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on September 1, 2014
So my wife comes at me like, "Hey HUSBAND, let's buy this neato crap for our baby." And so I said, "what neato crap? it sounds expensive!" So she says, "It's a Snuzzler, and it fi...." me says, "WAIT A WHAT!?" she says, "a snuzz..." me, "hell no, that sounds dumb."

Well fast forward she buys the snuzzle thing, we stuff it into our overly engineered unnecessarily expensive heavy as hell car seat. I drop my little baby right in there and holy crap, he's just as happy as can be. I swear he was in my arms cryin and sayin, "daddy you suck, you don't give me milk like mommy does!" and then I just plop him right in there and he was asleep before his body had stopped moving.

Seriously this is some reverse baby-catnip or something, I don't even know what they put it in it, but it's clearly more advanced technology than the first human mission to mars is gonna have.

If you don't buy this then you probably don't like having a happy baby. Whatever man, that's your problem, but my little guy, yeah he's sleeping. In fact I don't even know how much this piece of crap costs, but whatever it is, it's worth it. (seriously I can't see the price while writing this review.)

Update (June 24, 2015): So here we are months later, we have a second kid on the way, my brain is about to explode, because babies are tiring. Nah, just kidding, I love my little guy (but I am tired, that part was true). Anyways, maybe you want a more comprehensive review or maybe you're weird and came back to read this a second time and were hoping to see an update, and BOOM here it is, crazy right?

So anyways, I have a big fat baby, and he's cute, but he's way bigger than most babies. When he was 3 months old he was something like 15 or 16 lbs and around 23 inches tall. At that point we could no longer use the snuzzler. We did continue to use the head rest portion for another month though, because his gigantic cranium needed some support.

So y'know if your kid is getting on toward 15+ lbs and/or 24 inches or so... which I think is close to a year old for most non-mutant babies like mine, then you might not be able to continue using this.

SUPER SERIOUS VOICE: Now, for the small safety concerns you should consider with the snuzzler. It is WARM. It's warm enough you could probably just have your baby in a diaper in warm weather. It's like putting on a coat. If your anywhere really warm, you may want to be careful. Also, if you choose to use this be sure to make sure it's positioned well so your baby doesn't turn his or her head into the plush material and have trouble breathing. We never had issues with this, but do keep in mind that like all accessories they need to be installed correctly and inspected from time to time.

Regarding Safety Concerns Overall: As an aerospace engineering student, I take safety VERY seriously. Don't get me wrong, like every half-crazed xy-chromosomed human being I like my fair share of things that explode and what not, but my baby is not included on the list of "people I'd love to watch explode in a fiery death." That list is pretty short and just includes mostly tyrannical monsters from history. Anyways, I digressed. If you've looked up anything to do with car seats you'll see all kinds of warnings and get recommendations not to use this snuzzler, or really any accessory with a car seat for that matter. The issue with that is about 99% of the time it's a legal formality. They don't want to be sued, because hey lets face it, we sue everyone for everything *disclaimer this review is not intended as legal advice, and I can not be held responsible for the advice you do or do not follow that may or may not have come from me.* But, the scientist in me says, hey, use some common sense, and if it feels unsafe to you, then please don't use it. I am personally of the opinion that it is safe when used properly, and that common sense should dictate when you should stop using it. Either way, good luck with your decision.

