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on July 5, 2015
We absolutely love this kitchen and bought all the espresso accessories to match. Building it takes 4-6 hours so don't make this the last thing on your to do list. The knobs for turning on the oven make clicking noises and shouldn't be turned to fast or else you can strip them (truly no big deal). The design is modern and soft on the eyes. We made ours more realistic by adding battery operated led touch lights to the microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer and above the range (see photos). Hope this review is helpful
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on January 5, 2012
I am thrilled with this kitchen. I have a 3.5 year old daughter and 2-year-old son. This kitchen is just the right size for them to play with together and not push and fight constantly. I selected it because I have a boy and girl and did not want to go with a pink kitchen, which so many of them are. I also love this kitchen for the details. The water/ice dispenser is not just a drawing as it is on so many kitchens. You can actually put a cup in there and pretend you are getting water. It has a phone which my kids love. My daughter "called" her Grandma and Papa who live in another state several times on Christmas morning to talk to them about the sandwich she was making Papa and the cookies she was making Grandma. The chalkboard is real and they have had fun writing on it. There is even a removable cutting board in the cabinet underneath the sink! I highly recommend the KidKraft Metal Accessories Set with pots, pans, a ladle and spatula because the handles are big enough to go over the knobs on the "backsplash" and hang there. My children have also loved the Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set, the Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set and the Plan Toys Assorted Fruits and Vegetables. This kitchen is great quality, a really good size for toddlers and preschoolers, and just a lot of fun! I highly recommend it!
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VINE VOICEon May 2, 2013
I read of few of the negative reviews and although this does not need another glowing review I just had to put my 2 cents in. One 2 star reviewer stated that it was too heavy and made of wood and that it needs to be anchored because it risks falling over. Well personally I prefer wood over plastic but I guess its all a matter of preference and even with it being heavy there is no chance of it tipping over. My 15 month old climbed up to grab items off the top shelf (with my supervision of course) and this did not tip even once.

Hubby took over 3 hours to fit it together with both a screwdriver and a drill all by himself. It came with pictured instructions (I guess they made it easier for those who can't read) but it is very time consuming putting together thus the reason for the 4 stars. I have no idea how their customer service works because everything came in my box perfect so there was no need to contact them.

I personally would have preferred if the oven and dishwasher was a little bit more realistic when it came to the opening of the doors. Instead of pulling them downwards, they open to the side like a real door. On the inside though there are removable shelves that slide out. The one in the dishwasher can even be used as a cutting board if needed.

My daughter loves to spin the knobs and listen to the clicking sounds and also turn on/off the faucet. I also added an empty roll of paper towel to make her kitchen even look a little more realistic.

Finally here's a toy that does not need batteries but only a child's imagination. As soon as I figure out how to upload videos I'll post a video of my 15 month old using her imagination and enjoying her kitchen. :)
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on October 11, 2013
I bought this 13 months ago after truly painstaking research to find the perfect play kitchen for my children. I had a 2 year old boy and was pregnant with a girl - I wanted gender neutral so they could both play together. I also wanted it to be tall enough that my son would still be able to feel like he was "inside a world" instead of playing with a toy, as my daughter got old enough to play with him. So I got this one.

I was thrilled with it at first. It's gorgeous - even prettier than in the pictures. Looks fantastic in our living room which is more than I can say for any plastic play kitchen.

But yes, it came with two broken parts. Not a big deal, since thankfully I ordered well in advance of my son's birthday. Okay fine. But then-

Thirteen months into owning this kitchen my 11 month old daughter, who is TINY at 18 lbs and gentle, was holding onto the "dishwasher" door and it broke right off. This is after the kitchen got virtually no play from my son, who turned out to be a "boy's boy."

I figured no big deal, wrote KidKraft customer service. Not only would they not GIVE me a replacement part, as it was past 90 days, but they wouldn't even SELL me a replacement part, as those are "reserved for manufacturer defects." Their alleged justification for this is that the kitchen is only meant for 3 years and up, since littler kids might hang on the door. Well I'm assuming the reader of this review is a parent - good luck getting your 12-26 month old second, third, fourth child to not go anywhere near the play kitchen! And seriously, as if older kids aren't rougher with things then a dainty little crawler?!?!?!?

Nobody in their right mind would spend $150 on any item that effectively had no replacement parts, and you shouldn't either. My gorgeous 1 year old kitchen is now an eyesore in my living room. The final nail in the coffin is that KidKraft bills its products as WOOD. This door wasn't made of wood, but some kind of spongey wood filler - see photos I posted on Amazon.

