset customers with apparently faulty products and b) to keep sending replacement units. I also asked her how many times will they keep sending me faulty units before they will finally either refund my money or send a better model (if one even exists). She wouldn't answer and just said to call back if I have problems. Finally, she said that there would be another department that would help me. I asked her if they have any existing policy, since I've heard of people on Amazon allegedly returning 4 or 5 faulty units, and she wouldn't answer just said to call back, and said that it was mostly due to customer error (using well water, not rinsing after making hot chocolate or using the My K-cup attachment, or not descaling every "2-3 months"). She also said that they recommend using distilled water, but it's funny because I don't recall reading that in the product literature and had I known that it needed distilled water to run perfectly, we probably wouldn't have purchased it. I have had ZERO issues at all with our Tassimo system.

Although I'm "pleased" that they are sending me another replacement, I personally have no trust in the Keurig brand and I don't think I would ever purchase another Keurig product based on my experiences, and what I've read here on Amazon.
D. Joyce answered on June 22, 2011
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I took your advice and gave it a few good whacks after trying everything else and walla.....I'm enjoying a cup of raspberry truffle right now!
Lori Stegle answered on February 10, 2012
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I'm also on my second Keurig Special Edition. The first one stopped working within six months and they sent me a new one. I've had that for about 6 months and that has stopped working too. (Same thing as many other people have said - pouring water back into the reservoir; not brewing a full cup, etc.)

I have de-limed it 3 times during this 6 month period despite the fact that it never showed the 'de-lime' message. I use filtered water and I only use k-cups with the machine. I brew an average of one large cup per day. I'm about to call them again and am hoping they will stand by their product and send me another new one. I really like the convenience of the machine and the taste of the Kona k-cups. I would be disappointed to have to go back to brewing on a regular machine....
2dogmom answered on March 7, 2011
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