My Keurig returns half the water to the reservoir when I brew Recently, for no good reason, my keurig returns half the water to the reservoir whenever I brew a cup of coffee. I have to brew it twice to get one cup. Anyone know how to fix this?
asked by Judy Houser on July 11, 2010
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I'm also on my second Keurig Special Edition. The first one stopped working within six months and they sent me a new one. I've had that for about 6 months and that has stopped working too. (Same thing as many other people have said - pouring water back into the reservoir; not brewing a full cup, etc.)

I have de-limed it 3 times during this 6 month period despite the fact that it never showed the 'de-lime' message. I use filtered water and I only use k-cups with the machine. I brew an average of one large cup per day. I'm about to call them again and am hoping they will stand by their product and send me another new one. I really like the convenience of the machine and the taste of the Kona k-cups. I would be disappointed to have to go back to brewing on a regular machine....
2dogmom answered on March 7, 2011
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Mine started brewing full cups after I pushed the reservoir tank in harder and then during the first brew, I pinched the return line as suggested by Nidia. Next cup brewed was full cup and has been for the last 5 days.

I always use distilled water to make sure I don't have to descale and this has worked also for my Starbucks Barista that I have had for the last 8 years. The root of the problem could be due to brewing ground coffee using the reuseable 'My k-cup filter'. A few months after brewing ground coffee, the needle holes got plugged. This plugging opened the return valve to reservoir to prevent the hoses from bursting or pump malfunction. Even after clearing the holes, the return valve to reservoir never closed allowing some of the water to return to the reservoir instead of going thru the coffee. Pinching somehow recloses or resets the return valve.

Now that the unit is working, there is no water coming out of the return line.
Joel G. Alabastro answered on November 21, 2011
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Having the same problem....on my 2nd Keurig within one month. Brews two or three cups just fine then starts brewing a 1/2 cup. Seems water is being filtered back into the reservoir. Keurig Customer Service just walks me through "cleaning the needle"....which shouldn't need to be cleaned after every 3 cups of coffee! How could one person get stuck with 2 bad Keurig's within such a short time frame??
Lisa N. answered on December 31, 2010
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My SIXTH Keurig should be arriving today. I have had a lot of problems with mine... fortunately, I've only had to buy one. The rest have been replaced by Keurig or the place of purchase. The problems have ranged from leaking and flooding my counter top to failing to brew at all (very small trickle out of the brewer) to failure to fill the internal tank - I hear the pump trying to pump water into the brewer, but despite the full external reservoir, the blue lights blink "out of water".

The good folks at Keruig have some serious quality control issues. So far, one brewer lasted about 9 months. The one that leaked did so after about 3 weeks. My last brewer lasted a whole 3 months.