I have rarely been as disappointed with a purchase. I will never buy KidKraft again.
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on July 10, 2013
This was a gift for my 2-year old daughter on her birthday. My husband and I started assembly at 8:00pm last night and finished around midnight. It was not complicated, just very time-consuming. I will upload a before and after picture for perspective.

A few of the pieces were a little scuffed up but not enough to warrant a call to customer service. The attention to detail is nice. The screwheads are painted to match the piece they're going into. There are a lot of really sweet features that make this kitchen special. The knobs all turn and make clicking noises, and the sink can be removed for cleaning. There are non-working buttons for all of the appliances. My daughter doesn't seem to mind that they don't do anything. She still loves pretending they do, and it is actually refreshing to have a toy that doesn't require batteries.

There is a lot of storage for my daughter's play food and dishes. The Melissa & Doug cookie sheet actually fits in several compartments. The doors are a little hard for my 2-year old to open, but I think it's a good thing sign that they won't break easily or hang open all of the time. She just manages to reach the top shelf and microwave. If items are pushed too far back, she can't reach them. Also good, because it means she won't outgrow it right away.

Very happy with this purchase and so is my daughter.
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on February 27, 2015
The kitchen was packaged and shipped very carefully. All of the pieces arrived undamaged. Once the kitchen is assembled it has quite a bit of weight to it and it is very sturdy! I'm very impressed with with quality of this product! I will admit putting this kitchen together was a little overwhelming at first and it took several hours. I would recommend having at least one other person to help. No matter how frustrating it is believe me, it is worth it!.I really love how this kitchen doesn't have any stickers. I absolutely hate how all of the plastic kitchens have stickers all over them. The graphics on this kitchen are painted on which is awesome in my book! Also all of the oven and stove knobs click when turned. The sink handle moves up and down. The only thing I dislike about the sink is that the sink basin shifts. I plan on using some glue under the lip to fix that issue though. The paper towel/hand towel holder is great other than the fact that the stick is way smaller than the holes so it is easily removed by nearly 2 year old. I just don't like the idea of my son running around the house with a wooden stick. This shouldn't be a problem with older children. My absolute favorite part of this kitchen is the stove burners. They are made out of 2 different pieces of plastic which give it a realistic look. The counter top is white with silver speckles. The espresso colored laminate particle board has a wood grain finish which is absolutely beautiful! All of the silver colored appliances have no wood grain which also gives this kitchen a more realistic look. The "gray brick" backsplash is made of laminated particle board as well which was a pleasant surprise. I thought it was going to be laminated cardboard.

The counter height of the kitchen is 22 inches
The counter length is 32 inches
The inner width of the freezer and fridge is 10 inches
The overall height of the kitchen is approximately 40.5 inches

The play food and play pots and pans in the photos are by Learning Resources. Although their play food can be a bit pricey it is the most realistic play food on the market and perfectly sized of little hands.
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on September 4, 2012
We've had this kitchen for 8 months now and with the daily abuse that it takes from my children, I'd say that it has held up very well. When we first put the kitchen together, we noticed that one of the stove knobs was smashed -- like someone had stomped on it. We called Kidcraft and they quickly sent us a brand new part within a week. Anybody that has seen my children's playroom always compliments on how amazing the kitchen looks. It's a step above the plastic play kitchens and comes in a gender neutral color, which is great for my son and daughter. I'd give this product 5 stars if it weren't for the smashed knob, but Kidcraft resolved the issue quickly, so kudos to them. If you're looking to buy this kitchen online, try looking at the bulk warehouse (you know... the one that starts with a "C" and ends with an "ostco") first. I got it for $30 cheaper there than anywhere else it was advertised.
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on August 30, 2012
I spent a lot of time looking around for a kitchen to buy for my 3 year old daughter. I also have a 9 month old son who will eventually play with this as well, so there were a few things that were extremely important to me in finding the right kitchen:

1. Size. Something substantial enough that they wouldn't grow out of too quickly. Height as well as ability for multiple kids to play was critical. Also needed enough space to actually "play". A lot of the kitchens I saw were small with some burners and a sink but no flat area to "cut" vegetables or place items.

2. Storage. With all of the stuff that comes along with a toy kitchen, it was critical to find something with ample storage. Many kitchens had a lot of little drawers and spaces, but nothing that could even fit the Melissa & Doug cookie set (I read in another review that the toy fit easily in the oven)

3. Gender neutral. Not a deal breaker, but would be nice to have something my son could play with that wasn't pink.

4. Price. Again, not a deal breaker, but who wants to overspend?

Finally, after comparing and looking at the KidKraft Big Kitchen (too pink), KidKraft Vintage Kitchen (way too small), Pottery Barn kitchen (too expensive and too many pieces), KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen (too many small drawers) &Melissa & Doug Classic Kitchen (not bad, was a close second to my purchase, but my husband didn't like the colors) among a few others, we finally chose this one.