Well that's all folks, I hope baby number two likes all the stupid materialistic crap we give it to sleep on, pee on, and barf on. Because I sure do love the thought of babies staining stuff we spend our hard earned money on. No seriously, when you become a parent you have a psychotic break with reality, and the thought of a small human's internal fluids irreparably destroying valuable things actually becomes funny. :D Bwaahaaa *singing* "I'M OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD, THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ...."
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on February 28, 2007
I was able to take my little one out in the running stroller at 7 weeks using the Snuzzler. I stuck to smooth bike paths until she was about 4 months, but her little head didn't budge when she was laying on this thing. In fact, I think she slept better in the running stroller w/ the Snuzzler than at home! The two sides are convenient b/c you can just flip it over depending on the kind of weather you're having: fleece side to keep her warm and the other to keep her cool when it's already warm out. By 4 months, she didn't need it in the car seat or swing anymore, but it still seems comfy for her in the running stroller even now at 5 months.
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on December 29, 2011
Coming home from the hospital with my 2-days old daughter I realized that she would not be able to sit right or keep her hear comfortable. I came in the back seat with hear litterally holding her head with my hands. She was so small and wobbly and all I thought was "I hate the car seat", she looked so vulnerable and I was extremely uncomfortable myself, trying to keep her somehow comfy. I was glad the trip was only 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I kept thinking of this product, which I had seen at the store and thought about purchasing, but did not. I ordered it first thing that same day. We have used it on the car seat and on her stroller from birth to 2 months old (born at 6lb 15oz, used up to 12 lbs until we found she did not need it anymore). Just like the product picture shows, baby stays upright and comfy, head does not get wobbly, and she takes a nice nap when she falls asleep in it - now that she is 4 months old and 14lbs, I am considering using the top part of it again, because when she falls asleep her head falls to the side and I am afraid her neck will hurt. So, I miss this product already. Best 15 dollars I have ever spent. The product is light and washable. There is velcrum attaching the head and the body sections, so it is best to not detach them to wash. GREAT PRODUCT.
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on June 29, 2006
We live in Florida. It's almost July. Our newborn loves this thing. She is currently happier in her carseat with the snuzzler than anywhere. On one side is a cozy fleece--which would be great for cool weather, but not what we need. The reverse is a navy fabric, and it's plenty cozy. It supports her head, so her head is always upright, even on long tripsand it gently supports her back and arms. I rate this as a "must-have".
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on May 13, 2015
We bought this for our son to use in the Baby Jogger City Select. We started using it just weeks after he was born and used it until he outgrew it. We kept it in a safe place and will be using it for our baby #2 when he/she arrives in September. Highly recommend getting this for a stroller that's designed for bigger kids to extend the life of the stroller!
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on November 1, 2011
My daughter was born on her due date, but was very small (5 pounds, 4 ounces). While riding in her car seat, she seemed to bounce all around, especially her head. My husband and I were having to roll blankets up around her head. Then after a quick amazon search, I came across this product. It helped us so much! It held her head comfortably in place in her car seat and stroller. My daughter is three months old (~12 pounds) and we still use the head piece without the body piece. We definitely got our money's worth out of this product!
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on March 3, 2015
I got this for my daughters car seat because it didn't come with a head rest, before leaving the hospital I check with doctors to make sure it was safe for me to use and they all approved of it.
It helps keep her snug in the car seat. I like it & baby seems to be comfortable
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on May 29, 2012
You should never place anything between baby and the carseat. Extra padding can compress in a crash making the restraint ineffective. Only use this in a swing or stroller. Keep your baby safe in the car!
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on May 17, 2012
it's a great product to keep your little one cozy. we used it from our son's very first car ride and when used correctly it keeps your infant's soft neck from falling forward especially if you have a car seat that is more seated than reclined. the surface is soft like fine terry and i love the fact that it's machine washable!i think it's a must for a newborn and an infant!
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on February 29, 2012
I received this as a shower gift from someone who raved about it, and installed it into my car seat to take my premie home from the hospital. It looks so cozy, and is very soft. I'd love to have one of these. However, babies should not have these in the car seats! Despite what other reviewers say! Despite the fact that they say it's safe!
I had my baby 5 weeks early, and because he was a premie, he had to pass a car seat test before being released, in which they monitored his O2 levels and heart rate in the car seat for 90 minutes, to make they didn't drop too low. I put my son into the car seat with this, and gave him to the nurses for the test. He failed it (his O2 levels went slightly lower than what was considered passing). We redid the test the next day, and he failed again. On the third day, I took everything out of the car seat (except of course the straps!), because it looked like he was kid of squished in (which is the point of the snuzzler I think?), and he passed. Of course, he was 3 days older (I recognize the confound). But, it did made me wonder.... I contacted a few people about the safety of types of after-market add ons to car seats, like this, and other head supports, but asked specifically about his one, as it claims to be safe despite others like it not being safe. Basically, you should have NOTHING in the car seat other than the straps. Even the head stabilizer that comes with most infant seats is not completely safe. The snuzzler DOES have fabric that's behind the baby (at least the one I got), albeit it's not thick and I agree that I did not think that it would push the baby's head forward, but heeded the warnings of the people I talked to (nurses, the carseat lady (google her)), and it also has all of the padding around the baby that push in the arms. Anyways, this might be ok to keep a baby comfy when lying on a flat surface, or maybe reclining in a jogging stroller? I'm not sure. But it's not safe for a car seat (my car seat's warranty is voided if anything is added, and certainly does not have a special clause to allow the use of snuzzler despite it's claim to be tested and safe).
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