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For musicians who want a more versatile tonal palette than an acoustic piano can provide, or who need to quickly and easily pack up their instrument and head out, portable keyboards are the ultimate in convenience and tone. Find all the keyboards, digital pianos, and synthesizers to keep making music away from a traditional piano in the Keyboard Store at

Digital pianos are keyboards designed to look and play more like acoustic pianos than their portable counterparts. They’re often finished in wood grain, and feature premium conveniences like 88-key fingerboards, and built-in sustain pedals. For keyboard players who want a robust weighted action, digital pianos closely resemble acoustic instruments. Digital pianos are ideal for musicians who want to play quietly. Simply plug a pair of quality headphones in, and enjoy the full effect of a grand piano all to yourself.

If you need a keyboard that’s easy to pack up and bring to every rehearsal and gig, we offer a variety of convenient portable keyboards. Lightweight models from Yamaha and Casio combine the versatility of a full-featured keyboard with incredible portability, so you can pack up and go at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re plugging into a PA system, or using the keyboard’s internal speakers, the convenience of a truly portable keyboard will allow you to play anywhere and everywhere you want.

If you’re more into Tiesto than Tchaikovsky, browse our selection of keyboard synthesizers from Novation, Roland, Korg, and more. You’ll find electro-classics like the microKorg, complete with a built-in vocoder, and the UltraNova, featuring wavetable synthesis. Unlike digital pianos and other keyboards, synthesizers don’t playback prerecorded sounds when you play--their specially designed circuitry actually generates a wave form, which you can customize and manipulate heavily to tailor your sound.

You don’t have to be the next Mozart to enjoy playing piano. For beginners and lifelong players alike, the convenience, portability, and versatility of keyboards and digital pianos make it easy and fun to play music at home or on the go.