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on July 21, 2010
I didn't know about replacing smoke alarms every decade until very recently. The units in my home were two decades old, hardwired AC with no battery backup. They tested fine but after twenty years it is certainly time to replace them by any standard. There are three in my home, one on each floor.

After doing a bit of research and being a smart consumer, I decided the PI2010 was the best choice out there. I purchased them up at a local big box home center because the price was highly competitive with Amazon and I didn't have to wait for shipping (even free super saver shipping).

In the box was a mounting bracket, three-wire harness, instructions, screws, and the smoke alarm.

Installation was a breeze - shut off the power at the circuit breaker first, removed the old alarms and harnesses next. The instructions with the PI2010 made it clear to not pull out the battery shipping tab until the units all had AC power applied. The mounting bracket was able to use the existing screws so I didn't have to even remove them from the ceiling box. The harness wired up easily and after plugging it into the alarm it only took a small twist to secure it to the mounting mounting bracket. After turning the power back on, I pulled the battery tabs out of each alarm. I tested each one, and had a friend make sure the units on the other floors sounded also.

The alarms in this model are about twice as loud as my old smoke alarms, almost ear splitting loud so I believe there's no chance to sleep through it. A green LED tells you it has AC power and there is a red LED that flashes every so often to say it's working. I may find the 'hush' feature useful for my occasional kitchen disaster, but fanning a cookie sheet is my usual move when I burn something too crispy.

The fact that the battery compartment is on the backside does not detract from the alarm. just a simple quarter twist and the unit comes off the bracket. On that note, it does have an anti-tamper feature that if you choose to activate, removing it from the bracket requires a read through the instructions and a lot more effort.

All in all, it was a breeze to install, it looks and feels professional, it is the loudest alarm I've ever heard, and the hush feature is great.

I plan on extending the wiring and installing these in each of the bedrooms, above and beyond minimum code.
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on February 12, 2011
The battery replacement is not nearly as bad as others have described. Just twist the unit off from the mounting bracket, pull off the wired plug, and flip open the battery case. I was also happy to learn that if your house has the red wire, all the smoke alarms are interconnected. That is, if one smoke alarm detects smoke, all the alarms in the house will signal an alert. HOWEVER, all the smoke alarms must be the same! That is, when I initially installed my first PI2010, it kept beeping 3 times every few seconds. I later found it's because I hadn't disconnected my old smoke alarm in the second area. Once I installed both PI2010s in my house, everything worked fine.
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on August 11, 2012
I bought two of these units when they first came out in early 2010. They replaced the origninal builder units which were way past the 10 year point that marks the lifespan of a smoke alarm (those builder installed units were not dual sensor models). The manufacture date on the back is Feb 2010 and they are the PI2010 model. This morning they both went off - they are interconnected of course - but no fire. There seems to be a pattern of failure on these Kidde units with dual sensors. I thought the PI2010 would be different - but in the end, they have failed as well as the non wired versions of these that I have also placed throughout my home where the builder did not wire for detectors (e.g. the bedrooms). Typically failure occurs within 1-2 years. At that point - you can try and dust them off with compressed air and reinstall them - but once they fail, they will false alarm over and over again. They are just trash at that point unless you want to work with Kidde customer service for replacements (which they will do for you - but you have to wait for them to come while unprotected).

Kidde makes an excellent performing unit - the problem is that just don't last. As I said, they will send you replacement units (they have sent me 10+ units over the last few years and they all fail eventually). I want to be clear - I have the PI2010 which is this model and those are the ones that just failed today. However, I have come to the conclusion that the entire Kidde dual sensor line-up is junk due to the other models that have failed on me as well. I would not say this except for the fact I have had SO many failures over the past 5 years. I will be looking at other brands now - hopefully someone else makes a similar product that lasts. I expect to get the full 10 years out of these units.
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on April 28, 2013
I bought seven of these units within the past five months, based on the high rating on Amazon. They replaced single sensor Kidde units which were installed previously (and which worked well, without incident). I have now had three of them go bad, so far, registering ear shattering, whole-house false alarms. One alarm trips all units, as designed. The company has replaced two of them, but my last call to them gave me the impression that they do not want to replace any more. What I want is an alarm which works for its intended purpose and does not false alarm.

Batteries all tested fine on a volt meter, both at install and at disconnection after a false alarm. Getting to the battery is a pain, and not to be attempted without a prying tool to open the compartment (fingernails are not adequate).

