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on November 13, 2012
This game has very amateurish looking graphics and sound but for the age group this is aimed at I don't think they would notice or care. If you have a young kid then they might like the graphics and bright colors. I found nothing wrong with the app when I went through all the levels. Just wish it had more levels because even a young kid will go through these quite quickly.
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Game play:
This is a very simplistic game for toddlers where they can drag items on the left side of the screen onto the drawing and when it is completed properly the drawing becomes animated for a few seconds. There are only a few pieces on the left to be put into the pictures for each puzzle only takes a few seconds for the child to assemble. They do get more complicated as the child moves along in the puzzles. To move to the next picture you have to touch the back button and then select the next picture.

Sometimes the pieces are parts of the truck and sometimes they are the picture and shaped like cut puzzle pieces. The pieces are shown very small but expand when pulled onto the picture. They have to be precisely placed in order to stay in place. The pieces can be parts of trucks or the numbers 1 through 10 or other objects.

Main Page:
* There are 14 pictures shown that are the puzzles for the children
* There is a link to the web to view other games that you have to hold for 3 second before it goes there to and waiting for 3 seconds acts like a child block. It asks you to rate the app and takes you to the Amazon app store or the Amazon browser. You can also touch buy more apps and it will take to the list of games written by the developer on Amazon. You can also visit the developers web site

What I like:
This game is very simple and toddlers will like it because of the ease of play and the animations of the pictures once they are completed. The pictures and graphics are simple and more like a coloring book page with animation after the puzzle is solved.

This is a good game to introduce a child to electronic devices and improve their hand coordination.

What I don't like:
There are only 14 puzzles and this feels like a free primer to a real game rather than a complete app that is selling for $0.99. I was surprised that there were not more levels.

This is a good app for very young children 5 or under. Above that age limit is will be so easy that they can play all the levels in a few minutes with practice and then they may become bored with the app. It can be challenging for very young minds and the animation will interest them.

As I mentioned there are only 14 levels in the game so it is very short. Your child may take some time to beat each level the first time but soon it will be a breeze. The reward is the animation, clapping and cheers.

I rate this game as 4 star entertainment but only for the very young.

Size: The app is 22.12 MB uncompressed.

There are none.
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on March 25, 2014
My 3yr old son love's this game. He started out a little confused but I helped him a couple times and he took off from there. He loves it sits down and plays for a while with interruption. Awesome job app builders!!!!!!!!
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on December 19, 2012
My Son cannot get enough of this app. Seriously. The kids get to put together the puzzles, some are harder than the rest, however easy enough for my two year old. Then after the puzzle is complete it comes to live. Some end with fireworks, other with bubbles you can pop, all with squeals of delight. Great app, we love it!
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on December 17, 2012
Got this app a while ago as a FAOD and didn't think much of it, but left it on the pad for them to play. They love puzzle games and this is by far their favorite game. They ask for the truck game all the time, taking turns playing together, which doesn't always happen when they play on the pad together. I have to say, for two year old boys that love real trucks this game is amazing. I can even use this game as a reward for good behavior. I don't know why anyone would give this a bad review.
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on December 2, 2012
My son is just over 2 years old and loves these puzzles! I'm very happy he played with this app one evening -- I thought he was too young to do these puzzles but was able to complete a good amount of them with little or no help. I quickly realized he's ready for this stuff and am now looking for some more apps around this level. Some of the puzzles were tricky at first, but after playing them a few times he can now do every one without any help. This app has been a great entertaining and educational app for my son.

My main gripe about it is just that the sensitivity for proper piece placement seems to be a bit too picky... the puzzle pieces are really big so it's not hard to tell which outlined spot the user is trying to place the piece into, yet many times you aren't quite close enough to the center for the app to consider it placed properly and the piece will fly back over to the side of the puzzle... it's a minor thing except that very young children have a hard time knowing if they placed the piece poorly or if they are actually placing it in the wrong spot.

It is a very simple app both in appearance and functionality, but it definitely does a good job at being both fun and educational for young children while also being very considerate of the target users of this app by leaving out all of the in-app purchases, external links, etc. I wish more kids' apps were as kid-friendly as this app is.
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on November 13, 2012
I am a mother of a special needs 12 year old and I am constantly looking for apps that will entertain him, chalange him educate him and improve his hand eye coorifination. Hand eye coordination is not just important for playing cames, it is important for many other reasons annd a skill that everyone needs.

I like the app because in the world of Autism if it is to animated the child may put it down because to much animation causes a censory overload. On the other hand there is enough animation that it makes it fun. The app also is a learning tool for matching as well as problem solving. The puzzles are hard enough for my son bet yet also easy enough that he will learn to do them.

This was created for 1to 6 years of age bit if your five and six year old is a whiz at puzzles they may find it boring. This is deffinately for four and under and then if you have a special need s child this is a good app for them as well. I am not concerned about the amount of puzzles there are. Think about it, before these games came along how many puzzles did you actually by your child at one time? I know I didnt buy more than five or six becaise I didnt want to have to sort throigj the peices when my son took them all apart at once. Besides I got this free today on my kindle fire.
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on November 26, 2012
This was the first app I downloaded for my new Kindle Fire. My four-year-old, who is not tech-savvy at all and not good at puzzles, took to it immediately. He was able to navigate the game without my constant assistance (always a plus). However, he was able to easily finish all levels, so it wasn't much of a challenge. BUT, this is one of his favorite games. I guess it is nice to "win" every once in a while :)It is a bit too hard for my two-year-old, as it requires more precision than he can muster. I think it would be just about perfect for a three-year-old.

This has no ads and is very easy to navigate. It is absolutely perfect for every little guy (or gal) that loves construction equipment. After each level, the child is rewarded, with bubbles or fireworks. Very cute.
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on February 18, 2013
My son loves puzzles and trucks, this combines both for him. The puzzles are a little rudimentary for him as they are rather simple and easy. I gave only 4 stars out of 5 because a majority of the puzzles being downloaded with the app are locked until you buy them. It comes with 4 puzzles, then a whole bunch that frustrate my son because he can't play them though they are staring him in the face and look like fun. It's an annoying marketing ploy designed to have kids bug their parents until we just buy it for them, not a fan. So, nice game, but be warned, they do try to entice kids to buy the paid puzzles on here pretty blatantly.
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on June 26, 2013
My daughter loves this game. Every time she uses my phone she wants to play the truck puzzles. It was a little difficult for her to pick up when she was one and a half, since the pieces change size when you pick them up, and they have to be exactly in place. Now that she is almost three though, she loves this game.
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