First, the assembly. As noted by other reviewers, it's not hard to put together, but is time consuming and I would recommend two adults. Many of the steps could be completed simultaneously if you had 2 screwdrivers and 2 people. Even so, it took us over 2 hours to finish it. The parts mostly aligned with one or two tight squeezes. All of the parts arrived undamaged, although there is a small plastic piece that goes under the knobs that enables the knob to make a clicking noise when you turn it... two of mine broke while installing. I will be calling them for replacement parts. I understand their customer service is great. Make sure not to throw away the instructions for calling customer service that is in the box - it includes a batch number that you will need.

The completed product looks beautiful. It is the small details that makes this so great. The chalkboard on the fridge, the towel holder off of the side and the phone. My daughter had a play date the next day with 3 of her preschool friends all banging the kitchen about and it seemed to hold up just fine. Only time will tell how well the product holds up over the long term, but so far I've been happy with the product. The price point was an added bonus!
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on April 13, 2015
This is a fantastic play kitchen. I wanted something different from the usual plastic play kitchens. I wanted something wood. At first I was going to purchase ikeas wood kitchen; until I realized there was no fridge! what kind of kitchen has no fridge? ! So I went ahead and checked THE king & queen manufacturers. of all toys wooden and modern -Melissa and Doug! But guess what? Their wooden play kitchen was missing something as well. The fridge! ! Really people? ! It's one of the ONLY appliances in our kitchen that is running 24/7. How do you make a child's kitchen missing the MOST important piece (ranking very closely with #2- an oven). Luckily I found this. It's exactly what I was looking for. My children's "play room " is half of my living room so I wanted the toys to match my living room furniture which is an espresso color. The modern look of the kitchen fits in perfectly with the flow of my home. I also really didnt want anything pink. I dont think anything about a toy should scream "boys or girls.. only you can play with me!" I have daughters and I have other kids visit and I really wanted something neutral that boys wouldn't be embarrassed to play with. It's large enough for my two daughters to "cook" together. It shipped fast. The box was open when I received it which made me worried about the possibility of damages or missing parts but nope! Everything was in the box and it looks absolutely perfect. It was a project to put together though. Be prepared to dedicate TIME into getting it together. It took me 4 hours! Every piece has to be put together. I almost felt like I did order ikea! Haha. Doors, handles, knobs.. so many parts.. but aside from that my kids love it so I couldn't be happier.
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on September 21, 2015
If you want to keep your marriage/bf/etc, buy something else. It is however an excellent gag gift for with your husband
Sadly my wife's 5 star item turns into my 1 star nightmare.
All these 4 to 5 star ratings must have been people who didn't have to go through assembly.

You should plan on 30-45 mins of cataloging the items in your garage/outdoors(they are all rectangles) and another 2 hrs and 40 mins of straight assembly!!!!

Comes in an Ikea style flat shipping box, contains 45 Pieces and 21 nuts and bolts. Don't worry it gets worse. Screw type C and bolt type A had multiple finishes. How about labeling them C1/C2/C3 and A1/A2 instead of just C and A. I had to go to page 12 (of 14) the instruction booklet to figure out if I should use the brown,metal, or the white finish for step 2 and 3..... Furthermore, due to the weight of the package fully expect the foam to be shredded upon delivery. SO OPEN IN YOUR GARAGE/OUTSIDE. If you open the package in your house, you better expect a full styrofoam snow shower in your house.

As for the "sturdy structure that was designed by passionate engineers" comment.... They must be "engineers", without kids, and never once tried to assemble their own product. The sturdy design is obviously geared toward light adult use. There is no way a good Engineer would have put screws into the side of MDF(maybe paper) pieces without metal supports and expect it to last, specially on door clips. That is just asking for it to break when used by 3 y/o. The instructions followed the 80/20 rule(80% done using only 20% of effort).... Not very well thought out... It is obvious that this product was never assembled by KIDKRAFT's engineers or they would have updated the instructions in frustrations. Finally they must have had no kid because there is no way adults with a young kid has 3+ hours to spare for the assembly of a toy.

Like I said if you want to have huge fight/gag gift/start a divorce, this is the toy to get. Nothing is more aggravating than a toy with bad instructions.
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