Apparently, I should have stuck with my single sensor units and not listened to the advice about getting dual sensor alarms to protect against both types of fires. This was a lot of money to spend on defective technology. My environment is clean and without detectors being located near the kitchen. Each of the defective units was located in a different upstairs bedroom. I now live with ear protectors a prying tool and a step stool at the ready so that I can remove offending detectors with a minimum of running around when they decide to trip. The alarms are new, are not around dust or smoke of any kind, and are located in stable areas.

Does anyone make a reliable dual sensor hardwired alarm? I would prefer not having a battery backup, as this introduces yet another variable into the mix. I have a whole house standby generator for power outages, so having the battery backup is not necessary. I would welcome suggestions for replacements. It seems clear that they will all fail or be unreliable in short order, calling into question whether they would work when needed.

UPDATE 12-21-13
I now have two detectors permanently offline, as they will trip upon reconnection, meaning I have two areas without sensors while I try to find a suitable replacement for ALL detectors which will perform as they should. This was an expensive and irritating conversion, which I greatly regret. Based on my experience and the many reviews here which speak to the high failure rates, I cannot imagine how these units have not been redesigned or replaced with units which work properly. If you like to gamble with your safety and sanity, you will enjoy having these in your home.
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on July 6, 2010
Just bought a house and the smoke detector was over 20 years old. After looking at the various smoke detectors on the web, realized that I needed a dual alarm with both photoelectric and ionization sensors for best coverage. Most of the cheaper alarms are only ionization. This unit met my needs perfectly...

Dual sensor
Hard Wired (previous detector was hard wired)
Battery Backup
Hush button (for false alarms)

Got the alarm a few days before the estimated arrival date. Pulled the pieces out of the box (instructions, bracket, unit, and wiring harness), did a quick look through the instructions and went to work. It really only took me about fifteen minutes to install...most of that time taking the old units bracket down and putting up the new one. The wiring harness has three, white and red...but the red one has a plastic cover over the end in case you don't need to wire multiple alarms together.

After attaching the needed wires to the house electric with wirenuts and electrical tape, just attach the bracket to the wall, make the sure the included battery is isntalled in the unit, plug the wiring harness into the back of the unit and attach to bracket. Piece o' cake.

If your home already has a certain wiring harness, and you don't want to mess with electrical, I believe there are adaptors available for the back of this unit as well that can accept other shaped harnesses. Very convenient, if you need them. For me, it was pretty simple to cut the power and hook it up myself.
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on July 6, 2013
I ordered and installed 3 of these in my house (separately installed - they are not wired together). 6 months later, one starts throwing false alarms at random times so I have to disconnect it. A couple of days later a second one in a different part of the house starts giving false alarms. What is wrong with these things? I've tried blowing air to dust-off the sensors, but no luck. Now my house doesn't have proper smoke detector coverage.
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on February 3, 2012
I replaced my 15 year old interconnected alarms with these about 6 months ago. So far I have had three false alarms. Of course they are in the middle of the night! There is no indication as to which alarm has detected a potential problem. So we end up removing them one at a time and pulling the battery until all the alarms stop. What a pain!!! I WOULD NOT recommend this model to anyone.
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on December 9, 2011
I ordered five of these detectors. White installing and testing I found one "Dead out of the Box'. 20 minutes later a second one failed in service. The first one would not sound an alarm when the Test Button was pushed. Replaced battery but it still would not work. The second started "chirping" like it needed a new battery 20 minutes after being installed. Tested the battery and it was fully charged but replaced it anyway. Still chirping and the alarm would then not respond to the test button. A 40% failure rate out of the box for smoke detectors does give one cause for concern. I hope Kidde reads this and corrects their Quality Control problems. Hopefully these three and the replacements Amazon is sending will continue to work okay but right now I cannot give these alarms a good rating. Smoke alarms are too critical to be this sloppy about in manufacturing but again just another quality product from China. I will give Amazon five stars for replacement. They overnight'ed them!
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on July 22, 2012
I have used smoke detectors for over 35 years. I have serviced smoke detectors in an industrial plant. I have never experienced so many false alarms before installing 6 Kidde PI2010 units in our house to replace detectors that were over 10 years old. After 17 months we have experienced at least 17 false alarms - usually in the middle of the night. There is absolutely nothing that should trigger the alarm. These are just badly designed alarms. If you install these, they will drive you crazy.
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on April 1, 2012
I bought these units to replace 12 yr old builder installed firex models based on the reviews. Installation was easy, it took 2 minutes each to replace the wiring harness at each existing location. After installation I had one unit that was beeping with the low battery alarm. I replaced the included battery, but the beep persisted. Upon further inspection the contacts were not in contact with the battery thus the unit thought the battery was dead. I took a small screw driver and bent the contacts out, reinserted the battery and problem solved. I have these interconnected and they work great.
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