I will let Keurig replace them as long as they will, but I refuse to buy another one of their products.
D. Faust answered on November 9, 2011
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I'm on my 3rd Keurig - not because they are so good but because the first 2 started giving all kinds of problems about 3 months into using them. My water is filtered 2 times before it goes into the machine for which I bought another filter - so filtered 3 times! Yes Keurig tries to help but you get tired of sending back the piercing part each times one quits - I guess that so they know you can't use the machine you have. I wouldn't mess with it again but my husband likes the quickness of 1 cup when he wants it. Guess what - the 3rd machine is acting up now - making small cups when a large one is selected. i may just give up on trying another
D. Craven answered on October 19, 2010
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I just fixed my Keurig B60, half cup issue, with a whole new method. I started out with the vineger de-scaling, and the toothpick in the needle methods, without success. So I thought, " Maybe coffee grounds are jammed further up in the top needle than I can fix with a toothpick." I figured that I'm not going to continue drinking 1/2 cups of coffeee, so it's time to get agressive. I guess I should give the standard warning; "Unplug the unit before working on it." Opened the holder where the cup goes, and removed the 2 phillips screws from the upper plastic plate, with a stubby screwdriver. Then removed the 2 "tamperproof" screws, with a tiny flat screwdriver, that hold the chrome handle, that opens the cup holder. They make screwdrivers to fit these, but the tiny screwdriver trick was successful. Remove the handle. Then remove the long plastic top, that was under the handle, with the words "Keurig" on it. You will now see the part that is causing the problem; It's a small clear plastic one way valve, that the upper needle is attatched to. To remove it, pull back the small plastic "Ty-wrap" further down the tubing, away from the valve, and work the tubing off of the valve. Remove the 2 phillip screws from the plate holding the valve, and the valve will come out. I could see that mine was pretty gunked up with old coffee, that must have flashed back up through the needle. I put my mouth on the part that the tubing was attatched to, and blew into it. It seemed like it released the valve, so it moved better. After that, I took a few minutes to repeatedly pour small amounts of vinegar in the hose end of the valve, shook it around, and blew it out. After doing that a few times, there was much less gunk in it. I then put it back together in reverse order, ran water throught it a few times, and it works. I went step by step, so it sounds complicated; but it's not. After I got it working, I wanted to post what I found, so I did it a second time, so my info would be accurate. I was able to take it apart, and put it together this time in less than 10 minutes. I'm hoping that it continues to work. Good Luck.
G. Polley answered on April 23, 2012
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You can reset the valve that allows flow back to the reservoir by squeezing return hose at the tip repeatedly. The best time to do this is while the water is flowing back to the reservoir after you press the BREW button. Once reset, you should get the normal volume and no more flow back. This, however, does not guarantee that it will not reopen to give you a half cup again so if you can actually get a new one from Keurig, go ahead and accept it. Otherwise, you can try this fix which has worked for me two times already.
Joel G. Alabastro answered on January 5, 2012
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I received a maker last Christmas. All faulty pumps should have been out of the stores by then. I just had a problem (within the last month) with water returning to the reservoir and shorting my cup. I cleared the needles and tried a couple other things, but I'm a pitbull when trying to fix something. I forced air through that line that returns the water back to the reservoir, and that did not seem to help either. What worked was... I pinched that little rubber piece where the returning water was coming out, so the water couldn't come that way. I finally got a full cup by doing this. As I only drink one cup per morning, I did this each day for three or four days. Then one morning I decided to let go and not cover that rubber piece. The water no longer backed into the reservoir and I got a full cup of coffee. After reading the comments above, I know I brewed a Hot Chocolate K-Cup within a day of when this problem started. I didn't know I should have rinsed anything afterward.
Kenneth W Schatzman answered on September 3, 2011
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The thing I noticed is that all of the solutions we post here are hit or miss at best. Descaling worked for me the first time my B60 started "half cupping" but it didn't fix it this time even after I went through the descaling procedure twice using 4 bottles of vinegar. Maybe it wasn't the same problem. It just started to either sit there saying it was brewing and no water would come out until it finally returned to "Ready to brew" or it would make some noises and then water would start going back into the reservoir. I would keep turning it off and on again then selecting a cup size and that would get it brewing eventually but it would brew more than the cup because it had accumulated so much water without letting any water out. I would have another cup ready to catch whatever came out after it gave me enough for the cup size I selected. One day I just unplugged it and left it unplugged for around 5 minutes and when I plugged it back in what do you know, it started working normally again. I really wonder if the Breville or Cuisinart machines work better or are more reliable.
T. R. Bogayong answered on December 3, 2011
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OK, had a similar problem with mine about a month ago. would brew little or almost no coffee when a button was pressed. I had already had it a couple years and brew a lot of coffee everyday. BUT, I decided to try and figure out what was wrong with it - what the heck. First did the descaling process - no help. Cleaned everything I could get to- no help. So tried a couple experiments- brewed without a K-cup worked fine, tried a cup - nothing- checked the holes in the cup and they looked OK. Turned the same K cup 90 degrees and tried again - and then worked fine. Hmmm everything seemed to be working fine - except not. Come to find out there is a little gasket and O-ring on the bottom poker - this is supposed to allow coffee to come out the bottom hole - but not the grounds- these seals had become dislodged and were not only blocking the grounds but also the coffee- I assume the pump has a high pressure recirc - which is what it did as the bottom hole was sealed up by the gaskets- got a little wooden popsycle stick and realigned the o-ring and gasket and haven't had any problem since. Maybe I should let Keuring know about this as it may be the problem on most of them and seems like they are not having anyone check the gaskets.
Shawn K. Duffy answered on December 31, 2011
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